Warrant unsealed and list of removed Trump documents revealed


A Florida judge has unsealed the search warrant for former President Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago residence in Palm Beach. Along with the warrant is a list of documents removed from the Trump home when it was raided by the FBI on Monday. About 40 armed agents with military-style weapons took over the Mar-A-Lago residence for 9.5 hours in search of classified documents that the Department of Justice believes Trump took with him when he left office.

The agents listed four top secret documents, three secret documents, three confidential documents, “miscellaneous secret documents,” and a handwritten note, among items removed from the property. The FBI also took documents that referred to the pardon of Roger Stone, who was pardoned by Trump, and other files related to France’s President Emmanuel Macron. Other boxes had numbers assigned to them, but with no information about the contents.

On Thursday, Attorney General Merrick Garland said he personally approved the raid. All week, the media and its allies have insisted that people not call it a raid.

The warrant and list is here:


  1. Did they include the stuff taken from Melania’s closet?

    That’s where I’d store “classified” material.

  2. I’d like to see the sworn affidavits supporting the Warant. Without them, given the history of lying at the Justice Department and the FBI, that warrant is nearly meaningless.

    Am i the only person who recalls that Nancy Pelosi’s laptop was NOT in Homer Alaska and never had been? That the Lead witness in Senator Stevens trial was lying to aid the FBI and justice department?

      • Not sure where Bob said anything about demanding the affidavit from the DOJ.
        Saying he would like to see it is not a mock worthy comment. I would like to see it as well.
        Seriously. If you do not have constructive things to add, why troll?

        • This is what makes his a mock worthy comment: “Without them, given the history of lying at the Justice Department and the FBI, that warrant is nearly meaningless.”
          And what was it that was constructive in your comment? You just thinking Bob can’t speak for himself?

        • CMBTTek, Bob made the statement about the affidavits in his opening sentence: “I’d like to see the sworn affidavits supporting the Warant [sic].” You seem to be the one trolling.

  3. The FBI agents who raided Trump’s home work for same counterintelligence agency under investigation by John Durham for abuse of power and pushing the Russian hoax. They shouldn’t have been participating in the supposed “espionage” investigation against Trump as it’s a conflict of interest.
    I smell another hoax! The ONLY thing out DOJ is good at…creating a ruse and planting evidence!

  4. Ms. Downing, you’ve mischaracterized what was seized. It wasn’t “four top secret documents, three secret documents, three confidential documents” etc., but four SETS OF top secret documents, three SETS OF secret documents, three SETS OF confidential documents, etc. Twenty boxed in all of stuff Mr. Trump shouldn’t have had. That’s not OK; no whitewashing, please.

    • Dear Jane, you can read right in the document I inserted into the story the complete list as provided by the FBI. I know you may have read “sets of documents” at the New York Times, but please, for once, just check the document I inserted in the story. Then get back go me. – sd

      • Getting back with you, as per your request.

        With all due respect, your narrative should be accurate, regardless of whether or not you insert the original document into your post. The warrant shows that each category contained multiple documents, whereas the average reader of your post will conclude all this fuss was about just 4, (or 7 or 10) documents, when it was really about a much larger, unspecified number.

        Unlike the average reader, before commenting, I DID check the document you inserted. But including the fullest facts released to the public in an insertion doesn’t excuse your misleading narrative.

        • Don’t you see how it looks like you BURIED the facts? Only you know whether that was your intention or not, and I’m not saying it is, just saying it certainly gives that appearance.

          • Yo!
            Your services are desperately needed on the ADN, CNN, Yahoo!, MSNBC, and Fox News websites. Please take the time to perform the same work there as well.
            Then get back to us.

          • Yo, thanks for your attempt to intimidate the somewhat free flow of political speech in Alaska. So notated. In the USA Alaska was certified in 1959 as a state within the whole nation and granted full statehood. We gedda speak. If you as a foreign socialist don’t like it get lost.

    • How about all of the stuff the Clintons stole from the WH? How about all the secret docs Barak Obama took? And the money Joe Biden got illegally through his son from influence peddling in China and Ukraine? Besides, Trump declassified all of the documents he took, which is his privilege to do. Can you effing Democrats be any more STUPID? You’re going to be pounded this fall and for the next 12 years …..minimum. enjoy your stay in the sanitarium.

      • Lakreesha. Can you provide ANY evidence that Obama took secret documents?

        But more to the point, it looks like Trump did.

