In Colorado, Democrats fail to block bill increasing penalties for indecent exposure to children


The majority of Colorado Democrats in the Colorado State House voted against a bill increasing penalties for indecent exposure when it occurs in the presence of a minor.

Democratic Rep. Leslie Herod of Denver objected to the bill and said the legislation could be used to prohibit drag shows and could cause harm to transgenders — those individuals who believe they were born into the wrong body.

During remarks in the Colorado House, Herod said the bill discriminates against transgender individuals who want to use a bathroom reserved for the opposite sex.

HB23-1135, introduced by two Democrats, would increase the penalty for indecent exposure from a class 1 misdemeanor to a class 6 felony, if committed in the presence of someone who is under 18.

Although 27 out of 46 Democratic representatives voted against the bill, it passed with unanimous support from Republicans.

Increasingly across the country, drag queen shows are targeting children as audiences. Many of the shows are highly sexualized, even if they don’t show actual genitalia.

For example, this drag show in Plano, Texas, performed in front of a child, would not be covered by the penalties proposed in the Colorado bill. It was filmed by Blaze TV’s Sara Gonzalez and blasts the lyrics by recording artist Lady, while the drag queen lifts her skirt to show undegarments.

“My pssy good, pssy sweet
Pssy good enough to eat…fck me all night”


  1. Colorado used to be a red state back in the ’80s and 90s. Then the rip rap moved in from Hollywood and the Mexicans. Hippies took over the front range and that was the beginning of the end. It’s good to hear that they still have some common sense. Like most States, if you get away from the Big towns, it’s a pretty nice place to live.

  2. Actually rather than these men thinking they are born in the wrong bodies this is a real sexual deviation called autogynephilia which is the “propensity to be sexually aroused by the thought of himself as a female” (PubMed). Drag shows have been around for a long time, typically highly sexualized, and historically held in adult only venues. It is very likely many of these performers are ‘autogynephilic’. The transgender ‘cult’ is using drag shows as one vehicle to force upon the greater population acceptance of their own gender dysphoria and acceptance of the abuse of children. It is all sadly dysfunctional, not healthy, and authored by the ‘prince of darkness’.

  3. Then again Florida passed a bill that states if you rape children we’re going to kill you. We also said that we’re not going to let Chinese buy Florida land either. We also just passed 115 billion spending bill with raises for state employees. They also passed a voucher deal for children and raised the per child spending formula about $500 per kid. Yeah most states could learn a lot from Governor DeSantis in Florida. Sure wish Alaska’s Governor would make a phone call. I’m sure Ron would help him out some

  4. Democrats hate children, love anarchy, and prefer drag over common sense.

    This was a predictable as snow in winter.

  5. OK, or alternate headline: HB23-1135 which was WRITTEN and SPONSERED by:
    Representative – Dafna Michaelson Jenet (Democrat)
    Representative – Shannon Bird (Democrat)
    Senator – Rachel Zenzinger (Democrat)
    Senator – Jim Smallwood (Democrat)

    in a BIPARTISAN effort to protect kids. Which should be celebrated on both sides as a victory in an era of political turmoil and splitting of American politics.

    By the way, that 27 out of 46 vote was for a “third amendment” to the bill. NOT the bill itself, which had massive bipartisan support. So claiming that democrats voted against the bill itself and it passed based on republicans coming together is a gross distortion of the facts at best. HB23-1135, it’s amendments, and votes are all publicly available. This spin on facts relies on people not knowing that they can read the votes and amendments for themselves.

    Let’s try to celebrate bipartisan victories please, and not try to twist them into the opposite of what they are. We need more of this.

  6. I would like to correct my previous comment that erroneously listed Senator Jim Smallwood as a Democrat. He is in fact a republican. I cannot edit the comment.

  7. Democrats are not even trying to hide the fact that they are perverts and pedofiles anymore. Unbelievable..

  8. “prohibit drag shows and could cause harm to transgenders”. They suffer from enough harm? BFD. suffer B*&^%. Leave the children alone…….

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