Linda Boyle: What will you do when the next ‘pandemic’ comes?



During the three-year “pandemic,” our First Amendment rights were terribly violated. The government used fear to control people. We were told to stop living our lives, stop seeing family, stop traveling, and don’t ever visit dying relatives. Information was suppressed; mainstream media was in lockstep with the government on its messaging.  

Freedom of Speech appeared to only exist if you were parroting whatever “information” the government determined to be valid.  Case in point:  Sen. Elizabeth Warren asked Amazon to stop carrying Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s book “Truth about Covid” because it contained “misinformation” about “vaccines and treatment.”

And it came as no surprise when the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals said Warren had not violated Kennedy’s First amendment rights.

With Covid “measures”, people were isolated and the “loneliness epidemic” in the US increased by 5%.  People were hurting.  And worse, people were dying alone.  

More and more information is now coming out concerning how most of the decisions made by the federal government did little to stop the “pandemic”. Those who made these decisions for lock down, “vaccines”, to “stop” you from getting Covid, and the closure of schools are rapidly backpedaling and seem to forget both what they said and the mandates they imposed.  

They are backtracking and are telling us none of this was their doing.  And they have no plans to take any responsibility for those decisions. 

Instead of owning up to their mistakes, it seems these overlords would rather lie or at best stretch the truth or claim amnesia.  They never intended to “follow the science”.

Just watching Randi Weingarten, head of the American Federation of Teachers, tell the House Select Committee she was always in favor of reopening schools when in fact, this teacher’s union did its best to keep schools closed.  Incredible demands were made to include massive amounts of additional funding and the suspension of teacher evaluations. The Los Angeles branch of the AFT demanded Medicare for all. 

During her testimony, Weingarten feigned amnesia at one point and used her age of “65” to explain why she couldn’t answer the question. She evaded several questions concerning her interactions with the CDC and the White House. She did finally admit she had the cell phone number of Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the head of the CDC. Iowa Congresswoman Miller-Meeks, a physician, responded that not even she had Dr. Walensky’s cell number.  

This is the same teacher’s union whose members were seen on YouTube dancing. And another member was seen having fun at a Caribbean resort while her students were stuck at home, not being educated.  

Weingarten was in Ukraine discussing that country’s educational needs. How did she plan to help them during the war and especially since we were still in a “pandemic”? Somehow European travel was okay; Caribbean travel was okay; but classroom in-person teaching was not okay. 

Private schools and those charter schools not run by school districts managed to stay open with minimal effect on anyone’s health and children’s overall learning. But those students going to brick-and-mortar schools were shut out of the learning process. This placed our most vulnerable children even further behind having to depend on Zoom to “learn.”

Researchers validated a huge learning decline during Covid lockdowns. Children lost about 35% of knowledge and skills they would have gained had they been in a physical school classroom. Those deficits unfortunately remained constant for the 2.5 years that we lived through Covid lockdowns and mask mandates. 

Online school also impacted social and emotional development. Further studies showed an inequality gap was created between children of different socioeconomic backgrounds.  

The lower income and minority students lost the most. The achievement gap, so strongly touted by the education industry, grew even greater.

Besides the debacle caused by shutting down the schools in most states, we also had the “largest expansion of government power at least since the New Deal”.  Dr Fauci rose to fame during the pandemic and was lauded by the mainstream media as a superstar.  

He’s been clear that mistakes were made he’s also been clear that none of this was his fault. He said he didn’t have the power to shut things down—but people trusted him and then they made their decisions based on the information he gave them.

The Atlantic magazine a few weeks ago published an article that asked for amnesty for those who told us to wear masks, socially isolate, and fear the disease. It said we should kiss and make up with the government leaders who have tortured us for three years with unrealistic mandates. They said we should forgive and move on.  

That’s nearly impossible to do. People who did not bend to the will of the government lost their jobs for not getting the jab. People were pitted against each other with nasty language used to describe those who thought differently. 

Good doctors had their licenses suspended. People who did not agree with the established dialogue were minimalized, doxed, made fun of and kicked off social media.  

