Historic: Federal judge puts hold on Navy firing of SEALs who declined Covid vaccine


The United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas on Monday issued a preliminary injunction against President Joe Biden’s federal Covid-19 vaccine mandate, as it pertains to certain Navy SEALs who were seeking religious exemptions.

“Our nation asks the men and women in our military to serve, suffer, and sacrifice. But we do not ask them to lay aside their citizenry and give up the very rights they have sworn to protect. Every president since the signing of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act has praised the men and women of the military for their bravery and service in protecting the freedoms this country guarantees,” wrote Judge Reed O’Connor, in the opinion that prevents the Navy from discharging men and women declaring religious exemptions from the Covid-19 vaccine mandate put in place through Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin III.

“In this case, members of the military seek protection under those very freedoms. Thirty-five Navy Special Warfare servicemembers allege that the military’s mandatory vaccination policy violates their religious freedoms under the First Amendment and Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The Navy provides a religious accommodation process, but by all accounts, it is theater. The Navy has not granted a religious exemption to any vaccine in recent memory. It merely rubber stamps each denial. The Navy servicemembers in this case seek to vindicate the very freedoms they have sacrificed so much to protect. The COVID-19 pandemic provides the government no license to abrogate those freedoms. There is no COVID-19 exemption to the First Amendment… and there is no military exclusion from our Constitution,” said O’Connor.

The court’s order can be read at this link.

By early November, 99.4% of active-duty Navy servicemembers had been fully vaccinated against Covid-19. The plaintiffs in this case represent about .6% of the Navy and are of Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestant branches of Christianity. They object to the vaccine because of the use of aborted fetal cell lines in the development of the shot, the belief that modifying one’s body is an afront to the Creator; receiving direct, divine instruction not to receive the vaccine; and/or opposition to injecting trace amounts of animal cells into their bodies.

“Plaintiffs’ beliefs about the vaccine are undisputedly sincere, and it is not the role of this Court to determine their truthfulness or accuracy,” the judge wrote.

“The opinion issued in this case is a victory for our Constitution, our active-duty military members, and our institutions. It is our responsibility to protect our servicemen and women from this outrageous mandate that was set in place by their own Commander in Chief. No American, especially our service members, should be required to choose between violating their religious beliefs and serving our country,” said Pam Bondi, counsel at America First Policy Institute, who represent the Navy SEALs in this case.

Nine U.S. senators, including Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Rick Scott (R-Fla.), Mike Lee (R-Utah), Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), James Lankford (R-Okla.), Steve Daines (R-Mont.), Roger Wicker (R-Miss.), Mike Braun (R-Ind.), and Roger Marshall (R-Kan.), along with 38 members of the House of Representatives, filed an amicus brief in U.S. Navy Seals v. Biden.

The 38 House Republicans were led by Mike Johnson of Louisiana, the House Republican Conference chair.

Defense Secretary Austin made Covid vaccines mandatory, allowing for religious exemptions. But non of the thousands of religious exemption request have been granted. Judge O’Connor noted that the exemption is in name only, and does not exist in reality. He said the preliminary injunction is an extraordinary measure, and that the Department of Defense is likely to lose in court.

The ruling is historic in that it allows military members to defy a direct order given by their commander-in-chief.


  1. I think the last line in this piece is in error…and should read “the ruling is historic in that it allows military members to defy an Unlawful direct order given by their commander-in-chief.”

    • You realize the military requires 17 other vaccinations and has done so long before Biden was sworn in, right? It’s a military requirement. The vaccines are all FDA approved. The funny part is that they claim this vaccine, not the others, alters their bodies… apparently they were asleep during all their other inoculations.

      • But, John, the military does not, and legally can not, mandate the injection of an EXPERIMENTAL treatment (these are NOT ‘vaccines’ by any standard or pre-2021 definition). And every one of the Wuhan Virus mRNA so-called ‘vaccines’ are by definition exactly that, EXPERIMENTAL, all claims of the FDA or others notwithstanding, as they have no multi-year, double blind studies behind them.
        The FDA, or Pretendent PotatoHead, or anyone else can make all the claims and declarations in violation of fact that they want, but they cannot thereby change reality.

