Passing: Dick Knapp, former commander of Coast Guard in charge of rescue of Prinsendam passengers, crew


Richard Knapp, retired U.S. Coast Guard commander in Juneau and former Alaska Department of Transportation commissioner under Gov. Bill Sheffield, passed away on Jan. 2, 2023. He was 93 and had lived in Juneau since being assigned there by the Coast Guard in 1980.

Knapp was promoted to rear admiral in the Coast Guard in 1978. He served on six ships, for which he was the commander of four. He was promoted to commander of the 17th Coast Guard District in Southeast Alaska in 1980. Then, he was in command when a cruise ship caught fire in the Gulf of Alaska.

On Oct. 4, 1980, just after midnight, the Prinsendam, a Holland America Line cruise ship, with more than 500 passengers and crew on board, reported a fire in the engine room, and the ship was being abandoned. Passengers and crew got into lifeboats as the ship burned in the Gulf of Alaska. The Coast Guard, Air Force and Canadian and civilian rescuers coordinated to bring everyone to safety under harrowing circumstances. Many of the passengers were elderly tourists; in heavy 12- to 15-foot seas and stiff winds, they were lifted from the lifeboats by helicopter and taken to a nearby tanker, the Williamsburg, and others taken to Yakutat and Sitka. The ship was towed toward Seattle but eventually it sank in stormy seas.

A detailed recount of the dramatic rescue can be read at this link.

Knapp had also served as vice president of the Alaska Railroad Corporation, and was the senior vice president of Harbor Enterprises, Inc. He graduated from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy and from George Washington University, where he earned a masters degree in business administration. An oral history of Knapp’s life and times is at this link.

After his retirement in 1984, Knapp was involved in various civic callings, such as chairing a group that was pushing for a road to Juneau. He served on the Juneau Chamber of Commerce board and was appointed to the Marine Transportation Advisory Board by Gov. Sean Parnell.

In 2009, he was named Juneau Citizen of the Year by the Juneau Chamber of Commerce. Knapp was widowed in 2013, when his wife Pamela passed. He lived in West Juneau until recent years when he required more help and moved to a senior facility in Haines, where he was well cared for.

His friends in Juneau remained close to him throughout his life and in 2017 took him on a cruise with them through the Panama Canal. The ship’s captain was so impressed to have a retired Coast Guard commander on board, especially one who had commanded a Coast Guard ship through the canal in eras gone by, that he gave Knapp and his friends a private tour of the bridge.


  1. Admiral Knapp was decent and unassuming. Long after his retirement, I addressed him as Admiral, I think in the grocery store in Anchorage. He was surprised that I knew, smiled, almost blushed and said: “That was a long time ago.”. RIP, Admiral Knapp. One of our best.

    • JMARK, I agree, a good man, and representative of his generation. I became friends with his lovely wife Pamela years ago and met Admiral Knapp through Pamela. A great couple!

  2. Sorry to learn this. Admiral Knapp was a leader I admired and learned much from. Pam was wonderful as well.
    God Speed
    Tom Barrett
    Anchorage, Ak

  3. A true gentleman and one of the best bosses i ever had. Honored to have known him and Pam. He will be missed.

  4. Sad news about the end of a life well-lived. RADM Knapp had a great reputation for his energy, judgement, and leadership during his Coast Guard career. In retirement, living in Juneau, he was a great friend, with the door always open for visits and sea stories. My condolences and respect for his family and Juneau friends who loved him and did so much for him in his later years. We have all lost a great person and friend.

  5. While stationed in Juneau my wife and I always enjoyed visiting with Dick and Pam. Pam was a treasure and Dick was a great Coast Guard Admiral who I learned a lot from. Rest in peace, my friend.

  6. Will miss Dick as we have missed his wonderful wife Pam. Shari was a PEO sister of Pam’s and service on the Boy Scout Council with Dick. They were neighbors of ours in West Juneau. They both added so many things to the Juneau community and to Alaska!

  7. A life well lived continues on in the hearts of those who were touched. Richard Knapp was a gentleman and cared about others through the very end. We love him and miss him in Haines. Be at rest, Admiral. Thank you for touching our lives. Thank you for a life well lived.

  8. Dick’s fellow Rotarians in the Rotary Club of Juneau Alaska, the downtown club, send our love and prayers to Dick Knapp’s family. He was a loving, intelligent, absolutely delightful gentleman who shared fun stories with those who had an opportunity to sit with him at Rotary meetings. He volunteered for Rotary projects, offering his extensive expertise, and was committed to “service above self,” the Rotary motto, in everything he did. Most of us thought of him as a friend and were honored to know him. Rest in peace, dear Admiral Dick Knapp. You will finally be reunited with Pam, your wife and the love of your life. What a gift they both were to the community of Juneau. They will remain here forever in our hearts and memories.

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