No, we don’t plan to forget. We need to push for accountability. If not, the government will be back again with even more control and suppression of our First Amendment rights. It worked well for them the last time.  It’s all a matter of control.  

The real question is what will you do when the next “pandemic” comes? Will you surrender your First Amendment rights?  

Will you obey and not visit your dying loved ones in the hospital?  

Will you separate yourself from your friends and relatives who do not agree with you and bow down to the government?

Or will you stand up for yourself, your family, your neighbors, your friends, and all Americans who disagree with the heavy hand of the government? 

Linda Boyle, DM, MSN, is a member of the Alaska Covid Alliance.


  1. “The real question is what will you do when the next “pandemic” comes?” Probably riot and loot while feigning moral outrage.

    • Jay; A story from the Sacramento news paper 1918 stated that the Police captain gave orders to shoot people if they were seen outdoors without a mask. If that was legal then , then it would certainly be legal now.
      Summarize; The safety of the public is far more important than individual rights 😉

      • What if a member of a minority was shot by the police during an epidemic? Surely I would have the right to loot and riot? I would gladly wear a mask.

      • “The safety of the public is far more important than individual rights”. So 3rd, your saying I shouldn’t join Antifa or BLM if i want to get a little outdoor exercise during the next pandemic?

      • Summarize: the delusions, insanities and moral perversions of collectivists and statists are of no importance whatsoever.
        I think you would be much more comfortable living in North Korea, comrade.

      • That is just the type of bull that gets the constitution thrown out. How about if someone is that afraid, they stay under the bed until the all clear sounds and I will go about my life, as I always have? I told everyone that told me I had to wear a mask in order to enter a building that I was NOT wearing a friggin mask. Suddenly, the mask was way less important than getting the generator fixed. And it has been proven, ad nauseum, that a mask is about as effective at stopping a virus as your pants are of stopping a fart. The safety of the many is NOT more valuable than my rights because “safety” is a term that mean nothing today. The only way to be safe is to keep your head out of your butt and think for yourself.

      • 3rd may give all his rights away to service the state 3rd wishes. Just don’t touch mine.

        Typical leftist. Two quotes come to mind for this thinking

        -those who surrender freedom for security deserve neither (Ben Franklin)

        -useful idiot (Lenin)

      • ‘The safety of the public is far more important than individual rights’

        Back this up. What part of the Constitution is this from? What document allows individual freedoms to be curtailed? Do you have any state level documents that you can cite that allow stifling individual freedoms? We’ll wait . . ..

  2. Selective documentation of history is nothing new. It is why we continue to make mistakes. Spare hard feelings and you spare the truth. Our ability to stand by the constitution has been tested by many generations. When our border must be protected from people trying to get out, then people might be concerned enough to get involved.

  3. It is far easier to be fooled, than be convinced you were fooled. We are seeing this still played out.

  4. I won’t be leave or follow orders from the WHO and our government. They are proven liars and if they release more man made viruses things will be handled differently. First who’s responsible for being an idiot ?

  5. Picture the RESTRICT Act, co-sponsored by Senator Dan Sullivan, criminalizing dissent, and the effect that is going to have. Its a safe bet that a co-sponsor of that legislation is going to vote for it, and heave the Bill of Rights and the United States Constitution into the trash bin, regardless of any oath taken to uphold and defend them. If it really mattered to him, he would have had the good sense to not only not put his name on it, but to vehemently oppose it, and call it out for the treason that it is.

    The truth will prevail, and no amount of coercion on the part of the government, or its feeble minded minions will change that. Either they fight for the truth, or they identify themselves as the enemy of it, and those that seek to support and defend it.

  6. Recently I have tried to quietly and respectfully individually approach certain family members of mine to talk about what happened to our family because of the reaction to covid. (Our family bond is not broken, but is diminished- things like family gatherings no longer happen and it is quite sad.) These are family members who bought in completely to the state/corporate psy-op and supported the following oppression to those who would not comply. These are family members to whom I discerned an ability to critically think and are open to challenging their presuppositions. Not one of them took me up on my offer though it was made clear this was not a scalp hunting operation, but a chance to find our way back to a common place together. At this time I am left with nothing but praying for God’s healing on my family.

