Murkowski introduces code of conduct bill for Supreme Court


Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Sen. Angus King of Maine have introduced the Supreme Court Code of Conduct Act, requiring the Supreme Court to establish a code of conduct that would follow the same ethics guidelines as other federal judges.

The proposed bill would mandate that the Supreme Court create a code of conduct within one year from the date of enactment and appoint an official to handle any complaints of violations of the code. The official would accept information or complaints from the public alleging violations of the code by a Supreme Court justice, or violations of other federal laws. An annual report would be posted on the Court’s website, describing the information and complaints received, and the actions taken to address any issues.

“The Supreme Court must demonstrate independence and fairness as they rule on the laws of the land—and any cracks in the public’s confidence will have damaging repercussions for the state of our democracy,” Murkowski said.

“Americans have made clear their concerns with the transparency — or lack thereof — coming from the Supreme Court and its justices. It is critical the public has full faith that their institutions are functioning, including the judicial branch,” Murkowski said.


  1. Well she needs to draw up a bill for All Government on code of conduct. Especially the Rhinos and we know who they are.

  2. Most of us trust the Supreme Court and distrust, in the extreme, self absorbed people in government like Lisa. I find it just amazing that she would even broach the subject of transparency when it is well known she is constantly operating behind a false front, destroying the rights of the people, one action at a time. The woman is a pox on Alaska and works only for her benefit. This action she is taking now is very like the Anchorage Assembly using it’s power to attempt to remove the power of the mayor by edict. She seeks to control the court by edict.

  3. Only the second candidate in U.S. history to win a write in for U.S. Senate by destroying former federal magistrate Joe Miller who won the republican primary and was endorsed by Gov. Sarah Palin.
    The senior Senator carries much clout and rankings among several committees and has served since 2002.
    With her Alaska first attitude she has secured Fighter squadrons, Hugh infrastructure package, rural broadband, The most aggressive HWY construction with several new bridges.
    Won her last election by the widest margin to serve 6 more years and will likely run again and again.
    Though a centrist she has broad support in the great State of Alaska where she was born and raised, survived 1964 earthquake, served in the State’s legislature, oversees new state of the art ice breaker being built, brings more money per capita than any other state and on and on and on 😉

    • $30 trillion dollars later still bringing home the bacon with Alaskan’s best interests at heart!

    • …..took the Alaska Bar exam more times than it’s offered in five years, never appeared in court as an attorney because of her lack of legal education, got appointed to the US Senate because her dad didn’t want to be bested by a smarter Senator, got her ass kicked by Joe Miller in the 2010 primary, would have gotten her ass kicked by Kelly Tshibaka not withstanding the Democrat’s RCV, a Catholic who favors abortion, a Democrat who parades as a Republican, and looks 20 years older than her biological age, ……
      AND lives the job that Joe Biden does as president. What a great Alaskan.

    • …..took the Alaska Bar exam more times than it’s offered in five years, never appeared in court as an attorney because of her lack of legal education, got appointed to the US Senate because her dad didn’t want to be bested by a smarter Senator, got her ass kicked by Joe Miller in the 2010 primary, would have gotten her ass kicked by Kelly Tshibaka not withstanding the Democrat’s RCV, a Catholic who favors abortion, a Democrat who parades as a Republican, and looks 20 years older than her biological age, ……
      AND loves the job that Joe Biden does as president. What a great Alaskan.

    • I am still trying to decide, 3rd Generation Alaskan, whether these putatively laudatory posts for Princess Lisa by you are meant to be taken tongue-in-cheek, or not.
      You do realize that sarcasm often does not transmit well in print, yes?

      • What???
        She survived the 1964 Alaska earthquake too? Power credentials princess has. There oughta be a club and bumper sticker for all survivers. I guess she also survived the 1967 flood in Fairbanks, the 1989 Exxon spill, and the 1992 snow season. But princess didn’t fare as well in the 1993, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 00 Alaska Bar exams.
        Daddy to the rescue again.

        • Ted; The senator worked as an attorney for the Anchorage District Court 87 to 89 and from 89 to 98 she was in private practice as attorney in Anchorage.
          She fought hard and helped convince President Biden to allow ConocoPhillups Willow project as the administration was poised to douse it, and on and on and on 😉
          Came out strong to not allow foreign owned mining on 796 square miles of Red Salmon spawning grounds AKA pebble;-)

      • Jeff; I don’t know, the responses have been fairly civil, I have had no assassination attempts on me yet. All I write is true 😉
        So if I could get at least one voter, I have done good for my home native state.

        • 3Gen works for Lisa. Maybe even a Murkowski. Try as you may, Alaskans truly hate the Murkowskis. 43 years for one family to live high off the hog on public money is about 33 years too long. That family surname is synonymous with public theft.

