Whose children are they? The government and its schools have the idea they are not yours

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Alaska is not immune to the underlying agenda being pushed nationwide to separate parents from their children. To protest will label you as anti-LBGTQ. But it’s worse: Some schools are keeping important records about students from their parents.

It’s not just the federal government touting this agenda—it’s also the military, school districts, and very liberal parents who wish to be considered enlightened and thus virtue signal at the expense of their children’s innocence.   

The nation’s first transgender Assistant Secretary for Health, Admiral Rachel Levine, has stated that the “highest levels” of the U.S. government support gender-reassignment treatment for minor children.  

In other words, the Biden Administration supports puberty blockers and sex change surgeries for children.

Dr. Levine is encouraging doctors at the state medical boards to help censor “medical misinformation” on social media. Shades of Covid-19 censorship by Facebook, Twitter, etc. is emerging as parents are figuring out what the government is doing and how to protect their children. 

Those doctors who oppose the gender-affirming care, to include removal of reproductive organs for adolescent children, may face action by their state medical boards. This has happened before with the Covid “misinformation” complaint filed against Alaska doctors.  

Dr. Levine has replaced Dr. Anthony Fauci as “Mr. Science” by stating, “The positive value of gender-affirming care for youth and adults is not in scientific or medical dispute.”  

The federal government’s Office of Population Affairs has a page dedicated to “Gender-Affirming Care and Young People” which includes gender-affirming surgery for adolescents.  This so-called gender-affirming care includes surgical removal of sexual organs.

Parents are legally responsible for their children’s actions until they turn 18.  But children can now state they want to be a different gender at any age and be welcomed into the community.  

Even the US military has put barriers between parents and their minor children.  

Recently, a friend took her 11-year-old son to a local Air Force Base hospital for a well checkup. The pediatrician asked the mother to leave so she could ask the 11-year-old some questions. The mother left the room thinking the doctor would ask questions regarding child abuse.

She was wrong thinking that.

Her son said the doctor asked, “What sex did he identify with, boy, girl or other”.  The doctor also asked, “What sex are you attracted to, boy, girl or other?”  Finally, the doctor asked the 11-year-old boy if he had sex yet.

Shocked after her son relayed the questions to her, the parent met with the pediatrician to discuss those questions and why they were inappropriate for an 11-year-old.  She also wanted to know why she was asked to leave the room during that questioning.

The mother also wanted to know the source of those questions.

The doctor said that the questions were part of the protocol recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, and that the protocol template would not be provided to the mother.  

The American Academy of Pediatrics also supports gender fluidity and the non-disclosure of a minor’s medical records to parents.  

The final straw was when the doctor told her that once her child was 12 the parents would not even have access to her son’s medical records.

The parent said that the doctor had planted gender fluid and transgender ideas in her son’s head and that he would Google those subjects.  The doctor responded, “Then I have done my job.”

After further research, I have discovered that the Air Force has an actual policy that after a certain age (12-14) it will not disclose a minor’s health records to the parents.

So, the Air Force medical personnel have access to your child’s medical records but you, the parent, do not.

What if your child is on birth control, uses drugs, has an abortion? Are you, the parent not privy to this information? Of course, most parents would know this about their child. But what about the parent who has little communication with the child?

This begs the question, “Whose children are they?” Clearly in the realm of sexual identity and sexual activity they belong to the government.  

As noted in an earlier article, the Anchorage School District, Juneau School District, and the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District clearly leave parents in the dark when it comes to a student’s gender transition.  The principal and the district have replaced the parents.

A student needs a permission slip from a parent for a field trip.

A student needs a permission slip from a parent for an aspirin.

Parents are responsible for their minor child’s behavior.  So, why are parents being left out of the transgender decision-making process?  

Many schools across America are following the lead of the NEA, ACLU, the National Center for Lesbian Rights, the Gender Spectrum, and the Human Rights Campaign.  These organizations have replaced parents in determining the future of our children.

The teacher unions have provided guidance on gender transitioning to include the use of puberty blockers.  Parents are left out of the discussion when it comes to their child wanting to gender transition even if that child is too immature to make this life-changing decision.

The public school administrators, the teacher unions, the federal government, and the military have more power when it comes to your child’s gender identity.

But schools that do not allow parents access to a student’s educational records may be violating the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA). 

Under FERPA, parents have the right to inspect and review a student’s education records maintained by the school.

And if a school has a different name or gender on a student’s records, hiding that secret name from parents would violate FERPA.  But that is exactly what the transgender supporters want schools to do — hide gender identity confusion from parents.

Parents need to decide that their children are theirs, not the government’s.

David Boyle is the education writer for Must Read Alaska.


  1. Our kids belong to their parents. But the parents have to fight to keep them.

    For the last 40 years the left has been making steady advances on the family and education. Why? To take control of the kids.

    It’s been brilliant to watch. The right has been outmaneuvered so many times it’s almost funny.

    Alleged adults too busy chasing the next promotion, the next car upgrade, social status have served up their kids on a silver platter.

    The amount of times I was one of 4 or 5 parents (out of a class of up to 25) who actually bothered to go meet the teacher is beyond counting. Same for PTA attendance. Or actually paying attention to the school board.

    Don’t hate the left for outplaying you at every turn. Facts are stubborn things. And the facts say we lost this aspect of the culture war.

    Correction: not lost. Forfeited.

  2. Throughout history look at the commonalities of evil, repressive regimes. You will always find controlling of the media and the indoctrination of children. We no longer have parents, we have birthing people.

  3. No brainer here the children belong to the creators IE the parents. The government has a very long track record of destroying everything they touch so keep your hands off other people and their children.

  4. I’m going to go out on a limb here to say that some of these policies are in place to protect children from the very mindsets seen in commentary on this site. I am not in favor of all of this exactly, but the kinds of comments I see here scare me more than what is in this article.

    • And the blindness, cluelessness, spinelessness, servility and abject conformity and cowardice, in the face of blatant evil, of radical leftists like you scares the crap out of me, and probably out of anyone who is even half aware and half sane. You quislings and apologists for a completely corrupt and totalitarian ruling class are just as bad, and just as evil, as they are.

    • A government no so many years ago took over the education (indoctrination) of that country’s children. That government was run by a man named Adolph Hitler. Now do you understand the concerns of the people commenting here?

    • Seriously? Do you not think caring responsible parents should be the ones responsible to raise and make decisions foe their children until they are legal adults? I actually find your comment pretty frightening as clearly you believe government knows best, and not the government of the people, by the people or for the people. I would never put my child in a public school today that did not recognize the family unit and the authority & responsibility of parents, behaving accordingly with absolute transparency. All government entities should be operating with transparency and in Alaska, the open meetings act possibly could cover the area of schools hiding information from parents regarding their children.

    • What mindset is that exactly?
      The mindset that a child does not have the reasoning capacity to make a life altering decision? Is that the problem?
      Or perhaps it is the mindset that children should not be exposed to sexual content before they are old enough to adequately understand it?
      Or is the mindset that the school system should be educating children, not indoctrinating them. IS that the problem?
      Please share what mindset you find so distrubing.

  5. Matt, you need protection, especially from enraged Sow Grizzly Bears IF you start screwing with their Cubs. You see Matt, there is a natural order to things and if you are someone who intends to pervert children, then yes, maybe you should be a little scared.

    • Shelter, love, support, food, guidelines to responsibility for future complete independence, education, knowledge that there are consequences for choices that may be positive or negative.

  6. Because far too many parents feel like having a child is like owning an object or an animal rather than caring for and supporting a completely separate human being.

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