Murkowski unhappy with gas prices, blames Biden


Sen. Lisa Murkowski may have been happy to usher President Donald Trump out of office in 2021, but today she’s also not happy today with his replacement, President Joe Biden.

Murkowski appeared with other lawmakers at a press event slamming the Biden Administration’s policies of locking up energy in America, specifically in Alaska.

“I come from a state where we are an energy producer. But we pay some of the highest energy costs in the country, and right now our gas prices are the sixth highest in the country. Statewide, regular gas has increased by more than 52 percent over last year. As of yesterday, Alaska’s statewide average was $5 a gallon. This is the highest ever average in our state,” Murkowski said. “We’re used to somewhat high prices but when it’s on average, over $5 dollars in places like Anchorage and Fairbanks, think about what that means to our rural communities. Over 80 percent of our communities are not connected by road, so fuel comes in by barge and fuel comes in by air. At Fort Yukon, the Yukon River, gas is $7.25 a gallon. Up in Noatak, just above the Arctic Circle, it’s a stunning $11 a gallon. And so think about what that means—it’s not just what you’re paying when you fill up your car, it’s everything else that’s associated with it.”

Murkowski was the first Republican senator who called on President Donald Trump to resign immediately in January, 2021, over her perceptions about the Jan. 6, 2021 incident in the U.S. Capitol, when rioters came through the doors. She said if the Republican Party cannot separate itself from Trump, she wasn’t sure she has future with the party.

“I want him to resign. I want him out. He has caused enough damage,” Murkowski told reporters on Jan. 8, 2021. She has stayed with the Republican Party, however, even while the Republican Party has continued to remain inclusive to Trump, a president that Murkowski was diametrically opposed to during his four years in office.

Today, she’s stuck with something worst: the Biden Administration’s war on Alaska.

“Right now, we have an administration whose plan is to blame anybody but them and their policies. They are quick to put it all on Putin. Yes, there is a war. Yes, we recognize that, but this price increases started long before Putin crossed into Ukraine. This is not something where you can just blame big oil and go after price gouging. This is not something where you can attack others when it is failed policies that this administration has put in place. It really comes down to basic supply and demand and we know that supply matters and domestic supply matters. If we’re not learning anything from Ukraine and Russia and what we’re seeing in Eastern Europe, domestic supply matters,” Murkowski said.

“So, the Biden administration needs to reverse its anti-supply actions, it needs to take its bad ideas off the table, it needs to restart approving crucial projects that deliver greater supply,” she said.

Murkowski’s remarks were made during a press conference that included Sens. John Barrasso, John Kennedy, Ted Cruz, Joni Ernst, Steve Daines, James Lankford, John Hoeven, Shelley Moore Capito, John Boozman, and Cindy Hyde-Smith.

“Lisa Murkowski’s vote for Deb Haaland was not simply a one-time mistake, rather, it was a colossal error in judgment that is hammering Alaska over and over again. Murkowski admitted publicly that it was likely that Haaland would be harmful to Alaska as secretary, but she cast that vote anyway. Haaland’s sustained assault on Alaska’s resource industries proves that Murkowski showed gross disregard for the jobs of Alaska workers and our entire state economy,” said Kelly Tshibaka, who is challenging Murkowski for Senate.

“Haaland and Biden have targeted Alaska like no other state. The Biden Administration has launched 24 executive actions directed against the people of Alaska, many of them coming from Haaland. The fact that Haaland even refuses to admit that gas prices are too high shows that this has been her plan all along. Lisa Murkowski knew all of this, just like anyone with a pulse knew it, yet she still cast the vote that continues to crush Alaska workers and families to this day. When I’m the next senator from Alaska, I will always vote for the best interests of Alaskans, and not for the Washington, D.C. insiders who write fat campaign checks.”


  1. She supported Biden and his crazy liberal nominees and now she’s unhappy? Can’t have it both ways.

    • Yup.
      Must be election time – she’s lyin’ and tryin’ to sound like a conservative.
      The vote for Haaland…
      There are no words.
      Evict her from the Senate!

  2. Stupid Lisa. Then why did you vote to impeach the last guy, who did a great job?! You’re a turncoat and an idiot, Lisa.

  3. Wait, isn’t this the same Lisa Murkowski who embraced Joe Biden? Vote Kelly, hell, vote for Chesbro already, anybody but Daddies Little Princess!

  4. She voted for Biden, so thanks to her and “supposedly” 81million we’re all going to suffer for their stupidity. Come November it’s bye bye Lisa.

