Notes from the trail: Kenai Classic, a nasty Zoom-bomb at a Native forum, and keeping up with candidates


Closing in on Election Day: As much as 23% of the vote has already been cast for Alaska’s primary, which ends Aug. 16. Here’s the analysis that gets us to that conclusion:

In Alaska’s 2020 primary for U.S. House, 130,317 total votes were cast. It was a presidential election year, which means the turnout was higher than in 2018, when 110,636 voters cast ballots in the U.S. House primary.

So far this year there have been about 23,000 early and absentee votes received by the Division of Elections (including online voting, fax, etc). That’s less than 4% of the registered voters in Alaska who have voted so far. (The Division of Elections says there are 598,083 Alaskans registered to vote. )

But if only 110,000 vote this year, as they did in 2018 (non-presidential year) then the 23,000 who have voted represent perhaps 21% of the expected total vote.

A reminder about where Alaska primary votes go: Two years ago during the Alaska primary, the Republican candidates received 47,482 votes combined. The Democrat candidates received 30,107 votes.

Kenai Classic: Lots of political leaders will be heading to the Kenai River after the primary/special general election on Tuesday. The Kenai Classic takes place Aug. 17, 18, and 19. The Classic is an educational, invitational fishing event that raises funds and educates policymakers and business leaders about Kenai River Sportfishing Association’s habitat-restoration and access projects, fisheries education, research and management. The event has raised $18 million during the past 25 years for fisheries conservation. If you want to find the big-name politicians, many of them will attend the banquet at least (it is sold out). For Alaska’s political class, it’s a must-attend event.

Zoom-bombing apology: A handful of the 19 congressional candidates took part in a get-out-the-Native-vote Zoom meeting when someone photo-bombed Sarah Palin with a line drawing that depicted a penis and vagina. It took up nearly the entire screen. Someone could be heard yelling obscenities at her during the video-conference. She was not amused.

The Native Peoples Action Community Fund issued a statement following the incident:

“The U.S. House Candidate Forum was a virtual event co-hosted by Native Peoples Action Community Fund (NPACF) and Get Out the Native Vote on August 11, 2022. … NPACF has a zero tolerance policy for unwanted, disrespectful and racist behavior and we apologize for any harm caused in the space we hosted. We do not condone any of the words or behaviors exhibited by the zoom bombers. We are modifying our internal protocols and procedures for hosting with hopes that this will never happen again. We are issuing apologies to all the candidates and we are issuing this apology to the public. We sincerely thank each candidate who participated for their role in upholding a respectful environment, for their insightful contributions to the forum, and for engaging with our organization and the voters of Alaska.”

2000 Mules: Rep. Ron Gillham of Kenai is taking it easy on the campaign trail, so much so that he even has time for a movie. Anyone who wants to see “2000 Mules” can stop in at the Kenai New Life Church starting at 5 pm on Aug. 15, where there will be a free showing of the election movie by Dinesh D’Souza, a film that shows evidence of coordinated voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election. That’s at 209 Princess Street, Kenai.

Nick Begich in Kenai.

Keeping up with Nick Begich: The busy congressional candidate from Eagle River voted and then had a meet-and-greet on Thursday in Wasilla with 50 people, flew to Ketchikan on Friday to meet with 60 people and do media interviews, and on Sunday will meet with voters in Kodiak at the Kodiak Island Brewery, 2-4:30 pm. He’s also meeting with the Filipino-American Association, with the mayor, and some more media.

On Monday, Jim and Faye Palin are throwing a huge party for Nick Begich out in Wasilla, with a co-host list of over 100. They are the former in-laws of Sarah Palin, clearly not impressed with her.

Mary Peltola is in Juneau: Peltola, running for Congress, voted on Friday in Anchorage. Then she went to Juneau for a fundraiser that had over 100 co-hosts. It was held at the home of Ken Alper and Jill Ramiel. On Saturday, she’ll still be in Juneau for a meet-and-greet at the Pioneer Pavilion at Savikko Park, Sandy Beach. She has a lot of voters in Juneau.

