Senate passes defense spending bill ending Pentagon’s vaccine mandate; Sullivan and Murkowski duck issue


The $858 billion in national defense spending passed by the Senate on Thursday also rolled back the U.S. military’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate. Thirteen Republican senators fought to end the vaccine mandate for military members, but neither of Alaska’s senators were among them.

The bill now heads to President Joe Biden, after the House already approved the $858 billion National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2023.

“President Biden’s draconian military COVID vaccine mandate is a slap in the face to the men and women who pledged to serve our nation. My @SenateGOP colleagues and I led the fight to repeal the mandate,” wrote Sen. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee.

The repeal of the military’s Covid vaccine mandate was the work of Republicans who pushed for it, including Sen. Ron Johnson, who also offered an amendment that would force the military to reinstate those it discharged for refusing to accept the Covid vaccine. His amendment did not pass.

The 13 GOP senators led by Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky who dug in their heels and said they would not vote for the annual defense bill if the vaccine requirement was not rescinded were Senators Lindsey Graham, Rick Scott, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson, Mike Braun, Roger Marshall, M.D., Tommy Tuberville, Marco Rubio, Steve Daines, Cindy Hyde-Smith, and Josh Hawley.

President Biden opposes the repeal of the vaccine mandate in the military.


  1. Any body with any sense should not have anything to do with the military as they can force you do do things you don’t want. Our military has turned into a government clot shot experiment.

    • Actually, you are not correct. They can’t mandate an experimental vaccine, although they did it anyway and broke the law. The approved version of the vaccine was Comirnaty and there was none available in the USA under that label. The Secretary of Defense and Pentagon broke the law and should be held accountable. The Senators did the right thing rescinding this mandate. The RINO cowards, Sullivan and Murkowski should be ashamed of themselves but then again, they are just puppets of the corrupt cabal and are following their task masters’ orders. I’m dumbfounded that Sen. Graham actually stood up for the troops on this. Miracles happen.

      • In the US, 613 million doses have been administrated; worldwide, the total is 12.7 billion doses (5.47 billion people). When does it stop being experimental?

          • Hey Trig – your conflating vaccine support with an experimental status. See my comment to my old friend Jeffereon below.

          • There have been dozens of studies on the efficacy and safety of the Covid vaccine. The most serious side effect was anaphylaxis and it occurred in about 0.2% of all people who were considered fully vaccinated. In other words, the vaccine is safe. Thanks for asking.

        • Apparently, when it has killed enough millions of recipients to satisfy the sociopathic power-lust of those in charge.
          As usual, RV, your post is disingenuous, misleading and willfully obtuse.

          • I’m not asking if you like/support the vaccine, or even if it was a good idea. I’m simply pointing out that calling this vaccine experimental at this point is asserting that the sample of 5.47 billion people is insufficient. If so, what greater sample size will resolve your concerns?

            Asserting that side effects (including death) are underreported is a legitimate concern. I fully support efforts to transparently research and report this information. We’ve only had the vaccines a few years, so we’ll certainly be collecting this data for quite some time.

            I would only (fruitlessly) point out that the same is true for the virus itself. Although there is significant data on side effects (including death) for those that have been infected, data collection is ongoing. Why is this necessary? Because, ultimately, risk of being vaccinated can only be quantified by comparing it to the risk of being unvaccinated.

            Unless, of course, you quickly decide one approach is superior and then denigrate all those with an opposing view (like calling them disingenuous, misleading, and willfully obtuse for observing that you are doing exactly what you accuse the pro-vaccine folks of doing).

        • It doesn’t, it was never properly tested, and Pfizer hide the results from the public. It killed 1200 people in the first 90 days of trials, and it was just reported yesterday by Dr. Naomi Wolf, who had to sue in order to get a judge to order the release of the hidden documents, they knew it caused hypertension and they are estimating there are now over 100,000 cases of hypertension due to the so-called vaccine. Those are reported cases, it is estimated to be closer to a million. Add to that, it is causing blood-clots, miscarriages and many other adverse conditions, your numbers above show how serious of a medical catastrophe we are looking at.

          • Michael – Could you cite your source please? My searches for various combinations of “Naomi Wolf hypertension COVID vaccine” don’t turn up anything, and I can’t find anything on COVID attributed to her in the last month. I’ll definitely review the info if you can get me there.

      • Well am I correct or not did they not mandate the jab and refuse all religious reasons not to get it. Did they not fire people for not complying?

    • You’re wrong mark. They haven’t just turned into a huge experiment. They always have been. Go back and read history. Our military has always been the guinea pigs. It’s just one of many ways they can help protect our country.. being in the military is about following orders. You don’t get to decide if you’re going to go up that hill or stand on that wall

      • Your comments reflect on some of the reasons I retired after 22 years in the Corps. When you realize the truth of some of the things you’ve been called to carry out the shine goes away. My oldest has done 7 years in the Corps, now, and he plans on getting out due to the woke changes currently being enforced. I’ve asked my youngest not to join for all the above reasons. Don’t misunderstand me, I love my country and would come to her defense in a heartbeat. I think too many of us have been mislead into war for the sake of profit and power, and not the true defense of our nation.