    More on point to the authors thesis, never trust the state. Never rely on the state. They are not your friends. At best they are neutral. Most of the time they are your enemy. They seek your subjugation and compliance. They wish to destroy your family and educate your children. Every time you (or I) take a favor or money from the state in return for giving them more power, you (we) are furthering our own oppression. It is not a question if we will bend the knee, but simply haggling over our price. Until we feel that in our bones nothing will change. When you do- everything will change. Many are already there. We need more. And indeed more are realizing this terrible bargain and bind we are in and are saying no more. What is coming next needs to be much less decentralized with a heavily restrained state (if any at all as we would currently recognize). This process does not need to be violent in any way. Just a slow letting go- like releasing a shuffleboard puck.

  7. I will do what I did during the last pandemc. I began as everyone did, in fear of what was to come. Then my brain kicked in and I didn’t mask up, I did go visit relatives and have them visit me (unless they were ill as I have always done), All of the information put out to the public was fear based and therefore not logical! Studies (many) were able to be found that proved they don’t work, if a person wanted to take the time to research. Studies (many) were able to be found that proved the jab was NOT a vaccine, but an experimentation on the human population originally begun by Bill Gates himself as a control mechanism in Africa. There were ever so many children that died as a result. Sound like a conspracy. Do the research and “follow the science”. There are still places today that want you to wear masks, they are not done trying to control you. I will not walk into those places of business. I don’t do business with people who hate me, i.e. Amazon, Disney, Bud Light, etc. If these businesses go bankrupt because of their stupidity then so be it. They deserve what they get. I get very aggravated at the nonsensical illogical response of those who are supposedly trying to protect the people. I will speak out against that attitude. There are any who have done the proper thing and protected their people and we need to thank them. I have written letters to that effect to them. I would urge you to do the same.

  8. You do realize more than a million Americans died from Covid, and millions more around the world. I think that qualifies as a pandemic and you don’t need quotes around it. How about opening up a science book once in a while and learn at least a little about epidemiology? You seem proud of your ignorance.

    • cman – If you could properly qualify your lead off statistic, you would realize what utter garbage it is.

    • Cman, you’ve left out a key component here. Millions of people died “with” Covid, not from it. No matter what the ailment was, if Covid was detected in the body, it was the cause of death. I know this from personal experience.

    • Cman, you are merely parroting the disinformation and lies of the political and medical establishments. Stop it.

      Even the CDC, as corrupt and politicized as they are since the Wuhan Virus panicdemic, quietly admit in their own statistics that only 6% of those included in those statistics you cite died DIRECTLY as a result of the virus. It was the first (so-called) pandemic in which ‘cases’ were determined not clinically, but by the spurious use of a DNA amplification procedure that even its inventor strenuously argued was not valid as a diagnostic test.

      Please stop spreading the status quo’s misinformation and lies.

        • As usual, Maureen, your dishonest and specious gibberish is unworthy of response. But your psychological projection of YOUR own subservience and submission to authority is clearly on display.

    • No amnesty for you. You keep spreading dis information were gonna shave your head and make you move down south and throw your furniture in the river.

    • Cman, did you notice, in your exhaustive research, that COVID apparently cured heart disease deaths in 2020? And Cancer deaths in the US were non existent, as well as deaths from diabetes.

    • Do you just find the info you wish to believe and then repeat that? So we were told, originally, that ‘millions’ (I can’t help but think of Carl Sagan’s voice here, lol) died DUE to covid. But during the same time span influenza magically disappeared. No exaggeration, there were statically zero influenza outbreaks during covid, so isn’t that a bit suspicious? Especially since there has never been a year with out some type of flu outbreak in modern times. The flu variations kill large number of people all around the world, each and every year, except when ‘covid’ showed up. Then there was the built in incentives for medical establishments to report positive covid deaths. Many hospitals and clinics have admitted that just the presence of covid in a dead patient allowed them to report it as a ‘covid death’ and actually get a government payout for their work in handling the ‘pandemic’. THEY GOT CASH TO REPORT COVID DEATHS! What better incentive to pad the statistics. Following those reports, even many government officials started to admit that the statistics were cooked from the beginning.

