Hunter Biden is distinguished guest at White House state dinner, with U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland


Flashing a million-dollar’s worth of white-capped teeth, Hunter Biden was in the spotlight on Thursday at a White House state dinner rubbing shoulders with top politicians and public figures.

This inclusion with the high and mighty of the world was the proverbial killing of the fatted calf for the prodigal son of the president, following a string of charges against Hunter Biden that include two federal counts of willful failure to pay federal income tax and a felony weapons charge.

His appearance at the state dinner honoring Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi came a day after a plea deal was made with federal prosecutors for the charges. U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland was also present at the event.

Hunter Biden’s appearance at such a high-profile event, despite his ongoing legal woes, highlights the persistence of the dichotomy in the public life of those who are closely linked with this president.

On the same day, the U.S. Supreme Court had ruled against the appeal of an Illinois man who had been given a 27-year prison sentence for violating a federal gun law that prohibits felons from having possession of a firearm.

Marcus DeAngelo Jones, a black man, had argued that he did not know about the federal law and that his conviction should be thrown out following a 2019 court decision that said prosecutors must prove that people charged with a federal gun crime knew they were not allowed to have a firearm.

Hunter Biden, who is now notorious for influence peddling schemes worth millions of dollars and involving Ukrainian oligarchs when his father was Vice President, has agreed to plead guilty to the tax charges.

But he will be placed in a pretrial diversion arrangement on the gun charge. A documented drug user, he was not allowed to have a firearm, since he was illegally using controlled substances. The hearing for the plea agreement is set for July 26, in the courtroom of U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika.

The timing of Hunter Biden’s public appearance at the same event as the president and the nation’s top law officer prior to a judge’s approval of his plea deal raised eyebrows.

Hours before the dinner, Republicans revealed testimony from two government whistleblowers alleging that interference by the Department of Justice, FBI, and Internal Revenue Service compromised the Hunter Biden investigation.

IRS Criminal Supervisory Special Agent Gary Shapley Jr.’s testimony in Congress indicated that the decision whether to execute a search warrant at President Biden’s Delaware home in relation to the Hunter Biden investigation was driven by the “optics.”

The White House has been pressed about the leniency of Hunter Biden’s plea deal, which spares him any prison time. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dodged the question posed by reporters on Friday. “I’m just not going to get into that.”

Sen. Rick Scott, a Florida Republican, cited the three-year sentence handed down to actor Wesley Snipes for tax evasion to underline the apparent discrepancy in punishment.

“The reported plea agreement extended to President Biden’s son is a farcical example of precisely that two-tiered approach to criminal justice by the DOJ under your leadership,” Scott wrote to Attorney General Garland. “What is the American public to take away from the outcome of this five-year investigation and leniency shown to Hunter Biden on both the federal tax violations and firearms offenses he committed?”


  1. Wisconsin youth pastor Jordan Huffman convicted of continuous child rape. This was regarding one of his victims.

    • Oh look, Maureen, over here! Over here! Shiny object has nothing to do with the story. How about this: Former wresting coach in Kodiak just convicted today for sexual abuse of a minor. Mo, in a world of 7 billion people, you can find an evil person every second of the day. So what about, what about, what about the coach in Kodiak. What about the youth pastor. What about who gives a sh*t. You are really unwell and should get help for your what-about-ism.

    • wow is their anyone the Biden’s wont pal around with but seeing how hunter slept with his sister inlaw and niece (apple and tree) and Joe was taking inappropriate showers with Ashley (according to her rehab journal) its not very surprising. now we just wait and see what falls out of “DR.” Jill’s closet

    • And is that supposed to make the Biden behavior acceptable? Seriously? This is a gross insult to our nation and a glaring ‘in our faces’ disregard of a corrupt double standard judicial system.

      • He’s had more attention placed on his concerns as addict because of his name, than is warrented by his apparent crimes.

  2. Give them this: they are absolutely shameless. They know they are corrupt and want the rest of us to know it, too.

    • And is that supposed to make the Biden behavior acceptable? Seriously? This is a gross insult to our nation and a glaring ‘in our faces’ disregard of a corrupt double standard judicial system.

