USA Today: Rep. George Santos and Mary Peltola have something in common — resumes that don’t hold up


USA Today looked into the claims of congressional members to see if Rep. George Santos was the only one who has embellished his resume What it found out was that Rep. Mary Peltola also has stretched her educational credentials, when she reported she had four years of college, when her alma mater can only account for two.

“One of the discrepancies was Rep. Mary Sattler Peltola, D-Alaska, whose congressional biography states she attended the University of Northern Colorado from 1991 to 1994. The university confirmed her attendance, but only from 1991 to spring 1993. And it added in an email, “’our records reflect that no entity has requested this information except for you, today.'”

That’s an educational embellishment of at least 25% or even 50%. If she started in the fall of 1991 and left in the spring of 1993, it’s really just a two-year attendance. Peltola’s office did not respond to requests for comment, USA Today wrote.

When she was in the Alaska House, Peltola’s official education biography was more expansive on the Legislature’s website, as published in in 2008, but she still said she attended University of Northern Colorado for from 1991-94:

University of Northern Colorado, 1991-94 
University of Alaska Fairbanks, 1994-95 
University of Alaska Southeast, 1995-97 
University of Alaska Anchorage, 1997-98

Rep. Santos, a Republican from Long Island, NY, claimed to have degrees from Baruch College and New York University, neither of which have a record of Santos earning any degree – a fact only publicized after he was elected in November, the newspaper reported.

The reporter checked 93 freshmen elected in 2022, and all of their credentials held up to scrutiny, except for those of Santos, Peltola, and Troy Carter of Louisiana. Educational background checks for 91 out of 93 freshman members held up, in most cases for all of their cited degrees. About a dozen universities did not respond and the two discrepancies that emerged both were minor compared to Santos’ embellishment.

“Rep. Troy Carter, D-Louisiana, stated on his congressional website that he earned a Master of Business Administration from Holy Cross University, which in 2021 said Carter earned a Master of Science in Management, “a degree that typically takes less time to complete than an MBA.”

About a dozen of the newspaper’s background queries yielded no response from the corresponding universities.


  1. I am not surprised by any of this. She had a bunch of funky money behind her and used the name of the Great Don Young to lure the ignorant voters.

      • No Pepe, that was 26,000 Begich voters who voted Mary #2. All 3 ran a good race, all three had a right to run. All 3 represented their voters well. And the 26,000 voters had a perfect right to vote the way they wanted.

        • Sarge
          Are you stating hard unquestionable facts? I’ve had a hunch that the red was ranked and the fraud machines chose mp instead. There is no doubt the machines have been cheating the voters over several election cycles.

        • Sarge, 60% negatives, your Girl Sarah. Got it? Good, cuz with those credentials she can never win. That, and of course Sarah’s endorsement of Billy the kid Walker.

          Chew on that Pard, and git back to me.

          Best wishes for the New Year.

        • Forget about this argument. Next election cycle will not involve RCV. BTW, if Santos gets run out of Congress, then we go after Peltola full steam ahead for lying about her resume. Quid Pro Quo. Peltola is a pos. Democrats should be celebrating Santo’s queerness. Finally, a Republican in Drag.

  2. That’s a lot of college for no degree!

    Palin carried on a weird romance with Peltola. Begich said Mary wasn’t who she said she was. He was right. Should have listened..

  3. With somewhere around 12 or 13 prior married names, she should include “Fraud” as one of them. New Yorkers and their Santos problem has nothing over Alaska and it’s Mary Peltola problem. If Santos goes, then Peltola goes. This will be an issue for sure. NB3………are you listening?

  4. Admin Clerk to Boss:
    Sir, we’ve watched Douglas stealing money from the cash drawer in the evenings.

    Boss to Admin Clerk:
    Tell Douglas that they have a future in politics. She’ll be a perfect fit.

    If you are looking for honesty and sincerity in a politician you’ll be looking for a long time and that they may have started lying right out of the gate shouldn’t seem all that unusual.

    • Mary Peltola does not represent all Alaskans and she certainly doesn’t give a rip about service-disabled women veterans who cannot get adequate health care in Alaska (and therefore anywhere else because the Anchorage VA Clinic will not fund outside travel for health care). If you doubt this call up the Washington, DC office during east coast office hours, as Peltola still has no office in Anchorage (and probably anywhere else in the state) and you will find out how little any of them care about Alaska and the constituents here. You may request and expect a returned phone call from this crew, but this will never happen. Ain’t that so Claire?

