Trump: Every member of military kicked out due to vaccine refusal should be reinstated with back pay and apology


At a speech at a Turning Point USA conference in Tampa, Florida today, former President Donald Trump said that all members of the U.S. military who were kicked out due to refusing a Covid-19 vaccine would be reinstated under his leadership and would receive back pay, as well as an official apology.

In the U.S. Army alone, 1,300 soldiers have separated from the military for refusing to get the COVID-19 vaccine, under orders from the Biden Administration.

Along with that promise to the military, Trump teased that he may indeed be in the running for 2024; the crowd at the conference erupted in cheering. He said the Left wants to try to force him to say he is not running.

“If I announced that I was not going to run for office, the persecution of Donald Trump would immediately stop … But that’s what they want me to do, and you know what? There’s no chance I’d do that,” Trump said.

Turning Point USA is a college-focused nonprofit organization founded by a college drop-out, Charlie Kirk. The organization believes in limited government, and whose mission is to educate, train, and organize students to promote freedom. The attendees at the organization’s conferences trend younger than activists in the Republican Party. The event in Tampa was the organization’s “Student Action Summit.”

“The country is in decline. The United States is now a failing nation,” Trump said today, and he said that President Joe Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan was the “most humiliating day in the history of our country,” and that the media “hardly played it up” because they were “trying to protect Biden.”

Watch the entire speech on Rumble at this link.

Trump has been crossing the country, giving speech after speech to conservative, liberty-minded Americans, as he apparently continues to test the water for a possible 2024 presidential run. He was in Anchorage earlier this month to stump for Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka, congressional candidate Sarah Palin, and Gov. Mike Dunleavy.


  1. Replacing a senile 79-year old President with a fella three years younger is probably not going to solve very many problems.

    • Senile is a key word. Trump is definitely not in any cognitive decline. There are many people that remain robust even beyond their 80’s. I am not saying I would vote for Trump but if I did not it would not be because of his age.

    • Especially since he would only be able to serve one (more) term. Can’t get much done in just 4 years.

      • What?
        President Trump did very well in just 4 years, with every lib & RINO in America hanging onto both his legs.
        Taxes down …. jobs up …. conservatives appointed to our courts at all levels across the land.
        Abraham Accord ….. Embassy in Jerusalem …. friend of Israel ….
        Slowed the assault from our Southern Border …. Fast tracked the vaccine
        Most important? … no wars started (why the are Dems sending the skeleton to Taiwan?)

        Could he have done more? yes. …. But he was hampered (as they all are really … thankfully?)

    • Were he to run for and win election in 2024, former President Trump would be 78 at inauguration. That is older than Joe Biden at inauguration by about a half a year. Much can be said about mental abilities and aging and the health of particular individuals. This much is certain: We are all mortal and as a general proposition mental abilities and physical health decline as we age. IMO, electing a 78-year old is a poor idea. It is time to move to a new generation of leaders. There are many good choices.

    • Jmark, your comment is logically fallacious. The competency of a person is not predicated by age merely because the probability of senility increases thereby. Trump is obviously vital and energetic despite his age. I know many people in their 80s and 90s who are healthy and sharp as whips. Conversely, there are people in their twenties that are quite detached from reality or physically infirm. Biden’s age is not the issue; rather, it is his apparent infirmities–physical and mental. Behold how mentally infirm the young woman Alexandria Cortez appears to be.

      • Respectfully disagree. The potential for mental and physical infirmity increases with age. In the end it is an absolute certainty. Selecting a person who would be the oldest President at inauguration is a poor idea, with a high – and increasing – chance of failure. Time to move on. Is the former President the only person that can move the country forward?

        • Yes, let’s respectfully disagree. However, the statistical probabilities you reference are just that–probabilities only. In this case, we are discussing individuals: Biden and Trump. In the case of Trump, he appears to be vital, sharp, and healthy in most respects. Biden, not so much. You reference the “chance of failure” with age yet you omit the advantage of experience that comes therewith. The facts tend to favor Trump as a good bet for America.

