Breaking: Alaska Supremes fall for Jennie Armstrong’s residency story — hook, line, and sinker


Rep. Jennie Armstrong was off on a romantic adventure when she came to Alaska in May of 2019. Little did she know she’d fall madly in love with an Anchorage guy, and end up moving here. But after a whirlwind 10-day trip, she was head over heels in love or something like love, and she went back to Louisiana, packed up, and moved to Alaska.

She’ll be sworn in as a member of the Alaska House of Representatives on Tuesday, even though she had just received her first Permanent Fund dividend when she filed for office.

She is qualified enough, decided two of the three-justice panel, in mid-afternoon on Friday. While Justice Susan Carney said she would not have found Armstrong a qualified candidate, Chief Justice Daniel Winfree and Justice Jennifer Henderson bought the romance story — hook, line, and sinker.

When exactly did Armstrong become an Alaska resident? By her attorney Scott Kendall’s determination, it’s practically the minute she fell in love that year. By the arguments of opposing counsel, Stacey Stone, it wasn’t until Armstrong came back to Alaska that she actually showed objective intent to move here, by evidence of her one-way ticket. Everything else is entirely he-said, she-said subjective.

That one way ticket brought her back to Alaska in June of 2019, not a month earlier, when she came up for a frisky fling.

A lower court judge had ruled on Monday that he was taking Armstrong’s word for it that when she arrived in Alaska, she and her crush had long talks into the night and at some point she decided to move.

Essentially, the adventuress from Louisiana has barely scraped by the deadline for residency in order to qualify for running for office in 2022. She has won her case twice in Alaska court and will now serve as a Democrat for House District 16, West Anchorage.

With the ruling upheld, there is no reason single women arriving Alaska can’t be given condoms and their Permanent Fund dividend applications by an Alaska Airlines flight attendant just before landing. After a wild fling, they can hook themselves a husband (goods are odd but odds are good) and in no time at all can be serving in the Alaska Legislature.

It’s such things that Alaska-based reality shows are made of.


  1. Did you expect anything else? If you did, I’ve got oceanfront property in Tok I’d like to sell you.

    This was ordained from go.

    We had a chance to fundamentally alter our corrupt justice system. But we were too scared to take it.

  2. “Something like love.”…. She couldn’t get any in Louisiana, but she found some poor sucker in Anchorage (probably a transgendered librarian). Another end of the road love story that ends up messy and causes longtime residents nothing but grief.

  3. If she were a Republican candidate or a conservative (see what I did there?), she would not have been given the thumbs-up from the AK Supremes. Thanks Judicial Council.

  4. The state’s system of picking justices is broken. The corrupt “legal” profession is making the choices that represent themselves.

    • If you’re comparing our judicial system to the intelligence and logic of 9th grade girls…

      You’re insulting 9th grade girls and giving our alleged judiciary too much credit.

  5. Y’all really think the supreme court is not going to follow the law? That’s what they did. You just don’t like the outcome.

  6. Yet another example of why the people of Alaska need to change the way Judges / Justices are selected. Take it away from the far left lawyers and give it to the people to select them.

  7. We now have someone who has lived in Alaska for a hot five minutes voting on what will be law for our state (along with a bunch of other yahoo’s ‘voted’ but selected in to our Legislature). I’ve worked in the legal system since 1985, and worked with many who are now judges, I’ve never been so disgusted with our judiciary system. Their oath to follow the law is non-existent!
    Who is pulling their strings? Our judicial system is corrupt as he**. The AG and Gov and Lt Gov don’t care either.

    • It’s not that the AG, Governor and Lt. Governor don’t care. they tried to get Alaskans to vote for a constitutional convention, but all that dark money convinced Alaskans to vote against the convention. And the Judicial Council runs the show. The executive branch is powerless to do anything about it. Scott Kendall already almost cost Dunleavy the governorship in 2019 when the governor tried to get a second list from the Judicial council, along with cutting spending. If Dunleavy wants to get anything done, he will have to work around this mess and try to get the cooperation of a legislature whose “republicans” voted to organize with the democrats, even though they were in the majority. The solution is to quit voting down the constitutional convention and actually dive in and fix the problems.

