Biden asking Congress for funding for a ‘new’ Covid vaccine ‘that works’


President Joe Biden will request more money from Congress to develop another new coronavirus vaccine, he told reporters on Friday.

“As a matter of fact, I signed off this morning on a proposal we have to present to the Congress a request for additional funding for a new vaccine that is ne- — necessary — that works.  And tentatively — not decided finally yet — tentatively, it is recommended that — it will likely be recommended that everybody get it no matter whether they’ve gotten it before or not,” he said to reporters while on another vacation, this time near Lake Tahoe.

No reporter allowed in the gaggle of reporters followed up with a question about how much he has requested of Congress.

Pfizer, Moderna, and Novavax are already developing updated shots for the omicron strain called XBB.1.5. These new shots will require Food and Drug Administration approval and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention authorization. It’s unclear if Biden is asking to pay for these shots or if an entirely new technology is being developed that everyone will be pushed to get.

Earlier this month, infectious disease experts began to shift messaging, telling the public that those who are in the low-risk category and who don’t have consistent interaction with high-risk people, should wait for an updated shot.

In Alaska, 535,718 people or 73% of Alaskans have received at least one dose of the current vaccinations available for Covid. Overall, 477,592, or 65% of Alaska’s population, are considered to be fully vaccinated.

Some 178 cases of Covid in Alaska were reported the week of July 30-Aug. 5.

Over all, 1,457 people in Alaska have died with the Covid virus, and the official report is that Covid killed them, although they may have had other conditions that were partly to blame.

The total case count in the state since the start of the pandemic is roughly 287,319, although likely higher due to many Alaskans not reporting that they survived Covid.


  1. Should work nicely for Big Pharma again. Why is behavior medication so important to Democrats? They probably won’t win any more elections if this keeps up.

    • ‘Behavior Medication’ . . . Good one! Hoping that more folks will use their logic and true facts before succumbing to the money grab and loss of liberties!

  2. How much more money do the pharmaceutical companies want? We still don’t have the results and health problems caused by the first wave of shots. Now it is claimed that the new shot works? Why would they need to make that statement? C’mon, man.

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  4. A shot that works? What did the crowd just take or maybe a shot that’ll finish them off since the first four just made them sick. There are too many people I knowing they take much time-off because of sudden illnesses, and they all had the Covid shots.

    • Isn’t it funny. After all the vaccine mandates, after a bunch of pilots get fired, after all of that, the pResidnet now asks for a vaccine that “works?” WTF did we spend million (billions?) on in 2020/21?

    • I got the shot because at the time it seemed prudent. Age and preexisting conditions played into it. Plus work decided to mandate it.

      There was much not known, and my MD felt it was worth the risk.

      Now there is much known. I’ve not gotten any boosters, updates, etc since and will not do so. Unlike many liberals, I can read and did so as more information came out.

      One of my kids didn’t get the shot. Nor did her husband. They are in child having years and didn’t want to risk it. Totally supported their decision. The rest of the family went nuts. She and I told them all to F off.

  5. Gee, maybe the mRNA approach isn’t the best one….

    Two years ago, such a comment would result in an FBI investigation. Actually, given the ongoing control of the FBI by the current bunch, I will probably still be investigated but the bureau will do a better job of covering it up.

  6. Not only no but he’ll no. I do not trust the lying government starting with the big liar. What ever they want don’t do it.

  7. He must be taking hits off of Hunters crack pipe and the stash in the white house that wasnt found.
    He wants more money for phony drugs that DONT work but will save lives???
    He invested all of his proceeds from the bribery scam in big pharma and looking for more windfall profits from another drug scam.
    Not interested in new drugs Joe…There is enough Chinese Fentenyl to go around already no thanks to you.
    We simply want a POTUS that works.
    More ice cream Lieutenant Dan?
    Never thought I would ever see a family in the white house so obsessed with drugs.
    I have more interest in the shiny fake jewelry being peddled.

  8. Nope. Big Pharma can use the billions they made off the taxpayers to fund their own BS “vaccine”.

    These dummies think their plandemic lockdowns are going to work again.

    • How is an industry which can’t tell the difference between boys and girls supposed to make a vaccine that works?

      • Skynet is operational. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

        Joe does what he is told and reads off a teleprompter. He understands nothing and questions nothing.

        It looks like the best the Republicans can do to challenge Joe is to send out an unbalanced seventy-seven year old who has lost touch with reality.

        • I did not take any of the shots, but I am ashamed to admit now that I did, initially, fall for some of the early fearmongering surrounding the Wuhan Virus in March, April and May of 2020. But by June or July, once the statistics were clearly demonstrating that this was NOT the killer pandemic that it was made out to be (and still is!) by the ruling regime and its lapdog media, I did a pretty quick 180 on all of that nonsense.

