Peltola votes with Democrats against medical care rights of babies born alive during or after abortion


Democrat Rep. Mary Peltola of Alaska voted with Democrats on Wednesday on a bill that would protect the lives of infants who are born alive during or after an abortion.

The bill passed the Republican-majority House on a vote of 220 to 210 and now goes to the Democrat-controlled Senate, where it is expected to die.

The bill requires health providers to treat a surviving infant of an abortion as a patient whose life is worth attempting to save, just as any other child’s life. A doctor would be required to exercise the same degree of care as a  “reasonably diligent and conscientious health care practitioner would render to any other child born alive,” the bill states. The instances of a baby surviving abortion are rare, but not unheard of. The Lozier Institute says that about 1% of all U.S. abortions are carried out at or after 21 weeks of gestation, which is approximately 10,000 a year.

Penalties for violating the proposed law include a fine and up to five years in prison or both.

A person who intentionally kills or attempts to kill a baby born alive after an abortion would be subject to charges of murder. But the bill bars criminal prosecution of the mother of the child born alive.

The bill places no further restrictions on abortions, which is a matter that is left up to the states since Roe v. Wade was overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court last year.

Peltola, an ardent abortion supporter who ran for office on the topic of preserving abortion rights, voted against the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. One Democrat, Rep. Henry Cuellar of Texas, voted in favor of the bill and another Democrat, Rep. Vicente Gonzalez of Texas, voted “present.”

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took to Twitter to criticize the bill: “Today, instead of joining Democrats to condemn all political violence, @HouseGOP chose to push their extreme anti-choice agenda. Democrats believe everyone deserves the freedom to access reproductive health services – without fear of violence, intimidation or harassment.”


  1. What do you say to something like that? “God will provide.”? Or, “God please protect our infants”? What did they say to her to get her to vote, yes? “We, don’t need them anyway.”? Those dems are a pretty dismissive bunch aren’t they early the morning…

  2. What do you say to something like that? “God will provide.”? Or, “God please protect our infants”? What did they say to her to get her to vote, yes? “We, don’t need them anyway.”? Those dems are a pretty dismissive bunch aren’t they early in the morning…

  3. How heartless many have become. They call this woman’s rights? Sick is what it is and anybody who supports type of behavior should be given a wide berth. The vote was a roll call for sick people and these are the same people who make rules for all of us. They can’t be trusted.

  4. I seem to remember reading that this woman has 7 children and some grandchildren as well? Surely she held them in her arms and thanked God for them at some point. AND will she lend some kind of support from her lofty new position in congress to her fellow indigenous people of Brazil, who are being incarcerated and possibly tortured for standing for their rights against Soros backed Lula??

  5. Family. Her big campaign topic. Peltola is on par with George Santos. Keep George. Get rid of the Bethel bs’r.

  6. Simply killing a baby in the womb is not enough for mary. Now she wants to kill babies even after they are born.

    • It is only natural for leftists to oppose this measure, Paul, because fundamentally they are simply a death cult, and implicitly (and often explicitly) support any measure, policy or action that leads to death. That is why they are so rabidly in favor of abortion, and the expansion and enshrinement of abortion — because it is, in the end, murder.

    • And then these democratic politicians say there are not enough American workers, we have to let the foreign visa workers in…. The killing of American babies babies is completely intentional.

      Look at all the political power and dark money being thrown at this one “issue.” Heard of replacement theory? If you don’t have a baby to replace you, the government will import them. Why is abortion so easily done? Why is it not shown to be the most gut wrenching, earth shattering, heart breaking experience each woman will have to live with? How about some reality? Mary, how many abortions are you grateful you had?

  7. Mary Peltola is bought and paid for. She is the new look of the Democrats (no blue hair, crazy eyes, or glasses) and lots of money and effort was expended putting her in office. She’s doing as she’s told.

  8. Thanks Sarah! Without you the slaughter of innocents wouldn’t continue! I’m so glad you and your ego jumped into the race for Alaska’s only seat in the US House and kept Nick Begich out! (Where is that confounded sarcasm font?)

    • In fairness, this would continue without her vote. But if Queen Sarah’s ego hadn’t gotten in the way, Alaska might not be a signatory to it.

  9. Alaskan voter with no clue about politics- She’s just a real nice lady so I’m voting for her.. On another note I wonder how many idiots confused reproductive rights with pro life? People reproductive rights is the new term for pro choice/abortion.. cause you know abortion is such a messy term.

  10. Nice constituent service. Babies who survived abortion in Alaska are also her constituents.

    But they don’t matter, they can’t vote or donate democrat.

  11. Surprised anyone? As I commented earlier, Ms. Peltola joins her fellow communist-Marxist Democrats in their false assumption that they will not one day stand before God to give an account for their choices/votes which stand in diametrical opposition to the Almighty. They do not believe on Judgment Day the blood of the unborn will be on those who refuse to protect them.

  12. Peltola is just another fish in the democratic pool. She will vote for death every time. She will do as she is told.
    Yet anyone who casts a ballot for any democrat, is just as guilty for that innocent blood. Blood leaves a trail. back to the hands that perform the abortion, to the money , to those who provided the money, to the elected official who helped procure the money, to those who put him/her into to office. they are all guilty of innocent blood. There are no Christians in the democrat party and all will be held into account. Murkowski is no different.

  13. Spoiler alert, she’s always going to vote with the Democrats! All that “bipartisan, crossing the aisle and representing ALL Alaskans” was just typical campaign lies to win over the fence straddling voters. ??‍♂️

  14. How is allowing a breathing, heart beating human baby to die not murder? Try breaking an eagle egg or shoot a woodpecker and watch the feds go ballistic. But human babies? No big deal. Simply put, anyone who voted for this abortion of a congresswoman has as much blood on their hands as she does. Sicko world.

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