Matchy-matchy: Peltola dressed up in white, joined Democrat Women’s Caucus to support abortion


Elections have consequences. Alaska Rep. Mary Peltola joined the Democratic Women’s Caucus in the U.S. House this week, showing her support for abortion by wearing white, along with the other members of the caucus, in symbolism of her pro-abortion stance.

The Democratic Women’s Caucus had a group photo with her, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Maxine Waters, and members of the Squad, the caucus of extreme radical women in the House of Representatives.

Peltola proceeded to vote against saving the lives of infants who survive abortion and against a resolution condemning violence against crisis pregnancy centers and churches.

Earlier this month, she voted against the defunding of 87,000 new IRS agents. And she voted against creating a subcommittee to investigate the weaponization of government against citizens.

Peltola, when she ran for office under the slogan, “Fish, Family, Freedom,” said she would continue the legacy of Congressman Don Young, who had an A rating from the Susan B. Anthony Foundation, a pro-life group.


  1. Ah, the real Handmaids Tale. Mindless ideologues, all dresses as drones, committed to serving their god.


  2. Psssst – the anti-choice madness got her elected. Articles like this are actually campaign donations to her 2024 election.

  3. Did we expect any different? Peltola, just like Haaland, is the new face for Democrat women. Less of the colored hair, pharmaceutical induced crazy eyes, and glasses. Great expenditures and efforts were taken to put her where she is. Peltola is indebted and has to do as instructed (when in DC she never strays too far from Aunt Nancy).

  4. Genesis 9:5-6
    And for your lifeblood I will require a reckoning: from every beast I will require it and from man. From his fellow man I will require a reckoning for the life of man. “Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed, for God made man in his own image.

    • Over half of voters ranked these two higher than their opponents; I’d say that means most (>50%) Alaskans have the voice they want in Washington.

      • No, RV, you mean half of the VOTES (ostensibly) went to these two candidates.
        In rank choice, mail-in Soviet America, there is every reason to believe that there is increasingly little correspondence between the voters, and the votes counted.

      • To my knowledge Tsibaka had more votes than Murkowski who won with other 2nd choice unconstitutional votes ( one citizen, one vote). Also Begich and Palin votes easily outnumbered Peltola’s votes. I would say that more than 50% of Alaskans are not being represented in DC.

    • We are a left of center state. Denial will not change this. The plurality of voters got exactly who they wanted.

      Don’t forget a big assist to the PM drive time host who was a prime mover in this fiasco.

  5. What a photo! Wearing white just like their KKK Democrat leaders of yesteryear. The more things change the more they stay the same. Margret Sanger would be so very proud. Kill Baby Kill!

  6. Low information Alaskan voter- Wait you mean reproductive rights meant supporting abortion???? I can’t wait until she votes for gun control, low information Alaskan voter wait her campaign ads said she supported hunting that’s what the 2nd amendment about? Isn’t it? The way she is voting and what she is doing should come to no surprise by anyone especially the ones who ranked her 2nd over Palin.. I feel her time in DC will be short.

  7. Feeling as if I’ve been … Rapped, Manipulated, Harassed, Abused, and Exercise My Choice: where’s the Petition to abort the current AK House Representative (Mary Peltola)? I’m ready to sign it and encourage others to sign it too!

  8. Pelosi should be excomunicated from the Catholic church. killing babies after a botched abortion who live is plain MURDER. Isn’t that what Dr. Kermit Gosnel is in jail for? Severing infant’s cords when they were born alive The abortion issue is carried too far. Abortion is a sign of a civilization that has lost its spiritual and moral compass and is doomed.

  9. Peltola voted against the “Born Alive” bill this week. This bill calls for infants that are born alive after a botched abortion to receive health care. Abortionists would be required to provide that care or face a penalty for not doing so. Judging by her “No” vote, Peltola evidently supports infanticide, and looking at the photo op, Peltola is firmly in the left-wing crazy lady faction of the Democrat party. I bet her folks back in Bush Alaska are so proud of her. (Not)

    • Because, Greg, “infants born alive” actually isn’t a thing. The vote was pure virtue signaling by the Rs.

