House Oversight Committee details Biden family influence-peddling web that netted millions


House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer and other lawmakers held a press conference Monday detailing evidence uncovered during the committee’s investigation into the Biden family’s extensive influence peddling schemes.

Comer pointed to financial records tracing at least $10 million from foreign nationals and related companies to the Biden family, their associates, and their companies. Comer outlined how the Bidens took steps to launder the payments they received from foreign nationals, including a Communist Chinese Party-linked associate.

In addition to China, the Biden family received money from Romania in an influence peddling scheme from 2015 to 2017, Comer said. This scheme started at least as far back as when Biden was Vice President.

“I want to be clear: this Committee is investigating President Biden and his family’s shady business deals that capitalized on Joe Biden’s public office and risked our country’s national security,” Comer said. He continued:

“In only four months since obtaining subpoena authority, we have made astonishing progress. Today we’ll talk about that progress.

“First, we want to discuss information the Committee has learned since our last press conference in November: new information investigators have uncovered regarding the transfer of money from foreign entities to the Biden family.

“Many of the wire payments occurred while Joe Biden was Vice President and leading the United States’ efforts in those countries.

“For instance, while Vice President Biden was lecturing Romania on anti-corruption policies, in reality he was a walking billboard for his son and family to collect money.

“Hunter Biden and his associates capitalized on a lucrative financial relationship with a Romanian national who was under investigation for—and later convicted of—corruption in Romania,” Comer said.

“The Bidens received over $1 million for the deal, and 16 of the 17 payments to their associate’s account that funneled the Bidens money occurred while Joe Biden was Vice President.

“In fact, the money stops flowing from the Romanian national soon after Joe Biden leaves office.

“This is a pattern of influence peddling,” Comer said. “This appears separate from any payment Hunter received from his work connecting this individual to a U.S. law firm.”

Comer went on to describe how Joe Biden received millions of dollars from China.

“This includes two individuals the Committee is particularly concerned about. One of them— Ye Jianming—had close ties to the highest levels of the Chinese Communist Party and operated a multi-billion-dollar energy company with access to huge sums of money,” Comer said.

The Bidens received millions of dollars from this individual through the use of shell companies and money transfers, Comer said.

An analysis last year of documents obtained from Hunter Biden’s hard drive and iCloud account, as well as documents released by Republicans on two Senate committees last year, uncovered a total income of approximately $11 million earned by Hunter Biden and his company between 2013 and 2018. These earnings were acquired through his roles as an attorney and a board member with a corrupt Ukrainian firm, Burisma, as well as his involvement with a Chinese businessman who faces fraud charges.

While the hard drive document showed substantial earnings Hunter Biden accumulated and spent during this period, there are no details regarding the nature of his work with his Chinese partners.

Hunter Biden’s hard drive held evidence that he burned through $200,000 per month from October 2017 through February 2018 on luxury hotels, a Porsche, dental work to restore his drug-rotted teeth, and cash withdrawals. And then there were the photos — scores of photos with him in compromised situations with women and drugs.

In March, the Oversight Committee released its first bank records memorandum that showed a Biden associate— John Robinson “Rob” Walker—had used his company to funnel money from the Chinese to various Biden family members. Walker visited the White House at least 16 times when President Biden was vice president.

Comer called out the Democrats on the committee for dismissing evidence that was made up of bank records received from financial institutions.

“Democrats said all the bank records showed were Papa Johns and Starbucks receipts. They deliberately chose to misconstrue and deny what was clearly in front of them,” Comer said.

Hunter Biden’s representatives claimed the money was “good faith seed funds” but could not explain why those funds had to go through an intermediary in what appears to be an attempt to hide the transfers from the Chinese — a classic money laundering technique.

The Bidens received over $1 million in 16 different wire transfers over a period of three months to at least five different bank accounts, Comer said.

While Biden has denied the allegation, Comer said the president has not been honest.

“The Bidens have received millions of dollars from China.  It is inconceivable the president didn’t know about it,” Comer said.

The White House refuses to correct the president’s false statements. This, Comer said, is misusing the federal government to cover up these schemes.

“A week ago, I sent a subpoena to the FBI for a form that a whistleblower has alleged is in the FBI’s possession. We hope the FBI will be transparent and forthcoming and provide the Oversight Committee with the 1023 form we have subpoenaed. If they do, the Committee will assess the form it has subpoenaed from the FBI and—as has been my practice—we will report to you only facts when they are verified and indisputable,” Comer said.

“I trust the whistleblower.  A subpoena from this Committee is a powerful tool that I do not take lightly. The level of detail provided to Senator Grassley led me to conclude a subpoena was warranted, and I stand by that assessment,” Comer said.