        • Obama took well over one million pages of documents when he left the White House. He, well his staff, promised to digitize them and publish them. And, yes, those documents included State secrets (otherwise known as classified material.)
          To date, almost six years later, not a single document has been digitized or published.
          Nor has the DOJ demanded their return.
          Oh, and I notice you do not bring up Clinton. Gee…. wonder why? Oh… that’s right. FBI Director Comey stated clearly in his press conference that classified materials were found on her private e-mail server. The video is out there, short search will demonstrate it.
          Yet… no FBI raid. No claims from folks like yourself that she is a criminal and needs to be locked up. Silence.

        • We’ll never know because Obama still has them along with 30 million other documents that he should have turned over to the NARA after he left office. The FBI and DOJ hasn’t done a thing to get those documents either, just goes to show you that Democrats have the DOJ and FBI in their back pocket.

          • Are you lying or just ignorant? NARA has Obama’s documents. I’ve already said that on this page and included links to official NARA statements.

          • I’m not seeing the links, so I’ll post them here:

            “On January 20, 2017, the records of President Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden become property of the government under the Presidential Records Act. The act was signed into law in 1978 in the wake of Watergate-era concern over the tradition of private ownership of presidential materials.”

            “For the first time in history, all of the unclassified paper records from the administration will be digitized soon after the end of the administration. This will help NARA, which retains ongoing control over presidential records, make the records more easily accessible to the public. In making this decision, the Obama Foundation is prioritizing providing NARA with digital archives to serve historians and scholars, instead of building a Presidential Library to hold the paper records.

            “NARA will then provide access to the Obama Presidential records virtually. As NARA releases records to the public, the Obama Foundation will be able to use them in support of an active experience for young people, families, local citizens, and visitors to Chicago from around the world. Instead of being housed at the Presidential Center, NARA will preserve and protect the paper records in a separate NARA facility.”

            “Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted these plans. Digitization plans are on hold. With the Obama Presidential records becoming subject to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests on January 20, 2022, NARA will process textual records in a traditional manner, with archival staff processing responsive textual records requested via FOIA from the textual record.”

    • There’s not a reply button on your comment, “Yo, thanks for your attempt to intimidate the somewhat free flow of political speech in Alaska.” so I’m answering you here.

      I was asking Ms. Downing to ADD words to IMPROVE the flow of [accurate] political speech. I was in no sense intimidating her or intending to limit free speech. You want as accurate reporting as possible, right?

      And no, I’m neither a foreigner nor a socialist. And I’ve lived continuously in Alaska for over 30 years.

      • You were attempting to rewrite her story or to be an editor. Your service was undesired. She has been informed of Alaska for over fifty (50) years. I find your editing recent, jarring, aggressive, arrogant and interruptive. Frankly, your desired edit was miniscule and deminutive. Really it added nothing of substance. I find MS Downing’s writing accurate generally and consistently fair minded and sprinkled with a ratio of detail allowing the articles to be readable without boring one to death even if one is uninterested in the topic. I understand the agency feels a need to control this story and others to prepare under orders in the coming days. I’m so looking forward to Liz Cheney losing in two days.

        • Might be your typical liberal lawyer hack wannabe. Certainly brushed up on her thesaurus usage. So many people want their own blog but don’t want to put in the leg work to get it started.

    • The Clintons’ residence(s) were not searched because they voluntarily gave back what they had taken without authorization.
      Hunter Biden was investigated thoroughly by the authorities.
      Due legal process is based on proof (innocence/alibi or incriminating) which is debated and judged in a court of law. This is not done by informal public opinion.
      If you are so upset about unfairness, you should get involved in the «Innocence Project » to defend people who have been languishing in prison for naught!

      • The Clinton’s remanded the requested items weeks after they were requested.
        There does not appear to be any request for the document prior to the raid.
        See the difference?

        • The DOJ visited Mar-a-Lago in June, and Trump’s lawyers said they’d returned all classified documents. In August, the DOJ had to go get them since Trump (through his lawyers) denied they were there.

          Regarding your comment to me above at August 14, 2022 At 7:01 am, just this morning I did send a correction to CNN. Several times a year I send corrections news media. I’m not picking on Must Read Alaska.

          • the issue here is not whether the FBI raid on Trump’s residence was legal or not.
            The issue here is the disparity of treatment depending on political affiliation.
            Yes, in June the DOJ visited Mar-a-lago. And, in August they came to take the documents.
            But, compare that to the kid gloves used on Hillary Clinton. When it was obvious that she was conducting official State department business outside of the required secure network, the DOJ demanded she hand over the server. Her staff spent weeks “coordinating” a time to hand it over, and the DOJ sat back and waited.
            Curiously, when the server was handed over, it had been wiped clean using BitBleach… Perhaps, if the DOJ treated all suspects equally under the law, they would have gotten the server before the suspect can erase evidence.