  5. Nice try Murky! How does it feel to be stabbed in the back by the Dems? You know the ones who paid you to vote for this regime! We’re sure you didn’t vote for Trump in 2020 so you must’ve voted for Biden! SURPRISE! The snakes are crawling all over you! You are now worthless to Alaska. Please go back to California where your fellow traitors live…the Democrats!!

  6. Gosh Senator: To a significant extent we are in the current situation on energy because you gave away your vote to confirm the horrible, anti-petroleum Interior Secretary. A little more thought before surrendering Alaska’s interests would have been beneficial. The Senator’s outrage is a joke.

    • Yes, he does. Perhaps one day he’ll burp it up during a flash of lucidity. Until then, we’ll have listen to his whispered muttering, pretending he made some sort of sense.

  7. I want Murkowski to resign. Her choice of votes for radical New Green Deal appointees, like Haaland, amongst others have led up to this. She has voted against what most Alaskans have desired for years. Her being ‘surprised’ of gas prices is just one of many smoke screens.

  8. Your votes to approve Brandons cabinet idiots have consequences, but I think you already new that you just try to talk a good game to keep the Serfs thinking you are smarter than you are. Or you could be as ignorant as some people really think you are.
    “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” Thomas Jefferson

  9. Rather late to the party, I would say…..

    Had to wait until 78% of the democrats were dismayed with Brandon.

  10. She has voted to confirm every Biden nominee, including Deb Haaland the one single most responsible person for the policies that are shutting down ALL resource extraction in our state. In short, Murkowski owns quite a bit of this.

  11. What damage did Trump cause??? Energy independence??? All I know is he ticked off the left and a bunch of sissy tenderfoots is all. Now Biden on the other hand, she should be calling for his resignation and even leading the effort for it. She is so fake there is no distinction between her and Pelosi.

  12. The potential did not exist that this could have been seen coming, and preventative measures taken to prevent it from coming. The problem with that statement is, that said preventative measures fell right into her lap, and she jumped up, pitched a fit, and maligned them as illegitimate. Then she voted to approve all the appointees under Operation Usurpers. Powerful magic.

    What we have got here is, a failure to cogitate… Some politicians you just can’t reach. So you get what we had here ever since November 3rd, 2020, which is the way she wants it…well, she gets it.

    Lisa Murkowski – a glacial reactionary force to be reckoned with…

  13. Must be an election year and her numbers are tanking as she really doesn’t care about Alaskans! GO KELLY!

  14. Don’t blame me. I voted for mean tweets and sound energy policy.

    You got what you wanted Princess. No Trump, Deb Haaland. Deal.

  15. Bla bla bla bla….
    Lisa, you bare responsibility and I hope that voters remember this and the many other &%@*& you’ve done to Alaskan’s and our country.
    brandon and you are chips from the same nasty mold, in my opinion!!!

  16. President Biden does not set the oil prices. The oil speculators and oil traders control and manipulate the oil prices. Royal Dutch Shell is the largest trader and BP is the second largest.

    • he doesnt set them but he influences them through shutting down pipelines and leases, tight regulatory legislation and furious dollar printing

    • No, but Usurper PotatoHead (rather, his Davos-crowd puppetmasters) DOES set the policies that end up setting gas prices.
      As usual, the radical leftist cannot see beyond his nose.

    • President Biden’s stated and implemented policy of reducing supply of oil and gas is the primary reason for the increase in fuel prices. Period. Supply and demand.

      Ukraine, increasing demand post-covid, and the fact that OPEC won’t overproduce to improve supply are factors, but this whole thing started with Bidens stated war of oil. If you don’t believe it, look at the chart for CL (crude oil futures) and you can see the start of the price increases began – on election day, when the market saw Biden would win, and his stated anti-oil policies would be implemented.

    • Less supply on the market combined with post pandemic demand is the cause of the current price at the pump surge. We could have increased domestic supply to more than accommodate rising demand and kept prices moderate, i.e. more in the $70-80 dollar per barrel range. Still attractive for producers and lower prices for consumers.

    • The ‘resident’s policies affect prices of crude and refined products. Ol’ dopey Joe’s done zero positive for this country.

  17. Shutting down the Keystone pipeline and stopping oil leases everywhere is not the way to go. I get it somewhat to have clean energy but at what cost ? Clean Energy is a very long time in coming.