        • Jeff,
          The problem with what you so frequently say is that it is so easily and demonstrably false. Let’s go through some of the pre 2021 definition of vaccine again.
          vac·cine (văk-sēn′)
          A substance that stimulates cells in the immune system to recognize and attack disease-causing agents, especially through the production of antibodies. Most vaccines are given by injection or are swallowed as liquids. Vaccines may contain a weaker form of the disease-causing virus or bacterium or even a DNA fragment or some other component of the agent. The American Heritage® Student Science Dictionary, Second Edition. Copyright © 2014 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved.
          vac·cine (vak-sēn’)
          Any preparation intended for active immunologic prophylaxis, e.g., preparations of killed microbes of virulent strains or living microbes of attenuated (variant or mutant) strains, or microbial, fungal, plant, protozoal, or metazoan derivatives or product.
          [L. vaccinus, relating to a cow, vacca] Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing © Farlex 2012
          vaccine a preparation containing live, attenuated (see ATTENUATION).or inactivated (killed) microorganisms (or some part or product of them), that is used to stimulate an IMMUNE RESPONSE in the recipient, which gains IMMUNITY. The Salk polio vaccine is an example of a vaccine that contains inactivated viruses, whereas the Sabin polio vaccine is a LIVE VACCINE. The name comes from the Latin vaccinus, ‘of cows’, and relates to the work of Edward JENNER on cowpox. Vaccines are not quick-acting, but rely on the recipient to build up a supply of ANTIBODIES gradually. Compare SERUM (3). See also COMBINATION VACCINE, DNA VACCINE, SUBUNIT VACCINE. Collins Dictionary of Biology, 3rd ed. © W. G. Hale, V. A. Saunders, J. P. Margham 2005
          vac·cine (vak’sēn, vak-sēn’), Although this word is correctly stressed on the first syllable, in U.S. usage it is often stressed on the second syllable.
          Originally, the live vaccine (vaccinia, cowpox) virus inoculated in the skin as prophylaxis against smallpox and obtained from the skin of calves inoculated with seed virus. Usage has extended the meaning to include essentially any preparation intended for active immunologic prophylaxis; for example, preparations of killed microbes of virulent strains or living microbes of attenuated (variant or mutant) strains; or microbial, fungal, plant, protozoal, or metazoan derivatives or products. Method of administration varies according to the vaccine, inoculation being the most common, but ingestion is preferred in some instances and nasal spray is used occasionally. Farlex Partner Medical Dictionary © Farlex 2012
          vaccine (văk-sēn′, văk′sēn′)
          a. A preparation of a weakened or killed pathogen, such as a bacterium or virus, or of a portion of the pathogen’s structure that upon administration to an individual stimulates antibody production or cellular immunity against the pathogen but is incapable of causing severe infection.
          b. A preparation from the cowpox virus that protects against smallpox when administered to an individual. The American Heritage® Medical Dictionary Copyright © 2007, 2004 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.
          By numerous pre 2021 definitions, standard or otherwise, these vaccines meet the definition of a vaccine.

        • Steve, really, spare us the repeated flood of disingenuous sophistry already. Your incessant half-truths, disinformation and lies are getting very stale by now.

          • Who knew that dictionary definitions were “disingenuous sophistry” or “half-truths, disinformation and lies”?
            Weren’t you just telling us about mass formation psychosis? You are aware that those suffering from mass formation psychosis show an alarming disconnect with reality to a point that it no longer matters if the narrative is wrong or even blatantly false, and that since facts no longer matter to them they are be unable to come to sensible conclusions, even in their own best interests.
            Your statement that “these are NOT ‘vaccines’ by any standard or pre-2021 definition” has repeatedly been shown to be blatantly incorrect, yet you deny it and accuse me of “half-truths, disinformation and lies”. Do you expect anyone to believe a word you say?

          • Steve, you have shown NOTHING except for your own arrogant dishonesty and disingenuousness. I refuse to lower myself to try to engage with you at that level, as you have demonstrated over and over again that you are not here to discuss honestly and in good faith, nor even to just express whatever opinions you may hold, but to actively deceive and spread disinformation.
            And again, I have to point out to anyone reading this, that you invariably leap into ANY discussion centered on the Wuhan Virus, and most especially the so-called “vaccines” (sic), desperately and maliciously defending the official narratives and the establishment at every turn, while rarely and only briefly commenting in any other thread. Now why might that be, Steve? What impels you to so vigorously defend the establishment line on the (over)reactions to the Wuhan Virus, and most especially the so-called “vaccines”?

          • Jeff,
            Have you ever heard the saying about what to do when you find yourself in a hole? Stop digging Jeff, the hole you are in just keeps getting deeper. Your continued denial of basic facts, like words having defined meanings, does you and your cause no favor. Stop digging that hole Jeff, stop digging.

      • FDA approved for emergency use only. Not Fully FDA approved. Not that it would matter at this point, the CDC and FDA have lost all credibility. According to MIT (before YouTube banned the video) this gene altering injection is changing DNA. Please stop comparing this genocide injection to vaccines. RIP

  2. Thanks to Yahweh Elohim for people like Judge Reed O’Connor. May he be blessed for his sound judgment.

  3. The federal judge who issued the decision sits in the northern district of Texas. Conservative activists regularly file lawsuits in his court because he is very conservative and can be counted on to issue rulings favoring their causes. For example, he previously issued an “historic” ruling striking down the Affordable Care Act, which was promptly reversed on appeal. His ruling in this case will almost certainly be appealed, and his track record on appeals is not very good. So I don’t think he will have the final word on this issue.

    • If these jabs are harmful to the hearts and circulation systems of these valuable fighting men that leaves the the republic ripe to be picked off invading forces doesn’t it. But you don’t care particularly. HOW modern and woke.

        • Your credentials? An expert in one thing, prosecutions, is highly unlikely to be an expert in another like advanced proper, ethical pharmacological research.

          • You’re the one who made the claims that are not supported by evidence. So what are your credentials, now that you mention it. Also, please provide your published work outlining these risks you claim exist. Thanks, G.

