Classified documents found in Biden think tank closet


Months of investigation of classified documents at former President Donald Trump’s residence in Mar-a-Lago has the matter still unresolved and tangled in court, where legal motions are made weekly in what has become a criminal probe by the Justice Department.

Now there’s a new twist: Classified documents from the Obama White House were found in a private office of President Joe Biden’s Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, where Biden kept office hours as part of his honorary professorship with the University of Pennsylvania between 2017 and 2019.

According to mainstream media reports, Biden’s attorneys have acknowledged the existence of the classified documents and said they came across them while they were closing out his office in at the foundation. They reported the files to the National Archives in November. The news of the files was first reported by CBS on Monday, but has been picked up by other news organizations, although none has described the contents of the files, nor provided much detail.

The Department of Justice is investigating Trump for his handling of classified information, although Trump claimed that presidents can declassify documents at will.

No such declassification authority is granted to vice presidents, however, unless they are acting in the performance of executive duties, which will put the Justice Department lawyers in an awkward spot with the sitting president, who had no such executive authorities under President Obama. It’s unclear how Biden came to possess the documents or how he may have removed them from federal property.

Mainstream media has ignored that difference and instead has focused on how the number of classified documents in Biden’s closet were relatively small compared to the amount that were stored at Mar-a-Lago.


  1. Well gee. Wonder two things.

    1-is the FBI gonna raid Joe?
    2-how many knots will the usual suspects twist themselves into excusing Joe while still saying it was wrong for Trump?

    I’m gonna go get popcorn. This should be more entertaining than Cirque.

  2. One other thing crosses my mind. Since Grandpa Sniffy says he’s running again, and the majority of the left doesn’t want him to…

    Is this the first of hit jobs by the left to force him out? Enquiring minds…

  3. This matter will be ignored or swept under the proverbial rug because Biden can’t do any wrong since he is “Old Joe” and not Trump (“Orange man bad”). Law be damned regarding former vice president’s lack of authority regarding any classified documents in his closet. 1 year, 9 months, 27 days to endure under Biden until we elect another president.

  4. They will still indict Trump for the same “crime” and ignore this. Why? Because they’re just that outrageous, and they’re just that arrogant.

  5. Where is the federal Bureau of incompetence? They are home tucked into bed because their leaders take orders from the crooked department of injustice. This proves the double standard from our crooked government.

  6. Of perhaps more concern is the Penn Biden Center itself. The Post reported that the Chinese donated over 50 million dollars to the center. Did Biden get back more perks than an office and an honorary doctorate?

  7. So, as they grill Trump for a perceived violation of classified documents based on nothing because he had the authority to declassify what he possessed. Biden actually left documents in his office that he did not have the authority to possess or declassify as VP. I will bet nothing comes from this due to our 2-tiered system of justice that now protects criminals and persecutes the innocent. The communists will brush it under a rug.

  8. I’m sure there were the prescribed number of dead bolts, hasp and locks on the doors.
    What was that number dictated for the mar-a-Lago compound?
    Were the originals of these documents included? You know……the Chinese ones pre translated?

  9. Here’s my prediction to the outcome of this fiasco; The rules are for Thee, not for me. Case closed. Move along, nothing here to see.

  10. Hey! Hey! Just back off! This is completely different from when Trump had documents at his house. After all, biden has a (d) by HIS name.

  11. Are we going to see the televised raid by the FBI on his house or “think-tank” ?
    Will document contents and photo’s be leaked by the FIB?
    Will we see breathless commenting by the media concerning impeachment or prosecution?
    But most of all, will the FIB scour Jill’s undergarment drawers for collusion?

  12. Where are all the leftist trolls on MRAK? They should be here defending their pResident.
    Oh… wait. Even their childlike intellect recognizes the extreme level of hypocrisy. They will just ignore the issue.

    • I’ll take a crack at it:). So far we know that there was classified documents that his lawyers found and reported to the archives. I have seen that some of the documents were related to Ukraine which should get the Hunter lap top crowd salivating. We don’t know much more about the documents yet. As someone that voted for Biden I do not give any excuses. He should not have had them and DOJ needs to investigate. As we saw with Trump though, sitting presidents cannot be indicted so nothing will happen while he is in office. Trump did not report his documents. His lawyers lied and said they were all returned. The raid happened after that lie. Trump cannot declassify documents without going through a process, which he did not do. With the information we have so far the difference is striking. That all being said, Democrats do not see Biden like a God the way some republicans see Trump so we are not falling all over ourselves trying to apologize for him.