  2. Look at the team the republicans are putting together of for and by the people it’s a flat out miracle, the team being formed is maga made, look at what president trump has accomplished. President trump shined just a bit brighter tonight. Team maga team integrity we have us something incredible GOD and JESUS are on our team. Citizens citizens citizens integrity

  3. I totally agree!!! This administration has performed atrociously in a lot of things, not the least of which is our military, from the shots to the woke left gender garbage.

  4. Joe Biden:
    “Huh? I ordered Covid vaccines on our military service members? Why’d I do that? I thought our military was already fighting the Bolsheviks. Has anyone seen my hairdryer?”

  5. I am glad you brought this story to the light of day.

    It depicts the divide in our country and more critical the fracturing of our country.

    Our military men and women, when they sign up, sign away their rights as U.S. civilians and commit their lives as assets of the United States Government until such time they are honorably, generally, or dishonorably discharged from said service.

    Regardless of who is the President, military men and women work at the pleasure of the President – hence the other Presiential title – Commander in Chief.

    Donald J. Trump and Joe Biden got vaccinated.

    And there are rules for essential workers and other first responders to get vaccinated – companies and businesses around the world mandate vaccinations.

    Children entering school have to provide vaccination records.

    Dogs and cats are required to be vaccinated.

    Vaccinations is not a new concept or construct in society.

    Donald J. Trump has prided himself on fast tracking the process to create and execute the vaccine.

    He did not give props to Alex Azar – then Secretary of Department of Health and Human Services.

    And I know Alex Azar. As many folks in Alaska likely do, through his service under Secretary Tommy Thompson.

    There needs to be respect for order, especially and most critically within our Department of Defense.

    Fracturing our front line of Homeland Security and Defense as a campaign slogan is dangerous.

    Our military men and women deserve better leadership from Republicans AND Democrats.

    BECAUSE moreso than anyone in this country, their lives literally depend on it.

    This statement by former President
    Trump demonstrates (to me) more proof that our system of government is broken.

    Should the President also be the Commander in Chief?

    I do not know the answer, but this article raises the question, at least for me.

    • First time in history, that people were forced to take an unproven, and ineffective vaccine that even BigPharma did not believe in, or trust.

      I’d have taken it in a heart beat if I’d have legal recourse for the (now public) side effects that were well known from the testing trials. #caveatemptor

      Your statement fails any and all logical thought processes!

      • Riddle me this Eric, ever taken an aspirin? Ever read the side effects on the bottle?
        All pharmaceuticals have a side effect. Is 250,000,000 test subjects enough for you yet? Your not logical. You may need to re-evaluate your worth to society. Without your vaccinations you are a risk to your family and friends. You and those like you are one of the main contributing factors for the existence of all variants that have spawned from the original virus and are responsible for all the deaths attributed to those stains. What a wonderful legacy you are leaving to your relatives provided they survive your lunacy.

    • They sign up to defend the country, they don’t sign up to be experimented on. Those sorts of assignments are usually volunteer, and when they aren’t, in reasonable moral times, they’ve been looked upon as scandals. Mandating a rushed vaccine on anyone, is beyond evil. To betray what the sacrifice and oath these men and women take, for political purposes, is likewise vile. The vaccine should have been optional. Period.

      • Clearly you’ve not been in the military or known many NCOs.

        They signed up to serve the country in whatever legal manner their Constitutional command deemed appropriate.

    • There’s a long list of government workers who were exempt from the shot mandates, Congress and the USPO to name but a few. Seems that now that we know how ineffective the shots were and are, that a lot of people deserve an apology for not wishing to be part of an experimental treatment that the government released liability to the makers. It is not anyone’s sworn duty to be a test animal.

    • How very Democrat of you. People like you scare the hell out of me. The Founders were a hell of a lot smarter than you or I ever will be.