  5. so, is it even possible that Trump may have violated the law? I mean, I get it, he’s nearly the perfect human being, nearly infallible. But, COULD he be in the wrong?

    • Hunter Biden purchased cocaine and hookers and we have the video nevermind the 10 percent for the big guy. How about an arrest for anyone on Epstein’s client list? The corruption in the FBI is deep.

    • He could be but I’m pretty sure he’s smarter than that. He was innocent during the two impeachments from the speech tearing pelosi hack, to call me and his two lover FBI agents that were caught saying the fix was in. That sounds to me like he was railroaded. In fact it’s been proven that he was.

  6. Mr Trump is an American citizen and is not above the law.
    He is being investigated under US Code Title 18 Section 793 (Espionage Act), Section 1519 of Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Section 2071 of US Code Title 18.
    The search warrant as well as the 26+ boxes of documents taken from Trump’s premises was signed off by his lawyer, Christina Bobb.
    Michael Flynn (Trump’s 1st national security advisor), Jared Kushner and Tom Barrack had developed a plan to transfer nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia in order to build nuclear power plants. This would obviously make millions for the investors but it would also allow the Saudis to build nuclear weapons (and you were worried about Iran??)
    This may also raise some questions about the $2bn investment J. Kushner received from a fund led by MBS, the Saudi crown prince. Mr Kushner set up his investment firm just after leaving the White House, with little or no experience in doing so except he has a direct line to the former president and he had top-security clearance.
    This is certainly the reasoning behind the concern for the whereabouts of top-secret nuclear documents and how they were stored.
    Before you start attacking me and this factual information (not necessarily available on Truth Social), please note that many legal experts have stated that this investigation will likely not affect Mr Trump’s eligibility to run for office.
    I would much rather vote for an ethical Republican than someone who has done questionable things and is only looking out for his own (and close family’s) interests.
    Best regards to respectful thinkers,

    • What if Trump actually won? There is a movie called 2000 Mules regarding the many ways a corporate election could be mishandled. There are countries who have worked collusively through generations and decades to destabilize the USA and defeat and overpower the Constitution. We have the right to shun from civil society all those of unsound mind. How important is it that a president of this international corporation be of sound mind give the nuclear issues you bring up and frighten us with. I suppose lawfare is paramount to those who took an oath to uphold the Queen of England, her esquires and commonwealth “laws” as prerequisite to practice law in the USA and receive revenue for doing so; right?

      • Doesn’t the state Constitution of Texas defeat all monopolies including the Barristers Authorized Registry in the US and isn’t the duly
        certified Texas Constitution applicable to all under the equal footing doctrine?

    • Your entire premise falls apart with one sentence. As POTUS, he has the right to declassify ANYTHING he wanted.


      So much for laws being broken.

      I could go further by pointing out EVERY presidental library is loaded with such documents. But facts get in the way of a good hissy fit.

    • Saudi Arabia is our ally. Iran used to be but isn’t currently. Stop spinning the narrative. Trump’s kids are business people. They have the right to make a living. If you want to be worried about allies, worry about our friend Pakistan.

  7. Complete nothing burger. Russia Collusion –Episode 2. Top secret documents, almost two years old, packed by the GSA. LOL. Let’s impeach Trump one more time.😂🤣.
    Oh, the Democrats are going to get it hard in the rear in 2022, and even harder in 2024.
    ps …did they recover any of Melania’s underwear
    for Joe Biden?

    • Just curious: do you realize what has happened here? The Biden admin has resorted to Banana Republic tactics. This is like losing virginity. You can’t undo this.

      Part of the hallmark of the peaceful transition of power is the knowledge the next administration will not use its powers to go after the previous one. Your side has tossed that into the trash.

      In two years when the GOP takes the White House, they are gonna reign hell down on the Biden family. Maybe the Obamas, too. There is zero way Trump or DeSantis will let this pass. Even if the GOP wanted to let this go, they can’t.

      I would have thought your side would have learned from the SCOTUS results the rank stupidly of changing the traditions of our government on political whim.

      One stupid move by a political whore and a scared old man have seriously weakened the underpinnings of the Republic. But that is the goal of your side.

      Your side has chosen a very dangerous game to play. You’d better win, or your gonna see Karma, Baby like you can’t imagine.

      • I am also curious, how long have you conditioned your brain and thought process to dismiss any factual information that casts Trump in a negative light as fabricated or manufactured?

        How long have you rejected facts in your life?

        What would it take to convince you that the former president is nothing but an absolute embarrassment in the history of our nation?

