Jeremy Carl: Who is Montana’s rogue Rep. Zooey Zephyr?



It takes a lot to make national news out here in Montana. We don’t have any big cities, and we are far from America’s population centers and even further from the corridors of power.

Yet in the past week, transgender-identified Montana State House Member “Zooey Zephyr,” who attracted some notice upon his initial election in 2022, has exploded to national prominence after accusing members of the Montana State House GOP supermajority, who passed legislation to block genital mutilation and cross-sex hormonal treatment of children, of “having blood on their hands” when they were praying.

It was a clear and obvious breach of House rules during a floor debate and Zephyr refused to apologize for violating them.

After the House Speaker refused to call on him again until he apologized, dozens of radical activists, spurred in part by Zephyr, then disrupted the Montana Legislature (which has an enormous workload and meets for just three months every two years). Almost overnight, Zephyr was interviewed by numerous national media outlets and became a political celebrity, with far more Twitter followers than either of Montana’s congressmen.

But who really is “Zooey Zephyr”?

Both Montana and national media seem incurious, and even a fairly thorough Internet search revealed only snippets of Zephyr’s earlier life (residences in Washington and Montana, a background in wrestling, and competitive video games).

But a more exhaustive search revealed a more disquieting story, one that shows a disturbed young man with a troubled past and a series of relationships with dubious characters.

Much of this information about Zephyr was pieced together from posts on Kiwi Farms, a trollish but at times sophisticated online message board that is strongly opposed to gender ideology and delights in both juvenile insults and what once would have been recognized as investigative journalism.

Zephyr was born Zachary Raasch in Billings, MT and grew up there and in Washington state, where he was a champion high school wrestler.

The media has been so negligent in their vetting of Zephyr that, as far as I am aware, this is the first time his birth name has been publicly revealed in an article. “

Zooey Zephyr,” currently in the state and national headlines, did not even exist until 2019, when, after several months of taking female hormones, Raasch publicly transitioned.

He had surgical vaginoplasty in 2022 (indeed he was not in Missoula on election night when he was elected to the Montana House, but was flying to New York for post-operative care of the permanent wound where his natural genitals used to be).

He seems to have had a number of marketing jobs in Seattle before moving to Missoula, getting involved in the activist community and working at the University of Montana.

According to Raasch, his parents (who were conservative Christians) “disowned” him when he decided to transition. Raasch was originally motivated to run for the stateLegislature in response to the attempts to ban “transgender girls” from girls and women’s sports.

This enraged Raasch who claims, contrary to both common sense and scientific evidence, that men who transition to female do not have an advantage in sports, a proposition increasingly rejected even by politically correct athletic bodies.

Raasch is intelligent and extremely interested in transhumanism (the melding of man and machine through “technological enhancement” of the human body)—the subject of an abandoned master’s thesis at the University of Montana, and a subject relevant to his decision to radically modify his own body.

He was also a video gaming champion in a game called Super Smash Brothers; some pre-transition performances of his tournament videogaming can be seen online. In 2020, a huge scandal erupted in the Super Smash Brothers community involving mass sexual harassment and abuse of minors during in-person gaming meetups. Raasch publicly expressed regret that he may have put children at risk in taking them to these events.

It may be just a coincidence that serious child sexual abuse broke out in a community with which Raasch was heavily involved, or it is possible that he been a perpetrator or a victim of such abuse, but we don’t know, as none of the puff piece legacy media has bothered to investigate Raasch’s background.

What can be said is that childhood experiences of abuse, such as those that were going on around him, are often precursors to those involved developing non-standard sexual identities.

Raasch is also a noted fan of Manga and anime, a hobby enjoyed by many perfectly healthy people, but also a favorite of transgender individuals, such as Chris Tyson, an important member of Mr. Beast, the world’s most popular YouTube channel, who announced a love of anime involving sexualized children in the years before he came out as trans.

Raasch has posted disturbing sexualized anime images such as the one below that as of this writing—still on his official Twitter account.

