Murkowski sworn in as senator


Sen. Lisa Murkowski, reelected in November to represent Alaska in the U.S. Senate, swore her oath of office today in Washington, D.C.

“I’m humbled to take the Oath of Office to continue representing the state I love, and ready to get back to work on Alaskans’ behalf. I thank Alaskans for their support and the trust they have placed in me, and will do my absolute best to represent all who live in the 49th state,” she wrote.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski and former Sen. and Gov. Frank Murkowski, who attended her swearing in ceremony in the nation’s capitol on Tuesday.

Murkowski was appointed by her father Sen. Frank Murkowski in 2002 to finish out the term for him, as he had been elected governor for Alaska. She has fended off competition ever since, including running a successful write-in campaign against Republican Party nominee Joe Miller in 2010.

A Republican, Murkowski benefitted from Ballot Measure 2, passed by voters in 2020, which enabled her to avoid a Republican primary. Although the Alaska Democratic Party advanced a candidate, many Democrats voted for Murkowski, as they have also done in her past elections.

Murkowski is 15th in seniority in the Senate and sixth among Republicans. She is expected to maintain her position as vice chair of the Indian Affairs Committee and as a senior member on the Appropriations Committee, as well as Energy and Natural Resources, and Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committees.

Sen. Frank Murkowski and many members of Lisa Murkowski’s family were present in the U.S. Capitol for her swearing in today.

Senate Democrats today voted for Washington’s Democratic Sen. Patty Murray as first woman to serve as Senate President Pro Tempore: The head of the Senate. She will probably chair the Senate Appropriations Committee.


  1. Hey, New York and Kevin McCarthy have to deal with Rep. Santos. We here in Alaska have to deal with Lisa Murkowski. It’s a fact of life.

    • Slight correction: the GOP needs to deal with Mr Santos.
      The Brazilians handled their presidential elections very efficiently despite fraud claims by Mr Bolsanaro. Perhaps they will be equally as efficient (much more than the GOP) in pursuing Mr Santos on his 2008 checkbook theft charge!

  2. Single most corrupt act in Alaskan political history (and this is saying something) was Frank appointing his daughter. Insured an easy path to re-election as the incumbent wins 95% of the time, and garnered her all the special interest money as everyone bought an easy piece of the most “for sale” Senator in the senate.

    Politics is a dirty business. This family is the epitome of all that entails.

    • Lawrence; I totally agree, I was shocked that Frank would appoint his daughter.
      Fast forward to the present, I believe Lisa really cares about Alaska from Ketchikan to Point Barrow, she has brought us Coast Guard Cruisers, 2 F-35 fighter squadrons, a F-22 Squadron, Infrastructure package, Federal Highway construction, broad band for rural and more money per capita than any other state, highly respected in the Senate, serves on committee’s,. Easily elected.
      A true born and raised in Alaskan fighter and am proud of her as she is with Dan Sullivan, Alaska’s double barrel shotgun 😉

      • I’m not concerned about pork, anyone can and does get that and Alaska as a strategic investment is an easy sell. Trump got ANWR not her. I’m concerned about integrity. The impeachments were both a sham. I real person of integrity would have stood up and said so. This is not a person of great intellect (5x to pass the bar-I’ll give anyone a pass on 1, maybe even 2, but 5? Seriously?) either. So what we have, despite your glorified version, is someone put into power in a corrupt manner, who is not too bright, and behaves unethically. If all you care about is federal money, which comes with federal strings, then she is your gal, but let’s be real; DC is her home, not Alaska.

      • I see it differently, Joe.


        … and crippled the Alaska Oil industry and secured years of higher prices, more foreign oil imports, and a weakened American economy….

        Lisa’s a real bargain when buying influence. Just use the discount code “Go Along to Get Along”.

      • Joe. You do realize the level of our national debt? Don’t you? Pork spending isn’t a thing to be proud of. But thanks for including Sullivan in your fawning praise and admiration of Murky. That says a lot.