Tara Sweeney write-in: Sweeney, on the last day allowed, filed as a formal write-in candidate for the special general election for Congress. She said she gave it a lot of thought, but her main focus is going to be on making the final four for the general election in November.

Sarah Palin leaving the regional voting office in Wasilla.

Sarah Palin sighting: Palin voted on Thursday in the Valley. An anecdotal sampling of voters is showing that Palin voters are voting for her and not ranking anyone else on the three-person special general election ballot. As Palin marked her ballot on the video she posted, she, too, only voted for herself and did not rank either Nick Begich or Mary Peltola. There was no “rank the red” on her ballot.

Mailbag of Hate:

Lisa Murkowski talks Project Veritas: Murkowski had a grand opening for her campaign headquarters in Juneau, during which she talked about the Project Veritas undercover investigation of her campaign, when her staff members admitted they’d been part of tricking Alaskans into voting for Ballot Measure 2. Murkowski blamed the sting on a 50-year-old volunteer who had worn a camera while volunteering in Murkowski’s Anchorage campaign office.

“She sits with the volunteers for three weeks,” Murkowski told the Juneau Empire. “She’s just being the perfect volunteer. All the while she has a camera in her clothing and she’s talking to all these people trying to find some connection, some conspiracy.”

Kelly Tshibaka gathering.

Out and about with Kelly Tshibaka: Just under 10,000 attendees were on the tele-rally Thursday with former President Donald Trump and Tshibaka, who is running for Senate against Murkowski. Tshibaka spoke to a group, Alaskans for Medical Freedom and Liberty, was at a gathering in Wasilla, and another in Eagle River at the Lions Club.

Shoshana Gungurstein visited Fairbanks.

Shoshana Gungurstein road trip: The Senate candidate from Juneau who just moved to Alaska has traveled from Anchorage to Fairbanks and met with small groups, waved signs, and shot videos for social media in the Golden Heart City.

Bill Walker and Heidi Drygas lit drop: The gubernatorial campaign will be trolling for votes in the neighborhoods around Anchorage with “lit drop” activities, which means taking brochures to the doorways of homes in East Anchorage, starting at 10 am Saturday.

Gov. Mike Dunleavy: He was in Kotzebue earlier this week, then in Anchorage to toast Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer and sign some bills. A fundraiser for Mike Dunleavy and Nancy Dahlstrom is planned for Aug. 19 in Kenai, at the end of the Kenai Classic.

Spotted in Seldovia: Rep. Sarah Vance, touring the Jakolof Bay dock, which needs to be replaced as a matter of public safety.

Endorsements: Ken McCarty won the prize endorsement of John Sturgeon as he runs for Senate for Eagle River. McCarty also received an A+ from the National Rifle Association. Tara Sweeney got the endorsement of Rex Rock Sr. and Crawford Patkotak for her congressional bid. Dan Fagan, radio show host and columnist at Must Read Alaska, said Friday, “If Trump is your guy, then Palin should be your gal.”


  1. “…….A handful of the 19 congressional candidates took part in a get-out-the-Native-vote Zoom meeting when someone photo-bombed Sarah Palin with a line drawing that depicted a penis and vagina. It took up nearly the entire screen. Someone could be heard yelling obscenities at her during the video-conference…….”
    Our society continues its near free fall into Hell. I suppose it would be evil to even wonder if criminal charges will be pursued by law enforcement over this outrage?

  2. Ol’ do-nothing Ron Gillham, still doin’ nothin’.

    He had his opportunity. I’ll be voting for Ruffridge.

    • Mike….you know you do get a chance to vote for both of them in November all over again……but those of us who went to 2000 Mules had more fun at that than your usual meet and greet campaign event. You missed a good time.

  3. I’m sick of this never ending election. I’m pretty sure this is what hell must be like.

    Never ending campaigning, never ending lying, never ending broken promises, never ending self serving political ads.

    We had four years of sleazy leadership under Walker, followed by four years of ineptitude by Dunleavy. Plus the antics of of legislators.