When Sen. Chuck Grassley approached Comer with the information the whistleblower provided, “it was because of the information we’ve learned through the Committee’s own investigation that indicated to me the whistleblower’s allegations are consistent with our independent findings,” he said.

The Oversight Committee reviewed thousands of bank records from individuals and companies affiliated with the Bidens and their associates. It has subpoenaed documents from different banks and Comer said those documents proved fruitful in advancing the investigation.

“The Committee is concerned by the complicated, suspicious network of over 20 companies we have identified the Bidens and their associates used to enrich themselves,” he said.

Most of thee companies were limited liability companies formed during Joe Biden’s vice presidency. Bank records show the Biden family, their associates, and their companies received over $10 million from foreign nationals and their companies — some of it from a Chinese company that sent funds to Hunter Biden’s company, and others, with the help of Rob Walker, went to different Biden family members.

“This is not how lawful businesses usually operate,” Comer said. “Chinese nationals affiliated with the Bidens created limited liability companies in the United States and then in a short period of time transferred their interests to a Chinese company that then sent money to the Bidens. This is not normal.”

Hunter Biden and his associates courted business in countries that correlated directly with Joe Biden’s work as Vice President.

“This is also not normal. It is not ethical,” Comer said. “And this is why we need legislative solutions.”

The committee will provide legislation that he hopes will to prevent this unethical behavior from happening again.

“This investigation is about investigating allegations of corruption and fraud at the highest levels of the federal government,” Comer said.

The committee issued a new round of subpoenas on Monday, and also sent letters to Biden associates to come forward prior to the committee having to issue a subpoena. Comer also released a second bank accounts memorandum, so the American people can see for themselves the actual banking transactions the Bidens engaged in.

Read the second bank records memorandum here. The first memorandum can be found here.

Read Comer’s full remarks at this link.


  1. Nothing will happen. The Biden crime family has immunity from the DOJ, FBI, and mainstream media. Biden is not the only one involved in these schemes so this investigation will die on the vine.

    • You do understand that the Washington mall is lined with tall oaks for a reason, right? Bribery is right there with treason.

  2. The Founders put bribery up there with treason.

    There is a mountain of evidence for years Biden and co have been for sale. But neither side gave a damn.

    And here we are.

      • Sadly will never happen. While this is clearly impeachable, there is no way to get 60+ Senators to convict.

        Professional courtesy, crooks to crooks.

  3. well well well as I’ve been told over and over and over again this is clearly Russian disinformation and besides what about Trump tho

  4. Joe Biden has been an influence peddler since his early days in the US Senate. That’s how he could afford the many luxury mansions that he owns. Joe won’t be remembered for any cranial capacity. And his son, Hunter, is as worthless as a piece of used toilet paper. Maybe it’s a good thing Joe Biden is fighting Hunter’s love child’s mother over using the last name Biden. Joe will not acknowledge the existence of his own granddaughter. The little girl should consider herself fortunate.

    • You mean like the money that has already been traced from foreign nationals, through biden business partners, into various biden family member’s bank accounts? You mean like those?

      • Don’t forget bragging in front of people about shaking down Ukraine and forcing them to fire the prosecutor investigating Burisma.

    • If only a small fraction of it is true, or even ONE single case is true, that is enough to warrant, and demand, impeachment and conviction of China Joe for bribery and treason.

    • Mrs N, the fact that Biden’s DOJ and FBI are dragging their feet in giving up this evidence, should both answer your questions above and further astonish you.

      This isn’t a Trump vs Biden , Republican vs Democrat thing. Being alarmed about this and opposing this should transcend our political differences. It could be that this corruption maybe more widespread than we can imagine. Every action our politicians take should be viewed with an eye towards possible sellout and Treason, whether it’s a Foreign Government or Foreign Corporation.

      Biden isn’t smart enough to blaze this trail, it’s likely he followed others who are smarter and better at keeping this stuff cloaked.

      In this so called ” woke era” we all better start ” Waking Up”!

      • Howdy Bob, I woke up, when Obama said he was gonna Trans–form the USA. Biden is his 3rd Term.

        • I loved it when 0bama said on a campaign stop that the USA was the greatest country that ever was. Vote for him to change that.

