Anchorage Assembly: Demboski allegations against mayor are ‘shocking’ and it will investigate what it can do


Anchorage Assembly leaders Chair Suzanne LaFrance and Vice Chair Christopher Constant issued a statement regarding the letter the Anchorage Assembly received from the legal representatives of former Municipal Manager Amy Demboski, who has made a wrongful termination allegation against Mayor Dave Bronson. It’s unclear why Demboski’s attorney, Scott Kendall, sent the grievance letter against the mayor to the entire Assembly, but it appears he intends to inflict maximum damage on the Republican mayor of Anchorage.

Last year, the Assembly leaders did get involved and ended up in court with the mayor when the mayor fired the former mayor’s chief equity officer — a move they said was illegal. But this year, they indicate they may have limited abilities, although they apparently plan to get involved in some way in further controlling the executive branch. The letter reads:

“Yesterday afternoon, we received a letter from Cashion Gilmore & Lindemuth, the attorneys representing former Municipal Manager Amy Demboski in her wrongful termination claim against Mayor Bronson.

“The allegations in the letter are extremely shocking and outline a level of mismanagement of municipal resources that we have not seen in our tenure on the Assembly. Because the allegations are so extreme, we are still processing all that we have read and determining what action the Assembly can take to safeguard the municipality’s employees, finances and reputation.

“While many of the allegations fall outside of the Assembly’s jurisdiction, we do have the power and responsibility to steward municipal finances. As a result of the allegations that surfaced on this issue last month, the Assembly has added new controls on our process for approving the administration’s contracts and we are also reviewing additional measures to strengthen and expand the municipal audit process. We will do everything that is within the Assembly’s powers to safeguard the municipality’s finances and protect the interests of residents.

“However, the Assembly can only do so much regarding matters of workplace violations and executive misconduct, and so we hope that the proper employment and financial regulatory agencies conduct their own thorough investigations so that the people of Anchorage are able to understand what is happening within the leadership of their city.

“The people of Anchorage have a right to know if their city is being run legally and responsibly. Therefore, we call on Mayor Bronson to respond to these allegations right away.

“Additionally, while personnel matters are outside of the Assembly’s jurisdiction, we want to remind all Municipal employees of the resources that are in place if any municipal employee is aware of further improprieties that warrant investigation. Employees can reach out to the Municipal Ombudsman’s Office (907-343-4461 or [email protected]) to learn about their options, including filing with the Municipality of Anchorage Labor Relations, the Municipality of Anchorage Office of Equal Opportunity, the Anchorage Equal Rights Commission, the Alaska State Commission for Human Rights, and the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.”


  1. A he said she said game with no evidence started by Amy Demboski who was only motivated to go after our elected mayor because she got fired and at the same time knowing the assembly can change out the mayor by a simple vote, its time for Amy to throw a fit., Well we voted for Dave Bronson, not Amy Demboski and oh how she plays the ADN into her temper tantrums, oh, my, my, my.

    • Suzanne; My business and other businesses were denied covid relief but Demboski signs off on 1.6 million dollar deal for a convicted fellon from Nigeria to repair a pantry roof but with municipal managers signature, OKd the Nigerian to purchase a church on Tudor and McInness instead.
      This transaction with public funds makes me so flipping angry that I cannot even begin to swallow it and move on.
      The story is on KTUU channel 2 news website right now.
      An assembly member has or will launch a special audit into this issue.
      So I would like to hear your opinion on this exploding news story.
      Have a great Sunday 😉


      • Suzanne; I need to make a correction on the amount granted to the Nigerians so called non profit covid relief amount, it was only 750K not 1.6 million., there’s alot to read.
        I also noticed that U.S. Treasury is or may be getting involved to investigate. If that’s the case, this may make national news, at this point I think it certainly qualifies 😉
        I now see why Amy Demboski may have been fired, maybe.

  2. Bad personnel management has brought down another politician.

    Take care to f your people, they take care of you.

  3. If Demboski’s lawyer is Scott Kendall, she is no REAL conservative and is certainly no replacement for Dan Fagan. I could put up with her weird voice, but will never give her another listen. She just poisoned her own well.

  4. How about a link to the actual letter, or including the letter text in the story? I curious to see how the Demboski defenders and Bronson defenders do when debating specific allegations, rather than the broad concept that we should not be talking about the dysfunction (and potential illegality) out loud.

  5. I’ll tell you what is “extremely shocking”… it is the incredibly low intelligence of the Anchorage Assembly, not only individually but collectively.

