Public comment period now open for Alaska state regulation protecting girls from transgenders in sports


The Alaska Board of Education has opened the public comment period for a state regulation aimed at safeguarding girls’ athletic teams in K-12 schools across the state.

The proposed regulation, put forth by the State Board of Education and Early Development, seeks to prevent boys from competing in any exclusively girls’ divisions, ensuring fairness, safety, and equal opportunities for female students in middle and high school athletics.

Although legislation has been introduced to protect girls’ athletics, Democrats and some Republicans in the Alaska Legislature oppose it, and the legislation is not moving.

The proposed changes to the Alaska Administrative Code, specifically 4 AAC 06, pertain to school district interscholastic activities.

One of the proposed alterations, 4 AAC 06.115(b)(5), would require all nonprofit associations responsible for administering and promoting interscholastic activities in Alaska to restrict participation in separate high school athletics teams for competitive or contact sports to females who were female at birth, rather than males who have taken hormones and had surgeries to present themselves as females.

This regulation change aims to address concerns about the physical advantages that transgender male-to-female athletes have over true female athletes.

In past years, this was not an issue, but increasingly, gender dysphoria has created a situation where boys can rob girls of their sports medals by competing in girls’ divisions.

The public may provide comments on the proposed regulation changes, including any potential costs for private individuals in complying with these changes.

Written comments can be submitted to the Commissioner’s Office, Department of Education and Early Development, Attn: Regulations Review, at the following address: 333 Willoughby Ave., 9th Floor, State Office Building, P.O. Box 110500, Juneau, Alaska 99811-0500.

Comments can also be sent by fax to 907-465-2806 or by email to Janell Andrews at [email protected].

All comments must be received no later than 4:30 p.m. on July 21.

Additionally, an opportunity for oral comments relevant to the proposed action will be provided during a hearing scheduled for July 26, 2023. The hearing will take place via the Zoom platform, with no in-person attendance available. Participants can join the online Zoom meeting at or by calling 1-253-215-8782 and selecting *9 on their phone’s keypad. The hearing is scheduled from 8:45 a.m. to 9:45 a.m., and priority will be given to commenters who are on the line before the start of the hearing.

The State Board of Education and Early Development Chair, James Fields, may limit the time allotted for each person providing oral testimony, if necessary, to ensure the hearing concludes within the designated time.

More information is at this state link.


  1. What’s to discuss? If you want the mentally ill to participate in sports, don’t destroy girls and young women’s opportunities. Have a mentally insane league. Simple 😉

      • The word ‘Dysphoria’ comes from the Greek “dys,” meaning abnormal or complicated, and “phoria,” meaning “a state of mind or body.” It is a state of “emotional” unhappiness that involves a feeling of general malaise and dissatisfaction with life in its entirety.
        Giving to Mayo Clinic Mental illness, also called mental health disorders, refers to a wide range of mental health conditions — disorders that affect your mood, thinking and behavior.
        And “morality” cannot be taken to refer to every code of conduct put forward by a society. In the normative sense, “morality” refers to a code of conduct that would be accepted by anyone who meets certain intellectual and volitional conditions, almost always including the condition of being rational.

      • So, we should affirm that those in a manic state have great ideas? Or affirm those that are anorexic are healthy? How about the ones that are schizophrenic really do hear voices? It’s a mental illness, i.e. men who think they are women, not a question of morality. We’re not helping these people, they’re making it worse.

  2. And after you’ve commented to the State Board directly, sign the online petition at to put an exclamation point on it. We have about 2,000 signed so far. Let’s get 10,000 ! Girls deserve fair play.

    • Thanks Jim, will do. We need to stop the nonsense and protect our girls and women. They are attacking women because the woman is the nucleus of a family. That is why Justice Jackson and those like her will not define a woman. They are trying to erase them as an important part of our society and also the importance of having a mom nurturing and educating their children. They went after the dads first, now it’s the moms. This is a systematic and organized attack on our most important and valuable resource, the family.

  3. Allowing men to compete in women’s leagues essentially eliminates women’s leagues. We will have two men’s leagues. All the young women whom have benefited from athletic scholarships for decades now across our nation will simply be history. If men are truly suffering from gender identity issues and are fearful or uncomfortable competing with their fellow biological males, then they can start their own league. Do not destroy women’s sports.

  4. Don’t forget… any of our fine school board members that voiced out on behalf of lunatics pretending to be something they’re not should not be re-elected. They’ve illustrated clearly that they don’t think clearly and that’s too big of a flaw for such a post. Same w/ any other position that requires discretion on similar matters.

  5. The female born women need to say the ‘hell with government’ and their rules and start their own leagues. They then can invite who they want or not. Have your own trophies and records. You don’t need the government or schools or leagues that support this crap.

  6. Thankyou MRA for following through on this most important issue, Womens Uniqueness. Please continue to keep this issue on the forefront of everyone who reads MRA.

  7. Here is my thoughts! You have a special Olympics? We support! Why ?wouldn’t we support transgender having their own league?

  8. Expand API. Institutionalize the mentally ill that want to change their sex. Institutionalize the demented perverts that prey on the mentally ill and encourage sex transition. Life imprisonment to any doctor or parent that is involved in mutilating or sterilizing a child.

  9. Hello, I am a family nurse practioner who has taken care of people of all genders in Alaska, including some non-bianary people and gay/lesbians, for almost 30 years. I strongly believe that sex is biologically based (on sex chromosomes) and is determined at conception. Gender dysphoria (a mental illness), and medical interventions/hormones do not change a person’s biological sex. Being born male ensures that almost all boys/men are physically larger, faster and stronger than females. Many also retain male reproductive urges, which can cause interactions dangerous interactitons in bathrooms and locker rooms. Taking female hormones and puberty blockers do not change these charateristics. It is unreasonal and unfair to allow these bigger, stronger and more agile biological men to compete in biological female sports. I strongly agree with the proposed legislation changing the law to protect female atheletes

    • I am curious Janice, can those that have superstitious beliefs be considered to have a mental illness? And why did we as a Nation applaud and encourage girls to play football, wrestle with, and play sports with the boys? Don’t those girls have issues?

  10. Why would anyone support males playing in female sports. We all know one can not change their sex aka gender no matter what is cut off or sewed on or medicated and ignoring that is hurting this nation. That’s the truth. It’s inappropriate to participate in others delusions.

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