Linda Boyle: Parents, take time to learn whether kids need Covid shots



The big push is on: Parents are being told to get their children vaccinated for Covid. 

While not opposed to vaccinations, I believe every parent or guardian should make the best decision for their children based on the science. Most parents diligently look to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or their family doctor for recommendations. These are not bad sources, but they are not the only place to look.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Covid-19 shots are still recommended for anyone over the age of six months.  

Here are the data for Alaska:

Chart above shows cases by age, deaths by age of Covid in Alaska.

Note in the chart above that those under 20 years of age (orange) had 25% of the Covid cases. 

But the middle chart shows less than 1% of those who died with Covid were under 20. Of those who died, no mention of comorbidities is included. A comorbidity is usually a long-term or chronic disease or condition that can complicate another serious illness. We also don’t know if those who contracted Covid had been “vaccinated” for Covid.

In a review by scientists led by the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute concerning covid “vaccines,” the authors stated natural immunity is pretty common in younger populations, due to the virus being around (albeit mutating) for the last two years. Therefore, the benefit for healthy children to receive this MRNA injection may be minimal.  

The CDC announced that a new booster dose will be released by the third week in September or early October.  

That booster, the CDC said, will assist with coverage for the new mutation called ERIS, despite the fact the Covid variant has already mutated. The experts think it’s close enough that “it should” give protection.  

The government is looking at possibly giving it Emergency Use Authorization even though President Joe Biden declared the Covid Emergency over in May 2023.    

Once you have the information concerning the benefits of the MRNA injection, you must look at the potential side effects from the injection. Is the “cure” more harmful than the disease?  

It would seem so, especially for children. Healthy children have minimal risk of getting the disease and getting any complications from it. The experts only “think” might be effective against the virus that has already mutated. 

This is not science. And some of the really harmful side effects from the jab are myocarditis and pericarditis, especially in young males.  Myocarditis means inflammation of the heart and pericarditis is an inflammation in the sac surrounding the heart. These conditions can lead to long-term complications and death.

According to Dr. Meryl Nass, internal medicine physician, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and CDC knew about the myocarditis safety issues as early as February 2021, but “hid it until they got the vaccine authorized for 12-15-year-olds in May 2021.” And then they kept pushing the vaccine on these highest-risk groups.” 

But it is difficult for one to find this information that the government wants to hide. In their “medical misinformation policy” YouTube has defined what it doesn’t want you to know.  Any information that “contradicts local health authorities” or the World Health Organization must be kept off their pages, and this includes prevention misinformation, treatment misinformation, and denial information. 

Big Pharma has hidden side-effect information until it has been forced to disclose the information.  

If you have all the information and good science to back it up, you as individuals and as parents can figure things out for yourselves and make the best decision for yourself and your children. There are resources out there for you like the Childrens’ Health Defense and Frontline Doctors.  

And specific to Alaskans, you can find current information at and our Facebook page, Alaskans Supporting Early Treatment.  

Please stay educated.  Ask questions.  Do not be fooled or manipulated.  Your children’s lives depend on you.  

Linda Boyle, RN, MSN, DM, was formerly the chief nurse for the 3rd Medical Group, JBER, and was the interim director of the Alaska VA. Most recently, she served as Director for Central Alabama VA Healthcare System. She is the director of the Alaska Covid Alliance. 


  1. Here we go again. I never took the vax and remained 100% healthy, with hundreds of exposures due to my employment. I have relatives down south that chastised me for not taking the jab, but they all got sick several times after getting vaxxed. Everyone has their beliefs but hopefully we’ve all gotten wise enough to not trust Democrat’s and their CDC and the Chinese WHO.

  2. Parents, let me save you some time.

    No. Your kids don’t need the shot. Probably don’t need any of them.

    Eat your vegetables.

  3. For those parents who have children in the Anchorage School District, beware of the so-called “informed Consent” form. This form does NOT list the bad side-effects of the various shots. It only lists a link to the various vaccine makers. However, the state’s Informed Consent form does carry the side-effects of the shots. These include myocarditis and pericarditis which can be fatal, especially to males in the 12-20 year age group. So, do not sign the fake form. Your children are at risk. The school board and the superintendent have been informed of this shortcoming but nothing has changed.

  4. No one needs this experimental genetic device.

    They said it would prevent transmission. They lied.

    They said it had undergone clinical trials. They lied.

    They said it was safe. They lied.

    Those that lied need to be brought before justice.

    Don’t get fooled again.

  5. A lot of people in Hawaii would benefit from the the money being used to advertise this stupidity. They should call it the dummy shot.

