House Republicans vote to defund the doubling of IRS, but Alaska’s Peltola votes with Democrats against it


Alaska Congresswoman Mary Peltola voted against the Family and Small Business Taxpayer Protection Act, repealing $80 billion of a funding expansion of the Internal Revenue Service that was passed last year, including the expected addition of 87,000 new IRS agents.

The bill passed on a party-line vote, 221-210, with Republicans carrying the yeas. The bill was one of the top promises that Republicans made as they took over control of the House of Representatives this month — to rescind the funding for more IRS agents that was part of Democrats’ massive Inflation Reduction Act. The Family and Small Business Taxpayer Protection Act was the first piece of legislation passed under the new GOP House leadership.

The IRS reports that it has about 79,000 employees. The $80 billion in funding would more than double the current payroll for the IRS.

Read more about the bill at Americans for Tax Reform.

The bill is expected to die in committee in the Democrat-controlled Senate.

The House also plans to vote on another bill, the Fair Tax Act, to abolish the Internal Revenue Service, eliminate the national income tax, and replace the current income tax structure with a national sales tax, or consumption tax. That bill is being reintroduced by Georgia Republican Rep. Buddy Carter.


  1. Imagine. We (the American people) had the chance to stop this in November but chose to double down on it.

    Mary voted as a left of center liberal? Who could have seen that coming?

    RVC. Porcaro’s baby just keeps giving.

      • Maureen, I see that you are with Mary, that’s good because I have a question regarding her statement about the Second Amendment being for insuring “Food Security”. Is Mary saying that it’s important for people to be armed in order to protect and defend the S.N.A.P. (food stamp) program? By-pass Mail too? Legitimate question here Maureen.
        Thanks for taking the time to answer.

    • Justin; Well , we better do something, when I pay more in taxes than Trump the last 10 years in a row, and he lives a life in luxury with many of us working hard labor and getting deeper in debt, not fare.

      • Joe, Look below for the answer you seek, Niccolo Machiavelli crossed the centuries from the dead just to help you understand! Hint, Don’t blame Trump, it’s not fare, (fair)?

    • The Democratic party will always enforce stringent discipline. You sound too young remember Obama care. But, before that, there were Democrats called “Blue Dog” Democrats, who were considered “moderate.” They all walked right off the cliff, surrendered their seats by voting for it and never returned to Congress., after voting for it. Pelosi lost the House for a while. But they got what they wanted. Peltola will vote in rigid lock-step with the Democrats, and will walk right off the cliff whenever they tell her to. She will never cast a vote which actually blocks a gun control bill. She will never cast vote which actually might block something party leadership wants.

  2. The CBO estimated an additional $114B in tax evasion if this IRS funding is removed. The budget has an increase of 42,000 employees to help answer tax questions and an additional 43,000 to audit tax returns above $1 Million in income.

    • That is nothing but government BS. Nobody has answered a government phone since voice mail came into being. People who file tax returns on incomes over a million dollars don’t have to cheat; Really people who file returns on over $150-200K can afford a tax advisor that can run circles around some GS-11-12 federal slug, so they don’t need to cheat. Despite Slo Joe’s BS about leaving people under $400K alone, he’s lying; the IRS will go for the low-hanging fruit of people working under the table and the self-employed who always struggle with paying their taxes.

      • You obviously can’t speak for Don Trump Art. You thinking Don’s payment to Stormy is a legitimate business expense? Heheh! And frankly, if nobody is cheating then is would be quickly established with increased scrutiny.

        • I’m all for identifying the cheaters and either putting them behind bars or forcing them to pay their due diligence. I once knew some fishers in Southwest Alaska that always got paid from the tenders by check that wasn’t reported as income. then came the great tender sinking in the mouth of the Nugashik and the government and insurance company was willing to pay people on average of what they made over the last 5 years. That was fine for most but one particular boat owner was greedy and said they typically make 50 to 75% more than what the average was so in order for them to get paid what their average was they had to produce income sheets. When they did produce those guess what, they didn’t match up to what they had been reporting all this time and they hung themselves. They had to pay back taxes fine penalties you name it. Most folks that I knew in the Southwest didn’t claim permanent fund as income either.

      • So funny reading comments from people like Art who spent their whole career sucking off the government teet trying to be a man of the people.

    • And, when has the CBO actually been correct with any of there estimates? HINT: Never in my time following politics.
      So… meaningless data.
      On the other hand, how about actually cutting spending? Two factors go into deficit and debt, only one is revenue. If we stop giving billions to countries that hate us, we can easily absorb that estimated shortfall.

  3. Mary is acting precisely as we knew she would, as a big government anti-liberty leftist.
    She is anti-1st Amendment, as she supports censorship of free speech.
    She is anti-2nd Amendment, as she says the 2nd was for hunting, which is false

    She recently sent a mailer out saying if you are having tax related issues with the IRS, to call her office. You can’t have it both ways Mary. How are you helping taxpayers by supporting an army of armed IRS agents whose sole responsibility is to harass small business? We need less government, less taxes and more freedom.

  4. Surely, she must know, beyond the shadow of doubt, that an alliance with the Democrats and Jefferies, will “never” pay dividends to Alaska and/or Alaskans. Thank God for 2-year terms in the House of Representatives, as even Ray Charles could see …. She needs to go!

