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Throw in the towel: Alaska School Activities Association takes pass on trans-girls’ sports debate

The Alaska School Activities Association Board of Directors took no action on a proposed bylaw change prompted by a resolution passed unanimously by the State Board of Education, which addressed the protection for girl athletes from boys taking over their sports and winning medals that have been previously reserved for top-performing girl athletes.

The ASAA Board decided that until the Department of Education itself changes the current regulations, it would be premature to change the ASAA bylaw.

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The ASAA met in Valdez this week to consider the resolution and other school athletic issues. Transgender activists testified against the proposal to put sideboards on when boys would be able to compete against girls. Conservatives testified against it.

The association said that the Department does not require Alaska school districts to join ASAA. Instead, existing state regulation authorizes districts to join and pay dues to ASAA or “any other voluntary, nonprofit association whose purpose is to administer and promote interscholastic activities in Alaska” so long as certain criteria are met.

The Board of Education’s resolution says the separation of males and females in sports is related to competitive fairness and promotion of broad and equal participation opportunities. The two-page resolution also says the gender policies in Alaska school athletics programs should be objective, workable, and practicable for all students who participate.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Good job ASAA, sure wouldn’t want to offend that minuscule part of the population. It’s better to screw over all the girls than the ones pretending to be girls.Remember this all started with gays wanting to get married.

    • It started with gays needing health insurance because of aids and hep a and marriage was a way to achieve that.

    • It actually started with our fellow sinners seeking society-wide acceptance of normalizing immoral behavior. It was an incremental process; same-sex marriage was just another step in said process. You can see the same process occurring with many other immoral behaviors: substance abuse, vagrancy, rioting, mayhem, thievery, looting, etc, etc. Only recently, cohabitation and divorce were immoral so let’s be careful with the planks in our eyes. See 2Chron7:14.

  2. This isn’t the first time ASAA has let down female athletes. Lack of courage and justice rules their day. Sad.

  3. I remember, happily, how proud I was to call myself American. But what that meant is long gone and I am sad for our Grandchildren. I am having trouble trying to understand why we are being alienated and almost afraid to have an opinion about what we want our country to return to. It is becoming more difficult daily to feel good about what our country has become. I am just sad. because being mad is getting me nowhere.

  4. Hard not to be impressed by their strong stance for girls and sanity.

    Every aspect of Alaska public education is useless.

  5. Sounds like a perfectly worthless board. Time to trim the fat and cut all sports from schools. Make all sports after and privatized events, so parents can have a say in their kids sports.

  6. The girls teams just need to flat out refuse to play against any boy in any sport.

  7. Why not have trans compete other trans!?
    Problem solved!!
    And fair for real girls and women!

  8. The women need to start a private league and invite who they want. Make their own records and have fair competition. Screw the politicians.

  9. I’m not surprised. Our
    side’s arguement is weak
    When women and girls
    been playing, running co-ed sports with guys even being the sore female on an all-male team. Logic and fairness taunts the question what is the difference, one man playing with all women? Women’s have 2 options quit competive sports or quit with co-ed playing like grandpa said, “a female don’t belong on a male team.” to keep an all-girl team.

  10. By allowing trans athletes to compete in women’s sports the Biden administration has sabotaged one of its own agenda that is campaigned on: Increasing women’s rights as a whole. If women cannot express themselves their style, uniqueness, and strength through sports and competition, then they are doomed to see Equity they worked for so hard collapse around them.(So much for Equity except for trans athletes}
    At puberty male athletes generally gain advantage for many sports like a larger skeletal structure, greater muscle mass and strength, less body fat, greater bone density and on and on. An issue for scientists is how much testosterone suppression regiments reduce these advantages.(Good luck with that) When I saw the look on Riley Gaines face when Lia Thomas had the picture taken wit the trophy when they tied in swimming, when I saw the trans volleyball player smack a female in the face with ball slamming her to the floor, I say Good headline Suzanne : Throw in the towel., MY comment to ASAA is this: As my African American aide would say(whom I loved as my mother} God doesn’t like ugly and you not making a decision to support girls in this state is UGLY.

  11. Here at the ASAA, we BELIEVE IN celebrating cowardice, and that is exactly what we intend to do.

  12. Where are the women that once had a level playing field in sports? Why are women athletes silent on this? Where is Kikkan Randal? Allie Ostrander? Holly Brooks? They would have not had their athletic success if they had to compete against men. Why are women like them silent and not supporting younger women athletes that are impacted by this perverted insanity?

  13. And I’m guessing the state department of education is very woke and ultra infected by the gender insanity sociological virus. It will take a state wide very loud collective voice to even be a blip on the radar. Allowing men to take over women’s sports, no matter what their psychological or sociological issue is, essentially eliminates women’s sports and all the benefit and reward so many of those athletes work extremely hard to achieve. Our daughter worked 150% all through high school, often getting up at 4:00 am to train, as she wanted an athletic college scholarship. She broke school records and then broke them again before she completed high school, medaled repeatedly, and earned that scholarship. None of that would have been possible had she been up against guys. Other young women should have the same opportunity.

  14. I say to all the girls, just walk off the playing fields. See how long it takes to get some common sense going, when all you have is one or two femboys competing against each other.

  15. Ladies, Gentlemen, Born To Queens + Indigents Alike,

    The ASAA Board disappoints the average (and normal) citizen. How sad that the State I was born in, I’ve grown up in, and I worked in my whole life, now leaves me struggling to find a reason to stay.

    Color me, ‘searching for sanity.’

  16. Is it my imagination but doesn’t there seem to be far more boys wanting to compete as girls than boys competing as girls? Why would that be the case?

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