Defending The Squad: Rep. Mary Peltola votes against removing Ilhan Omar from Foreign Affairs Committee


Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who expresses contempt for the United States, was removed from the House Foreign Affairs Committee on a vote of 218 to 211 in the House on Thursday.

Rep. Mary Peltola, who is Alaska’s only member of Congress, voted against removing Omar, a member of the radical caucus known as The Squad. Members of the Democratic Party stood and applauded Omar, who spoke on her own behalf, as did other members of The Squad.

The Republicans who spoke in favor of the resolution mentioned Omar’s many anti-semitic comments, her anti-Israel comments, and the disgrace she has brought to the U.S. House of Representatives. The Foreign Affairs Committee has numerous classified briefings that are closed to the public because of their national security sensitivities.

Rep. Jan Schakowsky, an Illinois Democrat angrily lashed out on the floor of the House: “I stand before you as a proud Jew and a proud friend and colleague of Ilhan Omar. I don’t need any of you to defend me against anti-semitism.”

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, screamed racism and gesticulated as she bashed Republicans and called them hypocrites.

“It’s so painful to watch,” said Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, a Democrat of Palestinian descent who is a member of The Squad. “To Congresswoman Omar, I am so sorry that our country is failing you today through this chamber. You belong on that committee.”

Rep. Michael McCaul of Texas, who chairs the Foreign Intelligence Committee, said, “It’s just that her worldview of Israel is so diametrically opposed to the committee’s. I don’t mind having differences of opinion, but this goes beyond that.”

Speaker Kevin McCarthy has also blocked Reps. Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell, California Democrats, from membership on the the House Intelligence Committee for similar reasons of them being untrustworthy to have access to national security documents.


  1. Omar is an America hater. The only reason she gets elected into Congress is because most Somalians living in the US are in a particular county in Minnesota, and they vote enmass for Omar, another Somalian. Peltola is another America hater. It’s just amazing that Alaskans have to put up with Peltola’s crap. We had a clear opportunity to put Nick Begich, an America lover, into Congress. Egomaniac Sarah Palin and the communists who support RCV eliminated that opportunity.

  2. Omar married her brother as to remain a US citizen. Peltola never married her brother. But, there’s probably a first cousin or two somewhere in the batch.

  3. Omar is not fit to be in Congress, let alone on the Foreign Affairs Committee. It has rapidly become clear that Peltola does not represent the interests of patriotic Alaskans.

  4. Apparently, according to Democrat “logic” [sic], being a bigot is OK…. as long as you are bigoted against the correct groups of people!

  5. She just gets better and better.

    How anyone, even a Democrat can defend the most virulent anti semite in the Congress is beyond me. Unless Mary has a problem with Jews herself?

    But, after all, “some people did something”

  6. People who are pro America typically should represent America in order to secure and defend Constitutional rights of those who pay the stipend.

  7. Lets face it. Pelosi put Omar on the committee for political reasons, not because she had any experience or expertise. Removing her for a more qualified person is in the interest of the country. These “leaders” need to stop putting party first.

  8. Perhaps MRAK can document the contempt Rep Omar expressed for the United States. How does it compare to Rep Gosar and Rep Taylor-Greene defending Nic Fuentes racist comments and their joint appearances at rallies?

    • I do recall MTG being stripped of all of her committees. Gosar lost his seats on Natural Resources and Oversight & Reform committees. – sd

    • Am I reading this correctly?
      You supported it when MTG was removed from committees, but this is not OK?
      Reality. People are allowed their opinion. While I think some of the stuff Omar said is absolutely abhorrent, so is some of the inflammatory stuff MTG said. Unless it rises above a certain level, it should not be actionable. What MTG did was not bad enough to warrant the reaction of the Dems. And, removing a Congressman who has demonstrated clearly over the last four years that they despise Israel from the Foreign Affairs committee is the right thing to do. One does not populate the Foreign Affairs committee with individuals who hate one of the US’s most trusted allies in the Middle East.
      Same thing for removing an individual who slept with a Chinese spy from the Intelligence committee. Cannot be trusted to know who is sharing your bed, you certainly cannot be trusted with national security.

