Rep. Peltola votes for Russian conspiracy theorist and election-denier Hakeem Jeffries for House Speaker


Alaska’s only voice in the U.S. House of Representatives cast Alaska’s vote for election-denier Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, a radical Democrat from Queens, New York, for Speaker of the House.

Rep. Mary Peltola, a Democrat, joined all other Democrats in voting for Jeffries in a roll-call vote taken on Tuesday afternoon, during the opening session of the 118th Congress.

Update: During the historic second vote, Peltola stayed with the Democrats and voted for Jeffries again.

Democrats stuck together in their support for the big city radical leftist, with 212 voting for Jeffries, with Republicans giving 203 votes to GOP Rep. Kevin McCarthy.

A band of Republicans broke off from the main group of Republicans and voted for someone other than McCarthy, who is the elected nominee for Republicans. Of the 19 Republican defectors, 10 voted for Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona, and 9 voted for others such as Rep. Jim Jordan.

Although Jeffries has more votes on the first ballot than McCarthy, he does not have enough to become speaker; he needs 218 votes and the House only has 212 Democrats, all of whom supported him. It’s unlikely there are enough Republicans to defect and elect the New York radical to lead the House. To win, a speaker must get the majority of votes of those present and voting.

Jeffries has become more radical during his five terms in Congress. He joined the Congressional Progressive Caucus and in 2019, and he was quickly selected as one of the House impeachment managers for the Democrats’ first attempt to remove former President Donald Trump. He became an acolyte of lead impeachment manager Rep. Adam Schiff.

Jeffries made the closing arguments before the U.S. Senate during the first impeachment trial, and said that acquitting Trump would be the “death blow” to the U.S. Constitution. Later, as Democrats tried to force a federal takeover of elections and prohibit voter ID laws, Jeffries called for the Senate to “detonate the filibuster” and said that voter ID laws are a “Jim Crow-era relic.” Jeffries has said that Republicans are a cult.

In 2016, Jeffries said the election of Trump was “illegitimate” because of Russian influence. Mainstream media covered for him, saying that he was not an election denier.

House Republican leader McCarthy is the the GOP conference’s nominee for Speaker. The House will now take a second vote. Meanwhile, Rep. Biggs has stated that McCarthy should withdraw his name. Rep. Jim Jordan has risen to renominate Kevin McCarthy for the House as a second vote is being queued up.

Expect this story to be superseded by quickly moving events in the House.


  1. Well there is her true colors. Alaska better watch out as her and the princess are not for us. They are in it for the money. Watch the bank accounts.

  2. I look forward to seeing the full support of this vote from all the election-denying, conspiracy theory loving Trump supporters here on MRAK.

    • Most of your recent self-styled “conspiracy theories” are conspiracy fact!
      Remember when the feds working surreptitiously with Facebook, Google and Twitter to censor non-establishment opinions and statements was just “conspiracy theory”?
      Remember when the initial reports of the massive injuries, and deaths, from the experimental mRNA so-called “Covid vaccines” were just “conspiracy theory”?
      Remember when evidence of the US foreign policy establishment and NATO meddling and instigation of Russia via Ukraine was just “conspiracy theory”?
      Remember when the denials of Russian collusion in the 2016 presidential election were simply “conspiracy theories”? (But denials of the mountains of evidence of the stolen 2020 presidential election are not?)
      Remember when the teaching of Critical Race Theory, and the sexual grooming and disorientation, of school-age children, IN the schools, was just “conspiracy theory”?
      Remember when the massive amounts of illegal dark money flowing to Democratic campaigns in the 2022 midterm elections, to the tune of many hundreds of millions of dollars, were just “conspiracy theory”?

      Remember when the blatantly partisan and utterly co-opted nature of the FBI, CIA and other federal intelligence agencies were just “conspiracy theory”?
      PepperRidge Farms remembers.

      • You sir, are the king of the non-sequitur. Congratulations. That being said, I assume you support Jeffries since he’s a fellow conspiracy fan like yourself.

