Sudden death: Rasmussen poll shows many Americans think vaccines may be to blame for some cardiac arrests


Nearly half of Americans now believe Covid-19 vaccines may be to blame for the uptick in unexplained deaths, and more than a quarter say someone they know could be among the victims, according to the latest Rasmussen Reports national online and telephone poll.

Alaska lost a number of healthy individuals — many of them young or middle-aged men in the prime of their life dying from unexplained heart attacks — in 2021. Just like other Americans, Alaskans are are showing concern about the number of high school, college, and professional athletes who are dropping dead from heart ailments at rates much higher than seems normal.

Visit this growing database of cardiac arrests among world athletes to learn more.

Dr. Peter McCullough, a cardiologist who is among the leading critics of the still-experimental Covid vaccine, and who is usually referred to by mainstream media as a spreader of misinformation, commented on NFL player Damar Hamlin’s mid-game heart attack, which occurred Sunday: “Sudden cardiac death should be very unusual — Covid-19 can cause heart damage, but I think the leading concern is vaccine-induced myocarditis.”

(Read what the Mayo Clinic says about young athletes and heart attacks., a project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center, says there is no reason to believe Hamlin’s collapse is related to the vaccine.)

In 2016, the American College of Cardiology reported there were approximately 100 to 150 sudden cardiac deaths during competitive sports each year. The estimated incidence of SCD among athletes versus non-athletes was found to be 0.44 per 100,000 person-years, and 13 per 100,000 person-years, respectively, the medical group said at this link. Must Read Alaska was not able to quantify how many of these deaths occurred in 2022.

Also last week, former Jacksonville Jaguars offensive guard Uche Nwaneri dropped dead of a non-game-related heart attack at the age of 38. He had been a strong advocate for the Covid vaccine and had said people unvaccinated should be jailed. Last month, well-known media and political personalities dropped dead of heart attacks in their 30s and 40s.

Are these sudden cardiac deaths related to vaccines? Neither social media nor mainstream media are reliable sources of information on this question. But that does not stop the Washington Post from quickly debunking any links between vaccines and heart attacks:

“Here’s the rub: This claim has been debunked repeatedly. The story of athletes dropping dead from coronavirus vaccines has its roots in mysterious Austrian websites with ties to that country’s far-right populist party, the Freedom Party. Those stories were then recycled by right-wing media in the United States and then eventually came out of the mouth of a U.S. senator,” wrote Washington Post fact checker Glenn Kessler in this story about how, as the writer implied, Sen. Ron Johnson was repeating right-wing misinformation.

But Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin says he has heard too many stories from athletes, many of whom signed up for the vaccinations to do their part to end the Covid pandemic. Read more about his research and watch his press conference from July 2, 2021 here.

The Rasmussen survey finds that 49% of American adults believe it is likely that side effects of Covid-19 vaccines have caused a significant number of unexplained deaths, including 28% who think it’s very likely.

Thirty-seven percent don’t say a significant number of deaths have been caused by vaccine side effects, including 17% who believe it’s not at all likely. Another 14% are not sure.

Twenty-eight percent of adults say they personally know someone whose death they think may have been caused by side effects of Covid-19 vaccines, while 61% don’t and another 10% are not sure, the poll showed.

“The documentary Died Suddenly has been criticized as promoting “debunked” anti-vaccine conspiracy theories but has been seen by some 15 million people,” Rasmussen Reports said, hinting that the documentary may have influenced people’s views on the Covid vaccines.

Forty-eight percent of Americans believe there are legitimate reasons to be concerned about the safety of Covid-19 vaccines, while 37% think people who worry about vaccine safety are spreading conspiracy theories. Fifteen percent are not sure.

The Rasmussen Report poll was of 1,000 American adults and was conducted between Dec. 28-30, 2022. The margin of sampling error is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence.

Seventy-one percent of those who took the poll say they have received a Covid-19 vaccination, while 26% have not.