He shows all the classic signs of an autogynephilic—a man who (often spurred by pornography or fetish) becomes sexually aroused by the idea of themselves as a woman. This existence of this condition and its popularity among certain kinds of transgender-identifying men was first observed by Dr. Ray Blanchard and then popularized by Northwestern University psychologist and transgender scholar J. Michael Bailey in his pathbreaking 2003 book “The Man who Would Be Queen.”

For the last year or so, Raasch has been dating Anthony “Erin” Reed, one of the most prominent transgender activists in America. Reed has a disturbing background himself, and one again that has been almost completely ignored by the national media in which he has frequently appeared.

Once married with a child, he got divorced and came out as transgender, eventually, like Raasch, opting for hormones and surgery.

Reed’s family was (unsurprisingly) unhappy about his decision to transition complaining that his family would not use his “pronouns” or his fake name. He is divorced enough from reality that he expressed anger that his ex-wife “Told me that I can’t have the name ‘mom’ because she gave birth.” He later expressed frustration because his ex-wife was fighting him for custody after he came out as trans.

In his spare time Reed maintains an “informed consent” map of the many clinics in America where you can get cross-sex hormones just on your own say-so without any previous therapy or confirmed gender dysphoria required. Sadly, four such clinics exist even in Montana.

Prior to Reed, Raasch’s previous “girlfriend” @stardustdog was a trans-identified man and a “furry” — someone who enjoys dressing up as anthropomorphic animal characters, often with an explicit sexual component. Needless to say, the picture I have painted above is not a picture of a healthy man with values that most Montanans share. Nor is it the picture of a healthy woman.

Neiher Raasch nor his boyfriend Anthony believe that parents should have any right to know if a child is transitioning at school, and Anthony is on record saying that those dating a trans person do not have the right to know that the trans person is trans because “trans women are women.”

Most heterosexual men, I daresay, would beg to differ.

Finally, it is notable that Raasch’s own tantrum on the Montana House floor directly contradicts the professional advice of a host of organziations that Raasch supports including GLAAD, the National LGBTQ Task Force, the Trevor Project, and the Transgender Law Center. These organizations stress that you should not “say that a specific anti-LGBT law or policy will “cause” suicide.. . . Linking suicide directly to external factors like. . . Anti-LGBT laws can normalize suicide by suggesting that it is a natural reaction to such experiences or laws.”

Just so.

If there is anyone with blood on his hands, it is Raasch, not those legislators who are attempting to protect Montana’s kids.

Montana Republicans don’t want transgender-identified Montanans (especially children) to die — we want them to live, not to be seduced by gender ideology and social contagion into sterilizing themselves, mutilating their bodies with permanent wounds, and stuffing themselves with hormones entirely foreign to their natural condition.

And we know this doesn’t just happen to bad people or the children of bad parents. As with any social contagion, good young people and people from caring families can fall prey to it. That’s why we’re spending so much time and energy fighting back against radical gender ideology.

Raasch himself — and the rest of the transgender-identified Montanans — are the victims of this ideology. But through the false media martyrdom that he always desired, the victim has also become a perpetrator.

Jeremy Carl (@jeremycarl4 on Twitter) is a senior fellow at the Claremont Institute. He lives with his family in the foothills of the Bridger Mountains near Bozeman, Montana. This column first appeared in Montana Talks. Carl is available for speaking engagements in Alaska, where he has been an invited speaker in recent years.


  1. The parents disowned their child over the child’s concerns. Devout “Christian” parents disowned their child.

    How may more devout “Christian” parents disown their children over these types of concerns?

    • When it’s a cloudy day, do you blame that on Christianity, too?

      Frankly, your one act grievance show wears just as thin as the Bible thumpers you detest.

      • I stepped out of my shoe today and was gonna blame Christianity.
        Then I looked down and saw I’d poorly tied the laces.

        I thought: did the Priests teach me poorly? Am I forever destined to suffer from untied laces due to my Catholicism?

        Then I remembered my parents taught me to tie my shoes. Oops.

        Guess that one was on me, after all.

    • According to him, Maureen. According to him.

      Have the parents been asked about the circumstances regarding his supposed ‘transition’ aside from his ‘version’ of his ‘story’?