      The military must be under the single control of the command in chief POTUS. Otherwise we’re no better than Argentina. Or Iran.

      You do remember how the Joint Chief of the Army has stated publicly he ordered the Army to ignore commands from POTUS unless he (Milley) approved it. Or told the head of the Chinese military he’d let them know if Trump ordered an attack. And he was briefing Pelosi ahead of Trump.

      That is treason. Milley should be in Leavenworth for life, if not a firing squad.

      Like it or not, CIC has the right to order any kind of preventative treatments for the military. If you don’t want to follow lawful orders, don’t join the military.

      The system works right up until people get hysterical and try to circumvent it.

    • Your comment contains fallacies. Children are never forced to take vaccinations to attend public school. Religious exemptions have always been available in conformance with the US Constitution. I commend Trump for reforming his erroneous earlier position on vaccines. Everyone can see non-vaxed are not the spreaders; rather it is the vaxed who are spreading and getting re-infected over and over. As predicted, we are now seeing multitudes of inexplicable deaths of vaccinated people. We can only hope and pray this trend does not continue. I’ve heard there are reversal treatments that offer hope.

      As to our system of government being broken, every government ever conceived by man has been broken; its only a matter of degree. Obviously our system is more broken now than it was two years ago; that’s for sure.

  6. Trump is campaigning already for 2024. Make no mistake about it. Angry Dems will try
    any ……thing to physically prevent him from entering the race. DeSantis will back down. And feckless, cowardly Mike Pence will get dusted. The angry Democrats hate him even more because Pence hates homosexuals, gay marriage, drags shows, and abortion. Oh ….2022 and 2024 are going to be so much fun.

  7. I am a rideshare driver now and have been for about a year or so. In this role, I bring veterans to and from their appointments. Formerly and currently homeless veterans.

    Men and women who all of us are complicit in acknowledging them as our hero’s.

    But the reality is these hero’s (which each and every one of them are) are then brushed under the carpet of society.

    I cannot pretend that I like or support a liberal or a conservative political agenda when I witness what I do firsthand.

    Here is the truth of just one of our hero’s day-to-day life right now – this minute:

    This Veteran has cancer, and is now hoping social security benefits will be actually “awarded” her.

    She has hope now because the cancer makes her case more viable.

    Currently, she gets some food stamps, but has no way to purchase trash bags or toilet paper, in the apartment the VA finally secured for her that does not always have working air conditioning in 119 degree weather, on the second floor with no elevator, and she has difficulty walking.

    She has no vehicle, and getting food delivered is also a challenge.

    There are only certain products she can order from the local Walmart that qualify for free delivery service.

    Canned goods, mostly.

    Another was homeless in the desert and coyotes were attacking him and his two dogs before he got housed.

    A third was forced out of her home and ended up in a trailer where she said she can literally see the sunlight through the walls.

    Again with inconsistent air. She is grateful to try to keep the temperature at 100 degrees.

    So my worldview of the debate over the treatment of our military is extremely different than the political junkies point of view.

    I am not being holier than thou, I am exasperated.

    • Trudy, so all veterans are heroes? What about active military?… including supply clerks? Aren’t police heroes also? What about firemen? EMTs? We can’t leave out nurses and doctors can we? What about dentists and their assistants? We certainly should include teachers? But that means we should also include teachers aides–right? What about truck drivers who keep our country running? But if we include truck drivers then we need to include bricklayers, plumbers and electricians too–right? This all leads to the biggest hero of all–the US Taxpayer. After all, the military, police and fireman wouldn’t even exist with the taxpayer. And last, but not least, transgenders are heroes for being so brave as to follow their hearts (isn’t that the current narrative?) So many words in our language are now useless because people use them indiscriminately. To extend your logic, we are all heroes. Therefore, we need to give Congressional Medals of Honor to everyone in the USA (330-million people including those illegal alien heroes who are so brave to enter our country at great risk).