    • How do you feel about Maxine Waters and Barbra Lee attending Nation of Islam get togethers with Louis Farrakhan? Also the comment’s Taylor-Greene said that got her removed from committees were made as a private citizen. Unlike Omar who made her comments as an elected representative of congress.

  9. Mary has been making a lot of “rookie” mistakes, and Alaska and Alaskans haven’t been well served. She has a lot to learn, especially when recognizing threats to America (aka – Omar).

  10. Not that I would wish to appear to be defending the turbaned radical leftist here, but honest patriots and Americans should indeed question the ridiculous level of government support for, and influence by, the nation of Israel. The last time I looked, the US flag did not have 51 stars.

    • You would be seeing the same left of government support and influence from the UK, France, Germany, etc… if they were constantly and consistently attacked by leftists.

    • Being mandated by law to swear allegiance to ANY flag OTHER THAN OUR OWN, or the country it represents, as clear a sign of danger and foreboding as anyone will ever see. The founders of this country wove a rich tapestry as they put this country together, based upon an acute knowledge of all human history, and the recognition that LIBERTY comes from God. It, along with others, is a NATURAL RIGHT. They wove a deep and abiding protection of those NATURAL RIGHTS into the fabric of our Declaration of Independence, and finally into the Constitution, and then the Bill of Right,s that would not have existed in its absence.

      We have the NATURAL RIGHT to speak freely. NO ONE can make it verboten, or take it away. Not even Israel. Forbid it, Almighty God.

    • Do you own a copy of The Turner Diaries? Protocols of the Elders of Zion?
      I hope you take good meds for your paranoia. Up your dosage.

      I wonder how long you’ve been looking for an opportunity to show your colors.

      Honest patriots have common sense, not anti semitic bigotry.

      • Wow, what a ridiculous, irrational and ad hominem attack, TMA.
        You are usually much better than that.
        US politicians should have their SOLE loyalty to THIS country, not to any other.
        Those with dual loyalties are fundamentally traitors to the USA.

    • I would suggest you brush up on your post WW2 and holocaust history to answer your question. As long as we are on the topic of 51 states, do you support the addition of Puerto Rico?

        • Surprising, maybe, but certainly not upsetting.
          What I found upsetting was TMA’s unjustified and irrational attack to my original post above. He does not seem to realize that in attacking me for pointing out the undue influence of Israel and its supporters on US politics as supposedly “anti-semitism”, he is doing exactly what those on the left do when they attack those who express skepticism or disgust with the growing racial preferentialism in this country as being “racist”.

  11. We really need to come together and get rid of this cancer. It is and has been perfectly clear she is a left leaning liberal who needs to be replaced. I only hope her moves hurt the bush who voted for her.

  12. Interesting reporting for sure. I was especially intrigued by AOC’s apparent “meltdown” when she mentioned MTG promoting the idea of Jewish space lasers (and Q Anon I hope). I really wish we could hear more of these enlightened and un-woke ideas from these down to earth patriots like MTG. I’m tired of educated elitists shoving science down our throats when all we really need in these fraught times are God and Guns.

      • Lucinda, I’ll leave it to you to decide my level of sarcasm and provide you with a few hints of where my ideals lie regarding AOCs “meltdown”. Perhaps this is another example…

        and the video of Rep. Yoho that she was referring to.

  13. Mary Peltola is actually a member of the squad. She uses her heritage as an excuse for hate. Just like these folks do. This comes as no surprise. She doesn’t want to unite America she wants to tear it apart.

  14. I am not sure what Mrs Omar expected. As a law maker the opinions you express, especially in your official capacity aren’t your own, but supposedly represent the group of constituents you represent and the country. When you decide to continuously tear down the very country you took an oath to serve and defend, then do not be surprised if you are not trusted with its secrets or speaking for it to other nations.
    This is the problem with most narcissist…oh excuse me… liberals, who believe themselves to be in a “protected class”. They think they can say the most vile things, do anything they want and expect to do so with impunity. Now she gets called out and pays the price and instead of reflecting on her behavior, she plays the victim and hides behind a claim of misogynistic racism.
    Did I expect better from Mary Peltola? No not really, she is showing her true colors where freedom only means abortion, fish means killing opportunities for Alaskans and family….who knows?

