Soldotna Planned Parenthood closing at end of May


The Soldotna offices of Planned Parenthood has just 10 days left. After 30 years of offering birth control, medication abortions, sexually transmitted disease testing, and abortion referrals, the location is one of a handful around the Western States that are being closed so the organization can adapt to doing more services via telemedicine. The Soldotna clinic, which closes May 31, does not offer surgical abortions.

The closure of the Soldotna clinic will mean the pro-abortion mega-organization, with its powerful political arms, will have locations only in Juneau, Fairbanks, and Anchorage. The closure doesn’t appear to be related to the pending overturn of Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court ruling that gave broad abortion rights to women across the country. Although the authority over abortion limitations will return to the states, Alaska’s constitution has been interpreted by the Alaska Supreme Court to allow doctors to perform surgical abortions.


  1. The Soldotna PP also “helps” people to “transition” from one sex to the other. They give puberty blockers and hormone therapies. I’m glad to see them go.

      • Yes. I have spoken multiple times outside of this PP to a mother whose teenage son is “becoming a daughter” by receiving hormone therapy there. I also know a man who is “transitioning” so he can be a female for his male lover. I know of several local people who are confused and think trying to change their sex will improve their life. It won’t. But PP pushes the lie that they can change their sex. I also have proof that I am glad to see them go. 🙂

  2. I’ve always found it ironic that they call themselves “Planned PARENTHOOD”, when their every pro-abortion principle leads to their ‘customers’ NOT becoming parents.
    How about renaming yourselves as “Planned Infanticide”, instead?
    That would be much more honest and truthful.

  3. Friends of mine went to planned parenthood to ask about how to plan a pregnancy, what to expect, etc… Turns out, they do not provide parenthood planning at all.

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