    Haven’t we suffered enough?

  4. I am disappointed that Senator Murkowski was verbally assaulted at Mike’s AFP sponsored gas event on Jewel Lake Road. Senator Murkowski was invited, Alaskans should be better than this

      • Actually there is. In fact, it’s got a legal definition. Push it hard enough and it comes with civil penalties, loss of employment, and in worst cases imprisonment.

        If you don’t think it’s a thing, I invite you to attend an Assembly meeting and say something Chris Constant doesn’t like. Learn from experience.

        Or better still, enlist in the Army and be a screwup in basic.

        • It’s a thought crime. That is not allowed. We don’t allow maxims of law which preceded even the US Constitution and from which the US Constitution sprang. To wit: “A belligerant man HAS his rights”. Let me help out the kindergarteners and gentle ladies and dunces of the last frontier. Sometimes the ONLY way to get the RIGHTS stated anywhere is belligerantly. Look it up. What laws existed before the law of the land the US Constitution in the United States during the two hundred rugged years of nation building pre-US Constitution? Not unlike state building which is heretofore still contemporarily forbidden in Alaska by the same foreign agent, accented corporate registries in foreign but non-state” status ? “City of London”? None?

        • Avenger, it would be very helpful if you offered a citation of state or local law to support that assertion.

    • You’re upset that someone had the gall to confront her about her underhanded dishonesty, provide video evidence of same but, you’re not upset in the least about her complicity in the deception. You’re messed up, Frankie.

    • Alaskans were also invited. If Princess wanted to be left alone, don’t attend public events where angry voters are going to attend. Annoyed constituents are part of the job.

      Especially when Princesses votes helped get us where we are now.

      Princess should be better than she is. See how that argument runs both ways?

  5. Lisa says. ” she was the perfect volunteer, all the while she had a camera on, trying to find some conspiracy ” while speaking of the James O’ Keefe operative who uncovered what everyone already KNEW about the sordid connection between Lisa and Prop 2.

    Is Lisa actually this clueless or does she think everybody else is just really dumb?

    • Is Lisa actually this clueless or does she think everybody else is just really dumb?

      Answer: Yes, she really thinks people are that dumb. You have to understand the mind of a leftist because they have deluded themselves into thinking everyone supports their psychotic ideas. In most cases, they are so arrogant due to their voter fraud system, they really don’t care what you think because they believe in their steal the vote system and paying off the criminals that support the effort. It will take every Alaskan that believes in freedom to come out on election day and show Lisa her wave of crime is over. Bottom line, know the does and don’ts of Ranked Choice Voting and do not rank Lisa, leave her ovals blank!

      Kelly for Senate!

  6. To Murkowski’s comment regarding the 50 year old volunteer who tried to find “some connection, some conspiracy…” apparently said volunteer found both. And now she’s sorely pissed about it. Oops. I just cast my vote today in an attempt to send Murkowski to her retirement home.

    It’s sad to think that we’ll all be paying for her for the rest of her unnatural life.

  7. for everyone who is struggling with the ballot. Personally I am voting example- Kelly 1st and no other. I am going to take a photo of my ballot, then cast that ballot, and gain us some integrity of for an by the people. Thank you Suzanne I found that site on must read ma’am.

    • Bingo, you got it! Rank Kelly #1 and leave all others blank for Senate. In order to beat their steal system this needs to be done as well as not voting early. We need to turnout in great numbers on election day forcing them to register those votes on game day. Taking a photo of the ballot is fine but unless you can get a copy of your voting information after the vote, I’m not sure how that will help you. I’m just worried about the Dominion Machines because they have already been examined in numerous states and they are capable of altering the vote results by themselves through a software algorithm that tells the machine to correct the tally to a pre-determined outcome. Just look up the Mesa County Colorado case with Tina Peters who knew the machine was altering results because she reviewed the original data to the altered data and had a forensic electronics expert named O’Donnell, examine the machine from her county. This is 3rd world stuff!