  4. This judge showed his true colors when he defied the US military and its decision to always be ready. The military rises above politics. This judge is entrenched in it.

    • And certainly all the ‘woke’, pro-LGQBLT123XYZ propaganda being shoved down our military members’ throats is contributing to the readiness of our military forces, as well.

      • Yes, and you folks complained about letting women in the military. Then it was allowing gays. All the while, you couldn’t match them on their worst day. Kind of funny how that works, huh?

        • Who are “you folks”, John?
          Your accusation reminds of similar accusations made against “uppity Negroes” around 60 years ago.
          But I see that you conveniently dodged the relevant point to which you pretend to be responding.

        • Take a little time to read or listen to Doctors like Malone, McCullough, Merrick, or Corey. Dr Malone has nine patents, along.with his wife and others. I believe he is an expert.
          The follow up question would be why are these doctors being censored?

  5. Approximately thirty (30) percent of the nation’s elected national members defended these Constitutional rights. Where was everybody else? Being personally resplendent as becoming their elevated stations in life?

  6. The reason God says to “Keep oneself from blood and things sacrificed to idols” is always for a reason. It gives the best result in the long run. If a Christian adhers to God’s order as pursuant to his absolute right to his conscience in accordance with “this constitution” it gives the benefit of excellent health which he can continue to defeat the myriads of foolish enemies.

    • What do you think would happen if the SEALS all said they wouldn’t go into battle because one of the 10 Commandments forbids killing? And what would they do when admonished? Turn the other cheek?

      • Straw-man argument. The Bible says not to be a murderer, but doesn’t forbid killing in self defense or as part of lawful duties. All SEALs take the job knowing killing is part of it.

      • The reason the SEALs DO NOT want the “clot shot” is for exactly that reason, it’s the shot that clots.
        They’re uber-healthy YOUNG men (in prime clotting demographic) and see ZERO reason to potentially compromise themselves willingly with an unproven/ineffective shot.
        It’s akin to putting cheap snow tires from Costco on Ken Blocks 4WD 1400HP Hoonicorn because its slippery and you think, “well, it’s for Ken’s safety, he may loose control on those slippery racetracks and hurt himself.” #stupid
        How illogical you’ve all become with this one-size fits all groupthink, consider it a little as you go about YOUR business.
        Just so we’re clear; if you are old/fat/sickly or scared GET THE SHOT and don’t fiddle with you double mask.

  7. Our nation asks the men and women in the military to serve, suffer and sacrifice. But we do not ask them to lay aside their citizenry and give up the very rights they have sworn to protect.

    These people deserve better.

    • Well, actually, that is exactly what members of the military agree to do when they enlist. They agree to do a lot of things that they couldn’t be forced to do I’d they were civilians. The Covid vaccine is one a a long list of vaccines the military requires them to receive to avoid illness among its ranks that could undermine their preparedness to deploy. They also swear to follow the lawful orders of their superiors. If they refuse to follow an order to receive a vaccine, the military has every right to bid them farewell.

      • The use of aborted fetal cell lines in the development of the shot makes the Covid jab much different than any other vax.

      • Unless they’re being offered Comirnity, then they’re being asked to take an experimental/ineffective shot– the two ARE different formulations. None of the VACCINES they currently take are experimental.
        The question YOU should be asking is “why can we not get COMIRNATY from BioNTech?” #theybecomelegallyliable

        STN: 125742
        Proper Name: COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA
        Tradename: COMIRNATY
        Manufacturer: BioNTech Manufacturing GmbH

        • “Just following orders” at the Nuremberg trials didn’t keep any of the defendants out of the gallows.

        • German military records reflect that none of their soldiers who refused to shoot unarmed civilians or POW’s were ever punished in any way.

        • Correction:
          “Refusing to Kill in the Midst of the Holocaust: The Case of Klaus Hornig” – the story of a single German officer’s effort to stop the bloodshed and atrocities – is due to be released shortly.
          Before a crowded lecture room, Kitterman discussed Hor-nig’s story briefly, noting that while 50,000 death sentences were handed down by German Army officials for crimes as minor as stealing mail, no one was shot for refusing to kill innocent people.
          However, officers such as Hornig were imprisoned, beaten, stripped of rank and prestige and threatened with death for their impertinence.”

        • Further: The rank and file conscripts who refused to gun down the innocent were simply reassigned, hardly ever punished.

  8. Seeing how Biden just signed a 137 million deal with a German pharmaceutical company to produce Covid test strips that wont even be completed for three more years before it can supply them, lets us know how long they plan on keeping this BS going.

  9. The president has limited executive authority to mandate vaccinations. The courts have held those limits to immigration and military, however medical and administrative or religious exemptions are to be allowed. If there is a de facto standing denial for any and all exemption seekers then that is clearly a problem that needs resolution.

  10. I Love to see the left, who hate the military, and despise patriotism, start waxing patriotic to defend big Pharma.. they saddle up for their corporate and Wallstreet masters, per the usual and it’s just so fitting. Just keep doing what your told, they’ll get richer, you’ll get more obedient, and end up hating your neighbors because it’s so much easier than looking in the mirror, and because, let’s be honest; hate is what defines you and you enjoy it.

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