      • So, RV, are you telling us that every infant is born dead?
        Wow, your radical leftist divorcement from reality is really spinning into outer space at this point!

      • Oh, do tell! “infants born alive is not a thing’. Babies are alive in the womb and some make it into the world in spite of the abortionists best attempts. And yet you say they are not alive?

      • If it “isn’t a thing” why did Dems & Ms. Peltola vote against the bill?
        Are they delusional? Was the Democrat votes virtue signaling?

  10. Reliable Voter,
    My apologies for challenging your narrative. I forgot that truth is whatever a leftist says it is. It won’t happen again.

  11. Actually, it is. Quite often. Name Kermit Gosnell ring any bells?

    It often boggles my mind how incredibly stupid the “party of science” is.

  12. Reliable, infants born alive from an abortion is real, sadly. I see that you dont want this to be real, you would rather believe the disney version of abortion. Truth is, a woman never recovers from any abortion. Not the woman that has and not the one that drives and comforts her after. She will lie to herself and others, but we do not recover, we learn to live with it uncomfortably. Heartbreaking, gut wrenching, life altering decision is being used as a political weapon. We women suffer. Our families suffer the loss too, the baby is really always “there”, just not physically. Lets be reasonable, lets consider adoption (millions of families around the globe would welcome and cherish your newborn) as a viable option or having the baby. Lets just turn the whole thing around and start having the babies instead of losing them to abortion. Abortion should not be the first thought upon learning you are pregnant. I do not consider your pregnancy inconvenient, bad timing, or anything other than the wonder that it is. I do not consider your pregnancy unwanted in any way at all. I look forward to giving your baby a cuddle if i am lucky enough to adopt from you. Dont believe the lie that your baby is disposable, i just ask you to consider ALL your options. After all, it is your choice to have it, put it up for adoption or abort it. There are three CHOICES and all of them have consequences, make the decision knowing what is right for you. It is YOUR choice.

  13. Reliable Voter, infants born alive actually isn’t a thing? Who told you this? Was it the Democrat sponsored Industrial Death Complex ( aka Planned Parenthood) ?
    Would Mary’s vote be a signal denoting a lack of Virtue? Lots of questions here RV.

  14. Reliable Voter. Your homework assignment is to do a google search on Kermit Barron Gosnell, then report back to the community here on what you have learned.

  15. Thank Palin (who ruled as a liberal Governor)
    Begich worked for Don Young & challenged Don Young while he was alive & running for office.
    Mr Begich, a self made millionaire, tossed his hat in while SP was playing hockey in NY.

    Begich did this for “name recognition” so we would know about him when Young stepped down or passed.
    He is a millionaire and could afford a “get to know me ” campaign.

    Then perky Sarah showed up, and jumped in when Don Young passed.
    Now she is gone, back to playing hockey on the East Coast.

  16. Raise your hand.

    Raise your hand IF:

    – your wife has NEVER put YOUR career before her own.

    – you are EVERYTHING – as the next generation of sons – that your MOTHER fought for

    – Raise your hand especially you trust your leadership as a man – that you blindly and completely trust ANY other man to take your baby daughters hand

    If you have this super power – why are you so stingy with it?

    Until then, you better learn that WE GAVE BIRTH TO YOU..

    AND that is OUR CHOICE.

    Fix yourself.

    • To Trudy. Obviously you like eating apples from the Tree of Knowledge. You created NOTHING. You just mixed DNA and—waaa. laaa.

  17. Fellas, that is a nice photo of the Democratic D.C. Sewing Club. Now we need a group shot of the “provocative” lewd and liberated boys’ boys of New York, including George Santos. I can hear the GOP D.C. “fellas” right now: “As goes Santos, so go the boys of the nation!”

        • Howdy Dump, I’m Trump MAGA, just saw a chance for some humor. Santos will be a Lightning Rod, well,. maybe that would be a good way of getting rid of him.

          • I apologize for my cynicism, Sarge. Santos is his own worst public relations spokesman. That aside, it would be great if he gave “Slow Joe” Biden a lifetime membership to the Santos Club of Personal Integrity for all the truths Biden has manufactured over the years and especially for his public service of storing secret governmental documents for the National Security Archives!

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