    • It is always fun to watch children… errr…. I mean leftists pretend they are not living under double standards all the time.
      When the slightest unsubstantiated claim against a conservative surfaces, they call for immediate criminal prosecution, but when a claim with a LOT more substantial evidence shows up against a fellow leftist, it is impossible to provide enough proof. And… Mrs. N is no exception. Plenty of “Trump is a crook” with nothing more than the word of a leftist congressman or TV personality, but allegations against Biden? “I wonder how much of this has verifiable proof.” is the response.
      Trump? No need for proof, we all know he is a criminal
      Biden? Sounds bad, but there better be some substantial verifiable proof…

  5. “This is also not normal. It is not ethical,” Comer said. “And this is why we need legislative solutions.”
    He admits its not illegal? If so, now its time to move on to Jared Kushner and his $2 billion plus deal with the Saudis shortly after leaving federal service and his $1.8 billion sale of his troubled 666 Fifth Avenue property to Qatar while in federal service. Or do we have a two tier system of investigations by the House committees, ignoring anything Trumpy related?

    • No matter how you try to spin it, Trumpit, Trump’s kids are loyal and keep out of trouble. Hunter Biden, LOL, not so much. I guess the IQ’s of Republican children are a few dozen points higher than that of Democrat offspring. Probably has something to do with keeping drugs, sex, and rock and roll out of their lives…. …and yes, knowing when to pick up their laptops from the repair shop. ?

  6. DANG … Another, among many, right wing conspiracy theory tuned factual again!!! Clintons, Obamas, Bidens and Democrats integrity and honor continues in free-fall down the crapper.

  7. Romania is clearly a National Security threat and we need to cut China off from the NBA and stop sending them US made basketballs.

    • Yes and nobody will do anything about it. We need a new direction for this country. When we can’t trust government and the judicial system then it’s time for a change.

  8. The worst thing is what has been done to the country. Because the so-called mainstream media will not cover the news that it was paid to do so, we now have a country mired in deep corruption. Our founding fathers stated that it would take a free press to save the republic. We don’t have one and have allowed the press to be bought off by those intent on destroying us. Benjamin Franklin said that you have a republic if you can keep it. Sadly we couldn’t.

    • You are correct. The fourth estate has turned into the cheerleaders for the ruling class. They like being fawned over at parties and view themselves as the “smartest people in the room”. That’s hard to give up, especially when you have a ready-made whipping boy presented to you on a silver platter. Compare the few press conferences our current occupant of the oval to the previous office holder. While Trump faced a hostile press corp (remember Mr. Jim Acosta) on a regular basis, Biden gets softballs on the few occasions he actually takes questions. Further to consider is the proliferation of leftist organizations like Propublica financing newspapers (they call it a partnership just ask the ADN). You don’t report stuff that the people paying you find objectionable. In essence when the news folks climbed in bed with the leftist sponsors, instead of being accountable to their readers, fact-based reporting went out the window in favor of propaganda.

  9. This is also not normal. It is not ethical,” Comer said. “And this is why we need legislative solutions.”

    Aka, nothing will happen and the grift will continue on. Lots of hot air.

    Just more people that need to take a ride on the bush flight express.

  10. The proof is in the pudding. It’s an old anachronism, but speaks to reality, versus conjecture.

    We here in Alaska, can see with our own eyes the landscape. Photographers can capture the beauty for which its perception is accessible to those who’ve similar experience of how truly remarkable the entirety of the clean, crisp air when Susitna isn’t active, stunning sunset in overlooking the Knik Arm from the top of Baldy (in Eagle River), unique tang of a blueberry bog, hurriedly squishing and squelching through the clearwater stream that meanders through it, putting distance from mama moose and her offspring, and ultimately the caution we take in watching for bears in early summer through fall.

    The nepotism and frankly nihilistic abandonment of family values in the previous administration is evident, has shown itself as real, is unacceptable, unAmerican, AND proven, much as we try to ignore the cuteness of someone who attempts to actively evince vibes of a neon Big Boy advertising sign and Dennis the Menace cartoon.

    I daresay my personal values are as middle class and provincial as any college educated Alaskan. Much as my conservatism rankles at the thought of tangible assets spiraling out of control, the intangible moral fiber of the meaning of the United States of America has taken quite a hit with the previous executive and his cast of dubiously legitimate characters. And, we have imverifiable proof of it. We’ve lived through it all;
    witnessed it, whether we acknowledge the rot or not.

    If President Biden and his Administration turn out to be insidious plunderers, then so be it. They will receive justice in due time.

    • Problems with this monologue.

      -the natural beauty of Alaska has nothing to do with any of this, but is an interesting way to wrap yourself in a cloak of aw-shucksness.

      -little, if anything has been proven about Trumps kids. Except possibly in your head.

      -your use of word of the month submissions don’t make you look any more convincing. Just the opposite.

      -if you wish your claim of middle class conservative values to be taken seriously, you should stop taking hard left positions. Maybe being with the presumption of innocence.