      • Senate race this election is the primary so no ranking, we only vote for one. Go Kelly! She will though likely be on the general ballot and then the awful ranked choice travesty kicks in. We will see how the ranked choice worked for the temporary house seat……

    • Why not Kelly 1., and Dustin Darden 2. With Dustin Darden you get whole not half hearted support of the actual intent of the Constitution while bringing zero intent to evade it. You get straight forward opposition of foreign, negative influence fundamentally changing America. With Dustin Darden he will tell you what he sees. He will tell you, America: “Oh, we are meeting in California lately. Congress is closed up tighter than a drum”. He will represent America. He won’t pussyfoot around like democrats want to do or the rinos. Can you imagine what was said at the recent alleged State of the Union address on the floor? It was horrifying. Ask Senator Sullivan he might as a Marine actually tell you. Lisa? NO. I mean among the Congressional attendees both Senate and Congressional. Lip ? readers can confirm that at the last two State of the Union speeches the conversations were confirmation that people like Dustin Darden need to be in attendance to oppose the treasonous, deceitful banter. Dustin Darden will represent America though you prefer ladylike antiConstitution persons kind to the immediately engulfing foreign powers. What’s your pick.

  8. “she’s talking to all these people trying to find some connection, some conspiracy.”

    Well, according to the video, She DID find a conspiracy against the voters….

    • Then I hope you like Rep Peltola.

      Yes, it’s a screwed up system that needs to go. But it IS right now. Play by the rules Alaskans stupidly voted into law, or get owned by Democrats who will.

      • Exactly. Not sure why so many are not understanding. It is awful. We need to get rid of it, but don’t eliminate a conservative over a liberal candidate.

  9. From the look at the pictures I think cultural appropriation has been taken but if it gets the natives to vote I’m all for it.

  10. Where does Nick stand on Trump. We know how all the others stand—Lisa, Dan, Sarah, And Kelly. With all the endorsements he has been receiving, can he Give any. Inquiringly minds want to know.

    • You aren’t paying attention. He voted for Trump. He donated $500 to Trump’s campaign. He has said so many times. You’re just trolling, Sarge, and everyone can see it. Sarah has never donated a penny to Trump’s campaign. She spent all her SarahPAC money on her own travel, like the grifter that she is.

      • You don’t know how she spent her money, your just throwing out Liberal Platitudes—like we are all gonna die in 10 years from global warming. Glad to hear about his Trump vote, glad he didn’t vote for Hillary or Biden However there was that Berkowitz vote.

      • Ssssh. You’re not allowed to say that out loud. Remember: Palin is holy. Palin is the most perfect thing God created. Palin has no ego and only wants to save us. And above all, Palin never
        -sabotaged Sean Parnell
        -endorsed Bill Walker

        • Sarah Palin list of horribles:
          Sabotaged Gov. Sean Parnell, which caused him to lose to Walker
          Endorsed and campaigned for Bill Walker and that menace to females Byron Mallott
          Publicly called for Sen. Ted Stevens to quit, which put in Mark Begich
          Hired Ethan Berkowitz to be her ethics advisor
          Now mostly lives out of state with her boyfriend in NY and Florida
          Her words are great, if you like word salad. But actions speak louder.

          • Okay. We can both connect histories dots to our advantage. Let’s stick to 20–21 & 22 timeframe. Why did Nick fund his own campaign to $70,000, it could be much higher, but l don’t have the number and l want to be accurate. Why did he do that and not take contributions from the general public. Could it be
            he possibly wanted to keep the public from seeing some of his contributors. Sarah was chastised for not standing up when Mayor Bronson stood up behind her. Why wasn’t Nick not chastised for not welcoming Trump to Alaska.. The split between Hard Right —Sarah, and Moderate Republicans–Nick is playing out before us.. Votes will be taken in congress. Do you want Alaska’s Congressional vote going with Senator Dan Sullivan , Mitch McConnel type Moderate ‘s, or do you want Alaska’s Congressional vote backing Senator Cruz, and Freedom Caucus Reformers. Take away all the Blah, Blah, Blah, and the choice is very clear.

