Linda Boyle: CDC is not shooting straight on vaccine advice



The Centers for Disease Control cannot get its stories straight.  First, it said masks did not work. Then it told us to mask up and even double mask. Then the CDC said the masks did not prevent Covid.  

Now with the “triple pandemic” facing us, the CDC says we should wear masks inside to save us from the viruses.   

Get your jabs the local, state, and federal governments say.   

According to a new survey by Rasmussen Reports, nearly 50% of Americans believe that the Covid-19 vaccines have side-effects that have contributed to a significant number of unexplained deaths.  

Of those respondents, 28% consider it “very likely” that the jabs are responsible for unexplained deaths. 

If that were not enough, it appears that receiving the injection increases the risk of stroke.  

A quick search of the CDC VAERS database on the number of strokes reported as adverse reactions to the Covid-19 reveals that from December 2020 up to 11th Feb 2022, a total of 4,532 adverse event reports involving a stroke were made.

The CDC just released information that there is an possible increase in strokes in people over 65 years old from the Pfizer bivalent — and then stated that it was still safe to take.

Congress recently legislated that the jab is no longer mandatory for the military. Before that, the Air Force offered airmen an extra day off if they took the jab.  Congress did not provide relief to those who were discharged from the military for refusing to take the jab.  

The government continues to tell us the jab is safe despite the side-effects seen. And agencies say the jabs protect you from getting Covid or getting only a mild case, even though deaths are up among the vaccinated. 

In a study by the Cleveland Clinic, it found that the new bivalent Covid jab the government is touting was only 30% effective.  Remember this pesky virus has only continued to mutate since first discovered.  

Much worse is the potential rate of myocarditis in the young male population. Bear in mind Covid is not as deadly as it was and young people, especially, are not apt to die from Covid.  

Yet with the jab, myocarditis and pericarditis (inflammation of the heart and of the sac around the heart) are being seen.  

Dr. Peter McCullough, renowned cardiologist, stated that prior to the jab about four people in a million contracted these heart diseases. After the jab, the number who contracted myocarditis and pericarditis dramatically increased. Some studies have shown as high as 25,000 cases in a million.  

The CDC will tell you this complication is rare. It will also tell you that Covid itself can produce these diseases. It is important to note that those who got the jabs are more apt to get Covid than those who had no or few jabs.

There are also rumblings that not only should we consider once again using masks, but we should also consider lockdowns. Lockdowns do not work. All lockdowns do is delay the inevitable. The virus has a life, and it will mutate to survive. 

Consider China:  Severe lockdowns for three years were just lifted and the spread of Covid is rampant.  

In Alaska, the state should be telling us to increase our Vitamin D3 and Zinc in take.  It’s winter. As we all know, there is minimal sun—the primary source of vitamin D.  

Zinc and Vitamin D3 help to ward off respiratory illnesses and are effective in the treatment of Covid. Vitamin D3 is a first line defense to decrease inflammation and it helps the immune system stay strong. A recent study showed over 80% of hospitalized Covid patients had low vitamin D3 levels.   

Remember when  the government told us people who had Covid still needed to get the jab because the it was better than natural immunity? Then the government reversed and told us natural immunity is good.  

What are we to believe?

Besides the terrible loss of friends and relatives, Covid has taught us that we should not trust the government totally.  

From Elon Musk taking over Twitter and releasing internal emails, we have learned the government pushed hard to shut down any professional voice that did not support the party line. 

Two exceptional physicians, Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Robert Malone, were silenced for suggesting there are other options available other than those pushed by big pharma and the federal government. Thankfully, both distinguished physicians have been reinstated by Twitter to speak the truth.   

The government also told us there are minimal vaccine side effects. Yet look at some of the troubling statistics about “side-effects.”  One of the most troubling is athletes dying from heart attacks, and a higher incident of myocarditis and pericarditis in those who took the jab.  

How bad is it, really? Dr. Meryl Nass, who has been doing bioterrorism research for three decades, found that vaccine-related deaths in the past 20 months exceed the vaccine-related deaths of the entire previous 30 years. For this factual reporting she has been persecuted.

It should be your choice. The federal government should not be suppressing information that does not support its position.

This is not science where dissenting ideas/thoughts are welcome.

We need to return to having an open dialogue in the medical community so we can obtain the absolute best scientific solutions to protect us all.

Remember, the first tenet of medicine: “First, Do No Harm.”  The medical field should get back to that. 

Linda Boyle, DM, MSN, is a member of the Alaska Covid Alliance.


  1. The CDC has thousands of employees and a budget in the billions. They work for us. Given the lack of quality studies and good advice, can’t we say “you’re fired”?