  15. Rank Choice Voting needs to be repealed so we can get this Bethel lunatic out of office! I’m surprised pee pee Peltola wasn’t in the restroom again for this vote.

  16. Peltola is a small fish in a huge ocean!!! She is in the glee club, not even a cheerleader and definitely NOT playing in the game!!! It’s a passing fancy and she will fizzle out when the job gets difficult.

  17. From where I am sitting, I can see a blue sky filling with puffy billowing white clouds. The furnace has been running steadily night and day and heat and billowing exhaust ‘smoke’ from the chimney reflecting blue shadows on the snow is somewhat concerning. Snow is in the forecast when the temperature drops later on tonight. I think I will get off my duff and open the windows and doors briefly to exchange the air, and go for a walk. Clear my head as I ponder what leadership under a criminal like Benjamin Netanyahu means in relation to the word antisemitism, and an American immigrant who is an elected and legitimate legislator from Minnesota. It is usually pretty cold and snowy in various parts of Minnesota at this time of winter compared to here, as well. I wonder what conclusion I will reach if my walk is long enough.

      • Would you be required to publicly apologize to the Russian Orthodox faithful here in Alaska, if you made some caustic comment about Patriarch Kirill of Moscow Vladimir Mikhailovich Gundyayev, when he officially blessed Putinsky and the Russians at the start of the Russian aggression in starting the war with Ukraine?

        Would you be demoted in your job if the Roman Catholics of Anchorage took offense after an unsavory comment was made about Pope St John Paul and the intransigence of pedophiles among the faithful, considering that a couple of our Presidents were/are Catholic?

        Comparatively, would take umbrage and demand a public apology from the staff of Charlie Hebdo when they targeted Muslims, and Catholics, and Jewish people? Why or why not?

        How can criticizing the expansion of the lands to take over rightful settlers be called ‘hostile to or prejudiced against Jewish people, as is the definition of “anti-Semitic”? How can criticism of what Benjamin Netanyahu is doing be called ‘antisemitic’, when in fact what he’s doing is is anti-Palestinian? Just more deflection. How can criticising the aggrandizing and seizure of lands that do not belong to them, equate to hating the major religion there? Mind exercise: what if the same logic were applied to the past President and his affiliation with a Christian religion?

        • Mrs. N clearly that walk did not bring you clarity.
          Reducing the Israel/Palestine dispute and history to simply calling Netanyahu a criminal is deliberately ignoring the complexity of this issue. Until the Palestinian state admits some of its culpability in this whole mess, this will not be resolved.

          Furthermore neither MA, the people at Charlie Hebdo, Russian orthodox priests etc. are elected officials, speaking for this country. They are ALL entitled to their own opinion. However when Mrs. Omar makes vile statements about Jews, and does so in her capacity as a policy maker and representative, her statements are in conflict with long standing relationships this country has had with the Jewish state. As a legislator you can certainly make your opinion known without derogatory commentary, yet she chose not to do that. Besides nobody is actual asking her to apologize, but her inappropriate comments make it untenable for her to serve on a committee that deals with foreign nations and our nations secrets.

  18. Excellent!! What, comes around goes around is often so true in life!! ANd it is GREAT to see that principle now bear fruit in the US House of Representatives. Our nation has stood fast with Israel, THE ONLY DEMOCRACY in the Middle East who remain a GIANT KILLER with an impressive history and lethality. Bring Peltola home as soon as possible!! Kelly will stand with and for Alaska and our nations Allie’s with boldness and wisdom!!

    • Israel under Benjamin Netanyahu plays a dirty game of Prejudicial Blackmail, anytime ANYONE cites its aggression against its own citizens by its immediate petulant and sham performance on the world stage, crying ‘antisemitism, antisemitism’. Is it the business of the United States of America to put up with such shenanigans and provide oodles of monetary support for a country that obviously practices systemic apartheid to ensure that there is one ‘democracy’ in the region? Suggesting that someone that supports equal justice should pledge allegiance to that country and yet not criticize its aggressive antagonism against its own is rather illogical, unjustified, and unfair. Why should the American government just let their bad behavior slide?

