Anchorage Assembly keeps interviews of five candidates for vacancy out of public reach


Although the Anchorage Assembly held interviews of the five candidates for an open East Anchorage seat in public on Friday, and while the interviews were live on YouTube, they have been not posted for the general members of the public who were not able to watch them during a meeting that occurred during the workday.

Thus, the public knows who won the vote — Stephen “Joey” Sweet — but doesn’t know what questions were asked of candidates or how they answered them.

The Municipal Clerk’s Office was supposed to post the interviews, but only posted the actual vote on the replacement for Forrest Dunbar, who left the Assembly to serve in the Alaska Senate.

Normally, live broadcasts go dark and are reposted on YouTube the following day. In this instance, the interview process went dark, and never came back, at least not as of Sunday afternoon, which means the public doesn’t have access to what should be an open meeting covered by the Open Meetings Act. Several readers have asked for the link to those interviews, which led to the vote for Sweet to serve out the remainder of Dunbar’s term. The public is especially interested in the questions asked of the applicants, since the Assembly has another vacancy to fill this month, this time for Eagle River.

No explanation has been given for blacking out the interviews. The voting for Sweet occurred after the interviews on Jan. 6, and was posted normally:


  1. You don’t need to know, peasants.

    You voted us in repeatedly. You want us to abuse you.

    Now go work so we can get more tax money.

    • So, the MRAK post states that the interviews were live. And now the recording is on YouTube (the next business day)–available here: What exactly is the abuse and conspiracy here?

      • MRAK Fan, if not for the story about the missing video, it’s likely it would never have been posted for the public because all other meetings from the week were published in order. This one was missing, but a meeting after it was posted. You’re welcome – sd

  2. Open meetings act Alaska Statute 44.62.31 and then municipal code 2.30.035. Would they not be in violation? It sure seems they are really pushing the proverbial envelope with these ‘technical issues’ or whatever, with meetings going dark? Much like the mysterious power outages and pauses in the election process. Corruption in plain sight, or they must believe they are above the law.

    • I think the recordings are equivalent to minutes, so the meeting could’ve been open and legal and the minutes or recordings available on request. Ms. Downing has not reported whether or not Must Read Alaska has submitted a request. But I do think the clerk should follow the same protocol as a regular meeting.

      • As it was the weekend, no request submitted, but the story should suffice as a request. If not, a formal one will be made. – sd

  3. Raise your hand if you are surprised that the Assembly is hiding from us again.
    Yup, cowards, oath bepreakers, so not surprised by their usual cowardly behaviour. Glad I am retired now and have time for in person assembly, commission, school board and community meetings. I’d like to be a full time pain in the ASSembly of mr constantly complainig and his henchmen comrades as well as ms groomer bellamy of the anti-student, anti-parent school district. Oath breakers all.

    • Go get ’em, Molly!
      Those nine reprobate neo-Marxist authoritarians need to be publicly challenged, and condemned, for every reprehensible action that they take.

  4. They are probably concerned because Mr. Sweet adamantly admitted during the interview that he has no interest in pursing the position in the actual election come April.

      • You sure do generate a lot of hateful comments and divisiveness in our community. I hope you’re proud of your work, however, I don’t think that Jesus would approve of you bearing false witness against your neighbours.

        Come on Susanne, at least TRY to abide by the tenants of your faith when you hit the publish button. Attacking the integrity of people who have lived in this community for a much longer time than you is a really bad look.

        You’re the invited guest at a pool party who pisses in the pool and then complains about people pudding in the pool.

        Do you even have a conscience ?

        Do you even know what the meaning of integrity is, much less know how to apply it in your everyday life ?

        I really do feel sorry for you, because spewing all of this toxic and negative energy has got to take a toll on you. Oh well, reap what the shall sow.

        • AK Bush Gal, looks like you are the top example of toxic comments.

          You are exactly “spewing all of this toxic and negative energy has to take a toll on you. Oh well, reap what the shall sow…”

          But welcome to the party, you who are “pissing in the pool and then complaining about people pudding in the pool.”

          So about you, AK Bush Gal, do you even have a conscience? Take two aspirins and call us in the morning, snowflake.

  5. If the public knew how many secret meetings that go on in this town including Juneau elites they would change Anchorage completely. Pelosi ites must RACE to prepare for the illegals coming to alaska and the freebies they will give them with Legal Counsel provided by guess who? They have no problem making the peasants pay back their loans. Dont forget to take your Vitamin D ! The Sun is coming !

  6. The routine contempt that the Marxist Nine have for the public whom they ostensibly serve, but in fact whom they rule over, could not be more obvious.

    • They changed their internal Assembly rules a while back to adopt ranked choice voting for this purpose. It’s a very confusing process, even for them, and they designed it. – we

  7. We’ve seen for quite some time the other-worldly machinations of the Special Needs 9 that have controlled the Assembly like something out of modern day Brazil or Venezuela. It feels as if they’re trying to emulate the seemingly unlawful and unconstitutional actions of their liberal equivalents in larger, blue-led cities like L.A., Portland, Seattle and D.C. To see how such disregard for the non-compliant electorate plays out, take a look at Victor Davis Hanson’s recent article and ask yourself “How did we get to this point so quickly?” I imagine many of us are feeling that way about how Anchorage is being manipulated by The SN 9. ‘

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