Breaking: Demboski vs. Bronson comes to a head


Amy Demboski, former municipal manager for Anchorage, has retained attorney Scott Kendall and appears to be pursuing a settlement for what she says was a retaliatory and wrongful firing by Mayor Dave Bronson.

Demboski was fired on Dec. 19, after which she said that the mayor’s staff leaked information to certain people in the media in an attempt to destroy her reputation. Demboski is currently the interim host of the morning drive-time show on 650 KENI.

Demboski said that Bronson fired her because she had brought to his attention unlawful and unethical activities and uses of municipal resources involving lobbyist contracts, sole source contracts, and the hiring of Larry Baker as a consultant.

Demboski and Kendall said that firing her for using vulgar language in the office is a “fig leaf” to cover up for the real reason, which is retaliation.

The letter, which was sent to the various news agencies by various actors, makes numerous claims about governmental malpractice in the Bronson Administration’s purchasing department, and serves as a warning that Demboski will be seeking a financial settlement and a promise from the mayor that further disparagements of her, which have been made to the media, will cease.

Kendall is the well-known political attorney who usually represents Democrat interests and the choice of him as an attorney shows that Demboski is going to the mat. Kendall was the chief of staff to former Gov. Bill Walker and was a leader in several well-known political movements, including an attempt to recall Gov Mike Dunleavy. He is the architect of Ballot Measure 2, ranked choice voting.

The letter sent to Bronson is included below:


    • You go, Granny. It’s 5:00 somewhere. The key question is should Amy Demboski reconfrag the jaggen houser and if so, can she also use her favorite profanity on the airwaves?

      • Trouser, you swerved into an interesting point above, that being it’s 5 o’clock somewhere. I was struck my Mr. Kendall’s mentioning of the Mayor’s supposed removal of the Cities fluoridation treatment in it’s water supply in his complaint to the Mayor. Fluoride has been linked to a lowering of I.Q, in studies. I note that the Medical Establishment and Democrats in general are all in for it’s continued use.
        Standing back and observing the INSANE Anchorage political establishment these last 8 years or so, I seriously wonder if there might not be something more sinister going on at the Municipal Water System. It’s almost like someone is adding a psychotropic substance in the water supply…

      • Word from the Porcoro show is that she is permanently on the morning show and it’s her show. Since she has gone to the media with her story, I for one will not ever listen to her show or ever do business with any of the sponsors that are advertised, believe you me 😉

        • She has an irritating voice also. Isn’t there some saying that you could buy them for what they’re worth and sell them for what they think they’re worth I think that’s her

    • It’s against the law to fire in retaliation. It does happen all the time, however.

      More it’s really against the law in many places to fire a whistleblower. Especially when said whistleblower is pointing out improper or illegal practices.

      It’s a damn hard thing to prove in a right to work state. But if anyone can, the sleaziest lawyer in the northwest can.

      Far better for everyone to pull her aside, say we’re going in a new direction (even if not) and give her a nice going away package.

      Bronson has enough challenges. He didn’t need one in his own backyard.

    • At will employment does not mean for any reason. All employees, under union contract or not, have certain rights. The courts will determine if Mayor Bronson was within his right or if he violated employment law.

      • This will be settled way before trial. Demboski has enough dirt on Bronson that even you right wing nut jobs will turn on him if everything becomes public.

    • Walter; I agree.
      Further more, we voted for Dave Bronson, not Amy Demboski., To file for damages at the same time knowing that assembly passed a law that it could replace the mayor on a simple vote is not good for the voters and could bring a liberal mayor to replace him.
      Time for Amy to get off the public dole and seek out a private sector job and not burn down the municipality in her wake.

  1. That Ms. Demboski would retain Scott Kendall to represent her in this case of political tells me all I need to know about Ms. Demboski.

  2. Jumping in bed with Scott Kendall says more about about Demboski than anything contained in the attached letter.

    Hope Amy can figure out how to be less shrill and more entertaining on the radio…because she has absolutely zero career options in the public sector open to her. — That is, unless Kendall and the Assembly worked out a nice little tit-for-tat regarding a certain Assembly seat that will open shortly.

