Dunleavy: Winkleman is new Corrections commissioner


Gov. Mike Dunleavy selected Jen Winkelman to be commissioner for the Alaska Department of Corrections. Winkelman was named acting commissioner last year when Nancy Dahlstrom left the department to run for lieutenant governor.

“Commissioner Winkelman has demonstrated sound judgment and leadership these past few months,” Dunleavy said. “She brings both experience and knowledge to the commissioner’s office and Alaskans can be assured the department is in good hands.”

Winkelman started with the Department of Corrections in 2001. She served as a probation and parole officer in various capacities with the Division of Pretrial, Probation and Parole and the Division of Institutions, in Fairbanks, Palmer and Juneau, most recently as the director of the division. Born and raised in Fairbanks, she has a degree in justice from the University of Alaska-Fairbanks and served on both the Fairbanks and Juneau reentry coalitions and the Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision. She serves on the Governor’s Council for Homelessness and the Alaska Police Standards Council.

“I am deeply humbled by the confidence placed in me by Governor Dunleavy and am honored to have the opportunity to serve Alaskans as the Commissioner of the Department of Corrections,” Winkleman said. “Having dedicated over 20 years of state service to DOC, I feel strongly that Corrections is such an important part in the safety and security of all Alaskans. Our over 2,000 employees are the backbone of the work we do, and I am thankful for their dedication to serving the people of Alaska. I look forward to building upon the efforts our staff make, day in and day out, to prepare those in our care and custody for success after release. Fostering positive relationships with other Departments and community leadership, as well as with leadership across different branches of government is a priority of mine as I know this is critical to making a difference in the lives of those in our charge. It is a privilege to be trusted with this responsibility for Alaskans.”

Winkelman’s name will be forwarded to the Alaska Legislature for confirmation.


  1. Governor while your at it please change the DOT
    Commissioner. He changed the Whittier tunnel entry to let commercial vehicles go first thereby endangering traffic on the highway as the slower commercial traffic causes drivers to pass them increasing risk of an accident happening. He told me it was for commercial vehicles so they don’t have to wait. Sounds like the state catering to big business while making the public wait. Before the slower vehicles went last.

  2. Dunleavy only makes poor choices in leadership positions. He simply gets into the
    “who is going to do him some service” and that is it. Not one position he has filled has been of good judgment or out of the realms of “what the good ole boy” would do. If it weren’t for the last voting system, we would be without Dunleavy. I’m hoping the Federal Government, namely the DOJ will hold him accountable for the lying regarding the Foster Care program, the mental health issues and wrongful treatment of children and above all, a place in the nearest jail where he and Adam Crumb will reside. They are both accountable to the state and residents for the wrongful choices they made and the disregard of those they allowed to be abused. Dunleavy the Abuser.

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