Concerns about vaccine safety were much higher among the unvaccinated. Seventy-seven percent of adults who have not gotten Covid-19 vaccinations believe it’s at least somewhat likely that side effects of Covid-19 vaccines have caused a significant number of unexplained deaths. Among those who have gotten the vaccine, just 38% consider unexplained deaths from the vaccine at least somewhat likely.

Read more about the poll at

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has disputed the claims that the vaccines are causing deadly myocarditis, and has this summary of its findings.


  1. For the amount of deaths we’re seeing, are there more that are being shoved under the rug? It’s in the best interest of governments around the world to hide it. It’s hard to believe the debunkers, when these strange deaths are happening before our eyes. I just want to see truth.

    • Isn’t it funny that our government has made it impossible to sue the shot makers for any wrongdoing they may have committed while trying to force everyone to get the shots. I will not comply.

    • So, when people were dying (in the hundreds to thousands per day), the chatter around here was that those deaths weren’t Covid related (or weren’t real at all). Now, the commentary is all about how vaccines are responsible for death and apparently the true number of dead aren’t being reported. There must be a very busy crew of tens of thousands of people committing all of these crimes and keeping their mouths shut successfully to be pulling off such a grand conspiracy. But I’m sure it’s easier to believe…

      • All that never happened and was merely conjecture. The pandemic never happened, the shot never happened or just all living in some sort of alternate universe where anything is possible and nothing is possible. Or so writers on here would have you believe.

  2. Some? Sure. Every person’s DNA is different. Some are allergic to aspirin, penicillin, dairy, bee stings, ect.

    Nothing in life is 100% safe for everyone.

    The question becomes HOW many. Complicating this is how will we ever know? The government and pharma have the reasons and resources to bury info that could indict or exonerate them.

    Legacy media will never, ever look into it unless they can’t avoid it or think they can tie Trump to it.

    An even bigger question to me is what did Fauci know? Given his loose association with honesty and his Josef Mengele complex, it’s not at all out of reason to think IF the Covid shot is widely dangerous he would have sat on that information.

    When will the “party of science” (who can’t tell boys from girls) join us in pushing for genuine answers?

  3. It is sad people have to actually witness these untimely health problems before they begin to question the shots. And many will still continue to believe what they will regardless of personal experiences and observations and continue to call it miss information. Without even considering the facts. Don’t know who is the most to blame for all of the deaths, be it the Chinese or our own CDC, but for sure we now know that it wasn’t the minority of people who chose not to participate in the experimental shots. Shot or not, too many have suffered from this pandemic, be it health problems or loosing their livelihoods . On this we should all agree, and much needs to be done to rebuild our country.

  4. Hmm, I can find no one that remembers this many young athletes around the world just dropping dead from cardiac arrest, before the experimental shots. So for me, I look at what has changed that MIGHT be a cause or contributor to this. The only thing that has changed is these people have all been “vaccinated” with an experimental shot that has proven to NOT do what they said it would. So if it doesn’t do what they said it would, why are they still pushing it? The WHO is pushing it hard and they have stated that they want to reduce the worlds population, so maybe just maybe this is part of their plan.

  5. Until doctors start sealing COVID tests and vaccines and giving them to people who can determine them in independent labs to be 100% of their contents they shouldnt be trusted.
    People need to ask themselves why this entire hoax was done in the first place. I know the answer. Anyone who reads the Bank Of International Settlements website will know the answer to this. In early 2019 the Bank of International Settlements warned their member banks that a banking crisis was imminent. They reclassified gold as the only other Teir One Asset for the first time in 75 years.
    Could they have manufactured this hoax to keep people from panicking and perpetrating a worldwide bank run before the elite could implement a wealth transfer. Think about it. Leaders and the medical industry told everyone to stay home and to “not have a conversation” with anyone. Why would they do this? The answer seems simple to me. Could the blowing up of The Georgia Guidestones be to erase what they have been planning for over 40 years. That monument doesnt exist anymore. You can point to it and say “See. There is there plans written in stone in 10 different languages.
    I dont care what people say. And I dont feel sorry for those that fell for this hoax. About 80% of the entire population is too dumbed down to be able to do simple math and do basic research. They are too dumbed down to ask basic questions or have critical thinking skills. Most reading this comment will fall into that camp. You deserve what you get. We warned you years ahead of time and told you what was coming and why.

