More classified documents in Biden’s personal possession, next to his Corvette, as pressure builds on president


Who knows how classified documents ended up in Joe Biden’s home garage next to his beloved Corvette convertible? If he knows, he’s not saying.

President Biden may be being privately pressured by the Democratic Party or other interests to wind down his presidency, just as he has been busy ramping up for his campaign for reelection.

There are now two separate investigators assigned in the Department of Justice, tapped with inquiring into how Biden came to have classified documents in two locations — in his garage in Wilmington, Del. and at his office at his think tank in Washington.

U.S. Attorney Gen. Merrick Garland, who earlier appointed investigator Jack Smith to determine how the think tank managed to get classified documents from the Obama White House, has now appointed Robert Hur, a department prosecutor, to look into how Biden ended up with a trove of classified documents in his garage. The Garage Gate documents were discovered on Dec. 20, but the news was just revealed this week.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters on Thursday that the search for classified documents in Biden’s personal possession is over and that they were simply “inadvertently misplaced.”

“We take this very seriously. The president takes this very seriously. He was not aware that the records were there. He does not know what is in the documents. Again, classified information, classified documents he takes very seriously,” she told the Washington press corps.

What might not be over is the question about whether someone such as Hunter Biden had access to those documents. The president’s son declared the Wilmington address as his home address in 2018, when those documents may very well have been at that address.

The mainstream media appears ready for the kill. Biden was asked by reporters on Thursday about the classified materials.

“By the way, my Corvette’s in a locked garage. So it’s not like they were sitting out in the street,” he replied.

“This is a ground-moving moment for the Biden presidency, and a significant setback as well. With the 2024 election cycle approaching, Biden now faces a major investigation, as well as a bevy of Republican congressional inquiries now that the GOP has taken over the US House of Representatives,” CNN speculated.


  1. We he sure has lots of reasons for the illegal act he did. My money says nothing will happen just like Alec Baldwin.

  2. ““By the way, my Corvette’s in a locked garage. So it’s not like they were sitting out in the street,” he replied.”
    Does not matter.
    If it is not an approved storage facility for classified information, it was stored in violation of statute, regulation, and policy.

  3. I’m not sure which bothers me more. A corrupt man getting caught doing essentially the same thing his Banana Republic justice department is going after a political rival over


    He owns a Corvette. Does he have a crappy cowboy hat and a cheesy paste on mustache? Does his staff call him “Bandit”? Is he gonna try to run blocker for beer bootleggers to Atlanta with Sally Field?

    It boggles my mind we the people elected this guy.

    • “…….It boggles my mind we the people elected this guy.”
      Do you have a wacky liberal in your pocket?

      • Don’t be an ignorant Karen. This holier than thou crap is boring and doesn’t deal with reality. Your poop stinks like everyone else’s.

        If you are an American voter who participated in the last presidential election, you are part of the process that put that man in office.

        If you didn’t bother to vote, you are part of the the process that put that man in office.

        If a very close look at your behavior during the last election was made, I strongly suspect you didn’t:

        Canvas neighborhoods
        Help voters get to the polls
        Volunteer for Trump
        Raise money for him
        Participate in grass roots party activities
        And on and on and on.

        This idiotic self absolution of responsibility when the results don’t pan out exactly as you, specifically, wanted is a large part of the reason we are where we are. The GOP voters annoying tendency to get huffy and blame everyone else for things they don’t like.

        Only one of us has ever been perfect. And the last time I went to church you weren’t the one hanging on the cross. So yes, Karen, WE. You included.

        I swear to God, the right is the party of Karen far more than the left.

    • “It boggles my mind we the people elected this guy.”

      Or, was he was installed in this position by the global oligarchy, and agreed that he would step aside when ordered? Of course that leaves us with you-know-who–and she will be ordered to select as veep–Klaus Schwab and WEF protogé, Pete Buttigeig. Then they’ll s-can her…

    • Acknowledging I got the car wrong. It was the 70s. Those of you who lived it with me understand. As much as you can remember.

      But the point still stands.

  4. Kamala Harris is mentally measuring Oval Office drapes.
    Just be careful of Hillary. She was supposed to be the first female POTUS, not cackles.

    Clintonside is a common thing to people in the way.

  5. If upstanding citizen Hunter Biden was in the house while those documents were sitting in that locked garage, you can be sure that at least some of them will turn up with cocaine residue on them. Maybe some used condoms got tossed into the same boxes, as well.
    PS: Who names their son “Hunter”, anyway?

    • Keepin’ it classy as usual there pool boy. Surprised Downing doesn’t fill her junk folder with your posts rather than inflict your peevishness on the rest of us.

      • That is probably because Suzanne realizes that, as uncomfortable as it may be to radical leftist extremists like you, and to your bizarre, rigidly ideological and authoritarian political agenda, my posts deal with the truth and with reality, and I am not afraid to directly confront the misinformation, lies and hypocrisies of the political and corporate ruling class, and of their lackeys,shills and sycophants like yourself, sweetie.

