Peltola votes with Democrats to allow illegal aliens to vote in Washington D.C.


Alaska’s Rep. Mary Peltola, staying true to her theme of voting with the most extreme members of Congress, this week voted in favor of allowing illegal aliens to vote in Washington, D.C.

The vote came as she opposed House Joint Resolution 24, which would nullify the Local Resident Voting Rights Amendment Act of 2022, enacted by the council of the District of Columbia in October. That act allows noncitizens the ability to vote in local elections in the district.

The House resolution passed by a 260-161 vote, as 42 Democrats joined Republicans on Thursday to try to override the D.C. Council. But not Peltola, who voted with the farthest-left representatives such as Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Jerry Nadler, against the bill, which now heads to the Senate.

Read the bill at this link.

An estimated 21,000 illegal aliens live in the nation’s capital, with 12,000 of them from Mexico and 7,000 from El Salvador, according to the Migration Policy Institute.

Republicans introduced HJR 234 last month, shortly after they took the majority.

“Voting is a pillar of American democracy and a constitutional right that undeniably needs to be protected and preserved for citizens of this country,” said House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chairman James Comer, who sponsored the bill.

“The D.C. Council’s reckless decision to allow non-U.S. citizens and illegal immigrants the right to vote in local elections is an attack on the foundation of this republic,” Comer said. “This move by the Council is irresponsible and will only exacerbate the ongoing border crisis, subvert the voices of American citizens, and open the door for foreign adversaries to peddle influence in our nation’s capital. It should go without saying: only Americans should have the power to influence local policy and guide their hard-earned taxpayer dollars to important initiatives. All Members of Congress, both Republicans and Democrats, should strongly oppose this radical effort by the D.C. Council and support this Joint Resolution.”

The D.C. Council can pass local legislation, but its laws can be overridden by Congress, since D.C. is not a state. The resolution must also be passed by the Senate and signed by the president to override the local council’s actions.

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  1. Give her this: she’s let us all know exactly who she is, what she is, and how far to the left she is.

    There will rarely be a clearer choice in representation. Only question is will the GOP screw this one up the same way they screwed the past election up.
    It’s a fair question.

    Never, ever underestimate the AK GOP’s capacity for f-ing things up.

    • III Generation Alaskan, I think thanking Sarah is a gross understatement of the problem, I think we have but ourselves to thank for Peltola’s ascendency. We clearly do not have the discipline within the Republican Party to deal with a crazy, self absorbed Sarah Palin, or a Lisa for that matter, meanwhile our enemy, the Bolsheviks certainly have discipline, (just look how fast Allen Gross lighted out).

      Until we educate and inspire voters and do a better job of keeping divisive goofballs from completely fracturing the party and it’s ideals, we will be ruled by the power hungry low life dirty rat Bolsheviks.
      Get used to it.

      First we elected Billy because Sarah endorsed him and soon your PFD went bye bye, now Sarah has given us Mary, what’s next? Your guns? Your ability to hunt on Federal lands? What about Fish? I don’t think it’s going to be pretty.

      BTW, where is Sarah? I thought she was heading up a group to toss out RCV? Hmm, anybody seen her?

    • I think you mean Nick.
      NBIII came in 3rd in every contest he was in. 3rd in the special primary, 3rd in the special election, 3rd in the general election primary, and 3rd in the November election.
      Yes, someone has explained how NBIII would have won if Sarah was not on the ticket, and Peltola would have won if Nick was not on the ticket, but NEWS FLASH. As soon as we went to the RCV instant run off, all of NBIIIs first ranked votes disappeared.
      The Seahawks do not win because they got more yards. They win by getting more points, and your Palin haters need to realize that NBIII did not get enough points.

        • But she would have had the guts to STAND UP AGAINST THE DEMOCRATS and fight for AK’s RIGHTS. Petola is cowing with the Democrats to take over EVERYTHING. The “Palin haters” allowed us to get M. Petola. Nick would have been great also, but he didn’t have enough votes to override Sarah’s.. Remember, Sarah had more the Nick, but when the 2nd and third (RCV) came into “play” with Palin haters voting for M.Petola..we lost all around. I hope you remember this if we still have the idiotic RCV system…NEXT TIME.. Its a game of chess. And don’t forget, many voted for her, because of her stance against the Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion. Now we see the TRUE Mary.

        • Neither was Nick. But, you keep on keeping stats on how many yards the football team made, and declaring they really should be the winner, and if those pesky opponents just did not get the touchdowns…

          • The data showed that if Nick had come in 2nd in the first round, he would have beaten Peltola in the second. Under no scenario did Palin have a path to victory. Once this data was known, Palin should have dropped out, or her more serious voters should have moved to Nick. Neither happened and so we got what we got.