      • Lisa Murkowski has been weaponized as the new tool of the Democrats. She was promised another term in the US Senate, through the RCV scheme of the Democrats, and their worker bees in the unions, in exchange for supporting the Democrats while serving in the US Senate. Murkowski’s latest Democrat escapade is her Senate bill to force a new code of conduct in the Supreme Court, with the motive to get Clarence Thomas to resign or retire BEFORE Joe Biden’s term expires. The Democrats want Dirty Joe to get one new ultra liberal Supreme Court Justice placed before the end of 2024. And they are making Lisa Murkowski lead the charge as part of her payback to Democrats who voted her into office. Lisa Murkowski is a clear and present danger to Alaskans and all Americans who desire an honorable system of democracy and freedom. Lisa Murkowski is bad for Alaska and for the United States of America.

        • Lisa Murkowski is a traitor, bought and paid for by anti-American communists. And Lisa is too dumb to even know it. Frank Murkowski, you put your communist daughter into office, trying to make history for your family, not knowing that our country is in peril with your poor choices. That makes you dumber than your daughter, which doesn’t give either of you much for brains.

  4. The Senator disappoionts again. Quote: “The Supreme Court must demonstrate independence and fairness as they rule on the laws of the land—and any cracks in the public’s confidence will have damaging repercussions for the state of our democracy,” Murkowski said.
    Then she introduces a bill that seeks to remove independence from the Supreme Court, dictating to a co-equal branch the ethics they will follow. I presume if the SCOTUS ruled that the Senate’s Code of Ethics is deficient, the Senator would rush to change it.
    I wonder if the Senate has more “cracks in the public’s confidence” than the Court?

    • Well since only the Legislative Branch writes laws, who else would you have do it? It’s pretty ridiculous that the Branch of Government most concerned with upholding the law has no ethics policies of its own? This should have been done decades ago and if it had, Justices like Thomas wouldn’t be cavorting with people that pose a clear conflict of interest for them. They all should know better. They should have fixed the problem themselves, but apparently, its going to take a law to do so. I assume the GOP will oppose since it will limit access of their rich donors to SCOTUS.

      • Do your homework, Thomas has taken fewer trips than most on the Supreme Court. They are throwing stones at Thomas to distract you from the truth.

        • Ms. Home Work, you seem to be saying all of the supreme court is corrupt? How is any of it acceptable? You must be MAGA hypocrite.

  5. Ha! Hey Lisa, you have no power here. Get in your lane and maybe refresh yourself on separation of powers!

    • U.S. Senate is judicial branch of government, she knows what she’s doing 😉

      • 3rd:
        Do you teach grade school too? Or are you a paid shill for the Murkowski family? I hope the pay is commenserate with your education. Frankie is a bit of a tightwad.

      • The judiciary is the judicial branch of government. Pesky thing called separation of powers.

        You can always spot a recent graduate. No understanding of civics or history.

        • LOL……3rd Generation of Alaskan idiots.
          They never learn. They just run over the cliff with as many as they can grab.

        • Please go back to civics, the house and senate have the power to impeach any sitting supreme court justice. It appears that more than one are deserving and it would not be the first time a justice was impeached.

      • 3rd; and Masked; Correction: The U.S. Senate is not part of the judicial branch of government (My Bad) but does confirm or deny federal judges.

        • Frankie must have called you. Can you recommend any assisted living facility? I’m tired of cleaning him.

          • If Frankie goes into the Pioneer Home, there will be wheelchair crashing and food fights in the dining room every night. Old time Alaskans don’t much care for the Murkowskis. Would make a great documentary movie though.

  6. Actually an age limit would be better in my opinion. Why would anyone on the Supreme Court support such a bs legislation when the senate doesn’t abide by rules that they are supposed to follow?

  7. Would the Senate want to Supreme Court to dictate their codes of conduct?
    Keep the Court as the 3rd branch of government and let the judges do it themselves. Legislative branch is trying to weaken the court and that is seriously dangerous to “our democracy “ as the left spews.

    • You don’t read very well do you? The article says that the proposal would require the court to “create their own code of conduct”. The senate would not be dictating it.

    • Yes, because we all know how well the government operates when its allowed to police itself.

  8. She’s not one to call down anyone’s ethics. Have to actually have some yourself before you can question others.

    We had a chance to dump her, but the Incumbent Protection Act pimped by the pm drive radio host killed that.

    • Honesty, integrity, honor, that’s senator Murkowski. So don’t mis-malign the U.S. senator of the great state of Alaska.
      With your rapid fire comments, I sure hope you vote 😉

      • We have very different standards for honor and integrity. I’m glad of that.

        Princess maligns herself. I just point it out. You cover for her.

        I’ve probably been voting longer than you’ve been alive.

  9. Is she not aware of the separation of powers? Or is she a narcissist who thinks she is above the Constitution? Mad Murky cheated.