      News flash for Mary Peltola: Alaska veterans do not need extra food stamps as you seem to believe, we need good healthcare and good jobs. Without adequate health care, sometime jumping off the nearest bridge sounds like a good idea.

  5. Peltola isn’t the only one to lie. Begich- the Intern- wanted to learn the ropes in Don Young’s office. Begich then went on to double cross Don.

    Don had this to say about Beigch: ““I hired that young man to show him the ropes. I knew he wanted to run,” Young said in the recording. “You run for the job. Don’t run against me. And right off the bat, he hired my campaign manager,” Young said in an apparent reference to Begich hiring Young aide Truman Reed to lead Begich’s primary campaign.

    “That really pissed me — excuse me — that really made me mad,” Young said. “You know, that’s not loyalty.”

    • There is no lie here M. Read your own post. Don Young brought Begich to his campaign and then to his office to show him the ropes. Every Republican in Alaska including Young knew he was going to run. I actually heard Don Young tell an entire group in 2021 he wanted Begich to run. Young was “pissed” because he hired his old campaign manager.

      Don Young was too old to run for office. His loyalty should have been to Alaska not himself.

      • Don Young, the guy in office for 50 years, who was stashing money hand over fist into his secret accounts from pay-offs by Florida billionaire developers. Yeah, that Don Young.
        Corrupt. Sleazy. A crook. Chair of House Resources, and later, House Transportation Committees. Doing deals with crooked union bosses to line his own pockets. He even ended up marrying the wife of one of his biggest campaign supporters from up in Fairbanks. Nick Begich had 10 times the integrity of Don Young, who was a filthy-mouthed player. Yep, that Don Young.

      • Begich showed his true colors- he stabbed Don in the back:

        “I hired that young man to show him the ropes, run for the job, don’t run against me…it’s not loyalty, nor is it honest…That’s a person I don’t want to serve me in Congress.” Don Young.

        “He was not entirely secretive about his future ambitions. But it was never ‘I’m going to run against Don Young in the next election,’ it was ‘one day I would like to serve in this role,’” said that former Young staffer, who was also granted anonymity to protect personal and professional relationships. “The problem with Nick Begich is that he’s kind of proven to be a say-anything-to-get-elected kind of guy.”

  6. Say it’s not so a politician lying to the voters. I am stunned and disappointed. Why are these politicians fabricating stories? They can’t get real jobs because they are not to be trusted. Voters should vote all incumbent out of office.

  7. The honorable Sam Bankman-Fried FTX founder (and political funder) would not even consider backing a candidate without meeting minimum requirements. I am sure he did all his fact checking of Mary Peltosi prior to donating his hard earned dollars to ensure his choices were on par with the Stanford University professors level. Proof of that is in the pudding considering the huge amount of funding he donated to the Honorable hard working Joseph “Moses” Biden (a name given to him by the priest after being chosen to lead us from the evil orange man). Joe was still attending college at Penn State just prior to his election to meet the high level of certification required to perform the duties of POTUS from the oral office. Have no doubt in Mary’s resume. Why would anyone tell a lie about their education?

  8. After reading the comments from “M” above I offer the following.

    I wish Nick had dropped out of the General and let Mary Mary, quite Constitutionally Contrary, whip Sarah’s butt straight up. Screeching Sarah Palin won’t answer anymore with 60 % negative ratings and nothing of substance to offer anyone, anymore.

    It was always about Sarah and never about America much less Alaska. She wanted T.V. Time and validation in her personal life, for this reason alone you got Mary of Many Names as your Representative. Hell, even Ray Charles could have seen this coming.
    Own it, and quit whining, after all your Girl and Mary were like buddy buddy all through the campaign.

  9. If Mary Peltola, and Nick Begich, had received the same level of media scrutiny as Governor Sarah Palin, would she be Alaska’s only Representative today in the US House?

  10. I am quite sure her reference to being a boat captain was all about her “mirror image” of being Don Youngs replacement because that was the same rhetoric Don used while campaigning. He always mentioned his history of being a river boat captain on the Yukon. It must have worked for at least some voters because I certainly didnt see much else in her resume that qualified her to be our statewide Rep in DC. I have lived worked and traveled coast to coast to coast in Alaska and never heard or witnessed any of her accomplishments. Would that qualify Joseph Hazelwood who was the captain of a very big vessel who created many high paying jobs? Joseph Biden even bragged about graduating in the top 5% of his college class which was later to be found that he was not. The only thing he may have been near the top 5% was hair sniffing and telling lies.

  11. 7 years in college!
    Another scholarly AK politician.
    Did she take the AK Bar Exams 5 times like her mentor? I’m sure she’s a lawyer. Right?

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