      I know, I know, any presentation within a ‘Christian’ possible application triggers you, which says more about you than the Christian faith itself, because that is all you need to hear, or read, regardless of the truth as it may be as opposed unto your own ideology.

      Perhaps, regardless of their religious status, they were simply concerned about the mental status of their son and wanted him to seek professional help before making a life changing decision.

      Of course, one such as yourself, as an Christianphobe, could not see past that.

      • Very nice comment, Randy!
        “Christianphobe” — I’ll have to remember that!
        And that does sum up one significant facet of the writhing, spinning, whirling miasma of contradiction, irrationality, cognitive dissonance and denial of reality that is Maureen Suttman.

        • OK, Maureen, I shall bite.

          Exactly what is your definition of a ‘Christian’ argument as it ‘should’ be, within your own description?

          Make the ‘Christian’ argument, as you define it, upon their behalf, as you apparently know what said argument should be.

          Please, as I am a non-Christian, educate me.

    • From reading about the kid, Maureen, he seems to have disowned himself with needles, blades, and sutures.

    • You are not willing to admit that there are often other things going on in a family disownment situation. It’s pretty likely you are just buying his side of the story, and that the parents are kind enough not to talk about it. He may have abused his parents, been a druggie, brought bad people into the house, or stole money from them. You never use your brain, Maureen. You’re johnny one note. You’re just so predictable.

      • Good parents never disown their children. Good parents work hard their entire lives to maintain connections with their adult children. Good parents love their children unconditionally.

        • Either you don’t have kids or are a sloppy parent.

          Sometimes loving a child requires some very tough choices.

          You love you kids unconditionally, but that does not mean you tolerate their aberrant behaviors or allow them to destroy your family.

          When someone becomes a cancer to a family, and refuses to moderate or at least be situationally polite, you either remove the cancer to save the family or sacrifice the entire family to appease the cancer.

        • …and what proof do you have that his parents are not good parents? His is a one-sided version fuel by his narcissism and delusion. It is entirely possible he sees their attempts to keep a connection as a threat to his fantasy world and cut the connection himself. Unconditional love does not mean you let your kids walk all over you and stand idly by while they do as they please. Unconditional love means to care deeply for their well-being and take the time and courage to speak out with kindness, when you see they are on a self-destructive path.

          • ….and out of left field here comes Maureen. Making aspersions toward an institution you despise, isn’t very inclusive and tolerant of you.

    • That’s here-say what both baby boys think. What these 2 men percieve, but what they percieve most likely wrong thinking. What parent doesn’t love a child yet invests so much in his early development. They love him,and still would. He acting as a spoiled ungrateful little wretch cause mom and dad don’t approve his addiction.

      • Is ‘spoiled ungrateful little wench’ a term Jesus used?

        I don’t remember that quote.

    • Would it make you feel any better to know that Charles Darwin would be able to easily dismiss this disgusting butchered troon as a dysgenic dead end who should be removed from the public immediately for the betterment of all instead of being allowed to hold public office, Maureen?

      And similarly, what might you guess Mr. Darwin would have to say about you and your terrible life choices?

        • He’d say she’s the survivor of the fittest. You want a fight, Mo? You want to abuse innocent children and destroy good families? You like spewing hate against Christians while worshipping Satan? You want a REAL fight, Mouth? You got it.

    • Well, Maureen, the Bible is pretty clear on men pretending to be women.

      I guess you’d have to actually read it first to understand that.

      • Tellme whatJesus said about men pretending to be women because I don’t remember that.

        I get it, you call yourself a “Christian” I bet. Really an Old Testamenter. Wants to live in BCE.

    • Transexuals often have underlying mental health problems that in itself can place extreme hardship on their family members. I know of one transexual that threatened to kill his grandmother. Disowning such an individual would seem to be self defense.

  2. How were there enough freaks as voters, particularly in Montana, to elect such a mentally disturbed and deranged individual to their state legislature, or to ANY public office? Or does Montana now have the woke-convenient mail-in voting system as well?

      • “Miss-oula” — that’s sexist! Racist! Transphobic!
        Please refer to the city henceforth as “Non-cis-gendered-person-oula”.

