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Monday newsletter: Tuesday night fights in Anchorage

Good morning from Somewhere in Alaska … Thank you for your support of this conservative news project. 

I started Must Read Alaska in April, 2015 and have kept it alive and growing, along with the website that launched in 2016, and podcast that began in 2021, for the past seven years with the support and encouragement of so many Alaskans. Thank you all.
The project costs over $60,000 a year to produce, because I get help of about one full-time equivalent person between three people who help out regularly with technical support, optimization, and content such as video projects. I truly appreciate your financial help to keep the small team at MRAK paid. They are so worth it. – sd

Tuesday night fights Tuesday night at the Anchorage Assembly, the leftists led by Assemblyman Chris Constant will attempt to pass an ordinance giving them vast authority to remove the mayor for nearly any reason, in spite of the will of the voters. Watch for a story at Must Read Alaska later today (and be prepared to make your voice heard.) 
Related documents for your review:
Notice of public hearing on Ordinance 2022-60Friday’s work session documents

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Before the main show, the mayor of Anchorage is having an ice cream social, details in the graphic above.

Dennis Prager packs the house in Anchorage, warns of threat to country The conservative talk show host has nothing much good to say about American universities and what they are doing to society. Read more here.

Beast mode: ConocoPhillips gets first oil from record-setting well It will bring 10,000 barrels per day to the TAPS, and the oil has already begun to flow to help stem the decline. Read more here.

Alaska Redistricting Board dissidents lose one in court The Supremes said the gruesome twosome who have been throwing tantrums may not hire their own attorney, separate from the board attorney, for the purpose of filing their own court brief in the case. Read more here.
Update: I am expecting an Alaska Supreme Court ruling on the Eagle River-Girdwood Senate map today.

Sen. Click Bishop faces ire of his Interior Republicans They censure him and vow to withhold support. Read more here.

Notes from the trail: Palin stumps in Georgia, Murkowski gets NEA endorsement And who was spotted in a red gown at the Dennis Prager gala? Read more here.

Notes from the trail: Revak’s war on Santa seems like payback for coal We found the old tapes from Christmas, when Santa gave Josh Revak a real talking-to over his behavior the past year. Revak doubled down. Read more here.

How did gun legislation fare this session? One bad gun bill dies, but so does a good one. Read more here.

Biden names BIPOC-focused social justice EPA lead for Northwest He’s a Seattleite and he’s really far left. In charge of EPA in Alaska. Read more here.

Murkowski unhappy with gas prices, blames Biden She held a press conference to talk about how bad the administration is. Read more here.

Soldotna Planned Parenthood closing The organization is moving toward telehealth. Read more here.

Latest polling on Alaska governor’s race (Lake poll, done on behalf of candidate Les Gara):
Mike Dunleavy (R-Incumbent) 40%Les Gara (D) 24%Bill Walker (I) 18%Charlie Pierce (R) 5%Other 3%Undecided 10%

Check Must Read Alaska later today for a new edition of “Notes from the trail.” 

Biden says everyone should be concerned about monkeypox Whatever happened to Covid? Read more here.
Update: AP reports that monkeypox was spread in Spain, Belgium by sex among men at raves, according to former WHO official.

Podcast today with Jeff Lowenfels Jeff is running for Congress. The podcast should be on Facebook by 9 am.
Podcast with Jack Coghill Coghill, former senator from North Pole, is running for Congress. Watch it here.
Podcast with Charlie Pierce Kenai Borough Mayor has cut the mill rate and balanced the budget on the Kenai. Watch it here.
Podcast with Danika Baldwin Instagram influencer is going big with her new Alaska travel business, and she has a zillion views on social media, as she shows off Alaska. John Quick interviews her. Tune in here.
Podcast with Rep. David Eastman John Quick hosts this show with the representative from Wasilla; they talk about the PFD and more. Tune in here.
Podcast with Santa Claus That guy named Santa Claus in North Pole, who serves on the City Council, was our podcast guest on Monday. He’s running for Congress. On our Facebook feed here and on podcast channels here.
Podcast with Rep. Laddie Shaw John Quick talks with the retired Navy SEAL and lawmaker about what’s ahead in the final two weeks of session. More here.
Podcast with Tara Sweeney Candidate for House Tara Sweeney joins us on Facebook live, and on all our stations, including Pandora. More here.

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North Slope Crude: $115.66
Henry Hub Gas: $8.08
Alaska Pipeline Barrels: 494,842
Alaska Permanent Fund: $78,799,100,000
Earnings Reserve Account: $17.3 billion
Uncommitted ERA: $10.4 billion
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Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Frankie and I can’t wait to get up every morning and read the latest MRAK news. Thank you, Suzanne Downing. Without your honest, detailed work, Alaska would be drowning in Liberalism, with the deranged Left-wing nutjobs. We are hoping to get you some more money for Kelly Tshibaka campaign ads at MRAK. Lisa’s ads are great too, and money well spent on helping get Kelly T. elected. Thank you!

  2. This old-time hospitality of socials is one way to win hearts and minds of neighbors to their leader who faces continual rivals animosity when the neighbors socially interact with him.
    Bronson could use more neighbor friends through hospitality and generosity- Better late started then never at all.

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