Ninth Circuit says Sen. Liz Warren was OK to tell Amazon to suppress RFK Jr. book warning about Covid vaccine


Elizabeth Warren was just trying to get a book banned when she wrote to Amazon and leaned on the CEO to remove a book that didn’t support the government’s Covid narrative.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday denied a preliminary injunction requested by presidential candidate and Covid policy critic Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Dr. Joseph Mercola, who with their publisher have filed a lawsuit accusing Sen. Warren of using her position as a senior senator to tell the chief executive officer of to suppress Kennedy’s book, “The Truth About COVID-19: Exposing the Great Reset, Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports and the New Normal.”

The book can be seen at this Amazon link.

The 2021 book denounces FDA-approved vaccines as ineffective and possibly harmful. The book urges people to take control of their health, and to use vitamins and alternative treatments — protocols that the U.S. government has rejected.

Kennedy Jr. and Mercola said that Sen. Warren, a Massachusetts Democrat, violated their constitutional rights of free speech and the First Amendment.

The Ninth Court upheld a Washington judge’s earlier ruling that said Kennedy and Mercola failed to to raise a serious First Amendment issue and did not show that the letter crossed “the constitutional line between persuasion and coercion.”

The request for a preliminary injunction demanded that Sen. Warren remove the letter from her website, issue a public retraction, and refrain from sending similar letters in the future.

“Senator Warren’s letter disparaged the book by claiming that the book perpetuated dangerous falsehoods that had led to countless deaths. It also directly impugned the professional integrity of one of the authors,” the Ninth Circuit wrote. Presumably, they were talking about Dr. Mercola, a Florida alternative medicine proponent, osteopathic physician, and Internet supplement business owner who is the lead author of the book and whose business could be harmed by Warren using the power of her bully pulpit to badmouth him.

“The plaintiffs have shown that these remarks, which Senator Warren broadcast to the public by posting the letter on her website, damaged their reputations. Reputational harm stemming from an unrestricted government action is a sufficiently concrete injury for standing purposes,” the judges said.

But then, the ruling says that Warren was just trying to be persuasive and did not cross the constitutional line. Further, she had no unilateral power to penalize the authors or Amazon, if it did not comply with her demands. And even though the letter could be seen as a threat, the court said there was no evidence that Amazon reconfigured its algorithms to steer people away from the book.

In her letter to Amazon, Warren wrote, “This pattern and practice of misbehavior suggests that Amazon is either unwilling or unable to modify its business practices to prevent the spread of falsehoods or the sale of inappropriate products.”

Yet, several weeks later, Amazon notified the publisher that it would not advertise the book — though the court said there was no evidence Amazon had actually advertised it in the past. Publisher Chelsea Green, Kennedy, Jr., and Mercola then sued Warren for trying to intimidate Amazon into suppressing their free speech.

Complicating the matter is that Kennedy is running for president as a Democrat challenging Joe Biden. He is an environmental lawyer by trade and has been an outspoken critic of the federal government’s response to Covid.

Read the ruling at this link:


  1. Wow! Judge and jury over books! Omgud? People get to your libraries? And look into the curriculum of schools!
    Holy hell!

  2. It is not over until it is over; the Ninth Circuit is reversed by the Supreme Court more often than any other.

  3. That’s it, Pocahontas. Get your Democrat tribes fighting each other before the buffalo are gone. We’ll send you the hides so you can stay warm for the 2023-24 winter. You’ll be hiding in your teepee when Trump and RFK come rampaging through your reservation.

  4. Would we expect any less of a decision out of the 9th court of appeals . Every decision that’s ever come out of that court has been bad for Alaska’s and the country . I just cringe every time that court is mentioned .

  5. The book needs to be published and sold freely but leave it to the readers to decide whether the contents is garbage or not as in this case. I haven’t known very many Kennedys who’ve been right about anything. This is obviously just an attempt to get his name put out there and erase a little campaign capital. Somebody could write a book about how the tornado in Kansas was bad because it destroyed the wicked witch. Others could write how it enlightened Dorothy to be appreciative of the life she has. I tend not to take the word of a politician that was born with a silver foot in his mouth or more correctly describing a silver foot in his nether regions.

    • You obviously haven’t read Kennedy’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci. It’s packed with facts.

  6. “The book urges people take control of their health and to use vitamins and alternative treatments.” Wow! So refreshing to hear common sense about covid from a democrat but then got cancelled by another democrat. I had almost given up on all democrats but I guess there are a few older folks left that havent followed Fauci over the cliff. Best be careful Robert. If you gain enough momentum in America it would be sad to witness another Kennedy assassination. Especially with a bloody Hatchet. LOL The government doesnt always like what the Kennedys have to say about the government either.