  18. Bwahahaha, princess mad oboot high pwices…..

    Coincidentally this wreck is up for re-election, just in case you were thinking that Lisa is not connected with us normal Alaskans.

  19. Murkowski has supported the anti-America leftist policies for years. Who does she think she is kidding? She voted as liberal as Begich did; she voted to confirm Obama’s leftist SCOTUS appointments; she voted for Haaland – knowing full well this day would come. Lisa hated Pres. Trump for no other reason than she hates his America First policies. It’s too late for her to save face. Talk to the hand, Murkowski because no one is listening to you.

    Kelly Tshibaka is going to mop the floor with you, and the state, even with your ranked choice cheating plan. It’s going to be a glorious day!

  20. Lisa has done enough to hurt Alaskans, she always talks like a conservative when it’s election time,
    She help create this problem. The country, and the world would be better off if we had a leader in the White House instead of a spineless senile old man. She hated Trump and look what we got. Lisa just go away, you no longer support Alaskans

  21. But in the villages, they have already paid for the gas a long time ago. They should not be able to up the cost when prices go up. That is stealing and should be stopped. And on the other hand, she got what she wanted, and now she needs to be voted out. Bye, Bye, Lias

  22. It is election time. Did you expect that Lisa Murkowski would say anything else.?? Time for term limits.
    However, we will never get her out of office. Too much money coming her way.

  23. As AK Pilot pointed out… Murk AND Sullivan BOTH voted to confirm Haaland. Murk knew what she was doing, Sullivan was ignorant and naive. I don’t hold much hope for either one of them.

  24. Please Alaskans vote Murkowski (Alaska’s Red Jane) Out!!! She refused to support Trump, I would never support her after that. Lisa and Frank have done nothing in all the years in the Senate.Just think of all the money wasted for absolutely nothing,.

  25. Both Lisa &Dan stabbed Alaskans in the back with there voting records! And both now complain about Fuel prices. Hopefully the Bush will remember the High prices when they vote.

  26. She confirmed Haaland whole heartedly and I just got an email from her about how she is proud of confirming Judge Jackson to the Supreme Court and personally congratulated her on her achievements. Not to speak of all her other questionable votes. She needs to go ASAP, we cannot let her continue to sabotage out State.

  27. We knew at her young age that Lisa had bi-polar disorder. As an adult she remains as mixed-up as ever. Honestly, the poor gal doesn’t have a clue anymore. We want Kelly T. to beat her fair and square so Lisa can really understand the meaning of honesty. That’s why we enrolled her in catechism. We don’t like it when she spends time with Scott Kendall in Anchorage.

    • Nancy is right, again. Lisa often gets mixed-up with the wrong people, mostly Democrats. We taught her the evils of abortion. Unfortunately, our teachings were overcome by her wicked friends. Now, Lisa is all about finding new baby food sources. Two weeks ago she supported killing babies. This week she wants to feed them.
      We want her to either go back to catechism, or see a mental health specialist.

      • Lisa should resign her US Senate post and come to my office for therapy. I love assisting senior citizens who are mentally unstable and have various derangement disorders, but can still pay their bills. From what I’ve read here at MRAK about the Murkowskis, maybe the entire family should consider psychotherapy. And yes, I do offer discounts for group sessions.

  28. I want her to resign. I want her out. She has caused enough damage. Sound familiar Lisa?

  29. Well… at least she’s mad. Not about her choices on what she knew would be inconceivable, but about the outcome we all hoped wouldn’t happen. 🙀aren’t we all. Not most of us who aren’t aligned with the left.

  30. Now you pissed about gas prices! What a joke! If you think we don’t forget how you voted!

    Like it really hurts you!

  31. Anyone tired of this old witch? Suddenly, she has an epiphany because it is an election year and Kelly is going to kick her butt! That is of course if we can get by Governor Dunleavy’s election steal machine that includes ranked choice run the ballot through a dominion machine with a preset algorithm voting. Don’t forget the mail-in stuff the ballot box vote harvesting too. Either our Governor is stupid and hasn’t bothered to look into the loads of evidence showing how the 2020 vote was stolen or he is part of the corrupt machine. Our voter registrations are at 110% because Alaska uses ERIC (third party funded by leftists like Soros) to clean our voter rolls and they purposely don’t do it to use the “Ghost Voters” for ballot harvesting. If Alaskans don’t demand clean and fair elections now, your vote will mean nothing!

  32. Oh yeah, by the way. Both Murkowski and Sullivan voted to send billions of taxpayer dollars to Ukraine and voted to block sending money to small businesses and restaurants in the USA.