  10. Leave well enough alone. Folks in glass houses shouldn’t be throwing stones. Wonder if Lisa wants folks looking under her skirts as this legislation seems designed

  11. Murkowski doesn’t recognize a code of conduct for a woman…let alone the SCOTUS which also includes men! Her own code of conduct should be addressed …such as being a traitor to Alaska and America! Keep getting those checks from China’s Biden!!

      • Haven’t you heard? She’s holy. Completely holy. Soon to replace Mary in Catholic hierarchy.

        Has fewer sins than Jesus.

        Just ask her supporters. They’re happy to tell you.

  12. This from daddy’s girl who only has her job due to patronage. Talk about calling the kettle black.

  13. Chief Justice Robert’s wife made 10 million dollars last year. Crime is rampant with the ruling class in DC.
    Lisa has no room to point fingers or lecture anyone though.

  14. So the lady that puts the R code after her name but conducts herself as a D is telling others they need a code of conduct. What a worthless hag.

  15. Please everyone, write to her. Cuz you are right, she would not appreciate the Justices ruling against the Senate in the way she is moving against them.
    Who says, besides a few loud mouths, that “Americans have made clear their concerns with the transparency — or lack thereof — coming from the Supreme Court and its justices”, inquiring minds want to know. I will be writing and asking her that. Letters can make a difference if there are enough of them. She gets little push back and that gives her power and the sense she can keep pushing her direction. At least everyone, try to make a difference!

  16. Frankie and I told Lisa not to preach about the behavioral conduct of others until she gets her own house in order. She was raised Catholic, yet she preaches that partial birth abortion is OK. She was raised in our conservative Republican household, yet she sides with liberal Democrats on most social issues. We thought we taught her to not speak badly of other Republicans, yet she castigates Donald Trump in public and in the press. We taught her to respect the privacy of federal and state judges, yet she is trying to humiliate Justice Clarence Thomas. We told her to not make issues of other’s tribulations, yet she took the bar exam over half a dozen times and finally received accomodation with the exam answers prior to the exam. Frankie only wanted the Murkowski name to be respected when he picked her for the US Senate position, yet we are hated by more than half of Alaskans, and the other half think she’s a baffoon on a higher order of Frankie himself. We have a fundamentally disrespective daughter who has questionable conduct of her own. And this exactly why we hardly ever visit Alaska anymore. Our old friends have left us.

  17. I guess Lisa missed that “separation of powers” section during her rookie introduction to the US Senate. It isn’t really a surprise as Lisa fails to understand the Constitution on a daily basis. It is kind of embarrassing actually. I feel sorry for her.

    • That she is in the Senate and as so responsible for making laws?

      Greg do you know how the Constitution reads?

  18. The fact that Murcowski calls our government a ‘democracy’ should tell you all you need to know. She’s totally a democrat now. We’re a Constitutional Republic Lisa…

      • Maureen, What? Since when? You need to do some serious studying up on the differences between a democracy and a republic. Just because we have told that we are a democracy thousands of times by the media and teachers (for years) does not make it so. We have democratic elections but otherwise we aren’t supposed to be a democracy. It’s what is destroying our country right now and it gripes me every time someone says it. I’m obviously more “conservative” than you but I don’t like it when Trump or other talking heads/Republicans say it either. I even called out Don Young on it one time and he actually improved for awhile but then reverted back. Sorry, not sorry, but it’s a serious pet peeve of mine.

  19. Now tell us again Lisa where did you hide all the stolen money from the FTX investment thief? Which family member did you shuffle it to? Which writers lodge in Halibut Cove is cooling it off for you? Are you taking lessons from Hunter or Joey the big guy? She should be in the same jail cell with the punk Bankman Fried.

  20. How about a code of conduct for the house and senate…? With all the insider trading.. You would think princess lisa has a her hand in it somewhere. And when is the GOP going to toss her keester out of the party..? Don’t forget to sign the petition to put (un)ranked choice voting on the ballot for removal. It’s the reason why we ended up with two communists in office.

  21. Somebody elected this ignorant woman, it was not me. But I learned in high school civics class that the Supreme Court is a co-equal branch of government. Congress cannot impose their will on the Supreme Court. The left and their useful idiots are trying to destroy an independent judiciary. How about the Senate show us how this done and clean up their house first.

  22. I am still stewing over this. This ignorant woman should be educating her constituents on the constitution and how it works instead of participating in unconstitutional nonsense such as this. I should know better, but for some reason this has hit my hot button.

    • Dave, you just don’t like Lisa. Join our ever growing club. About 3/4 of Alaskans think she’s an idiot. Democrats vote for her because she’s one of them, just like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Brainless tools of the commies, union bosses, and government workers. Absolutely worthless standing on her own.

  23. Murkowski said “cracks in the public’s confidence will have damaging repercussions for the state of our democracy,” she has been a US Senator for more than two decades and she doesn’t know that our country is a constitutional republic.