  8. President Donald J Trump reiterates the views of millions of Americans he rallies with regularly. He knows the backstories of grand and grandios personalities around the world. Many Americans and others hope President Trump continues to vigorously champion the republic and our Constitutional liberties like the right to conscience so that each person within our borders may determine for himself God’s will in our private life not fashioned by dictators in God denying communist regimes. For President Trump this springs from a sincere appreciation for these and other unique national characteristics. Democrats for some reason think they will be absorbed into the highest achelons at the tossing and downgrade of American freedom and economic destruction by foreign enemies. This will not be as beneficial arrogantly imagined.

    • Because the government did not hold up to their contact and discharged them for bogus or political reasons. Nowhere in the oath of service does it state that you are volunteering to test experimental drugs.

    • Seen the recruiting numbers lately?
      We need them more than they need us. Bonuses are common.

    • The military are public servants/employees– why should all the rest get payed for doing nothing for the past two years (looking at you local government/politicians), and not the military?

  9. We’ve known since early on that those vulnerable to COVID were either over 65 or had preexisting health conditions. The Trump administration would not have forced the vaccine on young, healthy Americans (particularly children) because of the uncertainty of rushing a vaccine during a pandemic.

    However, the Biden administration has villiified citizens who question its safety, either fired or encouraged firing of military personnel, government workers, first responders. Kept schools closed causing irreparable damage to children even after teachers had been vaccinated. Taken away the freedom of Americans to live their daily lives outside their homes.

    We now know the truth. Getting the vaccine does not prevent you from getting or spreading COVID. Those who got COVID now have a stronger immunity to it than those who got the vaccine. As with any vaccine, there are risks, and the government is slow to acknowledge VAERS reports. The Biden administration downplayed the importance of antivirals, which the president is now on. Having said all that, I highly encouraged family members who were at risk to consider the vaccine because that was the whole point. I wonder if Biden will force people to get the Monkeypox vaccine…more than likely.

  10. The plandemic was nothing more than a method to further indenture the US citizen to the government and the idiocy of a vaccine that does nothing to prevent infection of a corona virus should be obvious by now. There has NEVER been and will never be a vaccine to prevent the infection of a corona virus. The common cold is a corona virus and kills tens of thousands every year, due to complications of the common cold. The only reason the COVID was treated differently was a control grab that did nothing to limit deaths or change the outcome of the disease spread. Spreading it out over 2 years has effectively destroyed a once thriving economy.

  11. Well, you better pay the backpay with the money you get from Fauci, Pfizer, Moderna, etc after you BETTER prosecute them in a second Nuremberg Trials. But I doubt if you will really do anything at all just like last time. You will probably hire Pfizer CEO to replace Fauci just like you hired all the swamp, corrupt, garbage while in office last time.
    I’ll take a DeSantis that actually hires good people. And he won’t endorse a line up of currupt swamp garbage for primaries like you did.

  12. It’s not a vaccine, it’s a flu shot. Just bcuz they redefined the word vaccine doesn’t make it so. It didnt prevent any virus.

  13. THE word “right” implies restitution if something is unlawfully taken from you as a justice. My right or my payment = lady justice; break my window = $. That is what makes it a “right”. America guarantees ? a few things: life, liberty, persaonal right o conscience (religion), breathe unobstructed, travel the kings highway, the right to bear arms. ?. If karen LaFrance and friends say you have bad manners and can’t have this item she needs to give you money. That money for the usurpation(s) has been defined in the US Federal Court of Appeals, the Court of first jurisdiction for these claims has a price tag for Constitutional jurisdictions @ $300,000 per instance and it’s appropriate to consider treble damages. In Alaska the monopolistic bar club is aware of how childlike, frightened, thoroughly uneducated the residents are regarding the literal tangible value our unalienable rights have directly to us. They don’t want Alaska to know this so it is almost never defended in Alaska which is possibly a felony in each instance. If we want justice for all, liberty,and our rights we are talking dollars here. Something Donald J. Trump understands and is defending FOR you but almost no testosterone diminished practitioner in this frontier is willing to assert. DOES this answer your question? I hope so. Do you want rights? OR not. Democrats don’t want rights. They can’t understand. Criminally insufficient educations.

