New director of Alaska Wildlife Troopers Division named


Alaska Department of Public Safety Commissioner James Cockrell has appointed Bernard Chastain as the director of the Alaska Wildlife Troopers Division. Colonel Chastain has been with the Department of Public Safety since September 1998 and has worked across the state in multiple locations as an Alaska Wildlife Trooper.  

“I have worked with Bernard Chastain throughout my 30-year career with DPS, and know that he will excel at leading the Alaska Wildlife Troopers as their new director,” said  Alaska Department of Public Safety Commissioner James Cockrell. “I know Bernard will continue to drive the positive momentum that was started by retired Colonel Doug Massie for the Alaska Wildlife Troopers and will be an exceptional leader for our fish and wildlife enforcement division.”   

Colonel Chastain worked as an Alaska Wildlife Trooper in Soldotna and Glennallen before being promoted to Sergeant of the Ketchikan Alaska Wildlife Troopers Post. He later supervised the AWT Wildlife Investigations Unit, the major crimes investigation arm of the Alaska Wildlife Troopers and was promoted to the AWT operations captain in Anchorage.

Since 2015 Chastain has worked as both a major (deputy director) in the Alaska Wildlife Troopers and the Alaska State Troopers, overseeing the DPS Aircraft Section and other significant programs and projects within DPS.

Chastain graduated from the Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command, the North America Conservation Law Enforcement Leadership Academy and is the 2010 recipient of the Shikar Safari International Award; an award that recognizes significant achievement in resource law enforcement. 

“I am deeply honored to have the privilege to lead the Alaska Wildlife Troopers and help support the incredible men and women that drive this mission across the state every day,” Chastain said. “As AWT begins its 51st year of service to Alaska I know that our division will continue to protect Alaska’s vast fishing and game resources for the benefit of all Alaskans and hold those that flaunt Alaska’s regulations and laws accountable for their actions.” 


  1. Okay, in the 21st Century, can the Troopers update their uniforms? Those hats look ridiculous. One wonders, given the retention and hiring issues they face, how those uniforms that would work in a Dudley Do-Right cartoon just don’t work today.

  2. I like to see wildlife. There are many more animals to view in Canada along their highway corridors than Alaska. You see the animals right until you get to the Alaskan borders and then zip. Not one thing. Hardly even any birds. Have “fun”.

  3. I worked in the field with Bernard back in the day and found he’s the type of LEO you want at your side when things get sporty. He’s trustworthy, empathic and an overall stellar man. And I don’t hand out platitudes unwarranted. Congratulations to you Director Chastain! Commish Cockrell, you rock and did right. Once again! Keep up the great job!


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