  7. The reality of our society we now live in. It’s never been ever so clear as to the “real” power-hungry enemy we now face and the depths upon which they will stoop to achieve complete dominance and control.

  8. The vaccine saved millions of lives with few exceptions with adverse, contrary, made up and inaccurate data not helping.
    I believe many were afraid to feel the sharp pain of a needle entering they’er arms and that’s all.
    The ninth circuit court of appeals was correct in its decision 😉

    • 3Gen:
      Show us scientific proof that vaccine and masks saved lives. There is none. Natural immunity and healthy bodies saved lives. But please keep wearing your mask while you drive alone. We want to steer clear of all Democrat drivers.?

      • CDC reports approx: 3.2 million lives were saved because of the vaccine and reduced the severity of Covid in 40 million especially those 60 years and older.
        So who are you going to believe CDC or conservative talk radio hosts?

        • “CDC reports”

          And let me guess, you still believe that the government is omniscient, benevolent, and only has your best interests at heart, right? A belief right up there in credibility with the belief in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.

          Honestly, how can anyone who can access a computer be so profoundly gullible, ignorant and just plain STUPID?

          • I won’t get into a back and forth name calling because I would win.
            Your religious driven assertions remind me of the religious clergy in Spain that lobbied the King and Queens court to not allow the Columbus voyage because the ships would fall off a flat earth 😉

          • Go for it, 3rd Mentally Handicapped Generation Alaskan. Because I see that you could not challenge me directly on your blind and ignorant gullibility and naivete. You are a catfish.

    • More “Babylon Bee”-style sarcasm, 3rd?

      It is pathetic that I have to ask that, but in this degenerate and deranged society and day, one can never be sure.

      But just a point of clarification: the Wuhan Virus clot shot was NOT a vaccine, according to any pre-2021 definition of the word. It neither conferred immunity to the virus, nor prevented transmission of the virus.

    • Any chance you can back any of this pro vax propaganda with facts?

      I thought not. Because none exists.

      Curious: do you belong boys can become girls on demand?

  9. Shut up, she explained.

    The left has come a long way. No longer willing or able to provide a counter argument / persuasion, they simply resort to censorship and character assassination.

    Nice book you have there. Would be a shame if something happened to it. Cheers –

  10. People on the side of book burning and censorship have never been on the right side of history.

  11. Pretty soon they’ll be talking to TWITTER and FACEBOOK owners about blocking users’ postings they don’t like (calling it misinformatin) and … wait a minute, that is already happening.

  12. The vaccine caused heart arrhythmias to my BIL, turns out he has a hereditary condition that occurred later in life to some Aunts and Uncles. Nonetheless statistics show the vaccine is safe and effective and prevents many times more deaths than the rare effects my BIL unfortunately suffered . I have had Covid twice and believe vaccines diminished the effects

  13. Yes, keep it up on your site Warren. It stands as a testament of your idiocy, how wrong you are about COVID (again), and what a despicable lying Karen you are.

  14. This is all how Nazi Germany came to be. Divide the people by color, religion, income, nationality, make a new currency, eliminate books that don’t advance the party narrative, control the judiciary. Tell me this isn’t taking us down the road to tyranny.

      • He’s talking about Biden fauci the msm and the cdc along with twitter and Facebook, vice, vox, huff post, cnn, and every other Pfizer controlled media piece, you dullard.

        You should be kissing desantis’ rear for keeping Florida free.

  15. Warren’s a Leftist …..she can do what she wants.
    The Press won’t even notice (except MRAK)
    As a Native American, we must honor her and her tribe.

  16. Impeach all the “judges” on the 9th Circuit! They are obviously incompetent & biased.

  17. It is not surprising that Senator ” Pocahontas ” Warren would petition Jeff Bezos to thwart the sale of RFK Jr’s Book. Bezos who owns the Washington Post and makes untold Billion$ through U.S. Government contracts is hardly disconnected from the ruling junta that Warren represents. RFK Jr’s book is an existential threat to Warren and the entire Corporate/ Governmental Complex , (A.K.A.” Deep State” in Trumpanzee speak).

    Bobby Jr, who prior to succumbing to spasmodic dysphonia was an excellent speaker, happily for the public Bobby Jr’s struggle with sd which has impacted his vocal expression has not impacted his talent to research, think logically and write about important topics, especially those exposing the criminal elements that operate within the U.S. Government and American Pharmaceutical Corporatism. Essentially, Warren’s attempts to thwart the sale of Kennedy’s “The Real Anthony Fauci” should be amongst the best endorsements given RFK Jr’s book.