      I freely admit that I have no idea the exact number of deaths brought about by an infection of the covid virus. But after hearing the admissions of hospitals and doctors of padding the stats, it proves that none of the government sources, that you so blindly trust, have any idea either. But common sense tells us all that it’s a LOT less than a ‘million’ like they claimed.

    • cman says: “You do realize more than a million Americans died from Covid, and millions more around the world. I think that qualifies as a pandemic and you don’t need quotes around it.”

      I’ll grant your numbers with the qualification that the deaths were WITH rather than FROM COVID.

      While you qualify it at a pandemic, I qualify it as an attack by China on the rest of the world with a Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD), specifically biological warfare, which is illegal under the Geneva Conventions. Question becomes what to do about it. Cheers –

  9. If I’m still alive, not trust one damn thing the government says, and ignore their rules on isolation.

    The government lost the trust of non progressives nationwide and will not regain it easily, if ever.

  10. But I won’t be surprised if the next time our Imperial Federal Government does like China and forces us into isolation at the point of a gun.

      • Psst. . . .
        Rino. . . .
        Ivermectin was invented and has been distributed as an anti parasitic since the 70’s. For people, not just animals.

  11. Next round of Democrat Covid should arrive in US about May 2024, just in time to put lockdowns in place, schedule early and late voting schemes, and put Dirty Joe back in his basement so the public doesn’t get to see how miserable he is.

  12. Good points Linda. But how do you resolve the fundamentally conflicted mentality of the average American/Alaskan in how we give away our children to government schools, and then complain about how they’re run? Too little, too late with any parental involvement.
    We’ve built this monstrosity of public education with billions of tax dollars over many decades. Wise up parents- this what you get when you have kids and then sign them over to strangers with disparate value systems. Enroll = agree to their way.
    We’ve built a sense of ownership and entitlement in people like R.W. over many years of apathy, neglect, and willful relinquishing of our parental rights. And we’ve paid them to do it. R.W. is a rated-X horror show that we wrote, funded, and then bought tickets to.

    • Operator, it is indeed unfortunate that many parents are not engaged in what is happening in their child’s school. As you know, information is power, and the education industry well knows this and uses it as a tool. This tool is used to keep parents at bay, to hide terrible student achievement results, and to hide curriculum/lesson plans from parents. Try to get any information from the Anchorage School District and it may provide it but take the usual 10 business days even though it is readily available. One can attend school board meetings, attend parent-teacher meetings but one will never know what is happening re gender identity, the hiding from parents of pornographic library books, and excluding parents from knowing about their child’s interest in transgenderism. Parents need to get active and just like the Civil Rights activists of the 1960s practice civil disobedience. K12 education choice is the new civil right of our time.

      • I agree 100% Mr. Boyle. It seems like it would take a miracle for financially-stretched parents to sacrifice time and income to rise up, present themselves in the proper forums and break public education’s dark stranglehold on our children’s minds. Or, we vote in vouchers and school choice and in one fell swoop you can starve the public schools of their lifeblood and force a reformation. You’d be amazed how many entrepreneurial educators are ready to step in immediately if they could receive the equivalent funding per student that the public system receives.

  13. I shall do as I did within the first Governmental Pandemic.

    Ignore it, within the full understanding that it was nothing more than a ploy of power over the individual.

    Of course, that is all I can do, as an individual, but what the heck, let them come at me as they wish, as it shall never change mine own mind, or my own decisions as a free individual, rather than a member of a flocked sheep.

  14. Well said! Just something I’d like to point out: Mat-Su School District did very well compared to other areas, even Anchorage. We shut down in March and were back open the next August, distancing & zoning, but open. We initiated online learning, which has been continued to be used on snow days. For that, I am proud of our school district. Unfortunately, too many kids have fallen behind in most of the nation.