        • Lived there for almost 20 years; used to be cool and funky. As a balanced blend of a university town (and all that implies) and Rocky-Mountain-West small town vibe and the regional economic hub for western Montana, it brought in (both visiting and permanent) about every different type of person you could think of. Apart from the expected Griz football date-rapists and frequent downtown barfights, I remember just about everyone getting along for the most part. Apparently, it has traveled down the dark decades of the woke mind virus and danced across the spectrum of the critical theory-“isms” particularly race and gender with UM vomiting out a plethora of subject offerings with the post-fix word “studies”. Where this gets particularly interesting is when you look at the demographics for the town: it’s @89 percent white! (US Census Bureau). Speculation: liberal-white saviour complex much?

    • Howdy Jeff. Look at Barney Frank from Mass. Look at us with Lisa, Cathy Giessel, Eastman. Stutes, Coghill. Lot of Sleep Walking Voters out there.

      • Good point, Sarge.

        And every one of those mindless lemmings and pro-establishment conformists will vehemently deny that they are mindless lemmings and pro-establishment conformists. Because the stupid are too stupid to understand that they are stupid.

  3. Who is Montana’s rogue Rep. Zooey Zephyr?

    A severely mentally ill and troubled individual, that surrounds himself within his personal life with individuals just as severely mentally ill.

    Not much more complicated than just that.

  4. What a weird bloated hand-wavy collection of words. Just state the ideas and policies that you disagree with, why you disagree with them, and why we should too. Going around and describing that the person who says the things that make you uncomfy once attended an event that may have had children at the event as well and they think it might not have been appropriate for children to be there doesn’t make your argument stronger. Are we talking about legislation or gossip?

    Obviously Rep Zephyr ran for office to represent a section of Montana on a set of ideas. Obviously that section of Montana agreed that Rep Zephyr is the best person to be their voice in public policy. Why are we ignoring their voice? Even if we don’t like what they say, they deserve their say. That’s how this works. We don’t silence Americans. We disagree all the time, we yell, we bluster, we argue, but at the end of the day we buckle up and get it done. That’s how we lead. It’s a weak leader that plugs their ears and refuses to even sit at the table. Embarrassing.

    • When a child throws a tantrum in the middle of Carrs, wise parents ignore it.

      Seems most of Montana feels the same.

      Not to mention there are rules of behavior expected out of members of a legislative body. Rules he (and many other members of the left) chose to ignore.

      His tantrums have consequences. One of them is the people who elected this sick man lose their elected voice until he gets out of time out.

      • WRONG! If a child throws a tantrum in Carrs, a wise parent spanks their little @ss. PERIOD. My kids knew better. I had them “looked trained”, just as my parents had me trained.

        • Spanking rewards the tantrum with attention, plus invites Karens to post video of you “abusing your child”.

          I agree on one point. My kids knew better from jump to behave.

    • I refuse to believe that such a small population of people in Montana who sympathizes with this type of behavior could have elected this person. They must have a similar election system as us. Because I refuse to accept that our assembly was voted in legitimate. Guess I am just in denial. The world is really flat. And Montana, like Anchorage, is all gay.

    • So what is your position on the cannibals? Do you feel they are also under represented? Shouldn’t they also have a voice at the table?

    • The real story here is not about Rep. Zephyr. The real story would be about how Republican legislators have established a pattern of silencing colleagues with whom they disagree. First Tennessee, then Nebraska, and now Montana.

      • Naw. The real story is the lefts use of causal violence to get what they want.

        Notice I didn’t say threat of, I said casual violence.

        And, for some demented reason, the left is ready to fight to the death to normalize and reward the mutilation of children and mentally ill adults.

      • ‘The real story would be about how Republican legislators have established a pattern of silencing colleagues with whom they disagree’

        Are you effing serious?! Republicans silencing opposition?! You simply cannot be so blind as to not realize that liberals literally invented ‘cancel culture’ which is completely erasing an individual or entities identity from public discourse.