  3. Picking Kendall as her attorney tells me all I need to know about Demboski. I guess a honorable and unbiased attorney would not take the case. Won’t listen to her radio show ever again

  4. I would look at the merits and not the counsel in this case. Perhaps all “respectable” attorneys do not want to cross Bronson or simply have a conflict of interest because they are retained for other contracts with Bronson or the city.

    I thought a term was interesting in the letter, so I wondered who she hired and maybe didn’t have the finances Bronson does for legal representation.

    Amy is foul-mouthed at times? Gee! I admire her a little more now! 😀

  5. If you hired Kendall …you lost me Demboski
    Looks like we have our very own Liz Cheney now.

    Most people would be fired for using the VERY foul language she used at a company meeting.
    But I guess Amy’s special, most liberals are; then they hire liberal lawyers to show us how special.

    • Absolutely right, then everything would be perfect. The ADN would tell you that and you would believe it.

  6. I think Bronson is arrogant, not bright, insecure, angry, and most of all, extraordinarily incompetent. Bronson is making MRAK’s eternal enemy, the Anchorage Assembly, look prescient in their apparently well founded mistrust of him.

    • The Muni manager works at the privilege of the mayor. He can fire her for any reason. Demboski is vindictive and is acting in politics of mutual destruction.

    • Crooked, incompetent, corrupt, arrogant, intolerant, shrill, self-righteous, clueless, uninformed, misinformed, disinforming municipal asse-embly, you mean, Chris C. And you are the leader of them in all of those respects.

  7. I’m with JMARK and Scott… going into the den of thieves to hire Scott Kendall peeled away the last layer of her onion. What’s next? A book? CNN interview? The new Sarah Palin?

  8. Republicans. When they are not eating spaghetti like Lady and The Tramp with Democrats, they eat each other.

  9. How much is this going to cost the taxpayer ? Whatever your gripe is with the last Mayor, what he did barely moves the needle in comparison to Sheriff Dave, even if only half of this true. So much drama could have been avoided, and taxpayers dollars could have been saved had we just elected the other guy.

    • Mayor Dave tried to save taxpayer dollars, the assembly overrode that. Little short on memory there? Just wondering, what is longtime? Lately is seems like anything over 5 years.

  10. This is a debacle in the worst way. I want to see some repentance here. There are very large numbers at play here. Salvage what you can. He who is faithful in the little things will also be faithful in the large things. Bad associates spoil useful habits. Some useful habits: treating women like you would want your mother treated or daughter or sister. Another useful habit is being respectful of the opposite gender anatomy. Typically private anatomical parts are private for a reason. It is beneath business standards to make cookies in anatomical private parts shapes and remark in a ribald way regarding these things on the company dime. We don’t take $6,000 out of each household for you to behave like you are at a low-life night establishment making fun of body parts that are how humans procreate. AREN’T you ashamed? Please, strengthen the weak areas. Business decorum. No one should descend beneath that. There is no excuse. Work parties happen off premises. You are there to do the people’s work.

  11. This story’s headline photo of Demboski is the by far the most flattering and least accurate image of her that I’ve ever seen.

  12. Ms. Demboski’s pride and ego has interfered with her better judgment. She’d sell out the best mayor Anchorage has had in years, rather than walk away quietly and accept the fact she was not mentally equipped for the pressure and politics of the position. If she pursues this all her good work and reputation for being a representative of the people will be forgotten.

    • But what if he’s not the best mayor Anchorage has had in years? What if everything she’s saying is true? Doesn’t any part of you want to know what actually happened? Or would you rather assign blame based on political preference over facts?

  13. She did object to the Navigation Center contract that Roger Hickel Contracting started work on. Assembly shut it down with money owed to contractor. The Golden Lion is a money pit. No longer the Sulley be used for concerts or outdoor/sportsman events or even a hockey game ,,,, craft shows or zilch. Assembly votes in a replacement that is still a college student that lives in a College Dorm. And regard to Jennie Armstrong ,,, was the candidate field so weak that was the best choice? THEN The JUDGE RULED !!!!! Stay tuned,,,,,

    • By the way, did anyone notice the presence in the law firm of Jahna Lindemuth, former Walker AG? And Kendall’s signature is a lesson in unreadable scribble. Even a doctor can do better. Something tells me the next 4 years will be a continuation of the last 4, beginning with Dunleavy allies Bronson and Treg Taylor.