  3. It’s telling the depths of misdirection the left is having to resort to.

    Biden’s administration is laid bear to the world exposing its massive corruption and the left resorts to:

    -evil Christians!

    The left knows how corrupt this is, but they’re fine with it since it advances the agenda. They truly don’t care as long as the “movement” pushes forward.

  4. the knives are out, Biden is gone in about 6 months kamala will make history then step aside because she’s incompetent. Then the swamp will install…I mean win in a free and fair election … American Psycho Gavin Newsom

  5. Garland should be impeached. I’d say imprisonment as well for obstruction, but not gonna happen.

  6. There may be tiny glimmer of hope: US District Judge Maryellen Noreika was appointed by President Trump. It is possible that she might not be entirely in the tank for the Bidens. Judge Noreika will have to hear the terms of the proposed plea and sentence, accept that plea and those terms, pronounce sentence and ultimately sign any necessary judgment and orders. The Judge MIGHT give this one some thought — inasmuch as this the sweetest deal to be found in the last hundred years.

    OTOH, there is unlimited cash and resources to reward the Judge for covering all of this over and up for the Branson crime family. And the Judge probably would worry that if she somehow did the wrong thing, Merrick Garland Justice Department would not lift a finger to protect her, her family or anyone she might care about. It is Delaware in the Northeast, after all, and Delaware shares a border with New Jersey. Accidents happen.

  7. I’m surprised Frank Rast isn’t in here defending Hunter and the Bidens like he usually does. “ yeah but Trump……”
    Clown show.

  8. There is NOTHING distinguishing about this creep!!! As my mother always said, lay down with pigs, you get up smelling like them! Just how low can our government go???

  9. IRS criminal investigator decision not to execute a search warrant on Bidens Delaware home because of the “OPTICS”?????
    Well of course! That has been the decision by
    DOJ for the same reason for ever!
    We certainly cant have anyone see raids and warrants on POTUS and family!
    American public might get a clue that all the corruption going on for years is illegal and they certainly dont want anyone knowing the FBI DOJ CIA NSA is supporting bribery corruption money laundering and actually condoning it by dragging out investigations till the old fool croaks.
    America has gone to Hell with the Biden family leading the pack!
    And there are still fools that will vote for him!
    I didnt realize how many sheep were in America.

  10. BOTH Partners: “Frank Rast & Maureen” should comment since they seem to try and DISTRACT US ALL like the media has been doing with the Titanic Dive AWAY from the “Hunter Biden Story.” Total RUSE!!!

    BRAVO CHINESE communists BRAVO ANTI-AMERICAN communists…

    Crickets…. Crickets….

    “That’s what I thought”

    • Sorry was having one of those horrible can’t eat, dealing with a new and scary pain from cancer treatment I didn’t see this until today.

      You want, checks notes, distraction?

  11. Surely, justice and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever. 23rd Psalm.

  12. Spiritually unevolved humans focus solely upon “justice”, arguably a good thing, hopefully. Mercy is less well appreciated by those unaware of their own need for it. “It is a personal thing” JFK Jr. Is attributed with saying. “I will have mercy upon whom I will have mercy” saith the Lord. It would be wrong to presume upon it .

  13. Seriously, Maureen?

    Are you honestly this obtuse, or is chosen ignorance your grand forte’?

    Or better yet, is your position based purely upon a simplistic approach of see no evil, or wrongdoing of those you relate unto or agree with, or better yet, those you somehow oppose, within forgiveness unto the crimes committed by your ‘people’.

    Hunter’s ‘addiction’ is incidental.

    His crimes are not.

    You are the exact type of individual that would forgive your ideological leader whilst they were chocking you to death, simply because it was they that were doing it.

    You would still be dead, but at least it would have been your hero that sent you

    • Sick of seeing alll kinda of others pointed out when the sickness is within the folks publishing this blog to constantly miss the enormous amount of child sexual abuse happening within their own churches.

      Randy you’ve shared some serious fantasies here. I understand you are that type of person. That exact type perhaps.

