House of reprobates: Six votes, still no speaker


U.S. Rep. Kevin McCarthy lost again on the sixth round of voting for U.S. House Speaker on Wednesday.

Six times, Alaska’s Rep. Mary Peltola voted with the Democrats for election conspiracy theorist Hakeem Jeffries, the Queens, N.Y. radical who is the new face of the Democratic Party.

Peltola, when she ran for office, promised Alaskans she would continue the bipartisan legacy of Congressman Don Young, who represented Alaska for 49 years. But her many votes have proven that those were just campaign words, not meant to be taken seriously. She has voted for the far left of the spectrum to lead the House of Representatives, something Congressman Young would not have done.

“Don Young worked in a very bipartisan way. He had more seniority than any other member of the House has ever had, and he welcomed every single congressman into their position, personally. So, he had a very long history of bipartisanship, and I want to emulate that, and I want to emulate his hard work on constituent issues,” she told reporters in August, in a “bipartisan” refrain she has repeated many times since, while voting in a highly partisan manner.

McCarthy needs 218 votes to become the next speaker. During the last round of voting, 20 Republicans voted for a Republican who was not McCarthy, up from 19 votes during earlier rounds of voting, which have occurred over the past two days. A last-minute plea by former President Donald Trump to elect McCarthy did not create any movement in the Freedom Caucus, the more conservative wing of the House.

The U.S. House has adjourned until 4 pm Alaska Time, when it’s expected to again attempt to elect a speaker. This story is likely to be superseded by events.


  1. If the House isn’t in session, they aren’t screwing us over.
    And Jeffries? He’s got to be one of the dumbest house reps out there, and that’s a mighty big playing field.

  2. I would be so proud of our representatives but they are showing their true colors. They my fellow Alaskans are part of the problem.

  3. I don’t have an issue with keeping McCarthy out of the office. I have major issues with the obvious lack of planning put into this. Who was the backup plan? Why? Only Chip Roy has clearly articulated a solid reason for this circus.

    Why didn’t McCarthy secure the votes in advance?
    Why hasn’t McCarthy thrown in the towel yet?

    The GOP is acting like the Keystone Cops. The left is just waiting to install a “bi partisan collation” Speaker.
    It’s Alaska on a national scale. The GOP is ready to toss over common sense in exchange for personal gains.

      • Many like Boebert and Gaetz aren’t legislators, they’re performance artists. They aren’t interested in writing or passing legislation (which is their job), but merely grandstanding to stroke their own egos.

      • Thank you. I am so proud of those standing up for the American people! Sean Hannity is a CIA controlled opposition and makes my blood boil!!

  4. Does MRAK really expect Peltola to vote for a Republican for speaker? When does any member of the opposing party ever do this? How many times in history has this even happened. This is a slanted piece even for MRAK to be putting out. Its also a distraction from the fact that the GOP is in utter chaos and being held hostage by the radical right wing loons of the party. Why is there nothing about this reality in the article?

    • Do you mean, cman, in the same way that the Democratic Party has for years now been held utterly and completely hostage by the most radical and extreme far left lunatics in their own party?
      Hypocrisy, thy name is radical leftist.

      • Jefferson, AOC (or any of the “squad”) never held up confirming Nancy Pelosi as Speaker. And the fact that a Speaker hasn’t taken more than one vote to elect in 100 years shows that both parties have not sidelined their own majority over this fight in that time. The MRAK article is 90% focused on Peltola (and Jeffries), but they aren’t the ones holding up the Speaker’s confirmation, that is a product of a divided Republican Party. I don’t blame Freedom Caucus members from not wanting to vote for McCarthy, but they are largely the focus of why this circus is continuing. Maybe it’ll turn out better than the government shutdown did in 2018, but it’s starting to seem like lots of these folks are going to look foolish when all is said and done.

        • MRAK (and cman), just because AOC and “The Squad” (among others in the Democratic Party) did not hold up the speakership voting for Nancy Pelosi does not mean that they have not held the Democratic Party in other ways, as they have in fact routinely done.

      • Jefferson confuses derision with intellect, misdirection with linear thinking, and virtue signaling symbolic gestures with effective legislating. I’m sure that he/she/they take great pride in consistency, but the majority of MRAK readers just scroll down.

          • RV, you would have to renounce your self-righteous, arrogant, and divorced-from-reality far-left delusions and fantasies in order for that to happen. I will not be holding my breath waiting for such a development.
            If you were simply to espouse the principles and platform of an actual, HONEST leftist of say the 1960s or 1970s, I could almost welcome you as a brother-in-arms. But what amounts to and passes for “the left” nowadays has almost nothing in common with those on the left 50 years ago —- it is simply a neo-Puritanical and cult-like authoritarianism.

    • agree Peltola clearly ran as a democrat. Republicans do not even want to vote for McCarthy why should she. This is the same dysfunction that got Peltola elected. Nobody to blame but Republicans.