      • CMBTTek, Listen Pally, your attempt at a rejoinder falls flat. Why? Simple math, Sarah will never get much over 40% of the vote, because her Negatives are off the charts, something like over 60%.
        But go ahead and drink the MAGA Kool Aid.

        BTW, what the heck does CMBTTek represent?

        • Curiously, Biden was about the same in 2020, but he got 81 Million+ votes.
          CBMTTek stands for… who cares, and what difference does it make?

      • CBM. I agree 100%. Blaming Sarah Supporters who make up a Majority of the Republican Party. for voting for the Canidate Of Their Choice. Hating Sarah isn’t going to change things. You can call her names, flash poor photos of her, call her supporters deraugitory names, attack her personal life—-It will just make us more supportive of her, and in that support, there is STRENGTH. Which is attractive to Independent Voters.

      • Howdy Jonis. I was a big fan of the show, but have quit my listening time by about 75%. Too supportive of RCV. Too big a friend with Mark Begich, and Ethan Berkowitz. He will pick up the Sword, but only after the Enemy has Breached the wall.

  2. Peltola is another traitor. Americans should never, ever have their votes diminished by criminal- non citizens. (Yes, breaking into our country is illegal.)

    I will work to ensure this stupid traitor is never elected again.

    Its no wonder she went through, what was it- four husbands?

    • She is another Lisa we will have her until the end. We have tried to get rid of Lisa but like a bad penny she won’t go away.

    • Since this doesn’t involve Alaska or her district, why are you concerned at all? I know the right-wing just likes to generate outrage from propaganda, and you seem to be falling for it.

    • Hateful, irrational comment. Plus, that vote doesn’t concern you at all. And the people in DC can run their own government. They don’t need right-wingers full of manufactured outrage telling them what to do. Stick with issues that involve Alaska.

  3. To the Alaska Political junkies – How long was it that Alaska Natives suffered without the right to vote in the United States?

    Washington DC has had its own issue of taxation without representation that has been ongoing for many years.

    The elitists have been utilizing undocumented workers under the table – which is tax fraud.

    Why now? Why is it such an outrage?

    People in charge of other people have been comfortable with justifying to themselves that they are representing the voiceless, the downtrodden, the weak.

    But who authorized that misplaced representation?

    We, the people – have not, did not, and will not.

    How about that for taking it to the Hill?

    Do not even get me started on the other organized fundraising false Gods – the churches that split up Alaska geographically to civilize us savages.

    How could Mary not vote for the voiceless to own their own vote?

    And really, what are you scared of by fighting so Adam-ently to silence people?

    Do you base this on fear?

    Or have you spoken directly to the voiceless people firsthand?

    Are your fears based on the way it always has been, and thats your entitlement, or is it based on first-hand knowledge?

    The latter is the story I am interested in.

    Not the fear-mongering, finger-pointing, the sky is falling, boy who cried wolf mythology embedded as “journalism” and “covered” in wizard’s cloak as a Constitutional Right.

    • Did you know if DC was returned to the state of Maryland everyone in DC could “vote” or have their votes captured like the rest of the US. Yes I can see why the false equivalency crowd can so easily be conned, coopted to oblivion.

    • Trudy, Alaska Natives of all people should be sensitive about the idea of giving an ary of illegal invaders the right to vote.

      My Gramps came here in 1906, legally, paid his own way, got a job, learned to speak English, took night school classes to become an American Citizen, got drafted after citizenship and served in the U.S. Army in France. He was shot in the leg and went through life with that bullet scar and the Purple Heart he was awarded, to him it was validation that he was an American. Oh, he was German too. Got beat up more than once because of his accent. Obviously he wanted to be an American Citizen and payed his dues accordingly. In juxtaposition to the group you champion, are you blind?

      • BRAVO. Robert SCHENKER. Thank you for keeping GRAND-PA SCHENKER’S story alive. There are those who lived on this land before us. There are those who made it the Land of the Free, The Home of the Brave, and most importantly ONE NATION UNDER GOD.

      • Actually, many immigrants in the US are in DC legally. They aren’t invaders. They probably have much in common with your Gramps. Maybe you should stop trying to control how DC runs their government and focus on your own.

        • But, Disingenuous Mike, legal immigrants are NOT the issue here — it is the insanity of illegal aliens being allowed to vote that is the subject here.
          If you can’t respond to the point at hand in any sort of logical, rational or honest manner, please refrain from spouting irrelevant gibberish here.