      -it was a decent try, better than many, but in the end, not at all convincing.

    • Hold on there Mrs. N.
      You talk about “moral fiber”, yet there was no “free the nipple” on the White House lawn under the previous administration. Neither did they push for the mutilation of children all in the name of satisfying a small group of zealots, who pretend that 3 years old are mature enough to know that they are the wrong gender, but can’t manage any other activities of daily living independently (and the medical establishment, which see dollar signs with life-long clients for expensive surgeries and drugs). Let’s also consider the dope smoking son of the current guy. You think you “lived through it” yet it is apparent that you had no critical thoughts and believed all the main stream press so breathlessly reported. We lived through it as well and many of us don’t agree with your interpretation. As for the “justice in due time” considering that the Biden bragged about getting that Ukraine prosecutor fired, when he was VP and the FBI had that laptop for 5 years, it would seem there will never be a “due time”. Now of course with the precedence set, they can always go after him, after he leaves office via impeachment and criminal complaint.

    • Ahhh….yes. As predicted, Mrs. N requires zero actual evidence at all to throw aspersions at conservatives, but insists there must be “…verifiable proof.” when a fellow leftist is in the spotlight.
      Double standards are not standards at all.

      • I am curious, Trump it. And, I would like a serious answer.
        In your opinion, how did Trump break the country?
        This is your opinion, I do not need you to cite this, or copy that article, but in your personal opinion, what did Trump do to earn that allegation.

  11. Shelia is spot on when pointing out the bought and paid for Media spinning the narrative they have been paid for.
    It all went spiraling out of control when the media produced “super star” reporters that middle class America tuned into as a nightly ritual. Remember the propaganda reporting of the disastrous Vietnam War we ran from with our tails tucked in defeat. (much like Afghanistan)

    All Bogus reporting of the factual truth just to keep the youngins showing up at the selective service office to obtain a draft card. They cant even buy enough enlistments now to join the Tranny Circus Show with a woke Commander in Chief who is on the take with nearly every major adversary in the world. Recruiters are after my son with a ton of offers. He just keeps telling them they need to look for “Hunter Biden” type candidates to keep the streets a little cleaner.

    Now the Media superstars are ramping up their campaign slush promoting their weak tired old fool as the only candidate that is qualified to take us down the path of further destruction. With an endless and very expensive war with Russia that He couldnt wait to jump into with both feet running and a boatload of our cash to repay the Ukrainians for all their generosity when He was VP. Showering his entire family with cash which nearly decimated his only crack addicted son as well as his daughter Ashley who is suing the guy who has the diary she left behind at the rehab facility in which she claims to have been sexually assaulted at the age of 13.

    What a wonderful first family we have. I guess that explains the tranny strip show in front of the white house under a Gay flag. The whole world is watching.

  12. We know who the crooks are and what They think of the little guy. With the exception of Trump no politicians ever get found guilty.

  13. Only a rube would believe these tapes exist. Senator Grassley is proud that he promoted something for Trump that is not verified, he will be the Feinstein of Republicans before his term ends

    • The only ‘Feinstein’ in the Republican party is Mitt Romney.

      How are you going to explain away the tapes? Another ‘russian collusion’?

    • I think you meant Schiff, but then again, Feinstein has her moments. Still, far and away the biggest promoter of baseless accusations and claims of (non-existent) irrefutable proof is still Schiff.

  14. Perhaps law enforcement can look into it a bit say $16 Million surveillance ain’t no Thang to a bankrupt nation, do it.

  15. This from a source that is not known for ‘middle of the road’ bias (The Hill), with regard to 86-yr old Mr Grassley’s statement; “They asked me to make a presentation to the caucus,” Grassley said of his briefing. “I’ve read the unredacted version [of the FD-1023 form], so I know more than the members of the House Oversight Committee.”

    Dunh dunh dunh da dahhhh. “The only judgment we’re trying to make is if the FBI is doing its work,” he said. “They haven’t communicated with me.”

    “Grassley doesn’t know if the phone recordings exist or if the FBI was able to track them down. But he says the FBI has been extremely reluctant to talk about the information contained in the document, despite it being unclassified.”

    As the ‘Masked’ One evidently doesn’t think is important, this badgering (and, yes, I mean ‘badgering’ might not be too many badgers in AK, more likely refer to ‘wolverines’ as the largest member of the varmint family) is highly being publicized at the height of the hammer coming down on the more than one indicted past president and current strong-running nominee. Looky there! Looky there!

    Like I said, “In due time.” In due time. Right now, there should be a very very strong contender from this disgraced Republican political party. I’m looking for a phoenix, or at the very least a ‘rose ‘ to rise from the ashes.

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