    • Those in the government assume the Christians and Humanists will pony up and send relief donations through the various ways. Well- the humanists can throw money to be good whether or not the money they give is best used toward aid, cause we know it cost to run organizations-there are business upkeeps; as well every time there is a disaster scammers always set up phony non profits cause they know Humanists (human nature) are emotionally driven and they can make money when people donate out of emotions. however the Christian must exercise discernment and wisdom who, when, and what we throw money and provisions toward through prayer so efforts aren’t wasted mistakingly giving it away to scammers or our generosity getting in the way of the receiver repenting and receiving salvation, since unlike the humanist Christian is called to a good steward of money and sharing the gospel.

  6. There is plenty of documented information about how deadly these shots are especially to younger people. Pfizer wanted to keep their research about side effects covered up for 75 years, why do you suppose they did that? It’s pretty obvious that they knew how deadly these shots were and they also knew that the shots didn’t prevent infection. Then there is the shedding issue.

    Parents, do your child a favor and homeschool your kids and do not, under any circumstances, allow them to get the shot unless you want to kill them.

  7. There even a Samoan in it while our Anchorage Samoan community, all the Samoans I talked to said they didn’t get a Covid vaccine, unlike when I bring it up with Natives-Alaskans most say they got it and they say they got the Covid vaccine because of me elders.

  8. Can anyone (who is not a COVID vaxx disciple, GForkner, I am looking your way), tell me exactly what benefit the vaccine provides?
    From what I can tell, the shot:
    1. Does not prevent catching the disease,
    2. Does nothing to stop the spread,
    3. Might reduce symptoms (has not been demonstrated in any reliable study) (oh, and so does Ivermectin, and HCQ), and
    4. Has more (significantly) more documented adverse reactions that all other vaccines combined.
    So, explain again why someone should have mRNA shots? I see no benefits, only drawbacks.

    • Yes indeed. Interesting how the vaxed defend the fact that they’re being used as lab rats. “I got vaccinated and still caught Covid 3 times but it wasn’t as bad as it would have been had I not been vaxed”. Say what? How does one prove what might or might not have been? It’s just a hypothesis based on guess work and wishful thinking. Fairy tales. Nothing more. Joseph Goebbels would have been proud of the government propaganda machine we now face.

  9. Unfortunately, the most dangerous mutation out there has to do with the communist educated leaders of the world’s large corporations, that are cooperating with governments and their agencies in a way that would make a World War II era fascist blush.

    Also, the ONLY immunity conferred by the COVID ‘vaccine’ is to the pharmaceutical manufacturers of the stuff…

  10. The CDC aka Covid Disinformation Center, is not a reliable source for Covid vaccine information. In fact, they are the primary source of disinformation in the USA today.

  11. It is interesting to me that none, and I mean absolutely none of the HUGE vaccine advocates are here pushing for it. Where is the “I would be dead if not for the vaccine” guy? (GF… i am looking your way.)
    Com’n leftists. Instituting the all powerful State requires obedience. Step it up.

  12. I trained in micro biology in college. I have no issues with real vaccines. Forget this fake one that doesn’t prevent the illness it is purported to. And does have serious negative effects. Why take the chance to try to prevent something that mostly is not an issue in children? Satan’s garden gnome doesn’t need more of your money!

  13. Fauci is gearing up the shutdown machine again.

    More than Biden, I’d live to see that fraud in jail.

  14. Nurse Linda’s got chutzpah… which is not to be mistaken for credibility.
    Nurse Linda, why not cut to the chase: Will you bet your life my children won’t be remembered as more post-vaccine VAERS events; will you disclose all the secret-squirrel stuff which Big Pharma wants Americans –not– to know about Covid vaccines; will you explain why Americans should believe anything public health officials such as yourself say about Covid after two years of lies, deception, self-enrichment, mass manslaughter caused by deliberately witheld treatments?
    No? Then why are you still talking, why are you still here?
    Are these things –not– what parents should “take time to learn” before exposing their children to increased risk of death, cardiomyopathy, and all the morbidly fascinating stuff which makes Covid VAERS reports so interesting?
    Surely, Nurse Linda, you’re not prepping your adoring public for yet another round of pre-election, government-imposed Covid hysteria; first vaccinations, then forced vaccinations, stay-at-home orders, masks, censoring, church closures, a broken economy, maybe even a taste of martial law to show who’s really running this country?
    Nurse Linda, your adoring public don’t have to be RN’s, MSN’s, DM’s, to recognize BS when they see it, especially the second time around.
    Seems reasonable to ask how overdosing Americans with a second round of Covid-related BS just as they’re recovering from your first-round overdose would end well.
    Over to you, Nurse Linda.

    • You’re getting after the wrong nurse here, Morrigan. Appreciate your position on the kill shot, but in this instance you have misidentified the ‘enemy’. Have you gone to the Alaska COVID Alliance website? Clearly you missed their arrival on the scene, relatively early on.