        We don’t cancel out opposition, we fight it. YOU cancel opposition. If you disagree with it, you cannot possibly allow it to be heard in public.

      • Oh please! Get off the talking points! The little detail you conveniently forget is all of these “silenced colleagues” not only approved but supported a mob to take over the chambers and interrupted the proceedings. The guys in Tennessee stood in the middle of the floor with a bullhorn egging people on, silencing the entire rest of the legislators. The Montana legislator acted similarly. IF mob rule is your idea of democracy and respecting all the voices, I want no part of it.

      • “The real story would be about how Republican legislators have established a pattern of silencing colleagues with whom they disagree. First Tennessee, then Nebraska, and now Montana.”

        Funny how you failed to mention David Eastman or Robb Myers or Mike Shower. Were we supposed to acknowledge only certain types of Republicans in this discussion?

      • There are rules of legislative bodies, school boards, etc. If someone purposefully disregards those rules of order it is within the rights of said body to act as they have. Just because spoiled college crybabies have been getting away with disruptive behavior doesn’t mean everyone should without consequences.

  5. Looks like Zachary’s perverted life is one big lie. And now he wants the people of Montana to join him in this lie. How much longer can our nation survive this level of sickness?

  6. If I hadn’t read it here I wouldn’t believe it. I actually teared up, I have grandchildren that have chosen this path and it is indeed sad……..I wonder why and when it all went sideways. Please parents, don’t disown your kids. Pray for them.

    • Maybe get his parents side of the story before holding opinions on their motives. If they actually “ disowned” him at all.

  7. What a FREAK!
    Why do we let 1% of the population have 80% of the attention!
    Mental illness, it is as simple as that!
    XX woman
    XY man
    That is just pure science!

    • Because it’s trendy and we’re a shallow society.

      But it’s not just us. Western civilization will collapse over this mindset.

  8. Would it be rude to suggest no one gives a damn about one more attention-seeking, hormonal, mutant transvestite in politics, in Montana, or anywhere else in our poor, battered country?
    Figure out how its inherent mental instability can be continually exploited, that’ll be problem solved when it implodes sooner rather than later.
    Thanks for the heads-up, Jeremy Carl. Do tell us how the situation turns out.

    • Except that this severely delusional, mentally ill person has wormed his way to a position of power. He could be president one day. Think ‘Being There’

  9. Transgender misidentification means that he isn’t smart enough to know whether should shake hands with his old friend while at the urinal, or sit until his performance is completed. Just make sure he can still aim straight.

  10. As if the left couldn’t inch closer to the abyss, they’re literally allowing the inmates to run the asylum – and encouraging it. I wonder if the Ls, Gs and Bs are feeling disenfranchised by the Ts taking over the limelight. Social degeneration is traveling at warp speed and just when we think we’ve seen it all, something else creeps out of the shadows.

  11. Every day i’m grateful to be a single-mom. Poor mothers who are taken through a custody battle by an abusing ex who won’t leave her alone when she
    may envy my situation being alone. Most women complain at a negligent dad not paying not taking an interest
    . I’d say us women’s wrong behavior reshaped
    culture and it turn our men into she-devils, cause a she-man is a good dramatized version of a bad-behaving out of control woman. Hahaha.

  12. There are similar abnormal people in our legisislature. Ashley Carrick and Andrew Gray are equally supportive of transgender kids being a secret from parents. Dangerous people to our kids.

    • But they are not being overtly disruptive in the legislature and so have not been removed/censured from it.

  13. Transgenderism is the tool of the new one world atheistic religion called transhumanism. This is the religion of the World Economic Forum and the United Nations, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, and Martine Rothblatt, a trans who created Sirius satellite radio. The idea is to completely eliminate the concept of 2 sexes. It’s a nightmare vision in which we will be uploading our minds into computers. This is the cause of all the current madness and insanity.