  14. We are still practicing the invaders law of the water, Admiralty law, which trespasses docks and trespasses onto the LAND where American Common (land) Law; not British Common (land) Law should be practiced. Remind me again please why lawyers swear an oath to the British Monarchy as a prerequisite to practice Admiralty Law and uphold same on Alaskan Land. Ask YOUR LAW sayer. You will see fidgeting.
    Admiralty Law embraces passionately a doctrine of “stare decisis”. American Common Law not so much. American Common Law would say “Were YOU a party of any part in the stare decides case? If no, you aren’t obligated by it; if you didn’t pay the lawyer fees, if you weren’t the plaintiff or opposing party or beneficiary what claim do you have on the liquidated proceeds of the decision. American lawyers and stipend receivers LIKE the Admiralty law trespassing over American land. British Monarchs enjoy the fiduciary loyalty imposed by law of the oceans washing onto USA shores inappropriately. What do you know about this? Nothing at all. Etc. And, you aren’t ? scheduled to be taught this ever, British/Americans. All ashore what’s going ashore.

  15. It was all about compliance just as with masks. It was an experiment to see how far the American people could be pushed. The lock downs proved with some scaring, especially the threat of death, people cand be driven to willingly give up freedoms. With the vaccine, people got wise and realized it did nothing and safety is a huge concern.

  16. The plandemic was and still is a hoax. Do your own research. Now comes the monkeypox due to the weakening of your natural immune system because of the vaccine and boosters. And of course another fake vaccine (pre-designed because they knew it would happen) to “cure “it. If you’re still buying the government garbage about masks, vaccines and boosters you’re still drinking the kool-aid. Get off the mainstream media and go do your own research about the vaccine induced deaths and why it’s happening. It’s appalling. If your healthcare provider is still pushing mask mandates and vaccines it’s time you changed your Dr.

  17. But President Trump was the ONE who fast tracked the vaccine.

    I was at his rally in Bullhead City, AZ on October 28, 2020.

    He was proud of fast tracking the vaccine then.

    Here is a link:

    If the link does not work, search YouTube for the rally.

    It also gives the option to view the transcript too.

    I was a huge supporter of Donald J. Trump, huge.

    But when I have the ability to discern information that deviates from his initial purpose, I respond accordingly.

    Now he is all about fundraising and sadly saying whatever the data points are directing him to.

    That in itself is absolutely opposite of what he stood for at the beginning.

    He has morphed into just another bobbing head politician on brand with any other politician.

    He is now using the tired playbook that every other politician uses and has sunk into the swamp.

    • The vaccine was rushed to help the vulnerable, those over 65 or with preexisting conditions. It was not initially intended for young, healthy Americans and the Trump administration would not have mandated it. They were trying to find alternatives such as antivirals to help those who didn’t want the vaccine. The democrats questioned the safety of the vaccine from the beginning and then villiified those who couldn’t be forced to take it. Playing politics with peoples lives.

    • Trudy: I think trump has not changed one bit. EVERY decision, appearance or utterance serves one thing – his narcissism. Nothing else. Well maybe add fundraising off the gullible.

  18. The hell with them. I wouldn’t accept reinstatement and I wouldn’t go back even if they offered double the back pay. Trust broken is trust lost. On the other hand I would demand my discharge status changed to ‘Honorable’.

  19. @lawrence

    Here is a fun fact about government testing on people.

    And I agree with you 100%!

    1. The VA Health and the Indian Health System (IHS) about identical on the governmental treatment of the people they serve.

    2. Native Americans have HISTORICALLY been test dummies for U.S medical research, as have been the military troops.

    This is the actual domestic history of the United States government.

    There were no peer review boards or focus group volunteers.