      • Good points, North.
        Shouldn’t the public have a right to expect more from their public-health officials than a dismissive suggestion to “take time to learn whether kids need Covid shots”?
        Makes as much sense as suggesting airline passengers take time to learn whether their pilot knows how to fly the airplane.
        Learn from whom? Big Pharma who keeps secrets with U.S. government approval? Hospital staff whose cozy financial relationships with Big Pharma are no secret? Social-media platforms which censor vaccine data we’re not supposed to see? Dr. Birx, the White House coronavirus response coordinator, who said in April 2020, anyone who died and tested Covid positive will be labeled as a Covid death regardless of whether or not the person had comorbidities prior to Covid diagnosis? Dr. Faucci, arguably the foremost authority on Covid gain-of-function since he apparently helped finance it? Mask police?
        Learn from whom? Medical professionals who were fired, censored, struck off, ostracized, de-funded, shadow-banned, investigated for their cautionary reports on Covid vaccine effects? Parents of healthy, athletic children who suddenly dropped dead from cardiomyopathy, coincidentally after Covid vaccination?
        What’s the working-stiff parent meant to learn from: “Class switch towards spike protein-specific IgG4 antibodies after SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccination depends on prior infection history”, especially this part: “In summary, our data presented here are a highly relevant confirmation of previous findings that mRNA vaccinations induce high proportion of spike-specific IgG4 antibody responses. In contrast, individuals vaccinated with mRNA vaccines after SARS-CoV-2 infection, as well as naïve individuals vaccinated with vector-based vaccines did not develop significant IgG4 isotyped spike-specific response. Further studies are needed to clarify the relevance of our findings for future mRNA-based vaccine development.”?
        Would be interested, North, in your opinion on differences between public acceptance and understanding of vaccines for old-school stuff like rabies, measles, mumps, rubella, polio, TB, Black Plague, Dengue fever, etc., and what’s happening now with Covid.
        Looks way too much like a cynical theme among a certain species of modern medical professionals: transferring ownership of, and therefore accountability for, a problem which they helped create, from which they profit hugely, to vulnerable, non medical professional parents who had nothing to do with the problem in the first place.
        Maybe it boils down to the question of what’s happening to American society. Non medical professional parents who, for example, unconditionally trust the doctor’s decision on rabies vaccination for their kids, without “taking time to learn whether kids need (rabies) shots”, apparently exist in sufficient numbers to worry Covid commandos who have a product to push.
        On August 22, 2023, we see: “Parents, take time to learn whether kids need Covid shots”
        On August 22, 2023, we also see: “Project NextGen Awards Over $1.4 Billion to Develop the Future of COVID-19 Vaccines and Therapeutics. Funding includes $1 billion for vaccine clinical trials, $326 million for a new monoclonal antibody, and $100 million to explore novel vaccine and therapeutic technologies”.
        Merely coincidence, no?

        • Well, as far as acceptance for old-school stuff like rabies, measles, mumps, rubella, polio, TB, & the others, I lapped it all up in much the same way most everyone else did or has. For some reason, my eyes flew open when I started reading about mRNA, and I saw that it was clearly dangerous and about to be tested on the population after having repeatedly and horribly failed in lab testing for a couple of decades. Grim as grim can be is how I would characterize the legally immune pharmaceutical companies success with apparent uptake of their product.

          Having watched all that, and learned more along the way, was forced to re-evaluate acceptance of the “old-school stuff” and have come to the conclusion that since at least 1986, vaccines have been more in the interest of Big Pharma than those receiving the injections. If we were able to figure it out, I would posit the majority of the vaccines have done more harm than good. As far as public acceptance then, and the current reticence or unwillingness to open their eyes, or maybe due to the highly propagandized misleading by those that should have strove to inform them, we are in a tight spot.

          Evil is real. So is God, and his love, mercy, and grace. The real power resides with the latter.

    • Morrigan, Nurse Linda told me she agreed with all your post. Loved the “Nurse Linda, your adoring public don’t have to be RN’s, MSN’s, DM’s, to recognize BS when they see it, especially the second time around”. Standby for another Covid Alliance Event! Coming soon.

      • Wonder what became of Merijeanne Moore’s crusade to investigate the spread of COVID-19 vaccine “misinformation” and treatments by other physicians. (
        If Covid Alliancers merit Merijeanne’s wrath, maybe their street cred’s good after all.
        What a memorable event it would be if Drs. Atlas, Ladapo, and Ben Carson were keynote speakers at the next Covid Alliance Event… and the adoring public were invited.
        Host your own Covid shots… a few milliliters of something sterile to ward off cold… or heat.
        This could work.

  15. No Vax, No Mask and No Fear! Had it twice & now I’m done. Ivermectin. HCQ and natural immunity work. Too many “sheeple” fell for this crap at immeasurable cost to the Global community and obscene profits for the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Fauci needs to be punished and kids left in school and on the playground without this dangerous unproven jab!

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