          • Same for me Jefferson. It took me until April 2020 to realize that we were being lied to and that the medical system and the government were trying to scare everyone into compliance. Just makes me sick even thinking back on all the fear mongering and pressure tactics to get everyone jabbed. Made me furious when I read that Zink and Ripley met with a CDC rep to discuss the valley’s resistance to getting jab and how they could overcome it. That was the straw that made me finally realize that there was no one going to help us – WE are the help that we need! On another note: Is Ann Zink’s last name really Zink or was that just a play on words? Just thought about that yesterday as I was getting ready to take some supplements. Zinc – one of the supplements that helped people stay healthy. Zink – one of the leading people in Alaska trying to take people down.

  9. Now we need a new vaccine. One that works. Is that saying that the old jab didn’t work? That’s not what all of them were saying at the time. Take the jab and be completely protected!!! Trust us!! Follow the science they said! After that fiasco, who can ever believe the WHO and CDC again? They have a lot of makeup work to do.

    • Dennis. Virus strains mutate. The new variant may not respond to the 2021 vaccines. That doesn’t mean the 2021 vaccine didn’t work.

      We need an update. But why do you care; you won’t accept the vaccine.

      • They pushed that the 2021 vaccine would protect you from getting the virus and that you couldn’t spread it if you got it. A pharma exec in Europe TESTIFIED under oath that the vaccine was never tested to show you wouldn’t spread it if you got it. Science was not really a part of the mandates or propaganda that pushed one to get the shot.

      • Charlie, none on the m-RNA treatments jabbed into people’s arms back in ’21 and ’22 worked in stopping transmission of the virus.
        Your seeking an update for your jab reminds me of that dog with a mouthful of porcupine quills , looking to get even with the next porcupine it encounters. 🤔

      • The comments by the pResident did not specifically mean the 2021 vaccines did not work.
        However, the data from millions of doses delivered, and pretty much every study performed clearly indicated the vaccine did not do anything at all. It did not stop you from catching, spreading, or getting sick from the virus. In fact, the death rate followed the exact path one would expect from any pandemic, vaccine or not.
        We do not need an update to a vaccine that did nothing.

      • I have lived through all the pandemics over the last several decades. No shots, no weird rituals, no fear, no problem.

        Sucks that you failed to bolster your own health that you are now fully dependent on a synthetic immune response.


  10. By the time they test this new gene editing shot for safe and effective, we will be many strains past the current variant.
    And why is it called a vaccine?

    • It’s called a ‘vaccine’ because the official definition of ‘vaccine’ was changed prior to Emergency Use Authorization so that the mRNA Covid jab COULD “LEGALLY” RECEIVE Emergency Use Authorization, said authorization which also conveniently shielded the manufacturers from liability when (not if, but when) the ‘vaccine’ started harming and/or killing people.

  11. I need to ask what Biden means by “it works.” Works in what way? Being developed but not yet approved? Will this have an express approval process? What’s in it? No thank you. 1,457 died with Covid in their system, yes in their system, not the sole cause of death.

    • I lost a decades long friend over Covid. She insisted Covid was all that and more, and the killer of our age.

      She is a non practicing nurse working at a hospital. So she “knew”.

      Another nurse friend, who was in the Covid camp but overall honest, told me at the height of this anyone who died WITH Covid was listed as dying FROM Covid. She admitted the disconnect bothered her.

      When non practicing nurse was presented with info from floor nurse, non practicing nurse lost her mind. Said only fascists, republicans, and Trump voters believed that. It just wasn’t true, she insisted loudly. Demanded to know who told me such lies.

      I’d known her over 30 years and while I knew she was liberal, she’d never been raging psychotic.

      I’m not sure if Covid or Trump broke her, but she was truly broken.

    • BTW: the insistence of labeling Covid as reason of death was pushed by corporate administration.

  12. It’s an intelligence test or, maybe, a gullibility test…could be both. Fool me once kind of thing. They’ll have to catch me, hold me down and forcibly inject me to get that garbage in my veins. Anyone who ever trusts these people again just doesn’t get it. Lab rats don’t have the option to say no but we do…hopefully everyone learned their lesson the first time. We’ll see, I suppose. After all, some people actually did vote for Biden and they’re probably the sheep we’re seeing wearing masks still. Saw a sign today that told me that I didn’t need to wear a mask if I was vaxxed and virus free…hahaha…and whoever wrote that obviously can’t see how ridiculous that statement is.

  13. BS !!

    It’s an election scam again
    Time to start prepping for another fake election – question is how much of the population will line up fir the clot shot again. The world has gone stupid

    • Yep, they are getting the “election variant” all ready for the 2024 presidential race.

      This time, it won’t just be mail-in voting, it will be TELEPATHIC voting.
      With government-provided telepaths. “Trust us”, they will say.
      Very “safe and effective” voting.

      • Not just telepathic, but they already know how we really mean to vote.

        They’ll tab all of us Biden because they know it’s what we really want.

  14. Biggest pile of Democrat propoganda and BS ever spun, next to man-made climate change. Turn down these rats and their idiot stage meme, Joey Biden. Vaccines and mandatory mask wearing will not fly this time around. Sorry, loser Democrats.