  24. I don’t know that one branch of our government can tell another branch what to do. I don’t find that authority within the US constitution.

    Perhaps the Supreme Court should tell Congress to not recognize any election results from any state that changed its election laws in an extraconstitutional manner. For example, a state where a judged said you don’t have to verify mail-in ballot signatures.

  25. Murkowski does not understand the US Constitution and the reason behind the Separation of Powers. Maybe she worry about the Congress that is blatantly violates Code of Conduct all the time with insider trading. Case in point the latest Bank collapse and the Democrat who sold shares in the bank and bought shares in Jp Morgan just before the collapse.

  26. Lisa Murkowsk’s blatant disregard for Article 3 of the United States Constitution shows her utter contempt for rule of law of over two hundred years legal precedent. Fact; Lisa Murkowski took the Alaska Bar exam on four separate occasions and each and every time failed miserably. On her fifth attempt she finally attained a passing score.
    Reminder for Lisa. The Supreme Court was enacted by the Constitution to be separate from the Executive and Legislative branches to protect the court from political tyranny of the other branches of government. Lisa has no authority to impose any rules or regulations on the Supreme Court.
    Obviously Lisa still does not know and understand that the United States is a Republic and NOT a democracy and is governed by the rule of law. STAY IN YOUR LANE LISA.

    • No, B. Six times on the exam. Frankie finally paid the bar prep examiners to get the answers for her last exam. She passed, barely, but didn’t know a damn thing about law practice, so she went into politics.

      • But Frankie knew enough about banking to get elected to the US Senate and the Governor’s Office. His campaign promise:
        I’ll pay back my customers who I “borrowed” from after five cycles of the Rule of 72 passes.

  27. Code of Conduct coming from Lisa? This is like having the fox watch the henhouse. She should start with herself and the millions she takes from her Uncle Joe with no accountability.

  28. Every red blooded American until now had to fight the sin of lusting after women, but as ugly and nasty as these tattooed goblins are now, I haven’t committed that sin of lust in years. American women are gross inside, and outside

  29. Deflection from her own questionable conduct of aiding and abetting the leftist agenda? Leave the Supreme Court alone and examine yourself! We desperately need to get rid of rigged choice voting so we can actually vote in candidates that will better represent us.

  30. Need a code of conduct for the staff for sure to avoid leakers. Then a dress code for the likes of Fetterman

  31. Code of conduct? Ok. For the House and Senate, too. Definitely for POTUS and the executive branch.

    One caveat: like a Constitutional amendment, it has to get approval from 2/3 of the States. And Congress gets no carve outs.

  32. Seems like a violation of the separation of powers doctrine. Maybe the Supreme Court could start making rules for Congress to follow? I say we start with term limits!

  33. Says the communist who pushed Ranked Choice Voting on Alaska to steal her seat again. What about the code of conduct for Alvin Bragg in New York and the corrupt judges who constantly violate the law in order to harass President Trump. With no evidence they drag him into court and force him to pay an army of lawyers. Of course, that’s okay right Lisa? You are one of the most corrupt Senators in the Senate and are an embarrassment to Alaska. Please just shut-up because everything that comes out of your mouth is crap!

  34. Oh Lisa, I forgot to add that you obviously need to read the Constitution. We are not a Democracy; we are a Constitutional Republic. I know you and your corrupt friends in the Senate are trying to erase the Constitution but we the people are not going to allow it. Please just take the money you stole from the American Taxpayers and retire.

  35. Hilarious!
    What happens when the Supreme Court declares Lisa’s Law unconstitutional?

    • Now you know why she failed the bar exam so many times. She is either as dumb as her dad, or she skipped a lot of law classes,…..
      Or both.

  36. You gotta be kidding me. Where’s her code of conduct for biden and all his comrades?? A democrat should not be allowed to have an R after their name.

  37. Why don’t you put your efforts into actually helping the country? Ooh forgot…you’re a democrat.

  38. Or else what, Lisa? What if the court doesn’t comply with your demands?

    Have you even read Article three of the Constitution?

  39. Between Murkowski and Peltola the wheels are turning faster, backwards. Can these two somehow manage to be proactive for Alaska?

  40. Republicans can’t seem to get rid of this pestering piece of garbage named Lisa Murkowski. Joe Miller and Kelly Tshibaka, both extremely bright conservative lawyers from Yale and Harvard Law Schools respectively, would beat Lisa in a closed primary, and did. But Lisa relies on Democrats to produce alternative means to get her elected. Democrat write-ins and RCV in particular. The majority of Alaskans hate Lisa Murkowski. Frank and Nancy Murkowski know this to be true, and that’s why they stay far away from the public spotlight. Shame on them both for encouraging their sick daughter to represent our great state in the Senate.

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