Linda Boyle: It’s back! Covid insanity is a chronic condition



I feel like we are living in a version of the “Ground Hog Day” movie. I frequently hear in my head the Broadway show tune, “Stop the world, I want to get off.”

Or I think of Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results.” 

It’s as if the CDC, WHO, NIH, Big Pharma, government schools, and big government didn’t learn a thing from our last go-around with Covid, even though they had three years to learn. 

We’ve already seen the jabs didn’t work, masks didn’t work, and lock downs didn’t work. And proven early treatments were not allowed as they did not fit the government’s agenda. 

The government had to get Emergency Use Authorization to use experimental mRNA injections and did so by inflicting fear on the entire country. It couldn’t do that if there were any effective medications available. And there were, but that voice was shut down.  

After act one was over, they said the masks didn’t work, the jabs didn’t prevent Covid transmission, the lock downs caused mental health issues and children lost more than a year of learning.  

They destroyed our economy leading to mass giveaway programs and rampant inflation.  Many stated we had to do better next time.

And the Atlantic magazine even had the audacity to write an article asking for us to give them amnesty.

Yet here we are again. The CDC told us a new “vaccine” would be out mid-September or early October 2023.  They “thought” it might work against the new Eris variant. The CDC is voting to approve this new “shot” on Sept. 12.

But wait! There is now an even newer virus variant.  And the researchers say that this newest booster shot getting approved in September probably won’t work against the newest variant.

There’s even more risk ahead for those who have already been vaccinated or had Covid.

The CDC risk assessment states “BA.2.86 may be more capable of causing infection in people who have previously had COVID-19 or who have received COVID-19 vaccines.” 

But fear not. President Biden has announced he is asking Congress for more money to create a new “vaccine” and he is thinking about recommending everyone get this new jab that hasn’t even been created yet.

The Washington Examiner recently stated that some pretty impressive public health institutions have been “caught exaggerating or flat-out misrepresenting the evidence for their doctrines.”   The article also said Paul Offit, a member of the FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee, acknowledged these bivalent boosters for Covid would only provide moderate and short-lived protection from the illness.

Even Dr. Anthony Fauci, AKA Dr. Science, stated the Covid jabs were “suboptimal.”

Analyses by University of California, San Francisco, epidemiologist Vinay Prasad, and his colleagues suggested the CDC overstated the threat of Covid to children, and the CDC journal frequently published flawed articles with conclusions that weren’t warranted concerning the effectiveness of masks.  

One would think these government elitists would understand our lack of faith in their agencies.  There is real danger in assuming the government agencies are never wrong.  That does not appear to be a lesson those elitists are willing to learn.

A recent survey demonstrated 25% of Americans do not trust the CDC and an additional 37% have only some trust. It’s no wonder.  

The CDC continues to change its stance on “prevention measures” for Covid yet keeps doing the same thing over and over again. Schools are again masking students; people are social distancing.  

Add to this a recent NIH study that showed an autoimmune phenomenon occurring after Covid-19 “vaccine” to include new onset of neuro diseases, liver disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and blood disorders, to name a few. The NIH went on to say this premise is controversial, they are just pointing it out.   

You may want to learn more about some of these autoimmune phenomena that are occurring.  If so, you are in luck. The Alaska Covid Alliance is having a Covid Conference titled “Covid and Beyond: The Establishment and You” on Oct. 13 and 14.

Topics like this will be discussed by nationally known experts.  

Visit our web page at to register for this exciting event. 

Stay informed because the lockdowns, masking and school closures are coming. And vaccine mandates are just around the corner. Be armed with the knowledge you need to protect yourself and your family.

Linda Boyle, RN, MSN, DM, was formerly the chief nurse for the 3rd Medical Group, JBER, and was the interim director of the Alaska VA. Most recently, she served as Director for Central Alabama VA Healthcare System. She is the director of the Alaska Covid Alliance. 


  1. I do not comply. Simple statement. All of those who rushed out to get the bio shot hopefully will think twice about injecting more poison into their bodies. We are at war and the government (deep state) is our enemy. If you don’t think so there is no saving you.

    • Fauci is coming back too. This time as the promotional expert for Pfizer and Moderna. The Science Guy!

  2. My favorite memory of the C-19 debacle was Chris Constant making a statement at an assembly meeting that masks were so effective there were zero covid cases in Las Vegas on the Saturday and Sunday when he was there on vacation. A short review of Clark county’s covid dashboard revealed they did not count cases on the weekend and lumped Saturday and Sunday’s cases into Monday’s inflated figure.

    He actually believed Vegas was covid free on the weekend.

    • After they purposely killed people, kept people from their loved ones while they killed them, mandated an experimental shot onto people, broke peoples businesses and livelihoods, created an environment to put riffs between families and friends, then ridiculed and condescendingly talked down to the people who would not comply to their dangerous China like demands,
      Nope, not me, no forgiveness from me here, only Nuremberg style prosecutions.