    • Yessir. The other day, Dan tore a page out of Murky’s playbook and maligned the usurpers as if he didn’t have anything to do with it. Turns out he is woven into the fabric of it all.

      Well Dan, the shine comes off a guy real quick, but the stink stays forever… By all outward appearances, you haven’t done an exceptional job fighting for the residents of the state and this country, and your position REQUIRES exceptionalism. We NEED you to work harder than all the rest of your colleagues to defend our God given rights and to do everything that you can to extricate us from this morass. Looting the Treasury of funny money isn’t going to get us there. Calling it out would be a start.

      C’mon man. Get with it. Prove me wrong, please.

  33. She is part of the swamp she’s only trying to distance yourself and trying to get reelected. Remember one thing if it wasn’t for her we might not have sleepy Joe! She is part of the swamp and definitely part of the problem! 🙁

  34. After 35 years in the business, I feel the state of Alaska has not been reasonable or attractive to oil and gas investors! The Biden war on Alaskan oil and gas is nothing compared to the State of Alaska’s high cost of endless red tape unreasonable bonds and massive morass.
    The one big oil company town favoritism is at war on the small oil and gas workers and exploration and production oil and gas companies, this may be the reason only one company enjoys oil and gas big profits in Alaska as others don’t. If they allow this why not make the one company that gets all the favoritism to provide the people with cheap gas, but no!
    The war was waged by the elected state leadership and the agencies that have not allowed fair competition or due process.
    When the state stops its attack on small oil and gas companies may be Alaska will come out of its long-time decline in production and economic decay.

  35. I personally met with Lisa about 48 hours ago and I detected that she is washed out, fragmented, and utterly lost, relying on go to phrases when she is desperately wondering like “just know that I have “etc.
    She is done, but the propping up will now be enacted

  36. Just shut your mouth, Lisa.
    You and Danny boy both voted to annihilate Alaska’s economy when you both voted to confirm
    Deb Haaland.
    And now you have the unmitigated gall to act surprised????

  37. Too little, too late. A weak Murkowski just chasing votes. She could have spoken to this problem months ago. She’s got to go…

  38. Yesterday’s comments from Lisa Murkowski about President Joe Biden’s energy policy and the actions of his Interior Department Secretary, Deb Haaland are hypocritical at best. She said she will always vote in the best interests of the citizens of Alaska, but she lied. She voted to approve Deb Haaland despite many Alaskans warning Haaland would be bad for Alaska. She voted to support Joe Biden’s inflationary spending bills that have resulted in high inflation driving prices ever higher for Alaskans. She now wants to evade responsibility for these actions, but she is part of the problem. Voters intend to solve this problem at the elections in November. Murkowski better start looking for a job for an ex-senator from Alaska. Perhaps K Street lobbyist offices will have some openings.

  39. Next time she drops by to visit the peasants here. Make sure the welcome Isless than warm no fat stacks for her fundraising. No making nice nice with food and beverage s

  40. She’s right. She doesn’t have a future in the Republican Party. They expelled her. That’s why she pushed for getting rid of closed party primaries. There’s no way she could win a GOP primary.

  41. “Murkowski unhappy with gas prices, blames Biden”
    You have a few typos in the headline. Here let me fix it for you:
    “Murkowski unhappy with poll numbers, jumps on the bandwagon and blames Biden in a desperate attempt to curry favor with Republicans.”
    No need to thank me. I am happy to help.

  42. “Murky is unhappy…” Well, this voter is generally disgruntled, too, with the antics of most DC politicians, including at least one Republican Senator. Brandon is a dull, broken, and reprehensible politician – a tool of the leftist and woke big city mobs – who barely “won” the 2020 election even with the slick coverups of Hunter Biden’s laptop scandals and crimes that were orchestrated by the corporate news media and the swamp creatures of the CIA. (Obama’s CIA director, et al, in a published letter: “The laptop is Russian disinformation!” Sheesh.). And now, here we are having to deal with an octogenarian president whose pants are daily falling down around his ankles in full view of the world’s bad actors. Senator Murkowski, on account of your tacit and open support of Brandon and his minions, I hold you partly responsible for the many calamities that are unfolding within and without our nation’s borders, and I especially include the calamity of Brandon’s energy policies.

  43. Blame joe? Naw.. Blame yourself. Your decisions have consequences. That’s you’ll be “former senator” (employee). Soon.

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