    • I wonder if the FBI will ever verify that the “top secret garage docs” are on Hunter’s infamous laptop too……….. #probablynot #whywouldnttheybe

  6. Seems very suspicious that …
    1. These documents were discovered days before the November Election but, only recently reported … conveniently reported and made public 2-months after the November Election!?
    2. Why was this ‘discovery’ even disclosed publicly and, why wasn’t the evidence (ie – the documents) simply destroyed!?
    3. As this current story rages on, what else is occurring in the shadows, not being reported on and/or highlighted in the public square!?

  7. The only reason that this information came to light now is the Democrats are looking for a way to get rid of Biden. Biden promised to announce his candidacy for 2024 soon. This leak of the secret documents he had in his garage is just a way to get him not to run, or get rid of him if he tries. Nothing more here than Democrat politics at work.

  8. Nothing to see here. It was all just a simple mistake. This is completely different than what Trump did..yadda yadda,yadda.
    It’s ok when a democrat does it, don’t believe me? Ask the MSM. Ask your liberal co-workers. These people can’t seem to be helped in their outright desire to destroy our country. Eh Frank?

  9. In a world where libraries can manage millions of books – what they are, who’s got them, when they were checked out, and when they’re due back, one would think that the Government could keep track of its most secret documents so that they don’t disappear and end up in various faux castles and garages around the world. Geez.

  10. A reminder that an enlisted man in the Navy, Kristian Saucier, was convicted in 2016 of unauthorized retention of national security information and sentenced to a year in federal prison. Anyone want to bet that the same happens to Brandon?

    • But it’s the big guy and he served in every office and military there is. Come on man he got shot at and wounded. Just give him his 10% and move on nothing to see here.

  11. It’s All part of their big plan, they want to run someone else and I wouldn’t rule out the Dems pushing his impeachment. These Democrats are methodical and corrupt as hell! The Progressive Loons are in charge and will do whatever to get their chosen candidate in, and once the shoe drops the mainstream media will follow Suit and turn on sleepy Joe as well, It’s all part of their big plan, they obviously do not want Biden to run again, it’s exactly how it was expected to go and all was predicted by many people 3 years ago when they steered him to the top! Anyone who can’t see Biden is a puppet for Obama and countless others is clueless. The Deep State is taking their marching orders and following the script, and China owns them all!

    • Bingo. Some one or some group behind the curtain is pushing this.
      This is not by accident and the smooth brains will lap it up.
      Everything is an OP in our country.

  12. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said “We take this very seriously. The president takes this very seriously. He was not aware that the records were there. He does not know what is in the documents. Again, classified information, classified documents he takes very seriously,”

    How is it possible to make such contradictory statements in sentence after sentence? If a person takes classified information seriously wouldn’t they know where it was? If a person takes classified information seriously wouldn’t they know what was in the documents? Obviously he didn’t take these documents that he didn’t even know existed or what is in them seriously, to say other wise is nothing short of being completely asinine.

  13. Biden–what an old fart, just like Trump! DeSantis for 2024! Onward and forward–to hell with Biden and Trump!

  14. Why isn’t Biden driving an electric car? That exhaust is worse than a gas stove! Maybe that’s his problem, been sniffing too much carbon monoxide.

  15. Biden was not President, nor a former President, when these classified documents were taken to his home. This stinks to high heaven! Even his corrupt & incompetent Attorney General, Merrick Garland, was able to see that Beijing Joe doesn’t legally have a leg to stand on, hence his appointment of a Special Counsel.

  16. All these special counsel investigations will quietly end in a year or so. After a week or so of hollering by the right-wing press, a new shiny object will appear and everybody will forget about this issue.

    The whole reason for the Mar el Lago classified documents invasion was just to slime Trump and once again rile up that small group of lean-conservative voters – who have been propagandized to hate him – so that they won’t vote for his slate of candidates in this most recent election. The left has become pretty good at throwing all sorts of wild allegations at him again and again, and as in 2020, enough stuck on him and it worked.

  17. It’s an easy play for the dems. Stretch out the special counsel investigation for about the next eighteen months and just drop the whole thing. Biden won’t be able to run for re election and they can excuse the lack of pursuit with ‘well he’s almost out of office anyways . . .’.

  18. Things like this just confirm the existence of god to me.

    Liberals pretend like Trump keeping mementos as treason, lie about them being nuclear secrets he’s selling out to foreign countries, raid his residence to make him look like a criminal to the public.

    Biden actually steals documents he has no right to possess, secures them in a garage, it’s no big deal?

  19. Hank Johnson is a fool and probably brain damaged. In a literal sense. He’s rumored to have serious cognitive issues.

    But even blind squirrels find acorns.
    He may have a roundabout point about things being planted. Not by the “vast right wing conspiracy” but by progressives ready to put him out the door.

    He was supposed to be a one term wonder. He was supposed to take the fall for the lefts wipeout last November. But the wipeout didn’t happen and now Grandpa wants to run again.

    Not in the progs plans.

    What’s telling is how this information isn’t being suppressed. The press is running with it. His people aren’t making it go away. The DOJ is acting like they care.

    It looks like he is being hung out to dry. Either by making him even more unelectable or 25th Amendment eligible to voters who want no part of President Harris.

    The “vast right wing conspiracy” couldn’t set this up if they tried.

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