  3. Just use the word ‘the tyrannical’ inserted into the definition of the Terminator’s purpose:

    Listen, and understand! The Tyrannical are out there! They can’t be bargained with. They can’t be reasoned with. They don’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And they absolutely WILL NOT STOP… EVER, until you are dead.

    Or submitted and enslaved, which is just a slow death.

  4. The “Biden Administration” is filled with autocrats, authoritarians, and tyrants. They believe that they have the authority to take all of the property that you have worked hard for as well as to make you stop breathing, and for those that they have not done it to yet, it is a safe bet that they are working to rectify that situation. They have an exceedingly large cadre of like-minded government employees in their corner. Communists on the march. Compliance with their ill intended and evil initiatives leads to death.

    Look to God, who gave us our rights that they are powerless to take away, and seek to serve him. Pray.

    Fear not.

  5. But… there is election coming up.
    How else can they disguise massive election/voter fraud, and further destroy this once great nation?

  6. Covid never went away the people woke up to the false narrative and are now saying no. Do not be leave anything the government is selling because their track record proves they are liars. It’s another form of glue brought to you by your government and your tax dollars hard at work. Come on people we need to have a united stand against this stupidity.

  7. Third paragraph — ‘ It’s as if the CDC, WHO, NIH, Big Pharma, government schools, and big government didn’t learn a thing from our last go-around with Covid, even though they had three years to learn. ‘

    Actually it seems they learned a lot. It was ‘learned’ that locking us up, taking away our employment, forcing us to comply with subjective measures such as masks, gave them incredible power over us and achieved more desired economic erosion, placing more people than ever under government dependence, further increasing control and power. Seems the trial run was pretty successful. Conspiracy theory? Maybe. Time will tell.

  8. The problem is, most Covidians are mindless sheep who react blindly based on emotions, particularly fear (as induced in them by the power establishment and the corporate media), rather than on reason, common sense and logic. They are herd animals willing to be herded by sociopaths in authority. They are really not people as those of us who are NOT mindless herd animals think of the word.

  9. If the new Covid wrecking ball doesn’t render the desired results, the tyrants destroying our country will wage (open) war with Russia.

    Trump is clearly still a threat, and the Democrats have 0 viable candidates.

    Keep an eye on the interviews Tucker Carlson is hosting and publishing on X. He recently gave a speech in Hungary and sat down with Viktor Orban.

  10. Elections are coming up They will have mail in only voting and to prevent the spread observers will have to social distance from the counters. I saw several people wearing masks outside today, fools.

  11. There were many lessons learned during that Lockdown and, I would hope people will remember, and prepare for it again, as there is a high likelihood of it occurring again in the very near future. Never forget, it’s an election year and the Progressive Left will stoop to utter recklessness, exacting any cost, so as to retain power.

  12. How do you spell BS. And what ever happened to the seasonal flu. They want to play you… again. Corruption abounds. Take back America is why you have to vote in local and national elections.

    • Parkinson’s is cut significantly by people taking enough vitamin D. No one is talking about it, and most elderly Alaskans are severely deficient. shows 108 studies, many of which are peer reviewed.

      Every Alaskan should know the truth about vitamin D and check their levels, especially the elderly.

      Thanks for all you’re doing. You’re a CHAMPION!

  13. At least Greg and Maureen have nothing to worry about, they’ve got like 19 clot shots between the two of them. Probably never stopped wearing the mask either.

    • I can just see both of them STILL wearing the obedience diaper, while driving, alone, and with a face shield on top of it.

      Hey Covidiots: Linus from “Peanuts” called, and he wants his security blanket back.

  14. Gee, I didn’t know the DOD had finished creating that new Eris variant yet, and they are already working on another one? Wow! I guess it really is an IQ test to see how many people will fall for all this nonsense again and take the clot-shot.

    • I’d like to see all of the cell towers destroyed around our nation on the subject of the Eris variant! Shoot, the evil probably has 4 or 5 “variants” lined up and ready to roll out as needed.

  15. We here in AK will have to worry about this as long as Dunleavy allows Anne Zink to infest the Chief Medical Officer position in his government. Zink, like her idol Fauci, has been wrong on every single COVID policy from the beginning. Dunleavy makes a continuing mistake by allowing her to continue to remain on the public dime. Cheers –

  16. Well, the writer better be right in her prophecy that there be school closure, mandates, and lockdowns coming later this fall. I’m inclined to believe it’ll not be so widespread as we seen in 2020. The writer will be accused of misinformation and fear mongering if it doesn’t happen as she predicted. I think we shouldn’t discourage people from getting the vaccine. We can tell our neighbor not to get it, but if they want it then let them get it. If you are correct they are harmed or experience sudden illnesses after getting the vaccine. Sometimes our choices bring consequences and the best lessons in developing humility were learned when pride was shaken by a poor choice made and a consequence came for one to realize how dumb, arrogant they lived. Its a lot easier to save someone when they stop being so defensive.

