Assemblyman Rivera and Constant testify in favor of discriminating against girls in sports


Anchorage Assemblymen Chris Constant and Felix Rivera don’t believe in girls and women’s sports teams. They testified by letter on Monday to the Alaska School Activities Association that boys who declare they are girls should be allowed to compete against girls in school sports.

The association, which met in Valdez this week, is considering a ban or some sort of limits on what is known as “transgenders” (males who believe they are females) competing against girls. Several people testified; as with other public events of this nature, the transgender activist community dominated the conversation.

Alaska Family Council Executive Director Jim Minnery also testified, but for the rights of girls and women to have their own competitive categories.

The two gay assemblymen’s letter to ASAA went the opposite way from Alaska Family Council and actually encouraged discrimination against girls, saying that such a ban on boys taking over girls’ teams would contradict Anchorage Municipal Code, specifically a part of municipal code that two men authored, which says the schools in Anchorage, as educational institutions, may not discriminate based on “sex and gender identity.”

The bylaws change that the activity association proposes would violate the rights of “trans female students,” the two wrote, using official letterhead of the Assembly. A trans female is a male with x and Y chromosomes who adapts feminine mannerisms and looks. Females have two X chromosomes.

The lawmaker men threatened that litigation would occur if the association revises its bylaws to protect girls.

“By refusing to allow trans female students to compete on a team consistent with their gender identity, while making such an allowance for trans male students. ASM’s proposed bylaw changes effectively deny them a benefit the bylaw changes confer on another group.
In addition. there is a strong argument that the mere classification based up-on gender at birth, in and of itself. will exacerbate already existing stigma associated with trans youth- In Brown v. Board of Education, the Supreme Court premised its decision striking down racially segregated education largely upon compelling evidence that, even if the services provided to every student are truly equal by every objective measure, ‘to separate them from others of similar age and qualifications solely because of their race generates a feeling of inferiority as to their status in the community that may affect their hearts and minds in a way unlikely ever to be undone.’ One can argue, quite persuasively, that the proposed classification scheme would create the same stamp of on trans youth that the Supreme Court sought to end in Brown,” the two men wrote.

“By forcing ASD to choose between violating Title 5, Equal Rights, and denying trans female students access to an ASAA sanctioned event or allowing their participation and being penalized by ASAA, these proposed bylaw changes put ASD in a legally precarious situation and open both ASD and ASAA up to serious litigation risk,” Constant and Rivera wrote.

Title 5 of Anchorage Municipal Code can be found at this link.

The two also wrote that the proposed bylaws changes would be in violation of Title IX, which is a federal law that gave girls and women equal athletic opportunity to boys and men.

“In order to remain compliant with Title IX then, ASAA would be forced to express what
substantial government interest is being advanced by these rule changes. Given that these rules are being proposed in an absence of an identified problem with the current language, ASAA would have a difficult argument to make. This is yet another example of the proposed bylaw changes putting ASAA in needless litigation risk, forcing ASD to consider leaving ASAA, and worst of all, increasing the harm to vulnerable youth who are simply attempting to participate in team sports in high school.”

The men, who are white and white-hispanic, then lectured the ASAA board for not being diverse enough.

“As an aside. we respectfully encourage ASAA to work towards a diversification of its board and staff in order to ensure adequate gender and viewpoint representation, which would assist you in making decisions that work for the entire community,” they closed.


  1. Constant and Rivera should both be physically removed from the Anchorage Assembly by the people of Anchorage. This is an attack on the women of Alaska that will be lethal in the long-run and they know and are salivating at the thought!

    Pray for Our Country,

    Sally D

    • So you’re calling for violence on duly elected public servants?

      What’s the difference between you and Antifa? Answer: none.

      • “Duly selected” (by a blatantly corrupt and manipulated mail-in voting system), you mean.
        I fully support the previous poster’s position. The only real solution to tyranny is revolt and rebellion, and the iron-fisted rule of the perverted Marxist Nine is a classic case of tyranny.
        Your conservatives who insist on conforming to every legalistic jot and tittle of the supposed law, while your opponents laugh at you and run roughshod over the law, violating it with impunity at almost every step, would make me laugh if you were not so pathetically supine.