  14. Sorry, Amy. Your retention of Scott Kendall as legal counsel is going to be the undoing of your reputation. When you let the enemy into your house, whatever smart friends you still had will soon be gone. Good luck to you sweetie.

  15. We watch from afar and snicker at the little Peyton Place called Anchorage, and the play-by play provided by MRAK…

    • “We watch from afar”, Whidbey?
      Nice admission that you do not live in Anchorage, or probably Alaska, although you like to pretend that you do.
      Let me guess where you live: Portland, Seattle, San Francrisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia, DC. It is very likely one of those radical leftist sh!tholes.

      • Jeffy, if you actually read my posts, you’d know that I don’t live in Alaska anymore, but did for 35 years. I’ve stated this many times in the past. I still, however, have considerable financial interests in the State, and therefore maintain a keen interest in all things Alaskan. Please try to keep up a little better in the future.

        • Whidbey, despite your apparent delusions of grandeur, neither I nor probably anyone else here hang on your every word, and memorize every sordid detail of your troubled and wretched life. And I know that your life is troubled and wretched, because nobody with a happy and healthy existence could spout the innumerable lies, twisted disinformation, and hateful slurs that you do here every single day.

    • Reggie, You are so RIGHT! From Trump to Palin it’s an epidemic across the Nation, the party has forgotten one thing, that is, it’s not the many things that we hold dear, but the few. I would suggest that those few things are the right things. ( life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness which requires Limiting Government). We can differ on 75%, but that core 25% is the glue.
      And yet, toss in Ego, money and in Palin’s case the irrational pursuit of being on T.V…. and yup, we are so doomed. Your enemy, the commie democrat has merely to sit back and watch the Republicans destroy each other and after the blood letting is done, walk up and assume power.

  16. Seems like this whole matter could have been handled better by both parties at this point. But it would not have happened if the captain had exercised CRM and didn’t revert to fighter tactics. And the knowledge and experience of his crew should have been respected regardless of gender. Don’t think many will want to fly with him anymore, hopefully he can handle that whale hand flying by himself. Rough flying ahead.

  17. You can tell a lot about a man by the company he keeps. If his freinds have frequent association with constabulary it won’t be long before you do too. Women have made strides in expectations.
    Let’s not go backwards. What I like is when a Mayor is having an open door policy. There should be time on his schedule when the public, the customer, is invited in for visits. WHEN the public goes in the party problems tend to lessen. I was looking forward to that in the healing from the covid trajectory. Things tend to stay pristine when the public is invited in.

  18. There is always another side to a story usually involving actual evidence with facts attached. I would like to hear Bronson’s side of this before passing an opinion. One thing is for sure. The leftists hate Bronson and have been looking for ways to get him ousted from his mayoral position. Kendall is a snake and is responsible for pushing Measure 2 through our left leaning courts to save Murkowski’s seat and alter an election. I wouldn’t doubt for a minute that there is a plot afoot here.

    • You always see a plot, regardless of how unlikely it is. In this case, two strong willed, anti-government officials couldn’t see eye to eye on governance. Kendall is a distraction; his presence doesn’t change any of the facts. Over the next several months folks on both sides will have to give sworn depositions; at that point we’ll be able to differentiate between PR talking points and what actually happened.

      • Obviously, you haven’t been following current events happening in our country and in our State. In politics, there is always a plot because we have people on both sides of the aisle ignoring their duty to represent the people and govern in accordance with the restraint placed on them by the Constitution. It is called government corruption! The Founding Fathers knew it was coming and placed safeguards against it in our Constitution. Please do not be naive about the phrase, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts, absolutely.” We have a movement afoot in this country with politicians representing the corporatocracy and the lobbyists financial interests and abdicating their duty to the people. When you swear an oath to the Constitution of the USA, it is not a cliche or outdated statement. If you intend to govern for your self interests and not your constituents’ interests, stay out of government! You say, “regardless of how unlikely it is.” You haven’t been following the Twitter Files, have you? Direct evidence of our Government Agencies colluding with Big Tech to censor Americans is not what I would call, “Unlikely”. You name yourself “Reliable Voter”, you may want to change that name to “Informed Voter”, so you are not deceived by snakes that make promises they do not intend to keep.