    • For starters Jen, quit calling it a “vaccine” – it is not a “vaccine.” If you are really sincere in helping people, tell them the truth that this is a bio-weapon meant for depopulation then go ahead and tell them that they should do as they feel appropriate.

  17. There never was a real pandemic. One third of one percent dead is one out of 300 and virtually none were young or healthy.
    The 1918 flu killed 50 million worldwide which translates to 200 million with todays population. Covid killed 10 million worldwide so the 1918 flu was 20 times worse or 2000 percent worse. The London plague of 1665 killed 25 % of the population.
    Now they call trifling problems pandemics redefining language for power and money. 2 % of the USA population is locked up as criminals and it should include those Covid captains who locked me up during their Covid hysteria religious fantasy. A death row inmate gets to exercise outside 1 hour a day yet they let me living alone out only one hour a week from their arbitrary and capricious solitary confinement to go shopping. Their behavior should be criminalized and it is they who should be locked up. They tried to ruin my health and immune system with their lockdowns and scare tactics for their own power and monetary profits. They should be considered a bigger threat to your well-being than the rioters and looters left or right or so called insurrectionists. What they do is not much different than what the Salem witchcraft theory proponents did. Spread mass hysteria and accuse their level headed opponents of everything they are themselves guilty of. The woke are hysterically possessed and should be treated as such.

  18. The Election Variant of Covid will be upon us soon along with lockdowns, masks, mandates & an escalation in mail-in voting, ballot harvesting and hacked Dominion Voting machines. It will be all hands on deck for the Far Left. Resist!

  19. Linda Boyle,

    Please spread the truth about HIGH ENOUGH VITAMIN D LEVELS being the key to not fear Covid (for most people).

    Hardly anyone is saying anything, yet the majority of Alaskans are way below the 50 ng/ml target level. 70 ng/ml is the level peer reviewed studies say cuts the risk of cancer for women by 70%!

    No one is saying anything here. We can only get enough D from the sun from May to August, and this year that was impossible for most because of the rain and cloudy skies.

    High enough vitamin D helps children be able to concentrate in schools, decreases depression, improves sleep, and helps solve 100 illnesses, which vitamin D wiki lists in the left-hand column on their site, with links to the studies (many peer reviewed).

    Most Alaskans don’t even know how much to take. The media is silent, partly because if the truth about vitamin D for Covid was known, Big Pharma couldn’t have gotten emergency authorization for the jab — and we would have sailed through Covid growing stronger, not weaker.

    It should be a no-brainer for everyone in Alaska to know the truth about vitamin D, because we get so little sun.

    People taking enough vitamin D would help Alaska come out of the depression we’re in.

    It’s not just a vitamin, but an essential hormone.

    I hope Dr. Ryan Cole will be encouraged to tell the truth about vitamin D at the conference, and would even be given a session in which he could talk about D only.

    It’s estimated that if people took enough D, hospital visits for all causes would decrease by two thirds! So people NOT KNOWING the truth about D is big business for Big Pharma.

    It’s also racial. Dark skinned people need up to 10 times the amount of sun in order to get the same amount of D! And dark skinned people died at twice the rate from Covid. Whites who had the same low levels of D died at the same right. So since black lives matter, the media blackout is even more hideous!

    I hope vitamin D is mentioned at the conference as much as Ivermectin this time.

    Thanks for all you’re doing!

    God bless!

  20. What’s the message?
    Situation’s too far gone to do anything but state the obvious because half the problem is otherwise decent neighbors more afraid of losing their normal than losing their freedoms?
    Staying informed, arming oneself with knowledge is good. Now regard the awesome might of the State arrayed against us. Sit down, make a list of who and what’s arrayed against us in the name of China Flu hysteria. What now, Braveheart? Oh wait, we don’t have a Braveheart, a hero, inspiring us to do what William Wallace did. Our hero’s fighting for his own survival against the might of the very same State. They want to put him in jail. Stop him, stop us, seems like effective strategy. They’ve money and power to do it to him, imagine what they have for us.
    Ourselves properly informed, armed with knowledge and bloody all else, Nurse Boyle, what shall we do to make the Biden Regime not do what they did last time, only worse because they learned from their mistakes?
    Have we reached the point of general strikes, walkouts, tax rebellions, hiring Antifa to make our point for us?
    If the condition’s chronic, therefore incurable, have we reached the point of having nothing to lose?
    What do you recommend, Nurse Boyle, for chronic sufferers who feel they’ve nothing left to lose?

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