  14. Georges thoughts and comments sound crazy but I am afraid He is right when I hear how one Man named George Soros has enough money and evil ambitions to invoke complete out of control chaos in nearly all democrat run cities. I can easily picture this bone chilling nightmarish freak show star being elected to Anchorage Assembly and stealing the show from Chris Felix and George the Rapper causing more chaos than we already have. Everyone is so shocked to see this happening in “Montana” all the while expecting it in SF or LA which is actually the point that makes it such a big hit. That is exactly the reason I am expecting more of this freakish behavior from wannabe’s who are sitting in the basement playing video games and getting absorbed with all the social media attention this freak is enjoying. This guy has become a hit by doing the most outlandish crazy ideas anyone could possibly think of. “America” has a cancer and it may not survive but just like humans we are not immortal as well. For the first time in my life I have absolutely no desire to see the future of America knowing what it once was.

  15. Why are you giving the mentally ill a voice? Every time their story is told, they are presented the attention they desire.

  16. This kind of behavior will only escalate until one of two things happens.

    Society falls or common sense kicks in and the anarchists are severely punished.

    Sadly, today, I’m expecting society to fall.

  17. If MRAK didn’t publish stories about transgenderism, that would take away a huge chunk of its content. I’ve never known a publication more obsessed with the issue, including the most woke of the left leaning publications.

    • Do woke publications even exist? One would think that every third word they print would trigger or offend one in their crowd……
      You mistake the messenger (MRAK) with the actual obsessed actors. Here is a small segment of the population demanding special protected “get out of jail free” status to have unfettered access to our nations children for the sole purpose of justifying their own choices. In the process they spread misery, while attempting to remake children in their own image.

    • And yet, here you are, cman. Why are you even here? Have you even donated to MRAK yet or are you just a freeloading troll?

      • I’m here because I prefer not to live in an echo chamber and guess that I’ll probably see stories and read opinions different from mine on here. Plus, it’s enjoyable for me to be a contrarian and trigger so many of the right wing snowflakes on here that so badly need to have their precious vulnerable opinions validated.

  18. Maybe I’m the weird one here, but I think there is a big difference between a typical gay man (or woman) and anyone that claims to be ‘trans’ whatever. A gay person in a position of power will generate minimal uproar if he or she does their job. It’s really that easy. The comments will be something along the line of ‘What? He’s gay? Well he seems to be doing a good job.’ There are plenty of examples of this in public jobs.

    If ‘Zooey’ here was actually interested in public service, he would not use his ‘trans’ status as a personal weapon. If he went about accurately representing his district, with his ‘trans’ status as a completely separate issue, then he would have some traction in a public fight.

    And ‘trans’ or not, don’t break the floor rules! How is being punished for breaking an established rule, discrimination?

    • Most gay men I know well enough to risk talking about the issue are appalled at/by/with most drag queens and tranny behavior.

      Says it’s seriously eroding all the societal gains since Stonewall.

      But they are candid about not speaking up for fear of vicious reprisals and alienation.

      The alienation would come from people who actually agree, but would burn them to not be seen by the rabid psychos.

  19. I really, really, really want to understand why THIS is the hill the progressives have chosen to fight/die on.

    It defies any common sense, in reality or politics.

    • The right is pursuing this MA.. Perhaps start there.

      Granted the right is being pretty heavily argued against.

      • Nice try, but fail.

        This was not an issue affecting society until the left began championing the current drag/trans fads. And insisting the rest of it go along. Or else.

        Your side made this an issue. My side amazingly got off its collective ass and pushed back hard.

        And your side got butthurt? It’s almost funny.

        You’re smart enough to know society swings like a clock pendulum. This will come back to haunt you. Hard.

  20. The fact that a portion of society that controls the media has accepted these mentally defective, delusional people as a useful, natural occurrence in a productive society. There is nothing in this incredible exercise in illogical behavior that is in any way, productive.

  21. Not that I am the least bit interested in what happens to “it” but I do wander where this freak will be in 20 years and how many “victims” will fall prey to his influence especially since he has what appears to be such a successful political career ahead with so many “followers”.

