Judge decides adventuress Jennie Armstrong is qualified to serve as a legislator


An Anchorage Superior Court judge issued his ruling Monday that says the election of Rep.-elect Jennie Armstrong will stand, and that she was indeed qualified enough to run for office in West Anchorage House District 16 when she filed earlier this year.

With just a week before legislators are sworn into office, Judge Herman Walker issued the ruling against challengers of Armstrong, who said she had not moved into the district in time to be a qualified candidate.

The case had been brought by opposing candidate Liz Vazquez, as well as Chris Duke, Randy Eledge, Steve Strait and Kathryn Werdahl, all residents of the district. They said that Armstrong’s victory was unlawfully certified by the Division of Elections, but the judge disagreed, and said that Armstrong may be sworn into office on Jan. 17.

Armstrong had made the decision to move to Alaska on May 20, 2019, although it’s unclear that she had actually done so since she came and left the state during that timeframe. The judge appears to take her word for it, while much evidence suggests she still considered herself a visitor, since she applied for a non-resident fishing license later that summer. In other parts of her testimony, she says she was a resident since May 1, 2019. Alaska has a three-year residency requirement, which would mean she would have been a resident by about 10 days or up to a month before she would not have qualified for office for that year.

Judge Walker heard the case on Dec. 22. It took him nearly three weeks to issue his ruling because, evidently, he left the country for the holidays. The case will likely be appealed to the Alaska Supreme Court.

The judge’s ruling is below:


  1. This judge borrowed a copy from the playbook of Rep. Eastman’s judge. Yes, judges do watch each other’s backs.

  2. Of course he did. Was it ever in doubt?

    Can’t wait to see the family portrait. Him, her, and the Corning Ware.

  3. OH SURE. Anyone just off the boat can “re-present” the unique, complicated circumstances of Alaskans. Just like in the olden days. A winsome smile and cockamamie ideas about “coupling” gets you right in. ALASKA has never made much sense. It’s not for everyone, evidently.

  4. Judges are playing fast and loose with the laws of Alaska.

    The Division of elections didn’t even begin to investigate the residency of senator Lyman Hoffman. He lives on the hillside of Anchorage and uses his old house in Bethel as a two month fish camp in the summer.

    In this State it pays to funnel legislative funds to all the liberal causes and Unions that control the State employees and mostly vote for Democrats.

  5. Hope it is reversed by the AK S. Court.
    Why have rules? They really just get in the way of “Progress”
    By the way those are pretty big “pan” fish, is this person going to romance our salmon?

    • We had a chance to change this. But people were too scared to approve a constitutional convention.

      This is an ongoing self inflicted wound.

  6. Oh if this was a pfd case woo wee that lady would’ve had 5 state troopers knocking on her door.. After the Trial judge would’ve threw the book at her.. But fibbing about your residency to run for office?? The judge ah I believe her she’s good.. This state is getting kookier and kookier

  7. You are required to be a resident for a full calendar year before obtaining a resident fishing license, declaring residency in May 2019 would make a person not legible for a resident fishing license in June 2019. MRAK continues to conflate fishing licenses with residency

    • Frank,

      I think you are conflating the PFD and fishing licenses. Fishing licenses are based upon the month you obtain residency, the PFD is based upon the calendar. Neither a fishing license nor filing for the PFD establish residency. There are however specific requirements that must be met to establish residency and those requirements can be used while getting a fishing license or filing for the PFD.

  8. I wonder if judges loosely interpret
    residence qualifications made when it comes to the PFD?
    I’ve never spoken to a person that has voted to retain a single judge. Yet what’s the percentage of judges forced to vacate the position?

  9. “qualified enough”??
    So in essence any tourist, who takes a cruise, can move up here run for office and make the cruise dates the residency date, because he went home and decided to return? Are they qualified enough too??
    I think it hinges on the fishing license. If she had really moved up here in May then an Anchorage address would have been on the non-resident license (as she was not eligible for a resident license) as her main domicile. She gave her LA address, declaring to be a resident of LA.
    The real question is: What is her hurry? Why not wait another year or so and then run for assembly or school board? Work your way up to understand local political workings?

  10. In Juneau many retirees spend the whole winter out of state.. only coming back to visit once for a few nights. So they can keep their benefits.

    • What benefits are you speaking about?? State retirement requires more than a few nights to keep the residency requirements. PFDs also require more.
      You just spew gibberish Loren-get a grip.

  11. All these comments make perfect sense, and here is another one: The Deep State ordered her to come here, and she exhibited all along the same cool confidence that she would prevail, seen in Gov. Newsome, Mary Peltola and the Marxist Anchorage Assembly. From the con-con vote to Kowalke’s outrageous lawsuit against Eastman, George Soros now owns Alaska and is pulling the strings. No use pretending otherwise. We ought to all talk in that vein from now on out. We should resist in many little ways.

  12. She has zero qualifications, zero knowledge of Alaska, and is an implant from elsewhere. That does not “qualify” all day long. She has not been in our state near long enough to run for ANYTHING. Another liberal move to bring more sickness to this state. I will PASS.

  13. Always good to have someone from LA come up here to share their ideas. Now we just need more from Seattle and Portland.

  14. Aint that interesting. Not qualified as per the residency requirements yet somehow qualified to hold office. I wonder if ol’ Herman did the proper stretching exercises so he didn’t pull a muscle doing that mental gymnastic move.
    We’ve GOT to get rid of some of these judges. There are just to many with no sense of reality.

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