    • GoMeFund and hire BDO and donate to PBS.
      No one can control the outcome. They will freak.
      Let them. Their knee jerk reactions will be telling.
      And it’s hard to argue with reliable sources. ?

  2. This headline is wrong.
    The CDC IS shooting straight!
    They are shooting straight … at us.
    And their weapons of choice are the lies of “experts”, and needles full of poison.

  3. THANKS for mentioning the importance of vitamin D for Covid. Most Alaskans aren’t taking enough — aren’t even in the ‘normal’ range at all. Everyone should be taking at least 5,000 iu. Most need more to get a blood test level above 50 ng/ml, the middle of ‘normal.’ Ideal is 90-100 ng/ml, which also basically eliminates breast cancer risk, and is best for all-cause mortality. High enough vitamin D cures many sleep disorders and helps overcome depression. Adolescents may be able to concentrate on tasks more. Many peer reviewed studies demonstrate this, but Big Pharma and Dr. Zink are still saying nothing, because Big Pharma is “love of money” driven, not wellness, which is how John D. Rockefeller designed it 100 years ago.

    My fact sheet for Alaskans:
    High Enough Vitamin D – Freedom From Covid Fear (for most) — Summary Info / Studies / How Much to Take / New Standards

    Regarding zinc, WE HAVE TO BE CAREFUL to not take large amounts of zinc (without taking enough copper also) for a long period, because it can cause a copper deficiency, which can reduce skin elasticity and blow out the heart. I eat oysters a few times per week instead, which has copper, zinc, and other minerals.

    Dr. Berg: Too Much Zinc Causes a Copper Deficiency

    Heart attacks are often just a simple mineral deficiency.

    Dr. Joel Wallach is famous for his “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” lectures, where he tells how doctors live almost 10 years less than the average person, dying from simple vitamin and mineral deficiencies, especially low copper.

    MDs study how to treat people with drugs, not what the people are really low in. NDs (naturopathic doctors) study how to treat people with vitamins and minerals instead.

    Dr. Wallach on Copper and Aneurysms

  4. I’m still hearing ads from the State health department urging people to get Covid booster shots, despite their ineffectiveness. Dunleavy needs to fire Ann Zink immediately!

  5. The mere fact that we want to believe CDC is us they are not and never have been, literally, factually. Even if we don’t to believe this they are intrinsically not American. It is good to be honest with yourself. Always. CDC among other secret foreign agents is malevolant. We are in western civilization. Does western civilization have a hive mind? Eastern civilization yes, they are known to move en masse. Not Americans though.

  6. This has always been just one big con job and a charade. It was never about public health, it was and is about control. Control and wealth redistribution which it succeeded in. COVID is the golden goose for Dems and Globalists, they won’t let it go.

    • Read the 400 page report on what was known about the clot shots in the first 90 days of the rollout ! This crap never would have been approved if it wasn’t designed to do exactly what it’s doing. KILLING PEOPLE !
      Go to: ‘

  7. I understand that if state governments do not go with the federal dogma, that many forms of federal subsidies will be denied. Perhaps someone could explain this system better, so we could understand fully the perception that our local government is in on the propaganda program. Certainly, all sides, especially professionals, should be able to be heard in a free society. This enables us to make our own decisions and maybe grow to trust our government as an advocate once again. Our lessons should have been learned from observation of the former Soviet Union.

  8. I notice no more comments from those pro vaxer lab rats littering the comment section calling out the unvaccinated. Is too late to say told you so. Just wait until the autoimmune and cancer data becomes well known as well as reproductive sterilization. This was known from the start and every pro vaxer was complacent to democide. Welcome to the depopulation agenda of eliminating carbon. Remember we are carbon based life forms and zero net carben means you and your family must die. These globalist tyrants at the WEF and Davos group don’t want to enslave you, they want you, your children, your grandchildren dead and off their planet. The sooner humanity wakes up to the truth we are being exterminated on purpose the quicker we can end this nightmare.

  9. First of all, let’s go a bit easier on the CDC. The agency is made up of people. People just like you and I. They have their biases, their fears, their trigger points. They are also subject to political pressure as well.
    Mistakes were made.
    The issue is not that errors were made. The issue is that errors are NOT being corrected. Despite little to no evidence the shots are effective across the board, they are still pushing their widespread use. Despite the obvious correlation between vaccination and sudden adult death syndrome (wait… what? When did that become a thing???) the CDC and other government official are still pushing the vaccines. Despite a 500% increase in EU footballers keeling over and dying, governments are still requiring COVID vaccines.
    If any other product demonstrated the same correlation with increased death of otherwise healthy people, the Government would stop sales of the product immediately until it was demonstrated safe. If a car model was involved in deadly accidents at a rate 1/100th as often as the vaccine is in sudden death, it would be pulled from the market. But, not the vaccines.

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