  8. So… Residency according to the Supremes begins at consummation of a love fest, did I get that correct? And here I thought residency in Alaska started with getting a Post Office Address, changing your Drivers License or signing up for Electric Service.
    Hey, hold the Phone! If Residency begins at Consummation of a love fest, might not Life begin at Conception?
    I’m no Lawyer but?

    • Robert is on to something here. If she gets pregnant, is the child’s PFD eligibility calculated from the moment of conception, or maybe from the moment she decided to get pregnant?

    • AS 01.10.055 The predicate of residency is to establish and maintain a domicile, so the first act of residency is to have a domicile. Then you must by your actions demonstrate an intent to remain. Law has been on the books for a long time and has seen considerable litigation. The Supremes just wanted to do the communists a service.

  9. They didn’t “fall” for anything. They are Marxists. They’ll bend or break whatever law they need to, to keep one of their own in power.

  10. The bottom line is she won by the will of the voters, even though this information was well known before the voting period.

    Do I and others here like it? – Nope. But it’s time to get over it; the voters endorsed her, and no panel of judges is going to overrule that.

    • Jay! Damn good, no GREAT COMMENT!
      I’ve tried repeatedly over the years to get the term for a female cannine past the political correct censors, and here with a bit of French and with a quick wit you’ve opened the floodgates.
      I commend you, a brilliant move.

  11. Let’s face it, the Supremes rule supreme. One must ask why this new rep wanted to run for office so quickly. Usually one waits a few years until they know what is going on and have read background information like the Alaska State Constitution and the Alaska government book. I read these and as much history as I could to get a real feel for the state. Why the voters voted her in is a mystery, but then again, if there is a democrat majority in her district then there is no mystery. Just look at the vote for John Fetterman in Pennsylvania. Gone are the days when people voted for the best and brightest to Congress and the State Legislatures. Sorry, but we get what we vote for, even if some of us were more discerning.

  12. This is NOT breaking news. With the state of our ANTI judicial process, any left leaning politician or cause will usually win. If this had been a conservative, this would be a different story.
    1. A conservative would not have even tried this lie, we aim for truth.
    2. A conservative would ensure they knew if they were eligible and would show self respect, self discipline and respect for the system and would not put their names in if they were ineligible.
    3. A commie judge in Alaska (that is the norm btw) ensuring we are stuck with a lying commie reprehensible california outsider.
    so not surprised
    There are two types of judges in this state, the commies and the commie leaning. “Judge” used to be a word held in high regard, here in alaska, you are scum.

  13. Voter apathy let this reject win. Time for people to stop bitching and complaining about outcomes when the voter turn out is only 25%. The libtards are political zealots and will keep winning the elections in ALASKA with such low turn outs. Look at the school board make up or the assembly in Anchorage. If you want change get out and work for it.

  14. As Art pointed out above, AS 01.10.055. is where residency is legally defined, here’s what it says:

    AS 01.10.055
    (A) A person establishes residency in the state by being physically present in the state with the intent to remain in the state indefinitely and to make a home in the state.
    (b) A person demonstrates the intent required under (a) of this section
    (1) by maintaining a principal place of abode in the state for at least 30 days or for a longer period if a longer period is required by law or regulation; and
    (2) by providing other proof of intent as may be required by law or regulation, which may include proof that the person is not claiming residency outside the state or obtaining benefits under a claim of residency outside the state.
    (c) person who establishes residency in the state remains a resident during an absence from the state unless during the absence the person establishes or claims residency in another state, territory, or country, or performs other acts or is absent under circumstances that are inconsistent with the intent required under (a) of this section to remain a resident of this state.

    Our state Supreme Court clearly does not know the law.

    • It’s really not a difficult thing or gray area to know when a person moved to Alaska. You get here in a very limited number of ways. The first time I arrived here was on my date of birth. After I moved away I know the exact day I moved back because I have a plane ticket. The only other ways involves international travel and travel by boat. I didn’t become a resident of Alaska for the second time when I decided to move back, months before I actually moved.

  15. Why would you disenfranchise 55% of the voters to seat someone who did not even bother to update the last losing campaign photo

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