Assembly interviews with East Anchorage candidates (finally) posted on YouTube


After three days and no action, the Anchorage Municipal Clerk has posted on YouTube the Anchorage Assembly’s interviews with the five candidates for the vacancy created by former Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar, who has gone on to become a state senator. The Clerk, who works for the Assembly, is supposed to make all meetings open to the public, even those who cannot attend them in person, by posting videos of the meetings on YouTube.

On Friday, the Assembly said the interviews would be posted, and yet they were not, leading Must Read Alaska readers to wonder why, over the weekend, they could not access those interviews, but instead could only access the final Friday vote that put Assemblyman Joey Sweet into office until April 25. The situation has since been rectified.

The interviews can be watched at this link.

The Anchorage Assembly meets on Tuesday, Jan. 10, at 5 pm at the Loussac Library Assembly Chambers. The agenda is at this link.


  1. How sad, not one of them answered the assembly/mayor relationship question factionally, ignoring the “co-equal branch of government” and all answers sounding like the assembly is the only power this city has and the mayor is just a glorified city manager.
    Of course the assembly then picked the young guy, who prides himself on his book-learning and his facial recognition pet-peeve. Oh and he thinks the most important issue after that is getting electric school buses for the ASD…. aren’t they $68 million in the hole???
    Whatever happened to that electric PeopleMover bus??

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