Dennis Prager packs the house in Anchorage and warns of one of the biggest threats to the country: Universities


Dennis Prager, founder of Prager University (PragerU), host of a nationally syndicated talk show and podcast, author of several books, and highly sought-after conservative speaker, packed the house at the Hotel Captain Cook in Anchorage on Saturday evening. The hotel said it was the largest event held at the hotel since the Covid lockdowns started in 2020.

To a banquet room full of over 550 people attending to support the work of the Alaska Family Council, Prager said one of the most pressing issues in the nation today is that the Left is in control of schools and universities, and is using those platforms to drive a wedge between parents and their children.

He said that across the nation, parents tell him they know of other parents whose children will not speak to them because they voted for Donald Trump for president. He also hears from parents themselves who say their children have pushed them out of their lives. And he said that it’s the stated mission of at least some institutions of higher learning, such as Brown University and his alma mater Columbia University, to separate students from the values of their parents.

Prager gave a similar, albeit more spiritually laced message on Friday evening at the Alaska Jewish Center in Anchorage, to about 100 people, about half them Jewish, the other half Christian. On Sunday afternoon, he will speak at Anchorage Baptist Temple, where over 300 people have already purchased tickets. The event starts at 4 pm and tickets, $75, are available at the door.

Prager implored the audience in Anchorage to tell their children and grandchildren, “I care more about your character than I do about your grades.” And he said parents should consider homeschooling their children at this point, because public schools are creating what he calls an epidemic of children who have essentially dismissed their parents from their lives, something that is contrary to Judeo-Christian foundations.

PragerU is the most viewed conservative video site in the world, with one billion views a year, more than half by people under the age of 35. Dennis Prager is a New York Times bestselling author of nine books on subjects as varied as religion, happiness, morality, the left, Islamism, and America. He is a life-long theologian. His book, The Rational Bible, is the first volume of his five-volume commentary on the first five books of the Bible – rooted in his extensive knowledge of biblical Hebrew. It is currently the bestselling Bible commentary in America, and at publication was the #1 bestselling non-fiction book in the United States. His next book on Deuteronomy has already received an order by Costco of 35,000 copies, he said. It will be released in October.

This was Prager’s fourth visit to Alaska.


  1. Prager is a good man and doing God’s work around the country. He is exactly right and I hope he mentions the election fraud evidence that he has already reviewed on the 2000mules documentary from Dinesh D’souza. If this movie is not in Alaska Theaters, it needs to be. Contact your local theaters and ask for this documentary. It will open your eyes to how they stole the election from Trump and the American people.

    • 2000 mules is propaganda. Poorly done.

      One example: people wearing gloves handling ballots. 1. Winter. 2. pandemic. 3. Crap that comes via drop boxes tends to be dirty.

      Accept that Trump lost the election and look towards securing the next one.
      Learn and go forward. Don’t try to win a game you lost.

      • 2000 Mules isn’t about accepting the loss in 2020, it’s way beyond that now, this is more about showing the American people how the Democrats can rig and election and how to stop them from doing so in future elections.

      • Sure I accept that Trump lost the election. Just like I would lost my car when a thief stole it.

    • Suzanne Downing provided a pretty good summary of Mr. Prager’s biography–and even she didn’t mention anything about him being any level of authority on elections or “documentary films,” so what would be the point of him discussing this particular movie?

    • This is a very educated 72 year old man who seeks to deface public education. The issue is controlling education funding. If that money is privatized, then religious based entities profit by taking away from
      the public sector.

  2. Parents should be thankful. They don’t need to send their 18 y.o to a 35,000-150,000 per year college when a trade
    or community
    college is suffice. Now! If UA is really smart, they return to their community college days where trade degrees not only are affordable with
    flexible schedule like offering night
    classes, if it also reflected what alaska employment needs- get them trained within 10 months and working by 11th month.

  3. Isn’t this an identical message and then action from the Ayatollah during the Islamic revolution? The same quotes in 2022 could have been said in 1979 which is absolutely shocking. Respectfully, tell me how this is different?

  4. This is exactly what this country needs right now. Someone that has figured out where the left has hidden their agenda. Within our own children and schools. It’s enough with all these fluffy liberal colleges and high schools that preach parents are an obstacle to over come and that whatever they feel that day is more important.
    More Vocational Schools is all that is needed. To teach them how to work and stay busy and actually get somewhere in life. Prager is a breath of fresh air.. Home school your children.. And stop sending them to college just because you think it’s best. It’s no longer best when it is cranking out the wrong kind of workers that have a skewed thinking from being brainwashed!