        • I actually follow events quite closely, from a variety of sources. I’m well aware of the Twitter files, and the respective arguments on whether they constitute a serious violation or a nothing burger. Unlike you, I didn’t form my opinion based on the most politicized hot take from partisans I am sympathetic to. You take the lazy way – filter limited information through your paranoia filter, then decide everyone that comes to a different conclusion is a participant in a grand conspiracy.

          In this particular case (which is not Twitter, keep up), Bronson has made grievous errors, although likely not to the extent Demboski has alleged. Your shallow critical analysis first concludes that Bronson is a savior, then rejects all information to the contrary as a coordinated attempt to undermine your political ally. One aspect of these allegations is almost certainly true – Bronson steered a series of contracts to an ally, ensuring that the individual totals were just below that required for reporting. Had a D or I mayor done this, you’d be screaming “Conspiracy!” and urging a recall. But this is your BFF Bronson, and the last thing you want to do is use the same standards to judge Rs as Ds or Is. You have your opinion, regardless of subsequent facts. You are lost in your silo, while screaming that everyone else is lost in their silo.

    • Not always something sinister. Sometimes its just self inflicted wounds. In the military we referred to this kind of thing as ‘stepping on your own ‘unit’ with golf shoes’.

  19. Amy, when you lay down with dogs (Kendall), you wake up itching and smelling pretty bad. It ain’t going to end well for you.

  20. Amy made the deal with the devil, who is in this case is law-fare expert Scott Kendall. He wants to just destroy the Republican Party and that is what Amy is going to let him do. Won’t end well for her. And doesn’t she have a pattern of doing this every time she leaves a job? Bad call, Amy. You overplayed your hand. Who will ever want to hire you?

    • Amy sure doesn’t do subtle, but that doesn’t mean she’s making all of this up. If even part of this is true, Bronson is in trouble and Amy is going to get a fat paycheck because he wasn’t smart enough to listen to his own attorneys.

    • Irrelevant to this conversation, unless your argument is that public officials should never be accountable to any standards.

      • I call it Berkowitzwhataboutism. It’s the familiar call of the right when they want to deflect attention away from less-than-stellar behavior if their flock. What EB did barely moves the dial in comparison to our current Mayor.

        EB showed integrity by owning his mistakes, he apologized to the community and removed himself from office, yet there’s still an element of this community who refuse to show him mercy, gleefully rubbing his face in it.

  21. When you hire someone because she is feisty and turn her loose on your current nemesis, don’t be surprised if her feistiness continues. OTOH, hiring Kendall is troubling. Cheers –

  22. Demboski was fired for being incredibly unprofessional and making a comment unbecoming of a manager. I’ve had the misfortune of overseeing employees like this that, after being fired for cause, run to desperate and unethical attorneys filing wrongful termination suits. Whistleblower claims are generally their go-to argument, when really it was a case of disagreements with their boss.

    I cringe when Demboski is on the air at 650 KENI. After being a loyal daily listener through the Rick Rydell and Dan Fagan eras I won’t tune in as long as Demboski is on the air. By keeping her on the air, iHeartMedia has chosen Demboski’s side over the Mayor’s. Surely there’s someone who’s entertaining with a decent radio voice and in-touch with local politics who can take the helm behind the mic! Suzanne?????

  23. In 2015 Demboski L-Anchorage ran for Mayor. Republicans refused to vote for her. What ensued was a seemingly mass-move to Dem-run Anchorage by homeless people. Next, major retailers left the city. Next, shoppers quit shopping downtown. Next, few people want to be in the city. And now, Demboski wants to sue her Libertarian compadre. She won’t quit until the whole ship sinks.

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