        • Mike are you really implying that a comment here on this blog “controls” how DC does anything? Such power….NOT!
          The point here is that Mary Peltola thinks it is okay to let non-citizens vote in elections that determine US issues. Setting a precedent like that is a very slippery slope. While most legal immigrant green card holders have a vested interest in this country, they certainly have not made the commitment to be a citizen. A nation should demand that those, who shape its future are fully committed to it and the consequences of those choices. There is none of that expectation or commitment from illegals and therefore they also should not have power to decide the fate of the nation, state or city.

    • Typical leftist.
      Feelings are more important than laws. (Or logic)
      Last time I checked, ignoring the law because “it was the right thing to do” is still violating the law. And, Congress, of all entities, should know better.

    • Really? You complain about not having representation as a native, yet you are eager to give your voice away to individuals from Mexico, Guatemala, Venezuela, China, Cuba, Russia….., who have no idea about our system of government and care nothing about our laws. Why bother voting at all when there are millions of illegal law-breakers ready to vote.
      Also what a slap in the face to all those, who came legally, had their background checked, health assessed, finances and sponsor secured and signed papers that they were not eligible for assistance from any agency for at least 5 years. THOSE are the VOICE-LESS!

  4. Yes the Democrats have elected another person that hates America and uses our constitutional freedoms to destroy us.

  5. If you payed as much attention to Don Young as your doing to Mary p,you’d know the difference, she’s a native alaskan, this is her home,and with the GOP circus it’s tough,fortunately she’s got Lisa with her,hopefully they can work thru that swamp and start passing legislation for our fisheries

    • Howdy JP. Don Young. Was Native Alaskan Representation, coming from being a teacher in Fort Yukon and married to his beautiful wife Happy.. He was able to BRIDGE the Racial Gap. He knew the great needs or rural Native Alaskan’s and voted Millions, maybe even Billions of Dollars to improve life for Them. Maybe it is Mary who sees through the eyes of a Racist

  6. Shame on Mary Peltola or whatever her name is this week. Voting rights for illegal immigrants is contrary to the foundation of our country.
    Peltola try’s to say she’s like Don Young. That is not only a total lie, it’s also disgusting.
    Peltola is an embarrassment to Alaska. In a few short months, she’s proven her goal is self-enrichment. Does she have to be in-American as well.
    I will give z peltola kudos for hiring the like of Republican Josh Revak to promote her facade knowing full well that he will be either dumb enough or sleepy enough to turn his head and keep his stupid grin smiling away. The deserve each other— both are scum and unethical.
    It is sad they represent the Great State of Alaska. Regardless if you agree or disagree with Senators Murkowski or Sullivan, at least they are honorable.

    • I’ve made statements before that Don Young must be rolling over in his grave seeing the many things M.Petola has voted for that he would have been against..She is DEFINITELY not representing Alaska. NOW I hear him screaming and scowling over her votes.

  7. I called the Palin and Begich campaigns and the Republican Party headquarters, gave them a long list of things to investigate, verify then slam dunk little miss Mary.

    Nothing but crickets. I know where I am pointing the finger of blame.

  8. Bye Bye American pie drove my chevy when the levy was dry
    America is no longer America
    Glad I grew up in when I did

    • What about HJR 234 is unconstitutional? Note that Peltola voted against HJR 24, but I’ll play along.

      Note also that Peltola holds no veto authority. OTOH, she does get to vote for or against things. She can even propose things. Perhaps you are confusing executive with legislative authority. Cheers –

  9. Thanks anchorage, Juneau, and the native communities. All in sink with Seattle, portland, NYC, etc. you call yourselves Alaskan?

  10. You really have to hate this country, if you’re actively working from within to assist an invasion by illegal aliens……

  11. Now is the time to repeal RCV and maybe we can salvage Our Representation in the next election.
    Mary has to go.
    Lisa has to go.
    The State Legislature needs an overhaul, people need to get out and vote!
    The Left gets out and votes and encourages other Lefties to do so, knowing that many Conservatives assume they won’t make a difference. EVERY VOTE MAKES A DIFFERENCE!

  12. With this philosophy, why not extend the vote to children as well. Their teachers can help them fill out the forms. And since we are doing everything opposite what was done for our Native Americans, why not give the invaders land as well. But first, allow them to work legally so they can contribute to this mess. They should also have the right to pay taxes.