      Of course it’s not a simple matter. It seems to simmer at the almost boiling point all the time. Eons. But the blackmail tactic is what it is and the situation cannot be resolved unless people call out the despicable leadership of a country our tax dollars support, whether the national religion is Judaism, Islamism, Hinduism, Mennonite, Buddhism, etc or even some form of unchristian Christianity.

      Mrs Omar certainly should be able to voice outloud her opinions with regard to reprehensible actions by a country we support monetarily. Just as we criticize our own leadership.

      As a Christian, I certainly felt disgusted with the past President grabbing a Holy Bible and standing in front of a church to support propaganda for display on the evening news and in Newsweek or whatever it is that Breitbart publishes. Did he ever apologize for his disgusting behavior? I have yet to hear a peep. Well, then, he did it willfully and we should call it out, eh?

      Personally this discussion sounds like my high school’s beloved Mr. Kirk’s Modern World History all over again. Good memories, but the situation in Israel doesn’t seem any better since Albert Einstein declined its presidency. Seems like that blackmail tactic has been perfected now in ouster of our American Congress from her job.

      But, it’s not my business to propagandize, so just study the issues and come to your own conclusions. This is, after all, based on my own opinion of the matter even if it’s a simplistic concept of justice.

      • There is at least one unfamiliar reference, and I may not agree with the entirety of the post, but overall it qualifies for a hat tip. Good on you, Mrs N.

  19. Yes Rep Omar does have support from voters in places like beautiful downtown Minneapolis rich with rioting looting and burning businesses.(remember the mostly peaceful protesting summer 2020?) The radical hateful speech (they must not have code of ethics) she spews openly on the floor during congressional hearings cant have any influence on the violent behavior of her constituents who repeatedly elect her to office. I was shocked to see her cohorts testifying on her behalf during the removal process! All the people I saw and heard could and should be evaluated at a mental institution for a sanity check! So comforting to know our one and only Rep Mary Peltosi voted against her removal as all of Peltosi’s supporters would have undoubtedly done. Alaska is getting scarier by the day. I am sure that soon we will look like downtown Minneapolis or Portland who boasts of being the Heroin capital of the country where 1 in 10 have a drug addiction. We just sent a fine specimen to Juneau to represent East Anchorage who also condoned the rioting as they (members of his family) were participating in the mayhem that resulted in the burning of the (DEMOCRAT) Mark Hatfield Federal bldg in the beautiful downtown rose city of Portland which has enough human feces on the street to fill many a honeybuckets every morning! That would be Forrest Dumbar for those of you that voted for him. We have our own radical lefties right here in Anchorage with the fine Sam Briton enlightened Crissy Constant. Voters dont forget him this April. He will make your wildest dreams come true. Oh and I almost lefty out Felix the cat! The wonderful wonderful cat! He will enlighten the midtown voters with his DICtatorial powers on the ASSembly. Such an exciting election on the horizon!

      • Saw this the other day. Thought it might apply to some folks we see regularly on MRAK.
        “Teeny tiny minds find it difficult to cling to more than a handful of thoughts at a time, and their storage capacity is so limited that they dare not waste any of it on something like, oh, I don’t know — a NEW thought or concept. And God forbid that they waste any of their limited neurons on something resembling open-mindedness, fairness, courtesy, or moral scruple. Hypocrisy, veiled character assassination, and vituperation are so much easier, you see.”

  20. You are spot on Loosey. MRAK deliberately provoked these people in Congress to spew hateful speech which incited riots looting and willful destruction of any and all property within their path of destruction. Excellent observation!

  21. Our 2nd in command cackling kamela also immediately joined in on the rhetoric urging rioters not to stop the protests until street justice was carried out on American cities across the nation. She has got to be the finest vice president in the history of America with that advice to the ANTIFA thugs who organized the chaos! We will not forget who had a hand in the destruction. It all started at the very top.

  22. She wasn’t elected by Alaskans. The election was manipulated by RCV and a healthy dose of dark money.

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