    • They died with Covid in their system. Straw that broke the camel’s back? Possibly. Best defense is a healthy lifestyle, you won’t need pills or pokes.

    • Of course there was nothing wrong with them greg.
      How else would you justify your adoration of the vaccine and Fauci?
      I bet there was plenty wrong with them but you either did not know, or you are knowingly ignoring it.

        • That is ripe coming from someone who bends over backward to defend vaccines.
          By the way, no refuting my assertion that your COVID deaths were not strictly from COVID? Thought so. As predicted, you have nothing except an overwhelming need to justify your own adoration of the vaccine and Fauci.

          • Greg is just never going to admit he was fooled by the hype/hysteria, and he bought into it hook, line, and sinker.
            Shame really. Admitting you were fooled is part of being an adult. Part of growing up. Insisting you are right, despite all contrary evidence is childlike.

          • Come on give Greg a break. 17 shots must have had an impact. I bet all that mrna is fighting in his body and he doesn’t know whether he is coming or going. Greg I support you! If another shot is for you, have at it, but allow me to find this whole thing in questionable timing and poor word choices. So I’ll pass!

    • Greg, my heart goes out to that family, but your argument is frankly a bit vacuous. I know people, who died of heart disease, can I ban your booze, butter and salt and make you take a shot that runs your cholesterol into the ground??? I think not!
      Somehow there was a disease we knew nothing about, had never encountered and you seem to think that NONE should die. Greg, this is life, the great lottery of genetics and personal lifestyle (and sometimes dumb luck).
      It is very sad for that family, but it can not color the debate, whether or not the measures the government took where effective, legal or ethical. The “shots” were a massive clinical trial with the ACTIVE suppression of any OTHER treatment option on a grand scale, perpetrated by the very people, who took and oath to protect and defend the constitution as in the rights of the individual people.
      Greg you believe what you want but the numbers don’t lie and the infection rate continue unabated and the death rate went up despite the shots and boosters. Shutting things down prolonged the disease as healthy individuals were unable to create immunity and slow the spread.

    • There will always be a flock of sheep that must follow their leader for fear of being “lost”.
      Linus will never give up his security blanket just as the sheep that drive around in their car with their mask on just in case that deadly virus sneaks in through the defroster vent and kills on the spot.
      I notice people who walk into stores with their mask on and they are afraid of eye contact with anyone maskless.
      I have even gone out of my way to cross their path and they get so anxious they show signs of panic.
      I just spoke to a young democrat who admits she spent the last two and a half years isolating in her home without any social contact. She was on the verge of a total breakdown. Luckily she made it out before taking her own life!

    • He’s drank too much of the Kool aid Fire . He actually believes this horsecrap then comes on here to share his opinion. Like we care.

  15. “Recommended” they get it? Or mandated in order to keep their livelihood and dine in public?

  16. Nobody died from Covid. They died from lack of early treatment or from deadly hospital treatment. I’m sorry to see the statistics and that so many Alaskans fell for their hype and a worthless shot. Don’t be fooled twice!

      • Science responds to politics. And money.
        If you think science is some kind of pure endeavor, incapable of being tainted be prejudice and bias, you are delusional. The old saying is 98% of scientists will agree with whomever is funding them.

      • Valley in chapel, you wrote that wrong.

        I am sure that you meant to say:
        “And then there is THE SCIENCE”

        (a.k.a. the genocidal garden gnome Fauci.)

      • I tried to follow the science and got nowhere.
        So, I started following the money, and I found the science.

  17. On August 22, 2023, we see on the HHS website: “Project NextGen Awards Over $1.4 Billion to Develop the Future of COVID-19 Vaccines and Therapeutics. Funding includes $1 billion for vaccine clinical trials, $326 million for a new monoclonal antibody, and $100 million to explore novel vaccine and therapeutic technologies”.

  18. I’m guessing they’ve been working on this for the past two years. They’ll beat the covid drum again, turn the fear mongers loose, reinstate Covid restrictions and expand mail-in balloting. It worked beautifully last time. Why not do it again?

  19. They need mo’ money to funnel back into the campaign funds.. Your contribution to the cause through your taxes!!

  20. Here is an utterly damning interview by Naomi Wolf (no “far right winger” by any means) with Dr. James Thorp, on the absolutely devastating effect that the mRNA clot shots (NOT “vaccines”!) have on pregnant women, fetuses, babies, and on fertility in general.

    Not only are US doctors paid to LIE about these devastatingly detrimental effects to their patients, they are threatened with massive financial penalties if they do NOT lie to their patients! The entire medical system in this country is irredeemably corrupt.

    “ “

  21. Medicinal Flora of the Alaska Natives.

    By Ann Garibaldi.

    You can download and print it for FREE…

    Learn to fish and you eat for a lifetime.

    Learn to use plants for medicine and be healthy.

    Native Corporations should probably PATENT all of their Medicinal Flora, the uses and storage.

    Make BigPharm PAY you for the use of the Medicinal Flora of the Alaska Natives.

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