  5. I take exception to the Prager piece; not the story, but the headline which blames the “Universities” for the problems discussed in the piece. Ms.Downing should have identified the true culprit as the “radical left” in her headline, not the “Universities”. Attention to detail, Ms. Downing.

    • Pffft. Of course you take exception, professor Houtcooper, PhD. But we were there and you were not. That’s what he focused on. Universities. Colleges. And K-12. And not for the first time. This is a consistent theme of his. Attention to detail, Dr. Houtcooper. And welcome to Must Read Alaska. Hang around here much? I’ve not seen you here before.
      You can see him talking about it many times. ‘

    • Very typical of educators to try and shift blame over to a differential identifier. The radical Left’s movements have specific origins at universities. It tumbles down to secondary education, as it’s designers intended. But in today’s world, accepting blame honestly, and confronting it, are matters of denial and personal disintegrity. As a licensed psychiatrist, and an MD, I see it all. Educators are some of the most prone to denial.

    • University and “radical left” are pretty much synonyms. Even in the Sixties at a state school in rural Georgia my professors in the Humanities ranged from knee-jerk New Deal liberals to open communists. Here in Alaska I can only recall two remotely conservative or even moderate professors, on a business professor at UAA who was almost universally reviled and the other an adjunct at UAS who taught logic and philosophy to the illiterate slugs produced by Alaska high schools who was evaluated as “too hard” by said slugs, so they found a groovy guy who taught the classes outdoors when the weather permitted and the slugs all sat in a circle and were happy.

      • Art, I suspect that had you applied yourself to your studies you might have ended up somewhere as a tenured professor with the intellectual standing like that of Noam Chomsky! Whatever, it’s unbecoming of you to moan and groan about life, especially at your age! You still might be able to “redeem” yourself by serving the Lord–and yourself!–as a Southern Baptist minister. As one of “them,” you’d be able to hone your vitriol and “feed” upon your flock. Beside, you’d have a fancy car at your disposal, three square meals a day, and all the wine that you can imbibe, not to mention a nice, new, leather bound bible to bang! Serve the Lord, save yourself, and leave Alaska!

  6. Dennis is an extraordinary man, speaking the truth to a packed room of more than 500 God Fearing Patriots that sat mesmerized by his frank and candid take on what is ailing our Country today. God Bless us all.

  7. That was a good speech. Lots of salient points brought up. It focused on the root cause of a lot of this nation’s problems, and that was children not taking up the morals and standards of their parents. (which started decades ago.)
    When the children look to the schools to learn rational morals (and so do the parents) what you get is an amoral, disrespectful, and disdainful population. Critical Race Theory, Systematic Racism. and the new “there are no genders” would not exist in the mainstream consciounsness if it were not for parent’s letting the schools teach children the three pillars of USA/Americanism: In God we Trust, Liberty, and e publuris unum.
    The destruction of the family unit is a goal of leftists. In fact, the leftists want all relationships to be secondary to the love of the all powerful State. And, they are teaching that to our children, and the country is suffering.

  8. Nothing new, Mr. Prager. Universities and public schools have been a threat since the 1970’s. But an even larger threat for public school age kids are the teacher’s unions. This is where all the Commies and America haters reside.

  9. Yes. All anyone needs in America is a functional fourth grade education and Zane Grey novels.

    • Galeutian, it’s each man to his own personal expectations! A functional 4th grade education? Don’t let anybody stop you!

    • Myself, I like “Fall of the Roman Empire”. My Lord, We know the Marxist have read it as it is template for everything the left is pushing today. IT’s A WONDERFUL LIFE is a great movie. But today the old scrooge Capitalist is a Leftist Demo crapper. Just look at that nuts assembly in Anchorage. (they need the Lords help) America – Where everyone wants in and no one wants out! Especially the left…he he he

  10. My land. I hope those sacrosanct biddies and birdies with their extra special gold embossed high school diplomas take their smelling salts and an extra pair of false teeth with them when they hitch up their horses and ride off in the fringe top surrey to see the show downtown. Those toofies will fall right out of their mouffies and they’re liable to keel right over in shock at the talkies.

  11. Prager effusively congratulated pseudo-conservative Dennis Rubin for adopting a baby to be raised by his so-called husband and himself…. an affront to proper family values and an act child abuse. In this particular instance, Dennis Prager is a disgrace.

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