        • There was no non sequitur in my post at all, cman. Obviously, you have trouble following a logical train of thought, like every other radical leftist extremist. You brought the up the idea of so-called “conspiracy theory Trump supporters” in your original post, so I expanded on that concept, by pointing out just a few of the many facts and proven, actual conspiracies engaged in by leftists in just the past few years that people like you, and all of the establishment lackeys in corporate media, tried to suppress or dismiss as mere “conspiracy theories”.
          Again, I apologize for having assumed that you could think in the simplest of logical manners.

    • I am finding the difference between a conspiracy theory and reality is down to about 12 weeks at this point.

  3. Some members of the GOP, including Lauren Bobert , have said it’s OK with them if this guy is Speaker over Kevin McCarthy. I’m no fan of McCarthy, but WTF is wrong with the GOP?

    Do they want to be serfs to the left, or want us to burn the GOP to the ground and find something different?
    They clearly don’t want to govern or lead.

    • To be clear, most if the other republicans are also okay with the democrat speaker rather than allow an actual conservative be speaker. These few good republicans are just done with the lying bull.

    • You obviously didn’t read into the play to force the squish to represent the people who elected them, versus pass the gavel to some Paul Ryan lacky?

      • You obviously have no idea what I read. But that’s par for you.

        Your claim might have merit if the GOP had any sense of strategy or planning. They repeatedly have shown neither.

        Part of me hopes they succeed and we get Speaker Jeffries simply to watch low information Republicans reap what they are desperately sewing. The only part of my that objects to that is the carnage it would potentially do to the rest of us.

  4. Of course she would vote for Jeffries!! I wouldn’t expect anything different. Peltola claimed to be bipartisan. Bipartisan my aching butt!!! A true blue demorat.

  5. Always against her alleged constituents interests like all the democrats. Her actual constituents are the UN, NATO, WHO, WEF, the foreign monarchs. She hopes to be on that payola train. We literally have no representation in Congress I don’t believe at this time. Thank you democrats for continuing to destroy your own nation.

  6. Proud of the Patriots who are rejecting the RINO swamp creature Kevin McCarthy. If only Alaska Republicans had that much of a spine.

    • Who is claiming surprise?

      An acknowledgment she said she’d do one thing then predictably did the opposite: give you that.

      Surprise? Nope.

      • That was parody that went over your head, it seems.
        I suspect Suzanne perhaps needed to post Peltola voted with Democrats, rather than how Don Young might have voted.
        I don’t recall Peltola ever saying how she would vote for speaker, let alone change her mind.

        • The saddest part of all is you probably actually think you are clever.

          I’ve been in outhouses off the Parks highway with more intelligent and compelling commentary.

          • Your stooping this low, in an attempt to pull yourself up, by tearing at someone that disagrees with you is telling MA. You just have difficulty with anyone that disagrees with your imbecilic commentary and feel the need to get into ad hominem attacks.
            Perhaps your commentary comes from those outhouse walls on the Parks highway, but in any case “tough noogies to you.”

  7. Not sure why it’s such a shocking headline that Peltola voted with her party, which was unanimous. Seems like the real story here is that Republicans have been unable to elect a Speaker after two rounds of votes, which hasn’t happened in 100 years. McCarthy wants to keep the rules Pelosi implemented years ago but he’s being held back by his right flank–would Tsibaka be voting for McCarthy, Biggs, or Jordan? Would she have sold out to McCarthy like MTG for a committee assignment? Republicans look awfully disfunctional during their first day on the job, but then again, not much of a surprise when they are offering nothing but “Hunter’s laptop” and obstructionism. Maybe if they tried to be the party of optimism again they could figure out how to rally.

    • Tshibaka ran for Senate, so no she wouldn’t have done any of it. It would’ve been Palin or Begich in place of Peltola. I guarantee they’d vote for a Republican speaker. That’s why it was important to rank the red during our last elections.

    • Look, you Sarah haters have to let her go. I did. And it feels so good to have her out of my life. My attorney hasn’t heard a peep from hers in months. That’s a good sign. She’s looking for much greener pastures, now that she knows more people hate her than love her. Let it go, folks. Only the National Enquirer cares.

  8. Wow. What a surprise. A liberal democrat voted in lockstep with her party’s wishes.

    All of you that voted for mary; we’ll remind you of that, each and every time she casts a vote, for the next two years. Want to make sure you know what you got for your selection.