  5. Good luck going after high income filers, many of whom are Democrats. These cases would jam an already overloaded court system. No, these additional agents were poised to attack politcial foes, the middle class, and lower income self employed.

      • Americans living and working overseas must file FBARs to indicate what banks they work with as well as their average annual balances.
        If conservatives are concerned about raising the debt ceiling or raising taxes, why not simply go after the tax cheats, such as the ex-president? I live on a relatively moderate retirement pension and my investments cost me $5,000. The ex-president claims to be a multi-millionaire, yet paid only $750 several years in a row?! Appears to be very creative accounting, which sent his chief accountant to Riker’s for a couple of months (did he take the fall for the Big Guys?).

    • Do you have proof of this?
      The system should be sufficiently staffed to go over ALL the tax cheats regardless of their political affiliations!

  6. “……..The bill is expected to die in committee in the Democrat-controlled Senate……..”
    Neat show. No effect. I suppose the right will argue that this puts the Senate on the hook with somebody. The problem is that the “somebody” is them; a minority. So how to effect change?
    Burn it down. When the communists push a $1.7 trillion package, raise to $2.5 trillion, or more. They’ll love it!…….until it all goes down. This is how the West busted Soviet communism, and it’s the ONLY way to destroy communism for the long haul.
    This is the time to do it, too. Boomers, as a group, possess the vast majority of investment dollars in the form of retirement monies. Just over half of Boomers have reached retirement age. Their exit from the workforce is already causing a huge labor shortage. Their kids are getting stoned in the basement, waiting for Mommy and Daddy to die so they can access the loot.
    Blow it all. Leave the kids nothing but lanterns, pitchforks, and map links to leftist party zones. Let your legacy be the end of civilization.

  7. Just to be fair, let’s see how she votes when her vote will actually make a difference in a bill passing or not. Probably not long to wait. Friends in the bush insist she is playing possum.

  8. Peltola is a newbie, partisan Democrat. In order to have any power at all in her caucus, she must vote along with Hakeem Jeffries, the Democrat House minority leader. While Peltola’s vote is a horrible slap in the face to every working person in Alaska, you have to understand that Peltola must do as she is told, or she will be powerless in this congress. Expect more votes like this from her for the next 2 years. She will vote in lockstep with the radical Dems. Alaskans just got what we voted for thanks to the miracle of RCV voting.

    • Greg. I think you’ve got a finger on the pulse of the future. Could you advise me on a moderate to aggressive stock based mutual fund?

  9. If this legislation becomes law and the “new” IRS becomes more oppressive, those who are having trouble putting food on the table can venture out to Mary’s neck of the woods to hunt, fish and gather. I’m sure she’d find that acceptable. Right, Mary?

    • Brad. With all respect for you, your argument would be more persuasive if facts about the IRS proposal were incorporated. And same for your assertion that Alaskans would venture afar to obtain food. One of the many facts that should be included into your argument is that more IRS agents correcting the returns of the wealthy means more federal money to protect habitat upon which wildlife depend. Win win!

      • Mayo, if an elder gets a moose donated to them, do they report that value on their federal tax return? Maybe that’s something the proposed army of new armed IRS sgents might look in to?

  10. The real vote happened when they passed the omnibus spending bill that McCarthy actually supported (behind closed doors with McConnell).
    If no omnibus bill then they would have had the power to defund a lot of this crap by forcing a shutdown.
    But the establishment (majority) of republicans don’t care about this and didn’t want to have an actual fight over it. That’s why republicans in the senate helped pass the omnibus bill and the republicans in the house (who’s vote was not needed) faked their no votes to fool you.
    Now they can pretend to do something just like when they voted a thousand times to repeal Obama Care but when they actually had the majority…didn’t.

  11. And then there is this… Beardsley Ruml , (1894-1960) an Economist, inventor of the Payroll Withholding Program and former Chair of the New York Fed Bank once said the following… ” Taxes for Revenue are Obsolete,. The real purpose for taxes is to Stabilize the Purchasing Power of the Dollar”, ( read to control the rate of inflation) and to express public policy in the distribution of wealth and income”.
    So, the tax structure and the enforcement thereof is designed to pick winners and losers across the fruited plain and to protect the ever shrinking value of their ( Federal Reserve) fiat currency via confiscation of your dollars.
    Think they printed up all that moolah during Covid and their spending on their friends “inflation reduction act” and didn’t have a back up plan? Really? We are so screwed!

  12. A show vote for sure. This shows that the members right now MIGHT use their power of the purse when the current omnibus expires in September.

  13. She is either an awful person or incredibly stupid – probably the latter. How dare they vote against their constituents who actually work themselves to death just to have their damned representatives vote to have agents come in and bludgeon them for their food money! And her supporters must be mentally unhinged or something. TERRIBLE! Then they launder it off to the Queen of England or the Ukraine.

  14. JAK I want less it’s agents and I am not a tax cheat. I want less government. A flat tax would get rid of thousands of irs agents.

  15. Why is anyone surprised by her voting the party line? She ran as someone that would “represent ALL Alaskans” but she’s a democrat and a liberal, soooooo…

  16. Hey, she will continue to gaslight Alaskans that she is bipartisan and willing to work across party lines but her voting record will show the opposite. Expect Alaskan mass media to ignore her voting record and only mention her when there’s a feel good story to feed the public.

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