Biden names BIPOC-focused social justice EPA administrator for Region 10, Alaska, Wash., Oregon, Idaho


Casey Sixkiller, who served as deputy mayor of Seattle and chief operating officer of King County, Wash., has been appointed the new EPA administrator for Region 10, the area that covers Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Alaska.

Sixkiller is a longtime government staffer and lobbyist and ran for mayor of Seattle in 2021. In his new role, he succeeds Michelle Pirzadeh, who had been the acting regional administrator for the agency that oversees and implements federal environmental statues, rules and regulations. Pirzadeh had been in place since the departure of Alaskan Chris Hladick, who left when the Biden Administration took over in 2020. Hladick is the interim city manager for Unalaska, where he served in the same from from 2001 to 2015.

Sixkiller has focused his work in equity and social justice issues of BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color) citizens, and is the founding and managing partner of Sixkiller Consulting. He worked for U.S. Sen. Patty Murray and former U.S. Rep. Jim McDermott, both Washington Democrats. Sixkiller is an enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation who was born and raised in Seattle. The EE/Greenwire blog notes that his appointment continues a trend by the Biden administration of selecting tribal citizens for leadership positions.


    • Thank you, Paula – I was wondering about that. I remember Sonny quite well. It is amazing that so much time has passed.

  1. As a tribal Citizen, I am always pleased to see persons of color advancing in Government Responsibility.
    As a Conservative, this appointment is just another Dem to fall in line with the Biden Regime ( a Regime is not a Presidency ).

  2. Casey let’s go fishing my treat welcome aboard now just get in the float plane clown we need to feed our bears in Alaska I got this clown Alaskans. We the people have had enough of the Biden Obama clowns.

  3. There is no reason whatsoever that each of us should not choose to be a person of color. While arguably the best benefits go to people who can achieve tribal membership, and in some instances proof of blood quantum needs to be claimed (if not proved), anyone can be black, Asian or Hispanic. The authorities have no desire nor do they have any way to check. All sorts of governmental preferences and benefits come from being BIPOC, and if there ever was any stigma it is now completely erased in America.

    • BIA photo ID confirms status after rigorous review. So, the agencies “care”. We are insulted in pages that may perhaps allow our authentic thoughts after: filtering for “acceptability” by white men or federal agencies first. We are stylized by negative stereotyping every day of our lives in Alaska only. Once freed of the shackling to a negative stereotyping while in OTHER jurisdictions we can be free to be our authentic selves. Just not here. You like it that way.

  4. We already have Departments of Justice and Social Services. But perhaps we need to pay special attention to to the injustices being perpetuated on the more vulnerable segments of society due to inflation and higher energy costs leaving them cold, hungry and walking. Will the agency ameliorate the government policies and regulations exacerbating the problems?

  5. Why are you using their language. i.e. bipoc?

    Are you going to next capitalize the b in black?

    Do not let your enemy define the terms of engagement.

    • Nor should we allow the enemy of our freedom to redefine the language. There is nothing progressive about ‘Progressives’. The only thing they are progressing toward is complete control and tyranny. And there is nothing liberal about ‘Liberals’. They are not for individual liberty, it’s their way or no way.

  6. Thank God we’ve got focus on the real issues. It’s not like the west coast is going to hell.

    • Really?? He’s a social justice Biden lobbyist. But you think he’s a great choice because he’s native. How’s Haaland working out for Alaska??

  7. He’s from Seattle and worked for Patty Murray. I think we can all see where this is going.

  8. Another appointment based on what the person is, not what they do, or have done.
    This administration is placing diversity, inclusion, and equity (DIE) before all else. It will infect every part of the government soon enough. Do we have to wait until it invades the air traffic control system before we wake up?
    “Why did those two planes collide!”
    “Because the person working that airspace is cisgender!”
    “Dammit! Get more gays in here stat!”

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