  11. Was
    the zoom event attended
    by 25? I bet the get out the native
    event was attended by white politicos. Majority of natives (the population who need to vote) don’t sit
    around at
    a native event on the computer. You want to increase the native vote
    you make inperson event
    with pow-wow, food, and native art venders. That’s getting the native vote. Zoom was and still is Laughable. Hahahaha.

    • “……Majority of natives (the population who need to vote) don’t sit around at a native event on the computer………”
      That’s true of any and all special interest groups, from environmental to racial to climate to any other ideology under the sun. The ones who participate are the ones who profit from their non-profit front groups. Hand out free food, and everybody will show up, whether they vote or not.
      I’m still wondering if I’m free to start bombing their events with porn and vulgarities with impunity, or is it just certain officials whom I can so attack? Vengeful and nasty minds want to know………..

  12. Nick Begich gives an impression of knowledge of scope and value of the US Constitution. Peltola elevates good female social manners and “grace” over her limited impressions of the US Constitution. I like nice, well-mannered, grace-inspired ladies. I dislike well-mannered ladies, native or not, who want power and have no formal, intensive primary Constitutional studies. They are flipping dangerous.?

  13. You know, 2022 expost facto Juneau stuff made up. Special “new” understanding(s) of precedential “How to elude the US Constitution trainings” upcoming prosecutions for essentially not even thought crimes cunningly thought up by your virtue signaling merry band of leg wrestlers in Juneau. Con gratulations! Someone has to people the fema camps already built in Alaska for such a purpose eh governor and other et-anti-Constitutional-als in the zero trust camp?

    May God repay them. Alaskans are at total and complete risk right now and are complicit in their oen renouncements of the US Constitution.

    I hope the US Constitution and Pierce wins!

  14. Something kind of big is happening on Tuesday the 16th. You might want to put it on your calendar so you don’t forget and everything.

  15. Just so you know we haven’t saved the republic yet. In the 200 years of nation building pre-writing stage of “this US Constitution” spoken of in The Preamble, the Colonies had: maxims of law (they are an ennunciated quite interesting thing), Natural Law (God-given and Christian), continuation of government law (Magna Carta, etc), Admiralty Law, Lee’s Declaration of Independance, Charter of Jamestown (unrevoked), treaties, jurisprudence of English and American Common Law (Separate things). So the maxims are written in Latin the language of law which is why the English speaking tender frontiers women have ignorantly never heard of them much our diminishment at political freedom time after time at the Anchorage assemble where fully one half the population of Alaska are traumatized by misprision of liberties. For contrast President Jamie Madison was reading maxim of law texts in Latin by age ten. Believe me, he understood nation building.

    • What we have now is National Distruction. Will our Congressional Representative fight like a Pitt Bull to protect Trump, and Drain The Swamp—FBI. & IRS Reform included. Or will we send another Senator Dan Sullivan type. Freedom Caucus, or Kick the Can Down the Road Caucus.. Scrapper or Swooner. Fighter, or Nice Guy.. Endorsed by Trump, Endorsed by many good Alaskan’s. I hope Sarah wins by 52%

      • I feel like that sometimes and when she shouted “I’m way worse!” I know it’s not an understatement and is fair for her to announce this fact.

  16. As long as the dominion machines are used, the chances for a fair election are unknown. Defeat the use of these cheat machines first or you are fighting an algorithm rather that an election opponent.

  17. Sarah Palin could end up being a spoiler: entering the race late, splitting the conservative vote, and now not ranking the red (in rank ‘stinky’ choice voting), which could give us liberal Mary Peltola as Alaska’s only congressperson.

  18. When Sarah left office she OWED $500,000 in Legal Fees from Frivolous Lawsuits. If she stayed in office it would be $1,000,000. Most people make Smoke Filled Room money in office, Sarah was out $500,000. She paid off her debt by writing a $1,000,000 book—-Capitalism at it’s best. The only phony people out there are the quitter screamer’s.

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