      • Matt:
        You are not a troll.
        If your comments on MRAK were along the lines of “whomp whomp, you’ve been fooled.” you would be a troll.

      • Beijing Biden was not a President, nor a former President when these Obama White House classified documents ended up in his private office. Unlike Trump, Biden has absolutely no legal defense for his actions. If his dirty Attorney General tries to sweep this under the rug House Republicans should investigate Merrick Garland and prosecute him, along with Joe.

  13. Curious how this was found before the mid terms but just reported on now.

    It’s almost like the press sat on this until a convenient time.

  14. Some news outlets are reporting that this “think tank” was funded by the Chi-Com’s, something like over 50 million bucks? (paid the rent too?) Huh, now that is weird, because if Top Secret Documents were found there it means that the Chi-Coms are getting forgetful? Probably just scanned them anyway however.
    Hey Democrats, better check with Clapper and get him on MSNLSD to proclaim that this story is just more “Russian Disinformation”.

  15. Judicial Watch is hard at work to bring into the light the convincing evidences of extremely unsavory violations that have been testified to as regards practices of that faction nationally and internationally that if published in a professional way would possibly given voters at least pause and better outcomes for the republic.

  16. Way to go Suzanne with your tasty and delightsome chumming of the conservative waters. Record catch noted. Consider this desert dwellers: Lincoln was a president. George W Bush was a president. The statements imply equal ability and reputation, but one was better than the other. So it is, or I guess more accurately, will likely be revealed, is that Trump mismanaged classified documents and apparently so did Biden, but the two occurances are not, on the surface, equal. Ten bucks says Biden blundered while Trump intentionally stole stuff to sell to friends or adversaries. Two very different motivations.

    • Lucinda, When it comes to chumming, one needs to have some palatable bait with which to attract the fish. I believe that your chum bucket above needs to be refreshed because it’s logic free content isn’t attracting any bites.

      I suggest that you might do some research into how the Chi-Coms have gained access to further their espionage by funding higher education in America. Do some research of the Confucius Institutes, discover how for decades the Chi-Coms have been infiltrating American Academia by showering large donations to the Universities in exchange for access. This is how they have been able to bribe and corrupt our institutions and oh, did I mention STEAL technology? (and of course influence elections… you getting the picture yet Lucy)

      Your man Biden is up to his neck in this corruption and apparently so is his Kid and Brother and U-Penn Administrators.
      Yeah, there are Presidents and then their is Joe Biden. A sleazy, comical but corrupt fool. I have to admire your pluck Lucinda, few could conjure up such a theory without laughing themselves silly!

    • Ordinarily I don’t bother with you, but since you are the only cast of characters even brave enough to try to spin, I made an exception.

      I’ll gut your entire premise in one fell swoop. Trump, as POTUS at the time of his alleged offense, was the decider in chief on what was classified.

      Biden, as VP at the time of his offense, did not have the power to classify anything and even less prerogative to have it anywhere outside of established channels.

      It’s things like this which remind me of why the left has been deliberately dumbing down public education since Jimmy Carter. Since Wilson, actually.

      Anyone with reading ability of a 5 year old and basic civics education would be able to learn the legal powers and privileges belonging to a sitting POTUS and no one else.

      • “Biden, as VP at the time of his offense, did not have the power to classify anything and even less prerogative to have it anywhere outside of established channels.”
        In fact, there is no provision in the law for a VP to take classified material out of a secure area. None at all. The President can, the VP cannot.
        So, when the crime was committed, Biden was not even allowed to possess these documents in an unsecure location. And, just because he is pResident now, does not forgive the crime committed before he was sworn in.

    • Always an accuser aren’t you, Lucinda. I accuse President Trump of entrapping his ever secretively present enemies. If anything was present among private closets in his home they were no doubt items that would have further incriminated those who willfully mischaracterize him constantly and who are therefore unable to accurately discern his motives so dissimilar from their own.

    • He may have neglected to sort papers whilst he was having one of his brain aneurisms. Trump needed the money so badly he probably just sold secrets to the highest bidder or traded them to hookers for services.

    • Lucinda – There is one huge difference here. Trump is a former President. At the time the classified material was stored at Biden’s University of Pennsylvania office ( paid for with Communist China’s money), he was not the President nor was he a former President. He had no legal right to the documents.

  17. Now a second stash has bern found. And Garland appoints a special council to investigate Trump for the EXACT SAME THING.

    Can’t make this up. Banana Republics are embarrassed by this.

  18. Want to know what the leader of the free world said in response to the find?

    “My lawyers have not suggested I asked what documents they were”.

    Mine would not suggested he asked, neither.

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