        What if Trump did everything he has done, but was elected as a democrat instead of a republican? Would you be so quick to defend him, even when he has zero defensible stance? Would this all be a coup? Would this all be a deep state espionage act? Would you support this revenge you are salivating over now?

        Do you know how close Trump was to running on the democratic ticket? That single change in direction takes you from wanting his head on a pike to be willing to take a bullet for him.

        Keep that in mind, Trump didn’t want your votes at first, and only switched sides because he was rejected by the party he supported. He didn’t find god, he didnt change his policies, he didn’t do anything, except pander to your blind allegiance.

        • Matt – Not sure if you’re new here or not, but I’ve been reading this site for a long time. There are a few of us here who push back against some of the extreme Right nonsense that people purport to believe, and you are to be commended for doing so.

          But alas, there is no logic, no reason, no set of facts, or no argument that will change the minds of most of these folks. They support Trump and all that he stands for, and will contort themselves and their logic to do so simply because they, like him, believe in white supremacy and feel threatened as a social group.

          But keep the faith, and keep your comments coming. After all, it does not good to preach to the choir by posting on the NYT or other more liberal sites. Keep up the good work!

          • Good god you are a completely unhinged lunatic, white supremacy, heaven forbid should anyone think differently than you and step outside of that sheep pen you and your ilk live in.

  8. I’m not convinced that the FBI was justified in raiding President Trump’s residence after reading the warrant documents. Aside from the juicy Macron bit this disclosure doesn’t describe much.
    I’m not a big Trump fan, but from what I can tell this raid was political in its origin and carried put under color of law.

    BTW, if this unsealed document is about transparency, why redact the Name and Signature of the FBI Agent on the seized property transmittal form?

    But what do I know of such things? I’m not a Lawyer or Special Agent. I suppose we all should just cower in the corner of the sheep pen and bleat ” Trump bad”.

    • Top-secret documents involving national security were retrieved. It is understandable why precise details were not included in the warrant.
      The names of the agents were blacked out to protect them and their families. You may have heard about the man who ranted on social networks, then went down to the Cincinnati FBI field office with body amour, a nail gun and an AR-15-like weapon. Not exactly your friendly neighborhood visit…
      Respectfully yours,

      • NO why would we be aware of all of the false flags planted in news stories outside Alaska let alone those inside Alaska. Establishment media is owned by one of six globalists organizations who read stories word for word identically. So why waste time on planted lies.

        • You know what we should do?

          We should dismiss every action and event that we don’t like as a deepfake or inside job, or other hairbrained conspiracy theory and use that as justification to dismiss it as irrelevant.

          We should go out of our way to ignore facts and evidence that paint our particular political leader in a negative light, and actually use that false based rhetoric to reinforce our diluted way of thinking!!!!

      • Top secret document involving nation security were retrieved from Anthony Weiner’s laptop as well.
        They were put there by Clinton aide Huma Abedin, for what reason, i do not know. Neither Abedin or Weiner had the proper security clearance to be in possession of these documents.
        Yet, the person responsible for the documents was never charged for ignoring the law, and committing an illegal act by allowing the documents to leak.
        But… hey, why not ignore that two tier system of law that has been put in place.

      • Maybe tried a different News channel other than CNN and sesame Street. If the man says there wasn’t any sacred documents there, and he’s the man who can be clear them unsacred, I got to believe he did it. Is it possible that this witch Hunt that you and everyone else is on it’s just trying to muddy up the waters continually and trying to make mountains are a little more than a pile left over by ants.

      • Catherine,
        Top Secrets on a cocktail napkin? good God, 007 (Trump) got caught again, while -000 (Biden) is still looking for toilet paper and any 9-year old girl to sit on his lap.
        Democrats are feeling pretty desperate in these final days.

  9. I’d like to compare the specific list to those that were previously declassified during Trump’s admin. It’s very misleading to the public when media merely says docs were top secret or secret—that is not the whole story.

  10. the warrant is not the important document.
    The affidavit that led to the warrant matters. That is the document(s) that justified issuing the warrant. That is where the real BS is hidden.

  11. The search of Mar a Lago is the third attempt by federal authorities to recover classified documents that Trump illegally took with him when he left office. He was first asked to voluntarily search for and return any documents he was not supposed to have. When he didn’t voluntarily return them, he was subpoenaed and returned 15 boxes of documents in response to the subpoena. His attorney signed a letter saying there were no more government documents in Trump’s possession in June. Turns out he was lying, because there were obviously a lot more documents, including highly-classified documents that he did not return. Some news reports say the FBI was tipped off about the existence of the documents from someone who works for Trump.