    There are expendable tokens of society that are treated less respectfully then a lab rat.

    At least there are fundraising non-profit high-society and media-grabbing advocacy groups fighting for the humane treatment of lab rats or bunnies or whatever the animal of choice is trending.

    Do not assume I take for granted the rights of military personnel that are still being brushed under the carpet by the carpetbaggers.

    I am acutely aware that noone signs up to be tested on when joining the military.

    Adding onto this thread of discussion, the Indian Health System – Native run health corporations were given a lot of money to force vaccination on the Native health “beneficiaries”.

    How do I know?

    Because friends of mine were calling me that they were forced to either accept a payment of $5,000+ if they as an individual would just shut up and take the vaccination or be fired from their job at the hospital where they were not even in a position or role that had patient contact.

    So if one outspoken native hire preference employee was being bribed or extorted – then how much money did yhe government give the health corporation to execute this human research project?

    Now I say this, because I was the President and CEO of the Alaska Native Health Board and was there when we created a statewide peer review board for research in the native community…

    The purpose was to stop the practice and protect native people from being unwilling and unknowing subjects of scientific research studies.

    I see the native health system leadership that advocated super hard because the native population were the one of the most vulnerable populations in America that would likely experience significantly higher rates of morbidity than the general population.

    So knowing all that, coupled with a pandemic-level disease that is still uncharted territory – how can any of us point fingers at who is wrong and who is right?

    But the fact remains, a lot of people died.

    People were rotting in the sun piled on each other like a stack of cord wood.

    Families could not see their loved ones in the hospital to say their final goodbyes.

    Noone came out of this unchanged.


    That is the bottom line and although it feels monetarily satisfying to blame each other – it simply is not helpful.

    Or productive. And it certainly does not help any of us to heal from this unprecedented global event in our collective human history.

    So I implore folks to stop adding to and extending the trauma by weaponizing and word-smithing what we all experienced for the purposes of spin-doctoring.

    That’s all.

    We are in a season of grief – we have to be able to honor the season.

  20. You seem to contend that if Trump was ill-advised to earlier fast-track the vaccine then he should stubbornly hold fast to that mistaken position. You imply he should ignore evolving evidence the vaccines are questionable. Remember, when he was promoting vaccination, the experts (Fauci, etal) were assuring him it would prevent infection. You seem to be viewing the facts myopically.

    • Remember, when he was promoting vaccination, the experts were speaking of the original strain of Covid and the vaccines were very effective at preventing that strain.

        • “…in February, 2021, the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine was shown to provide strong protection to recipients in the real world, too; it was 94% effective against symptomatic disease (after two doses of the vaccine) in a study conducted in Israel—and published in The New England Journal of Medicine.

          • Cherry-picking what Israeli data to quote and support, shame on you Billy-boy– what about them/their gay loving Palestinians? #typicalflipflopleftist #anotherlogicknotyoubein

  21. The YOUNG people, at this conservative youth rally, overwhelmingly chose Pres. Trump (73%) to be the President in a poll on 2024.
    That’s telling us old folks something (something good …. imo)

  22. First of all, there is no democracy in the military it is the closest thing we have to a dictatorship we have in this country and it is only temporary in order to maintain our democratic republic. This is not a choice. You had your choice before you swore an oath to protect, follow orders and defend our great nation. That oath requires that you follow lawful orders by your superiors and when you don’t you pay the pauper. Tell me, how can you protect and defend this country if you are laying on your death bed with tubes running in and out of your orifices and you are gasping for every breath you take? Where do you get these foolish ideas that the military is a free thinking exercise? I was raised in Alaska and spent 20 years in the military. I am ashamed of what I am seeing coming out of Alaska in today’s political clime.

  23. Looking at Don Jr, Eric and Ivanka I guess Sr either didn’t get any good genes to pass on or he never had any to pass on.