  6. Just say people who believe the covid vaccine causes death believe the young man from NY Bills was affected that way.

    • The poll was released on Monday The game was on Monday night, so unless they conducted the poll only among psychics Not one person knew what happened in the sports ball game between NY Bills and the Ohio kitty cats. TBF the number of people who can see the vax isn’t as safe and effective as the propaganda would lead you to believe has probably dramatically increased.

      • If that’s true, thanks for the clarification on info release and the game’s timing.

        I believe it was the Bills against the Bengals. And it wasn’t a vacccine related concern, but I’m still open as it is yet unclear what happened. Of course we don’t know if he had a pre-existing inborn condition either.

        • yeah there’s a link to the poll in the article. as far as saying it wasn’t a vax concern is as ridiculous as saying it definitely was caused by the vax because there never was any long term studies on the vax because pharma corrupted the control group. there are alot of unexplained death going on and much of the population was coerced into taking an experimental medical treatment right before this started happening perhaps you can understand how people might connect the dots. correlation doesn’t prove causation it does however provide a reason to dig a little deeper into studying the vax and its probable long term side effects

    • Maureen, Unknown is the #1 cause of Death in Alberta Canada, that means it has replaced Cancer, Heart Disease and every other popular malady. Interesting isn’t it? Oh, and this follows after Canada went total Jab Mad. Coincidence?
      Science is a discipline that demands that one be skeptical, especially when big money and politics are tossed into the fray as they were the last 2 years. The old 4 out of 5 Doctor endorsement has lost it’s luster, especially in light of the cold hard facts.

  7. Of course. There’s billions of dollars at stake.
    Why do you think they fought so hard to discredit Ivermectin and cosiquine (sp). That are proven effective?
    No money in those.
    They traded lives for money and power.

  8. Well if the public thinks its true, then it must be, right? A significant number of people in this country also think the earth is less than 10,000 years old. Does that make it true?

    • When all the factual, independent and non-establishment evidence points to one conclusion, why is it not logical to make a conclusion based on that evidence? THAT is what all we who are not blindly led and brainwashed by the corporate media and political establishment’s propaganda and outright LIES are doing here, cman, as uncomfortable as that might make all you supine, servile and conformist lackeys for the self-serving and sociopathic ruling class.

      • You think the folks floating the ‘you have been deceived by medical science folks’ own corporate media and political establishment’s propaganda and lies aren’t making buck off that view?

        • If any of the non-establishmentarians are making money from speaking the truth about the clot shots and the mountains of establishment-fed lies about them, Maureen, I guarantee you that it is not 0.001% of the profits that the corporate medical establishment has made from the coerced, unsafe and experimental jabs. Honestly, your point is laughable, particularly as most of those who have in fact been speaking truth to power have suffered for doing so, both financially and professionally.

          • Oh so the ‘you were deceived by medical science folks’ haven’t made as much off their view so they aren’t as bad. You got swindled for your erroneous beliefs.

          • Maureen, I never fail to be amazed at your consistent inability to process, and rationally respond to, a logical argument.
            How do you even function in society, with a brain that works so badly?

  9. There have been almost 1,600 sudden deaths in athletes since the roll out of the so-called Covid “vaccines” as compared to about 1,100 deaths in the preceding 25 years! The Washington Post has debunked nothing! The Washington Post is, in fact, a purveyor of misinformation.

  10. Any death via. Drug overdose, motor vehicle accident, falling off a ladder, you name it. These were 75% erroneously miss labeled on certificate of death records 50% of the time. Either that…. Or I’m lying.
    Quite the contrary now.
    Dropping dead at under 50 is a fluke.
    Or fittingly labeled “ died suddenly 2022”

  11. Just the raw numbers are no longer believable. Notice that during the covid ‘pandemic’ no one seemed to get the flu? That’s never happened in the history of mankind. Then the people in charge of reporting the number of covid deaths had to admit that even people killed in car accidents were considered ‘covid deaths’ if any trace of the virus was found during the autopsy.
    When medical entities were paid handsomely for dealing with covid cases/deaths, then the pressure was on to make everything covid related.