    Trump’s followers chanted “lock her up” when Hilary Clinton was investigated for using a private email server. But when Trump is caught violating the law red-handed, they claim he is being persecuted and did nothing wrong. If a person can’t understand that stealing top secret classified documents and then refusing to return them when subpoenaed is a serious crime, then Trump will never do anything wrong in that persons eyes.

    • You are wrong. DJT is a hero. He’s fought the satanic forces of the Deep State for years. He is a paragon of virtue and sacrifice. He has given of himself to America more than any man before.

      This is a political setup. But just keep watching, DJT has moves none of us have seen. While the DOJ is playing checkers, DJT is playing 3-level chess. God is on his side.

    • Kinda like you with Obama?

      You do know every president does this? And it’s legal because every president is the ultimate decider on what can be declassified? Obama still has massive amounts of info he swore would be digitized for his liberty he hasn’t returned yet. You’ll be ok when Trump 2.0 sends the feds after him.

      BTW: Hilary’s private servers were loaded with classified material she had zero Constitutional or legal right to have.

      You really should have taken civics in school.

      • False. This is another lie being promoted by Trump and his propagandists. The National Archives transferred non-classified records from the Obama Administration to a National Archives facility located near the Obama presidential Library in Chicago. If historians from the library want to review them, they have to go the the National Archives facility, And no classified documents were transferred to Chicago. They remain in Washington D.C.

        Second, Hilary’s email servers were not loaded with classified materials.

        These are just false and lame excuses being put forward to justify conduct by Trump that is indefensible.

        • Lucinda, I am absolutely serious. DJT is everything this nation, and the world needs. He truly is God sent. He brought peace, stability, and growth to the US. He brought honor and dignity to the office of the president.

          Even though he was joking about being president for life, he really should be.

        • What are you basing that statement on Lucinda?
          When Obama left office, he took over a million pages of Presidential records. Promising to digitize and publish them, then return them to the Archives.
          Not a single document has been digitized, published, or returned.
          Please, stop assuming every politician on the left is an angel. They are just as corrupt as any other politician. Useful idiots who choose to ignore crimes committed because the criminal is of the “correct” political party are the problem here, not the politicians.

    • Here’s a logical contradiction: Trump could not declassify a planted document. He has claimed both things.

      • What evidence and factual information is that, have you seen it? Talk about putting the cart before the horse, you fools have been doing it for 6 years now and yet, DJT is still a free man, endorsing candidates and possibly making another run at POTUS for 2024. Prepare for a severe spanking in November, it’s going to be glorious to watch you all come unhinged again. lol

        • They still can’t get over the three Supreme Court justices that President Trump appointed. They can do everything they want to be up the waters trail his daughter with gestapo like thugs, drag his name through the mud but at the end of the day those three justices remain and that really pisses them off.

    Trump has cooperated when asked to hand over files!!! Why was FBI raiding his home??? It was simply a warning shot over The bow of his ship!

  13. Why are Trudeau et al, and WEF agitaters allowed to enter the US? They should not be given red carpet treatment ever again in DC or anywhere else. The US should be off limits! No admittance going forward.

  14. Do these foreigners have our expressed rights now instead of we the people having our rights? I KNEW you would respond to one of your little trigger words.

  15. Yeah I agree with you Hill ! He has given his personal life and time, not to mention donated his income to this country ! He didn’t do it for money or opportunity like the last 5-6 presidents !

    • He beat Hillary and threw a monkey wrench into the whole works. That’s not something that they take lately and they gave you no rest. The only problem with this whole setup is it’s Trump and he doesn’t give up so we got this fit for spat back and forth with them trying to smear Trump because they’re afraid he’s going to win again and Trump continually having to prove his innocence. They know he’s innocent they just keeping the news media sourced until the midterms and the election. This is become The New normal and our politics so you’d better get used to it.

  16. Suzanne, your site is being overtaken by Biden apologist trolls!
    The FBI is a rogue agency which only investigates the right and ignores the most egregious law breakers who just happen to be on the left.
    Look back at Ruby Ridge, Waco, etc. to see that the FBI has been overstepping a long, long time. I would love to see this Praetorian guard for the left disbanded entirely.

  17. When 255K excess Biden votes are found in six states in the 2020 “Election”, how does that happen? Organized crime.

  18. But, why don’t you just say it? Ambassadors can classify their documents too can’t they? Why cant President Trump? He can.

  19. They have the technology, manpower and corrupt desire to make you believe anything they want ! It sounds like it worked on you or you are just a Trump hater !

  20. They even took president Trump’s passports. The question now is what kind of a twisted federales mind does it take to include those on the list of authorized evidence? Catherine? Lucinda? We are all waiting!

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