      • Nobody should be able to mandate any medical procedure that has not been tested correctly. I want you to get a vac that I feel will save your life so will you come by and get the shot?

      • Yes, and when the chief army flight surgeon informed congress that a large number of her pilots had bad and sometimes disabling reactions to the shots, she was disappeared. The media never reported on this.

  2. I’m the spouse of an AKNG member who may benefit from this legislation. The question I’ve been asking all along is this: Military members already have three laws that protect their right to refuse the vaccine, plus many codes, ordinances, and policies within the UCMJ and DOD Instruction. So far, the Pentagon has ignored all of it. So I’m supposed to believe ANOTHER law will be the one that protects my husband? Why not the ones that already exist? The problem here is LAWLESSNESS. The government and its many agencies do NOT FOLLOW THE RULE OF LAW. “Rules for thee, and not for me” sayeth thy Lord and Thy US Gov…!

    • That is an excellent point, Dee Cee. But unfortunately, as you say, those are are committed to running roughshod over our rights and freedoms care not one whit about rules, laws, constitutions, or any other formal limitations on their ability to coerce us to their sociopathic whims and desires. Evil will never be bound by mere laws.

    • As you have found out Dee Cee, there is no more corrupt organization in this state than the Alaska Army National Guard. Those of us who have been in this montsrosity understand the depths they go to protect ‘the organization’ even at the cost of the soldiers.

  3. Rand Paul has been outstanding on this experimental mRNA shot issue, he’s been a vocal critic of all Fauci’s double speak. For those who want this crap mandated in the military, sure, lets mandate it for any member who’s fat and old, that way we can clear-out those useless “lifers” and get our military back into a lean fighting force once again.

  4. An amendment to reinstate service members discharged for refusing the vaccine failed. So if all are gone that refused and a vaccine is required to enlist, Rand Paul’s amendment is meaningless.

  5. I was the full time public health tech in the ANG. No one was or should be kicked out for refusing a shot. We had about an 80 percent compliance rate for the “mandatory” influenza shot. The 20 percent who didn’t get it were NOT kicked out.

  6. Those useless old lifers may be the only thing standing between the mess we currently have and total meltdown. My advice is learn basic Chinese.

  7. sullivan is taking his cue from the entitled one. he realizes Alaska has been californicated and is, like her, catering to them….

  8. Shame on Lisa and Dan for ducking this issue. I expect this from Lisa. My growing disappointment with Dan is starting to mentally move me to nudge him into the same column that Lisa occupies. Are we indeed going to end up with a three D delegation?

    • Alaska must fire Dan Sullivan in the next election!

      There is ample evidence showing he is NOT what he professes to be. Veterans are NOT served by his office when they request “constituent assistance” in remedying significant problems with the VA and the generally useless Anchorage VA Clinic. He told me he’s proud of his efforts “to get the job” for the current Anchorage administrator. I said, based on my experience, the current administrator is lazy, unqualified, and non-responsive.

      As usual, Sullivan doesn’t give a damn about anybody but himself AND whatever he needs to do to try to get re-elected. I say, let’s double our efforts to fire him in the next election. Is Kelly Tshibaka still around?

      • Don’t worry, Dan’s already secured that sweet Murky money for his reelection. He’ll have the full force of the establishment GOP behind him this cycle. As much as I want him gone, I don’t see it happening with our population of wishy-washy Republicans. And, if he’s lucky, Sarah Palin will throw her hat in the ring just to seal the deal for him.

  9. Bodily autonomy / sovereignty against experimental drug “therapies” is the cornerstone of a Free Man. The lemmings that willfully, and some gleefully, followed the dictates of BigPharma, the medical industrial complex, and the covidiots Biden/Fauci deserve our scorn and ridicule.

  10. Not surprising that Alaska’s so-called ‘senators’ didn’t vote for it…the democrats wouldn’t pay them if they did! They are the ‘strange bedfellows’!!

  11. We all expected this from Murkowski. Sullivan always seemed to at least be on the side of our military. Guess he has gone total swamp. What a disappointment. We will soon see the criminal element that supports his next campaign. Sure won’t be Alaskans. Or Veterans. For such a high ranking officer, he sure knows how to dig a hole. Sure explains why none of my concerns have been answered in the last several years. He really doesn’t give a darn about GIs or vets. It’s all lip service. And he try’s to bail himself out with well written words that turn out to be meaningless. Like this port idea, that won’t happen.

  12. The Raytheon guy who runs the Defense Department might want a Senate Resolution changing “Semper Fidelis” to “Semper Fidelis, Sed Ad Quem?”.
    “Thirteen Republican senators fought to end the vaccine mandate for military members, but neither of Alaska’s senators were among them.”
    Better you than us, Dan, explaining to Chesty where you were when this went down… telling him the Nome port boondoggle wasn’t your thirty pieces of silver for cooperating with Important People on this one.
    Don’t mean nothing, does it, Colonel Dan?

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