  5. The upside to this wrangling, right there if front of the TV cameras, is that they aren’t behind closed doors cooking up some way to install all the ‘correct’ people.
    I don’t mind this at all. Just figure it out and get to work.

  6. Breaking news a politician lied and it’s Wednesday

    stand with the freedom caucus

    The only man in that house of debauchery that deserves to be speaker is Thomas Massie

  7. Whip Peltola! Beat Peltola! She is “the” reason McCarthy’s is failing!

    • Corrected: “Whip Peltola! Beat Peltola! She is “the” reason McCarthy is failing!”

  8. McCarthy is part of the Swamp. He will never become Speaker because he wants it too badly. Not a good sign.
    Steve Scalise will end up as Speaker of the House.
    All of this temporary mess is mainly because McCarthy doesn’t want to give plumb Committee assignments to his opposing Conservative members, AND, McCarthy is soft on issuing subpoenas against Democrats, crooked FBI, Hunter Biden, and others like Nancy Pelosi who violated and abused her position as the previous Speaker. Finally, the Conservatives want to impeach Joe Biden for failing to pay US income taxes on all of the kickback money derived from Hunter’s illegal use of influence peddling while crooked Joe was Obama’s VP.
    Yes, it’s coming. PAYBACK time. And just in time for the 2024 presidential election.
    Oh, What FUN!!!

    • While I might find elements of your post that I can understand and perhaps support — the larger question is whether the dissident Republicans could support Steve Scalice. There ain’t much political difference between Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalice. This is typical of too many hard-right Republicans. In the end no one is perfect enough. And, thus, the perfect becomes the enemy of the good.

      • Good analysis JMARK. The difference is this:
        1. Scalise doesn’t really want the job, which makes him a better fit for the Republicans at this time.

        2. McCarthy is entrenched. The only way the Conservative faction will take him is with lots of concessions backed-up by their ability to get rid of him if he fails on his promises.

        3. The hard right faction are feeling their oats right now. They can stall and log jam the works. That’s empowering, especially for 20 out of 435 members. They’re having their fun! And in a sense, they are setting the tempo and the pace for the entire country leading up to the presidential election in 2024. And the majority of Americans are loving it.
        I get this plays out for a few more days. Maybe into next week.

  9. Perhaps more names could be put out for votes. No apparent shortage of politicians in DC. Just like DC, keep trying the same thing and getting the same results. They knew this guy would be a problem weeks ago. Wake us when it’s over.

  10. You 20 representative are the best thing that has happened. Stay the course because if you cave it will be business as normal. There are lots of people that feel the same way don’t cave. Even if the demos get the seat we would still loose.

  11. It is refreshing to see democracy in action, the staged “unanimous” soviet style governance with predictable results for which we have been subjected to for decades are highlighted by this anomaly of a handful of congressmen who actually “fight” to commence the long road to regaining some semblance of a representative democracy. For all practical purposes the GOP is a dysfunctional wing of the Democrat dominated Uniparty, whose purpose is to maintain an illusion there is any deviance from top down dictatorial governance. America is a one party state, unless a sufficient number of congressmen can muster the courage to end it. At the height of the American revolution to dismantle the control of the British Crown and Parliament there was only 35% active support. 65% of Americans were either loyal to Great Britain (special interests) or simply ambivalent. Leaders lead people, they do not cower in “consensus”. There can be no consensus when a tiny minority of elites control the large corporations, NGOs and most politicians and despise the mass of citizens. Don Young would have voted for McCarthy and maintain the status quo, he was the picture boy of decrepit corruption that defines Alaska politics. He was a master of “consensus” politics to insure his donors could forever exploit Alaska. Our state is the perfect example of one party rule with a handful of outliers who represent the interests and views of the majority of citizens but will never be close to controlling policy and spending.

  12. Byron Donaldson of Florida has been nominated, and he would make a great speaker. Marjorie Taylor Greene has declined to participate, and said that she feels this is a bad strategy considering the thin margin the GOP has. McCarthy has reportedly already moved into the speaker’s office. Would the establishment ever actually turn around and support a different house member for speaker? – M.John

  13. In today’s day and age a deadlocked government serves the people best, a government that can’t even form might actually be better. Sometimes the peoples business is best served by having nothing happen. The less these clowns have to harm our Republic the better.

    • I agree, up to a point.

      I have no faith in the GOPs ability to hold the line. Give them time, they WILL cave to the left.

      It’s what they do.

  14. This is at the feet of Lauren Boebert and Matt Goetz. Not Mary Peltola. What a train wreck the Republican has become.

  15. The republican establishment will work with democrats and concede to their demands for votes before they will ever concede to us conservatives. The most likely outcome is several democrats will vote for McCarthy as a trade for liberal bills (that McCarthy would have passed anyway).
    These liberal establishment republicans (the majority) hate us more than the democrats do.