  9. Thank you Sarah. As one can see the democrats vote as one , no exception. Manchin tried and was reeled back in. Somehow I doubt Peltola will represent Alaska if it means bucking the Dem system.

  10. We have Begich to thank for all of this. Zack Brown tweeted:

    “In Mar ’21, Nick Begich asked Don Young to join our office & shadow the Dean to learn how Congress works. Simple request? No, Begich was planning on primarying Young all along. He used DY & staff to secure inside info. Here’s his intern badge. Can you trust him?”

    Don Young felt that Begich had stabbed him in the back. Traitor. Then Begich ensured a split Republican ticket. Now we have socialist Peltola to embarrass Alaska.

    • Complete BS.
      M is a propogandist, trying to incite dissent amongst Republicans.
      An old trick.
      Young originally asked NB3 to run for his seat because Young was going to retire, then changed his mind after NB3 filed.
      M is a bit behind the curve in both knowledge, skillset, and IQ. Go back to 5th grade and study harder. You need it, pal.

      • Marco, you are in deep denial.

        Zack Brown worked for Don Young. Zack was Young’s communication director.

        Here’s what Don Young had to say about Begich:

        “Just 3 wks before passing, Rep Don Young spoke to the AK GOP & had sharp words for Begich.

        “I hired that young man to show him the ropes, run for the job, don’t run against me…it’s not loyalty, nor is it honest…That’s a person I don’t want to serve me in Congress.”

        Mark J figured it out below- he’s correct.

        Find Zack’s tweet with a picture of the ID badge, with Begich’s picture, and the word “Intern”. Begich looks like a fool.

    • M, Hey, maybe you were not in Alaska back in 2020, but Nick Begich was Don Young”s Campaign Chairman. Weird huh?
      Like Don didn’t know young Nick?

      Get over the Sarah love, ok? She is the one to thank for Mary, Mary, quite Constitutionally Contrary.

      • Hey Puk,

        Here’s what Don Young had to say:

        “I hired that young man to show him the ropes, run for the job, don’t run against me…it’s not loyalty, nor is it honest…That’s a person I don’t want to serve me in Congress.”

        “That’s a person I don’t want to serve me in Congress.”

  11. Not surprising. I looked up Congresswoman Peltola’s short but telling voting record. Of the 20 votes she has cast thus far (today’s vote for speaker, was not listed), 13 of her YEA votes included the phrase “suspend the rules and pass” or “suspend the rules and concur”. At least we know how she feels about all those pesky rules that apply to congress.

    • Pretty lazy analysis. Procedural votes look like this, and get plenty of R votes. Go back and see what the issues were, and if the votes reflected party affiliation.

      • Granted…procedural votes and rule suspensions were originally intended to streamline the process of passing non-controversial, housekeeping, and agreed upon issues. However, it appears that it has morphed into a method for passing bills with no debate, no amendments allowed, no details offered, and by a “super-majority” of only those members present and voting. When nearly 75% of votes fit into this category, it lays the dangerous groundwork whereby a 4,000+ page (which no one has read or comprehended),1.7 trillion dollar (which no one knows how it will be paid for), omnibus spending bill gets passed in a matter of days right before everyone skips town to go party down.

  12. Peltola is dishonest and could really care less about Alaska, except for those Alaskans that are on the government dole, as that is a big part of her voting base. Democrats in Washington have done nothing but hurt Alaska and Peltola will do nothing but follow the Democrat herd. We should not be surprised. Those that voted for her though should be ashamed as what she represents is big government, government dependence which is bondage, and the demise of all private business, which is essentially the only real income government has, yet the government dependent are too blind to understand that. Peltola included.

    • Don’t forget the talk show host who pumped RVC nonstop. “A way to get republicans elected”.

  13. House Democrats voted in unity, although they are in the minority.
    House Republicans voted in disunity, although they have the majority.
    Alaska has a newcomer to Congress who needs to make contacts and establish her place in Congress in order to become the pork barrel politician that you seem to be seeking, in replacement of Don Young.
    At least she has not been shunned by her own party like George Santos, GOP rep (NY)!

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