    • I noticed the low flu levels last couple of years too (NOT this year). So many folks were wearing masks for covid before that the flu was kept at bay.

      • Masks! Go ask a local doctor about masks as protection against a virus. I asked three out here and they all rolled their eyes and told me that a cloth/paper mask has about zero chances of stopping an airborne virus.
        No, the low flu numbers reflect the reporting entities willingness to call every death/sickness ‘covid’. Otherwise they couldn’t get that fat reimbursement check for dealing with the ‘pandemic’.

    • Could be the forced internment and business closures helped keep the numbers down.

      It’s also possible (likely in my opinion) flu was misdiagnosed as Covid. Or as in many reported cases, if someone had x but also had even traces of Covid, things were listed as Covid.

      There was a lot of money to be made in Covid diagnosis.

      • Misdiagnosis seems unlikely to me. Our family got sick a few months back, and we know it was Covid because we tested positive for it. We got sick again a month or so ago, and we know it was the flu because we tested positive for it (type A). There may be a small percentage of deaths in which failure to test for anything makes it impossible to determine, but the vast majority were certainly the result of positive tests.

  12. The blood clotting associated with the RX corporate products for which it is a misnomer to identify as “vaccines”, which they are not, that is affecting large numbers of people is alarming. The rapid rise of myocarditis in young people is obviously associated with these products. Sudden deaths by young athletes have become common public spectacles in European soccer matches. The recent incident with Hamlin is awaking the American public to the unfolding disaster of the mass distribution of experimental pharmaceutical products that were approved without trials. One of our granddaughters was bribed by her village school with a “free” Ipad to be injected and told she could not participate on school field trips or sports if she refused. We tried very hard to talk her and her parents out of it. At 12 years old, tall, beautiful and very fit, a young girl who loved school and sports received the injection and within a couple weeks developed health issues wherein she cannot play sports. She no longer loves school and this is a very bad time for all this in a child’s development. We are praying she will heal, but heart damage is not conductive to healing. The number of relatives and people we know well enough if they already have/had serious health issues who have prematurely passed away or are recently/suddenly impaired is alarming and with no rational explanation. The one common factor is receiving one or more injections of these toxic compounds.

  13. I would like to see proof that a vaccine caused as many deaths as some of you spout. I can say I have actually seen people die of Covid, most were unvaccinated. Of course some of you actually believe the VAERS self reporting system is 100% accurate as well.

  14. “Forty-eight percent of Americans believe there are legitimate reasons to be concerned about the safety of Covid-19 vaccines, while 37% think people who worry about vaccine safety are spreading conspiracy theories. Fifteen percent are not sure.”
    I fit in each one of those groups and have since the beginning of the covid pandemic. The vaccines have saved lives, they have proven effectiveness, they’ve also caused deaths and aren’t as effective as some were fraudulently led or chose to believe, there are a ton of conspiracy theories about not only these vaccines but others as well, as seen by some posters here. Also if you are absolutely 100% sure about any of this then you are either absolutely 100% wrong or in cahoots with whoever “THEY” are.

    We know, and have known, that a large part of the population is asymptomatic. I suspect in the minds of many being asymptomatic means that the infected person is not sick, that’s not what it means at all. One thing I’ve learned through this pandemic is that this disease affects how people’s brains work, some people lose their ability think, some the ability to function, other their ability to live. It seems mostly it has destroyed peoples brains and rational thought has suffered because of it…I’m have no doubt that some of the responses here will prove me out.

    • The real conspiracy theorists believe that the government would never lie to them, the media would never mislead or lie to them and the pharmaceutical industry that makes billions off sickness wants to cure them. #wakeup

      • I’m not sure those people would be called conspiracy theorists. They might be far too trustworthy, incapable of rational thought, gullible, or just useful idiots…but then the same can be said for those who disagree with something just because another person says it and not basedupon the merits of what what said.

  15. Be cautious before putting life in the things of this world i.e medicine, churches, money, health, fitness, they all fail to continue protecting us.