  16. Several respondents have highlighted Don Young’s bipartisan efforts during his House terms.
    Several others have called out Mr McCarthy for being a « RINO ».
    How can GOP conservative divisiveness, as viewed here, lead to anything being accomplished in the coming two years?
    What is the point of this article, aside from generating gleeful chaos (and economic benefits for this website)?

  17. Those who voted for the Pro Choice Voting see the monster you have created. Plus either Sarah or Nick should of conceded their run for Young seat

  18. The Democrats are enjoying seeing McCarthy twisting in the wind. The Government is funded until September 30th, grab your popcorn

  19. To anyone who thinks that McCarthy will do anything other than continue to push the liberal agenda that we’ve been experiencing, you are living in a dream world. Compromise got us into the mess in which we find ourselves and it certainly won’t solve the issue. If McCarthy or any other rino becomes speaker it won’t be any different than when Pelosi was there.

  20. McCarthy is reminding me of Hillary on election night 2016. He is refusing to accept the reality of the situation.

    Even if he somehow gains the Speaker’s chair, he is profoundly damaged goods. He will always be viewed as the kid who nobody wanted for basketball but had to be picked anyway.

    He wants this so badly he’s willing to trade damn near anything to get it. With that attitude what will he do to keep it if he gets it?

  21. This is American democracy working like it’s supposed to work.
    Seems reasonable to believe this is a crisis only because donors who expect what they were promised on Day 1 aren’t getting their goodies on schedule.
    Our new hybrid breed of Republican-Democrat politicians and pundits seem peculiarly unable to explain the situation without the drama they normally reserve for mass-extinction events which only new laws and taxes can prevent.
    So… folks may be forgiven for regarding the comedy for what it is, a tempest in a teapot, the sad coda of an arrogant, tone-deaf politician willing to halt House business because he believes he’s the only one of 435 people qualified for the Speaker’s job despite the fact that all Democrat members and 20 of his own party believe he isn’t.

  22. In a land far away located on now foreign soil that claims to be the boss of me and we have zip “representation” because we are garbage compared to this merry bunch of secretive debauchers. Strings pulled on the marionettes from elsewhere on the planet.

  23. Why is Gaetz the only one voting for Donald Trump for speaker? Republicans need to get it in gear and follow suit. This is our chance to get him back in office and use the dems tactics against them. Speaker of the house is 3rd in line to presidency and we all know Biden is barely clinging to life in his current mental state.

    • It’s a show vote. Please explain how Trump could possibly get the votes necessary to be Speaker.

      Not how you want it to happen, but how it actually could.

  24. Asked again: for those of you championing Trump for Speaker, how, exactly, does this happen!

    Specifically, where will the necessary votes come from?

    The Democrat side is a solid no. The GOP can’t agree on anything except to vote for Democrats when the pork is right.

    There are too many Republicans in close districts or with bones to pick with Trump for that to happen. Winnie the Pooh would stand a better chance.

    So again, where, exactly, will the votes come from? Please be specific.

  25. Scalise or Jordon would be a better choice. I think anyone from California or New York should be disqualified regardless of political party. The nation has suffered enough with Pelosi and Schumer. We need real republicans not milktoast politicians or rinos. We’ve suffered enough. Its time to put the hammer down and run roughshod over the socialist democrats.

    • Agree totally, although I would pick Jordan before Scalise. But show me how this is to be accomplished. In the house, we are relying on mary to ‘represent’ us?! That aint happening! In the senate we are represented by lisa and dan?! Still waiting on either one of those to represent Alaska values.

      The only way we get this mess straightened out is to get active and take control of Alaska, district by district. And then (and only then) will we be able to send legitimate reps/senators to Washington DC.

      So, how about it? Anyone here willing to get involved in their districts?

      • Legitimate rep/senators. By that do you mean people that you like? I dont think you speak for the Alaskans that voted for both Peltola and Murkowski.

  26. This is still a free state, for the time being, so we are free to vote for who we want.

    When we vote and someone is declared a winner, as an American citizen, I expect this to be the result of eligible voters casting a single, legal ballot, and the marks on that ballot tallied singly. That election should actually BE an election and not some kindergarten exercise in allowing second place finishers yet another chance at ‘winning’. The choice of candidates should be from a pool that meets local criteria such as age, residency, criminal history, etc, and be free of influence from entities outside the district.

    Once installed, it’s reasonable to expect each candidate to adhere to the promises they made during their election/re election; i.e., if you are elected as a pro life/pro family candidate and change when you get to DC, you have broken your promises

    If you voted for any of our ‘Three Stooges’ (my apologies to the real ‘Three Stooges) because you felt there was no other choice, we can have a logical discussion. But if you voted for any of them and expect them to bolster the economy, help secure the county’s borders, support the military, support a strong U.S. presence on the world stage, you either a) have such a low I.Q. that you need to be reminded to breath or b) more likely, you are simply delusional. You are just stuck on the label ‘democrat’ or the designator (D) and cannot possible bring yourself to vote for anyone else

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