  22. “The idea is to make everyone feel comfortable in their skin irrespective of what gender they were assigned at birth.”
    Besides male and female, there are 72 other genders, which include the following:

    Agender: A person who does not identify themselves with or experience any gender. Agender people are also called null-gender, genderless, gendervoid, or neutral gender.
    Abimegender: Associated with being profound, deep, and infinite. The term abimegender may be used alone or in combination with other genders.
    Adamas gender: A gender that is indefinable or indomitable. People identifying with this gender refuse to be categorized in any particular gender identity.
    Aerogender: Also called evaisgender, this gender identity changes according to one’s surroundings.
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    Alexigender: The person has a fluid gender identity between more than one type of gender although they cannot name the genders they feel fluid in.
    Aliusgender: This gender identity stands apart from existing social gender constructs. It means having a strong specific gender identity that is neither male nor female.
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    Demiflux: A combination of multiple genders with some genders static, whereas others fluctuating in intensity.
    Demigender: The individual has partial traits of one gender and the rest of the other gender.
    Domgender: The individual has multiple genders with one dominating over the rest.
    Duragender: Having more than one gender with one lasting longer than the others.
    Egogender: It is a personal type of gender identified by the individual alone. It is based on the person’s experience within the self.
    Epicene: It is associated with a strong feeling of not being able to relate to any of the two genders of the binary gender or both of the binary gender characteristics.
    Esspigender: The individual relates their gender identity with spirits.
    Exgender: The denial to identify with any gender on the gender spectrum.
    Existigender: The person’s gender identity exists only when they make conscious efforts to realize it.
    Femfluid: The person is fluid or fluctuating regarding the feminine genders.
    Femgender: A nonbinary gender identity that is feminine.
    Fluidflux: It means to be fluid between two or more genders with a fluctuation in the intensity of those genders.
    Gemigender: The person has two genders that are opposite yet they flux and work together.
    Genderblank: It is closely related to a blank space.
    Genderflow: The gender identity is fluid between infinite feelings.
    Genderfluid: The person does not consistently adhere to one fixed gender and may have many genders.
    Genderfuzz: More than one gender is blurred together.
    Genderflux: The gender fluctuates in intensity.
    Genderpuck: The person resists to fit in societal norms concerning genders.
    Genderqueer: The individual blurs the preconceived boundaries of gender in relation to the gender binary or having just one gender type.
    Gender witched: The person is inclined toward the notion of having one gender but does not know which.
    Girlflux: The individual identifies themselves as a female but with varying intensities of female identities.
    Healgender: A gender identity that gives the person peace, calm, and positivity.
    Mirrorgender: Changing one’s gender type based on the people surrounding.
    Omnigender: Having or experiencing all genders.

    • “Genderfluid: The person does not consistently adhere to one fixed gender and may have many genders”. Also known as going on a “gender bender”.

    • At least “cloudgender” admits there’s a disorder involved.

      Why aren’t male and female on the list? I feel discrimination…

  23. I find it interesting that the MAN in question in this story spent a good part of his formative years playing video games. These games combined with that particular hormone filled era of a young persons development probably altered his conception of reality. Toss in the new high potency THC pot and you can see the issue more clearly. Studies done in multiple western nations point to a 5 fold increase in mental illness amongst young people who abused high potency pot.

    I don’t have all of the answers for this debacle, but might suggest we stop enabling the craziness. This of course would include calling a spade a ♠️ which might be confrontational at first but it will save civilization and make a better world for your progeny.

    • Robert, I also find it interesting that he is so unabashedly unashamed, actually proud, of his peculiar status. That is, a homosexual man who has taken his sexual deviance to the extreme of altering his body to mimic that of a woman. Being a constitutional conservative, I whole-heartedly support his right to follow the course he has chosen. What I find disheartening, however, is the majority of voters in his Montana district have chosen him as their representative. It is troubling to behold countries like Kenya and Nigeria maintaining morally upright social behavior far more successfully than the good old USA. Sad times.

      • Wayne, I’m guessing that kids didn’t have access to reality altering video games in Kenya and Nigeria, were not prescribed drugs for their ADD and if they smoked cannabis it was similar to the rag weed we had in 1972.
        As to his election, I think it was a college town…
        Mass Psychosis? Kind of looks that way.

  24. I’m always amazed at the number of sewer dwellers there are in this country, even a large percentage here in Alaska.

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