    • Sounds like you have a bad case of TDS Mike. Why don’t you go whine at ADN with all your progressive buddies? Oh that’s right, they don’t allow comments on most articles anymore because the progressives make themselves look ridiculous. Not to worry, maybe they’ll let you comment over there after the election.

      • Field: Trump fooled you big time. I suspect that, like millions of Trump supporters, you know that but it’s really embarrassing to admit it. I hope you find a way to save face when Trump is convicted of the many crimes.

  24. How dare you, for trying to tread on my right of free speech. Can’t stand the heat get out of the street. My voice will not be suppressed by the likes of you. When I see stupid it is not only my duty to point it out but also my right. Judgment day will come to Trump and all who wish to follow his fascist ways.

  25. Trump may have fast tracked the vaccine after he prevented a ship load of sick ocean liner people from seeking medical help on shore because his numbers would not look favorable for his narrative he was pushing that Covid wasn’t any worse than the flu and before he sat on the distribution of the vaccine for two months before Joe Biden took office while hundreds died. So lets celebrate his redeeming qualities. 800,000 people died under his watch! The man pledged to defend and protect American lives.

    • I specifically remember watching Sanjay Gupta on Headline News at the start of the pandemic say that the flu was more serious than COVID. So if there was a narrative, it was initiated by the medical community. Just as Fauci originally said masks weren’t necessary. More people died from COVID in 2021 than 2020.

      Nobody got this right and it’s inaccurate to blame Trump. Remember Kamala saying they didn’t expect Delta or Omnicron? How could they not expect/prepare for variants?


  26. Couldn’t find Sanja Gupta comparing Covid and flu in my research. But did find Trump comparing Covid to flu after 210,000 deaths attributed to Covid in 10/20, when he knew Covid was far deadlier than the flu back before his interview with Bob Woodward in Feb 2020. Jan 2020 the first case of covid was confirmed in the US. By Dec 2020, 300,000 deaths by covid had been reported. By Jan 18, 2021 there were 400,000 deaths and by Feb 21, 500,000 deaths were reported all on Trumps watch. On March 13, 2020 Trump declared and emergency. Two days earlier WHO had declared a world wide pandemic. Warp Speed was initiated on Apr 30,2020. Still Trump was still pushing his narrative that he was comparing Covid to the flu after 210,000 deaths. By Dec 24, 2020 only 1m vaccines had been administered. In the first two full months of Biden’s administration the total number of vaccines that had been administered was 200 million.

    As for your last paragraph I say, how could they not expect the other 150 million non-vaccinated people idiots not want to get vaccinated and stop the Covid-19 in its tracks, but instead allow it to mutate into the new variants? Maybe, they were being to optimistic and believing the American people thought more of others than to infect them and sentence many to death not caring about the fellow Americans and relatives.

  27. Remember democrats calling Trump xenophobic for the China travel ban in January 2020? The WHO, Fauci, and other medical professionals were against it. Remember Pelosi and De Blasio encouraging people to visit Chinatown? How about De Blasio telling eventually hardest hit New Yorkers to go about their daily lives in March 2020 after consistently downplaying the virus?


    Remember Whitmer and Cuomo sending COVID positive patients into nursing homes, the most vulnerable of the population?

    BTW, up to 600,000 people die worldwide every year from the flu, so comparing it to COVID isn’t a big leap. They’re both viral, highly contagious, deadly, and the vaccines do not prevent people from being infected or spreading either disease. If you’re over 65 or have preexisting health conditions then the COVID vaccine may give you a fighting chance, which was the whole point of rushing it.

    You want to blame Trump but not democrats, the CDC, WHO, governments, medical professionals? The Chinese government hid this from the world, including their own people. Why didn’t they ban travel and shut down immediately?

    The Biden administration made things even worse by mandating the vaccine causing government workers, military, first responders to LOSE their jobs and villifying unvaccinated citizens. Not to mention creating doubt about the safety of the vaccine during their campaign.

    I gotta move on Mike. Appreciate the debate.

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