  13. Well then the GOP should already have thousands of voters will addresses all over the state made up and ready to vote. What a rodeo we let illegals into the country and the first thing they do is, tell us how to vote and who to vote for, and how to run the country. Take a back seat Americans as we no longer have a safe secure and prosperous country that was a great place to live.

    • If the vote had been which one of the three was the best looking in their prime, I might have voted for her.

      But the vote was who could best represent Alaska. So I didn’t.

  14. Aren’t MRAK readers supposedly conservative and all about local and home rule? Well, if DC wants to allow undocumented residents/noncitizens to vote in local elections, why would you care? This has nothing to do with federal elections, where the constitution clearly limits voting to documented citizens. This is a nonissue for Alaska beyond another opportunity for SD to bash Peltola. Good grief. Why do you care about who’s allowed to vote for DC council members and/or local ordinances of absolutely NO consequence to you or me?

  15. What’s your point? Taxpayers foot the bill for most of the Alaska. Last time I checked, we were among the biggest beneficiaries of federal dollars per capita, far more than we collectively pay. If that’s your logic, be sure to thank a rich Californian or New Yorker for all of the income taxes they pay that go right to of all of us welfare bums in the 49th State!

    • I am not a welfare bum. I am a lifetime long Alaskan who payed taxes. The federal dollars going to Alaska are not my choice and remember most are for the military and feds. My take is no work no handout. The federal government is to blame for the way tax dollars are handed out.

  16. I have to wonder if Mary Peltola would support allowing non-native residents to vote for board members in Alaska Native Corporations? Or, is that somehow different?

  17. This article is nothing but a partisan hit job. DC should have the right to set its own laws, just like any other city in the country. And since the House bill has no chance of passing in the senate or getting Biden’s signature, this bill is just political theater.

    • Mike, you clearly did not pay attention in history class. The District of Columbia was established because the nation’s capital needed to be on neutral ground, as to not give any state more importance than another. DC is not an ordinary city, but like any place in this country it is subject to the constitution, which repeatedly regulates the RIGHTS of CITIZENS to vote. I hope that both the Senate and the President will uphold their oath to defend the constitution and defend the right of every citizen to steer the destiny of our country by voting.

  18. Do I see the crazy eyes look in that pick? Her slogan should be changed from “Fish, Family, Freedom” to Grift, Grab, Grin.

    • I thing we should already have truck loads of votes ready to be dropped off at the counting facilities.we just need more trucks that the demos bring to the party. They have shown us how to cheat so let’s play their game with them.

  19. Tell me this, what other nation on the planet earth can you or I go to and participate in their elections? And not have to provide any id to vote. Like the dems are wanting for our elections.

      • Being ignorant is not an excuse coffee person….we have a representative republic. Direct democracy is not part of our system, or do all your fellow residents meet in the market place every week and by a show of hands decide how to clear the streets and spend money?? Read a little will ya!

          • Really?
            Semantics aside, US citizens ARE voting for US representation.
            What is your point?
            Oh you think that illegal non-residents deserve representation…. interesting. Do you let uninvited people stay at your house indefinitely, feed and cloth them, allow them access to your check book and credit card? Do you give them control on how to spend your funds or let them decide that you are no longer welcome in your home and need to leave………
            Sounds like anarchy to me and last I checked that was NOT the form of government our founding fathers established.

    • ILLEGAL residents should not be in this country, anywhere, much less voting!
      But I guess that is too simple and obvious a concept for a radical leftist extremist to comprehend, much less to agree with.

      • People living in a city, voting on what the local government does with the city… isn’t a radical concept. Your views are extreme and and trite. Wasting my time.

        • So if this is such a “waste of time” why bother?
          Why are you here….on this blog…thousands of miles from DC in what I am sure YOU consider some backwater….
          Or are you a local, who actual wants to allow illegals to vote in our Muni election and a DC rule would set precedence?
          To my knowledge Article V of the AK constitution specifies that ONLY US citizen may vote in this state.
          “Every citizen of the United States who is at least eighteen years of age, who meets registration residency requirements which may be prescribed by law, and who is qualified to vote under this article, may vote in any state or local election”
          Your sarcastic and trite comments, lack the basic understanding of civics. Read a little will ya!

          • It’s great that you actually quote from a document to support your argument. Most people on these types of boards don’t take the trouble to provide any support for their positions and just spout opinionated, uninformed nonsense. However, the Alaska constitution has nothing to do with governing Washington DC, which is what this article is about. You might check the US Constitution regarding DC’s government. Peralta has enough respect for DC and its government to oppose congressional meddling.

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