  16. The attempts to deflect by the usual suspects are lamer than usual.

    Makes one wonder if even they are growing skeptical but are too committed to the cult to admit something might be off.

    • Maybe paid trolls. Who else could be so persistently ignorant of what is happening before their own eyes, and provide invalid comments on everything published here.

  17. The public health apparat deserves all of this for censoring all alternative views from whatever the WH position was on any particular day and stopping debate. This includes their trashing of every single therapeutic / alternative treatment. They ignored the contribution of obesity. They pushed the lockdowns when exercise, any exercise, was a positive way to deal with the virus. The answer was and still is vax and masking.

    Nobody believes them anymore. And we shouldn’t, as they publicly destroyed their credibility. It will be decades, if ever, before they get that credibility back. Cheers –

  18. One thing that everyone should agree on, that time to study possible side effects did not happen, out of urgency of the situation. Liability for side effects was also waved in light of the urgency. We became the study. Fine and well, as long as it is your decision. But the efforts to take this medical decision and to shame or mandate it on us will be the point of contention forever. And to shut down businesses when people had a choice to not go out if they were scared is insane overreach by any form of government. The verdict is still out on the effectiveness of the shots and we can be sure that all government studies will not be carried out objectively, due to what it may cause. There’s a large number of medical professionals that have been forced to remain quiet or risk loosing their careers. We are forced to make our own decisions, based upon observations and reading both sides of the story. If people are too stupid to make their own decisions, then they can take their chances and trust their government.

  19. Two words: Twitter Files!
    If all of this Covid/vaccine was genuine and all above board, why the need and apparent urgency for government entities to bully social media companies into suppressing and banning opinions from physicians, who disagreed, had legitimate arguments and adjunct treatment solutions that improved outcome?
    Science has to stand in the light of day and be examine vigorously. IF it is true science, it should have withstood the questions, concerns and examination of skeptics and the American public would have had the opportunity to weigh the pros and cons for themselves and make a decision right for each individual. Instead we were treated to a parade of “misinformation this or disinformation that” and with that debate and real science died and the public was robbed of true information to make an informed decision, which used to be the “holy grail” of medicine.

  20. I find it interesting that the WHO came out yesterday against China and their Covid death reporting. Seems China has only reported some 12,000.

  21. The shots kill. Anyone who says otherwise is brainwashed by the woke media. Fauci is a war criminal and a liar and a horrible horrible man.

  22. I believe the spike protein in the injection does not stay in the muscle ? but quickly travels to bio active organs and inflammation begins. I believe in the heart ♥ inflammation that should not be there can cause cells to die which are not repaired and affects its prospective hardiness.

  23. The vax has had horrid inconsistencies, levels of Mrna differ in many batches, during production there was contamination from a plant product and toxic heavy metals were either intentionally introduced or? We’ve all been had. Some folks received a saline solution too and to be considered very lucky.

    • Well you’re doing exactly what they want you to Andrew. I never had a saline shot give me a sore arm before and inflammation at the injection site like most flu shots do me. Keep it up though.

  24. One need only look to California (the birthplace of all kookiness) to understand the unreasonable, propaganda machine surrounding Covid vaccines. The state is poised to pass a law that prohibits physicians from talking to their patients about side-effects or alternatives under a vague misinformation standard that only the California Medical Board will be empowered to interpret. The effort is simple – to stop physicians from doing anything other than recommending vaccinations that have been proven not to stop infection or the spread of infection (although not through a double-blind placebo controlled scientific study, but we can all see what happened after Biden got Covid at least twice).
    “Oh but the vaccine is proven to reduce severity!” They say. “For which variant?” I ask. Reduced severity compared to what? The AMA and public health stasi refused to even consider the scientific impacts of natural immunity. Fauci lied about mask efficacy and Hospitals lied about Covid caused deaths. If you think there isn’t a deck load of reasons for people to think something is awry with the relentless push for vaccination, nobody can help you.
    The nut jobs in California even recommended laws for mandatory Covid vaccination for public school attendance.

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