    I encourage everyone to read Bobby Jr’s book. Enlightening, informative, well written and unlike Senator Pocahontas fact free claims about her Native American Heritage, the book is chock full of “Real Science”.
    Essentially it is an indictment of our leaders, including Donald Trump who got rolled and went all in for the societal changing scamdemic caused by an engineered bio-weapon.

      • Wayne, one of the lessons learned on the playground was that lies were unbecoming and truth, however it is expressed is truth.

        Your man Trump got rolled, and per his latest comments regarding the Jab is unrepentant. His Egoness has claimed that he, DJT saved 100 million lives through his Operation Warp Speed.

        Kindly correct me if the facts above are not true.

  18. Some people think the “shot” saved millions of lives while I dont believe it “saved” anyones life. What I do know is that Andrew Cuomo put many lives at risk by removing elderly WITH covid from the hospital and ordered them back to nursing homes where nearly all residents became ill and eventually died as a result of being vulnerable due to other health related issues. To this day He has not been prosecuted for his blatant disregard for the safety of elders. This method of “treating” elders was also done in other democratic “controlled” states. Their excuse for removing these patients from the hospitals was to free up more beds while I think their motivation was more along the lines of getting rid of the elderly. The hospitals received millions of dollars from the feds for every patient that was treated and even more for those patients who were treated and died. That seemed like a lot of incentive to get as many patients through the swinging doors as possible. $$$$$$$.

    To top it off when Senator Rand Paul was questioning “Fauci the great” about the funding for the lab in Wuhan He had nothing but lies to offer as usual. As far as the sources of the virus they still think we are dumb enough to believe it came from Batman who lives in a bat cave because they are definitely not going after anyone especially when our government funded the research to develope such a great virus. The gift that just keeps on giving $$$$ to the politicians who are properly invested in Pfizer, Moderna J&J. I believe in nothing the “government” has said about covid and am so glad me or anyone in my extended family never caved to the lies and got the “shot”. Three of my children quit and found better jobs working for conservatives on account of not believing in their “shot”. It was NOT a vaccine but simply a shot that made people sick. Both my neighbors were sick for days after getting “the shot”. My other neighbor had severe heart issues for 3 weeks after getting his shot and he had absolutely no history of heart ailments. It scared the hell out of him.

  19. Actually, the 9th Circus is not always wrong, you simply have to search for the exception that proves the rule:


    California Restaurant Association vs City of Berzerkeley regarding use of natural gas.

    • Always wrong? Of course not.

      Wrong more often than any other circuit court in America for the last 25 years?

      Documented by SCOTUS reversals.

  20. Government does NOT care about the individual so government is no longer doing what it was created to do. It is not FOR the people it is for RULING the people now. We need to get back to the constitution pretty quick or we are going to look a lot like Germany in 1921. WW1 reparations, for those not paying attention in 7th grade, broke the Germany economy with the $33 billion US dollar ($979 billion in today’s dollars) debt Germany was required to repay with NO economy after the war. That led to hyperinflation, which led to currency collapse, which led to new currency that led to new government. OUR government is just printing worthless paper and calling it money and flooded our economy with paper with no backing so now we went from $10 trillion of debt in 2008 to $32 trillion now. This is not some president’s fault, this is the fault of the people YOU voted for to go to congress and look after YOUR best interests and that is NOT happening. The fact the the whole country is not standing up screaming at the top of their lungs shows how ignorant people must be of the fact they are on the Titanic and congress pulled the boat plug.

  21. Still want that sweet Amazon convenience at the cost of your continuing oppression?

    Why do we continue to give clicks, attention, money and power to our enemies?

  22. This ruling is yet another example of the two level legal system. There is one system for the elites such as warren and then there are ‘the rest of us’.

  23. We have already lost several of our friends to the vaccines. Big pharma controls the main-stream media and they can’t be sued for vaccine injuries. Years ago when they gave contaminated vaccines to the Alaska Natives they would not let the nurses take the same vaccines. Vaccines destroy the natural immune system so the vaccinated are more subject to diseases like so-called COVID. All the diseases, tests and vaccines are patented. I have a copy of the Sars-2 U.S. patent. It’s 72 pages long and names all the people who worked on it.

  24. I’m sorry! As adults we read what we want! Whether it’s wrong or god or evil! Called common sense! You have no right in a political field or rank to tell a corporation like Amazon to ban a book because of thoughts! and what you think! Bad behavior on Warren’s actions and bezos.

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