  3. Nancy told me that the great-grandkids are already asking what being “primaried” means?
    She told them, “that’s what happened to Grampa back in 2006.”
    “But why didn’t Auntie Lisa get primaried too?”
    “Because great-Grampa taught Lisa that Democrats have better results through their election techniques. And socialism always has better government pay.”
    Switching parties without filing is the
    Murkowski IQ legacy.

  4. Is she wearing an “in your face” ivory necklace, or is it “pop beads” from the 50’s? Snort!

    • Sassy, roll up a crisp one-hundred dollar bill and take a good snort! Clear thinking, however, is required: we can’t “evade” reality! If you think that you can do better then Senator Murkowski then get yourself all dolled up with trading beads and run against her! Give it a go, Sassy! Let’s see what you have!

      • Nope! Thank you. Have a nice day. Have a good snort yourself. Image is everything in politics these days. That was my point.

  5. Kelly Tshibaka was robbed via Mitch McConnell for not funding her campaign. An installed Senator from the swamp is who Lisa is. I’ll never forget how she has thrown her constituents under the bus.

  6. I’m not a big fan of Murkowski, and it still irks me that she was appointed by her father. Nepotism should always bad, regardless of political affiliation. That said, she won the election – she had more support from voters than her opponents. Yes, she benefited from the system, but should couldn’t have prevailed unless more people ranked her higher than they ranked Kelly.

    Ultimately, complaints about a “rigged” process are absurd. Everyone of you can tell me, in order, your top 3 sports teams, players, movies, presidents, vacation destinations, etc. Claiming that generalizing this process to elections is either rotten tomatoes, or prima facie evidence that Bill Engvall should hand you one of his signs.

  7. The Murkowskis’ are pure swamp creatures from Alaska. They’ve been riding the government gravy train for over four decades. Their smirking smiles reflect an arrogance and an eff you to Alaskans. Disgusting!

  8. The photo above is interesting. Lisa stands much further apart from Frank than she does with Joe Biden. So, who’s really her Daddy?

    • GFM’56, “deep state” is now just another catchy term belched out by so many barroom “intellectuals.” If you have nothing to add to the discussion to resolve the “problem,” have a stool and quietly enjoy your beer. Noam Chomsky might have something for you; that, though, would take some thoughtful reading and a lot less beer. But, on second thought, you may be giving it all you’ve got belching out stale zingers; if that’s the case, you’re as much of a thinker as you’ll ever be!

      • This is an empty post, good for a few folks that have NO intellectual capacity. Go back to your marijuana party.

      • Speaking of ’empty zingers”!
        Your little diatribe adds absolutely nothing to the discussion here, except to mark you as just another quisling and apologist for the corrupt power establishment.

  9. Nice photo of our “conservative” Senator, with the man she married many years ago.
    At the time she did not take her husband’s name, but kept her Dad’s name, for some odd reason.
    Why didn’t Lisa go with a hyphenated last name; popular w/ modern (progressive) women?
    Very odd.

    Our liberal Congressperson Mary Peltola took the last names of all 3 of her husbands.
    Kelly Tshibaka & Sarah Palin took the names of their husbands, as did Dharna Begich.

    Is Lisa Murkowski nothing more then a “Brand” ? An empty skirt?
    Would she have been re-elected if she were Lisa Martell?

  10. ⏳⏳WOW 🗽🗽🗽 It is way past time for term limits, these (Rank Choice) Thieves needed to be replaced long ago as they only work for the deep state (( dark Money )) donors that created a way to get reelected by changing the rules again!!! Think About It !!!! Time to change people 🙏⏳🙏 can you spell Murkowski !!!🤔✍🏼✍🏼 oh we can help you spell it !!! says an election official✍🏼✍🏼✍🏼 always remember that most government employees count the votes and it seems that we have the same government all the time for some reason and they still have the same jobs👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼💸💸 Hay, maybe we need term limits for Government employees too!!! 💸

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