  6. Trust me when I say, the majority of the assembly is overflowing with hate. They hate Amy as much as they do the mayor. This has nothing to do with spending or policy or right or wrong. This comes right out of their playbook of not letting any crisis (no matter how trivial) go to waste. The ADN and local television media super spreaders will pounce on this like a puppy on a squeaky toy. If an appointed position individual turns out to not be a good fit, the “appointer”is not free to fill the position with someone more on board with the team?

  7. The Mayor should NOT settle this with attorney Scott Kendall and Amy Demboski short of a trial. This will allow us to know ALL of the pertinent facts. For example, I’d like to know how extensive Amy’s disrespectful behavior towards other Muni employees was? We should know how many Muni employees in the administration were unable to work with or tolerate Amy as municipal manager and, therefore, decided to quit their jobs for better opportunities or retirement. We should know about her “mistakes” and how often she covered them up or blamed others for related problems. She is quite something and it is not good.

    Finally, we should know how much of the letter is nothing more than Kendall’s ego and desire to bring down our mayor. And Chris Constant should stop clutching his pearls in a demonstration of his faux outrage.

  8. Didn’t Chris constant call her a slut on a conference call? Why now would he or any member of the assembly want to see her get anything other than a quick axe?
    Ohhhhhh yeah they gave themselves the power to fire the mayor for any reason, including wearing socks with Birkenstocks.
    Well this will probably spell the end of the Bronson administration, even if they can’t fire him over this it will be used as the kindling to start the fire for the next mayoral election.
    Really the only complaint I have with the mayor is that he tried to work with and cooperate with the assembly. That was his bad.

  9. Republicans these days are a mess. Such incompetence and lies from DC to Anchorage. So who’s the biggest a– in this story? Is it arrogant, foul mouthed micromanager Demboski or the confoundingly incompetent, flailing, sinking Bronson?

    Either way, not much for conservatives to be proud of.

  10. Most of us may have forgotten the beloved Special Needs 9 attempting to use PPP money to buy properties for the homeless. They were caught and ended up coming in through a different door when a federal judge literally told them how they “should” do it. If I’m not mistaken, they also cost the MOA somewhere in the neighborhood of $52,000 in earnest money by putting the cart before the horse in “buying” the vacant Alaska Club on Tudor and Old Seward. There were also contracts signed whereby former political figures and their business partners in Anchorage (friends of the SN9) financially benefited by conveniently being in possession of buildings that could be used to house the homeless. As for Bronson… I think we’re seeing a mayor who’s unfamiliar in navigating Municipal policies and procedures and naive (or used to be) in exactly how taxing it can be when a hypocritical Assembly spends most of its time conjuring up ways to end his political career before it even gets started. They seem a lot like the January 6th Unselect Committee.

  11. Hell hath no fury like a women scorned. This looks bad for Amy unless she can find something he did that was illegal not just acting on bad counsel.

  12. Funny how so many people who used to say Amy was a no nonsense fighter suddenly say she’s no a child of God.

    As one of my kids would say, short attention span theater.

    It is possible Amy was what most of us think she was, but got caught up in a power struggle at city hall.

    Bronson’s administration has hit major headwinds and has lost its momentum. While trying to salvage it, brought in questionable people.

    It is very possible there are members of the GOP who as about as honest as a snake. The left doesn’t hold that monopoly.

    It is the obligation of ethical people to speak up when their organization misuses funds. It is often a legal obligation to do so. If this is the case, Amy did what an ethical person is obliged to do.

    It is likely this is also a cat fight where the Bronson administration stupidly impugned a staff member in public. One with serious media connections and a willingness to fight back against a perceived offense.

    I also imagine most of you, if involved in a high stakes legal battle against a powerful Republican, would cut off a kidney to get Scott Kendall on your side.

    This kind of he said she said requires a snake with the morals of a Democrat. Who better?

    Slow the collective roll and let this play out.

    • I vote Bronson again also.
      Amy is just mad and is finding anything to make Bronson look bad.
      We will probably find out she was asked to resign due to her foul mouth (she admitted it) responses to people she worked with.

  13. It’s high time that Bronson got “firm” control of his administration: he needs to bring in Terrence Shanigan as his administrative watchman to see that his orders are “happily” executed. Let’s give the mayor all he needs to run a tight ship even it means allowing him to knock a few people around when he thinks it’s necessary for the public good! I just want the streets plowed and the potholes filled; if he can do that with Shanigan’s deft assistance, we’ll have an administration that is good and fair enough for me!

  14. Amy might revisit state of Alaska labor laws. Anyone may be terminated from their position, for any reason an employer has. Guess she doesn’t plan on ever being involved with Alaskan politics again.

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