    And as for our 1st Amendment rights, it wasn’t just the pandemic that stomped on them. There seems to be a huge movement to destroy the foundation of our country. People elected to Congress were willing to violate their oaths and our civil rights, as well as the FBI, DNI, and many other alphabet agencies. This is unacceptable!

    Thank you, Linda, for speaking up.

    • Did you take the unsafe, ineffective and experimental clot shot, “frank”?
      If so (and we know that you did — EVERY radical leftist conformist did so), then you almost certainly will not live to see the next one, much less the end of this decade.

      • Sssh. Don’t introduce facts into a rant by someone who is still hiding behind the unproven alias “Frank”

    • John Kerry on a Schwinn bicycle, off to the next climate clowns conference. LOL……
      with his backpack full of ketchup. Mr. Heinze worked his ass off to support this unfit swiftboat dishonoree.

    • The whole climate thing is a scam to push the agenda to remove personal transportation. Even the idiots pushing this idiocy know the electric car is an impossible scenario for personal transportation due to the insurmountable charging issue. If Americans would just stop listening to obvious BS and go back to doing a little logical thinking they would see that the messaging doesn’t match the facts.

    • Another pandemic is inevitable. About every 100-150 years by modern history.

      We probably won’t be here to see it. Hopefully people will have learned from all our mistakes. But I doubt it.

  15. You need to get off the Island of WAAAAAHHH and away from the village of Quityerbitchin. Most of us have moved on.

    • Most of us ‘moved on’ back at the beginning of the ‘pandemic’. We saw covid as a virus that, like influenza, could be serious or even fatal to people with certain comorbidities. So we washed our hands and cleaned our work areas much more frequently, and we stayed home when we felt sick. That’s it. Nothing more needed to be done. Masks have proven to not be effective at stopping the spread. ‘Immunizations’ are that in name only. Lock downs and school closures are a complete failure to society. But we knew that back at the beginning and just went on with life. You, on the other hand seem fixated on covid. You make fun of people that went out and found alternative treatments that worked for them and downplay the findings of people that point out that the ‘immunizations’ did not immunize. We don’t care that you drive around alone in your car with a mask on so why should you care whether or not we buy into the standard covid talking points?

  16. Actually, we are in a lot better place than we were in 2019 when this was building up.

    – nobody trusts government or any public health proclamation or guidance anymore
    – likewise, nobody trusts public education anymore due to the lockdowns
    – a lot of us have Ivermectin / vet horse paste / Vitamin D / zinc at the ready
    – pro-government NPCs continue to self-identify by masking

    Problem is that the politicians who backed the lockdowns, masking, and draconian responses have not been punished yet. Here in ANC, one of them, Suzanne LaFrance who did her best Gretchen Whitmer impersonation during the lockdowns and social distancing in the Assembly wants to be the next mayor. Oh, joy. Cheers –

  17. Our biggest mistake was giving into fear. The vaxxers, bureaucrats, and world order folks are smart, brave, and shrewd. They prioritized their agendas through and beyond their own fears and took control. Give the adversary thwir due respect. Admit it, confess it, and work through this fact: at some point you were afraid of catching a new and mysterious virus and of dying from it. I admit it. I let my guard down, gave in, and got vaxxed. I regret it and endeavor to never let “those” folks use crisis and fear against me again.
    Until we all fess up our only consolation will be punching away our guilt in comment sections of newspaper articles.

  18. For many of us, older seniors(75-80+), Many of them equated this to the polio epidemic in the 40’s and 50’s. I know because my older sister had polio and my oldest sister all dealt with that way back then. My family didn’t agree with all the anti-covid information coming out and me being the youngest was admonished to take the vax etc.. I am very thankful for the “other” information coming out and I decided not to take the vax due to my own heart condition. Between my Alaskan friends and my “lower 48” friends, I decided it would not be a good idea. I am still not sure what they think now, since the news of heart conditions developed from the covid shots. It’s kinda touchy to bring up the subject.

  19. By far the most accurate, intelligent and enlightening article ever published by MRA. Aside from a couple failed attempts by trolls to redirect COMMENTS, it nailed every aspect of this issue. This needs to be shared everywhere, continuously.

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