      • No one is minimizing crimes against children. If you don’t feel that those issues are covered enough, you have an argument, there. I’m one of those that feels ANY crime against a child should be dealt with in the most severe fashion.

        But the above article deals with joe’s adult kid. Yes he is an addict and carries a junkies baggage with him where ever he goes. And yes, he is guilty of a gun crime, due to a blatant lie on his NCIS form. But the results of both of those crimes proves that being the presidents kid will allow one to commit crimes and walk free. The lesser of the two charges, the gun crimes, would put you or I in jail. Even on a first time offense. The other charges of ‘tax evasion’ are, in effect, a cover for other charges. First, how is it simple tax evasion when you refuse to pay taxes on millions of dollars? Which brings up the question of how did he make that money? If you look at his own words (laptop, emails, texts) he was selling access or favors for his dad. Think about this for a moment. He was taking cash payments, on behalf of his family, from a list of countries that include sworn enemies of the United States. This means that he was the bag man for his father, while a US Senator, Vice President, and now President. The president has been accepting cash payments from hostile foreign governments while holding positions at the top of the US federal government.

        I feel that hunter’s laptop speaks for itself, but in the interest of Constitutional justice, hunter, joe, and the rest of the family needs a proper trial and if found guilty, justly punished.

  14. WOWZA!!!

    “And the truth shall set you free”.

    IF the truth could not have presented itself and demonstrated so out in front of us. And how misleading and mis-informed some Americans are.This is not about what side you’re on, it’s about TRUTH & JUSTICE! IF Trump or Disantis were involved in the “Hunter Biden Labtop scandal” and everything else WE ALL would say lock him up.

    But he’s not, and somehow there is nothing to see here, nothing to see, nothing.. I’m a former federal agent; and the FBI, DOJ, NSA and CIA are so corrupt at the top-level, that most Americans are frankly sick of this 2-tier justice system and the “media cover” bias B.S.

    Maureen do you like paying $10,000 more a year in your retirement, and salary demotion due to (gas, food, taxes, & inflation)?

    Because put your money where your mouth is, and that is what your paying with your ideology. Don’t vote for the person, vote for what they can do for the American people and especially the tax payer. Because we are not exactly looked greatly upon among other nations, through the corruption and the current world leadership influence we have as of right now.

    Start listening to this podcast from 01:04:28! Mornings on KENI 06-22-2023.
    A Wyoming Congress woman’s response to Durham (of the Durham Report) in conclusion to the USSR collusion investigation summary on June 22, 2023. Mr Durham explains, the United States of America cannot survive in a 2-tier justice system. Meaning that the people in power have the mentality, “do as I say BUT do not do as I do.”

    Back to your response Maureen, Epstein Island is only a slice of the child trafficking ring. The U.S./Mexico border has thousands of unassisted kids coming across the border every day with rubber bracelets, with various colors of zoo animals, to distinguish what trafficking ring they are going to in our country, the United States. Why doesn’t the Biden Administration want to stop vetting them? Maybe, just maybe, there is something there…

  15. First Hunter’s gentle slap on the wrist and now his appearance at this state dinner. It’s an advertisement for business that says “I have influence, I am untouchable, and I am open for business.” And it will be properly understood as such by sleazy elements all over the world.

  16. Bingo!!! The published photo at this web blog accomplished its single-minded purpose.

    Yippee!! Woowhee! We have winner on Aisle 5. Come pick up your free prize at the blinking blue light; one of our own store’s propriety-sanctioned and proprietary exclusively branded visored products. Perfect for protection from the intense sunlight at high noon. For your summer-time grilling pleasure at Independence Day backyard barbecues.

    No, it’s not all ‘fine’ with the categorically ‘criminal nature’ of an important official’s son. He’s in for the public roasting of his life. He’s not suffered enough. Let’s focus on this object of abjectivity. We could even do up a fancy Salem Witch production; stocks and flogging and everything. Throw him in the drink and see if he can swim.

    As was often a popular gift item in Wonderful Wyoming gift shops … if you can’t blind ’em with brilliance, baffle ’em with … cow pies.

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