        • Ok tough guy. Practice what you preach. Go get them. In fact, declare yourself God Emperor of Alaska.

          I’m serious. If you mean what you say, start your revolution now. Lead Alaska with your righteous might.

          Just have your go fund me for bail set up. And lipstick. You’ll be very popular in jail. Have lots of boyfriends.

          I’m curious, Rambo. Did you support the trans advocates who stormed three state legislatures? They were doing what you want.

          But give them this level of credit. They actually did it. I’ll believe your faux bravado when I see your mugshot on the evening news.

          It’s very easy to call for violent action from others. Another thing to actually do it. So go ahead, lead. For once.

          The Founders, men much wiser than you (or me), took every possible action to avoid violence until no other possible option was left. We’re not at that point.

          I’ll make you a deal, Rambo. Go citizens arrest them. If you actually do, I’ll post I was wrong about you while you’re getting passed around the jailhouse from boyfriend to boyfriend.

          If you actually succeed in your glorious cause and become God Emperor of Alaska, I’ll happily leave Alaska forever.

          As I said to the other poster. The difference between you and Antifa: none.

          • TMA, despite all your bluster and bullying here, I smell a typical right-wing coward in gross denial of reality.
            You say “we are not at that point yet”. But you are wrong! The radical left has ALREADY reached “that point”, and some time ago, too. So what do you advocate in the face of a steadily escalating and unacknowledged rolling coup d’etat, and undeclared civil war? Because THAT is the point that we are at, whether you are too afraid to acknowledge it or not.
            You can’t vote yourself out of tyranny. But good luck trying.

        • Hi Jefferson,

          Can you prove any blatant corruption or fraud in the mail in voting system?

          Got any evidence to back up your assertion? Just because you do not like the results does not mean someone is cheating.

          • Establishment Defender Pablo, no, I cannot prove the fraud in the mail-in voting system, and that is the point — NOBODY can prove that it is non-fraudulent, either, because it is inherently, and by design, opaque and untransparent. That alone should give anyone pause when considering the nature of such a voting system.
            Besides that, I would say that the proof is in the pudding. Anchorage did not have a 75% radical Marxist-dominated assembly before mail-in voting, and now it has such a permanently-ensconced majority.
            If it looks like a manipulated Marxist duck, and walks like a manipulated Marxist duck, and quacks like a manipulated Marxist duck …

          • Jefferson,

            Correlation is not causation.

            You state you have no evidence that there is corruption in the current voting process, but continue to claim that there is corruption in the current voting process.

            Could it be that conservatives put up bad candidates for these positions? Could it be that there is more voter apathy among older conservatives than younger liberals/progressives? Or could it be, that more people in Anchorage have a different opinion on who should represent them than you do?

            Expand your social circle or speak to people outside of your home, you will be surprised as to what you hear. You are not the only person in this state or city. There are about 750,000 other voices

            Again, you keep saying something is wrong with our election process but cannot show any evidence that something is wrong other than the candidates you like lost. Correlation is not causation.

  2. 2 dimlibby idiots & who voted for them?
    Everybody I ask says they did not vote for the imbeciles, so how were they elected?
    Just makes me sick to my stomach, been in Anchorage over 50+ years, and I don’t even recognize it anymore!

    • I do wonder. I don’t live in Anchorage but it is baffling to me they get elected. Have you talked to anyone in their districts?

    • Maybe expand your social circle? You would be surprised at the multitude of differing opinions across this State and Cities.

  3. A male, who declares (or alters) himself as a female, now has more rights and subsequent advantages than a female. Afterall, he is a man. And Men have always had more societal advantages and rights than women. The BEAT goes on.

    • I do wonder if there’s a place for women in a society dominated by homosexuals.

      Other than wombs to rent, what place does a woman hold in a rainbow world?

  4. Lunatics are often domineering as well. If one has one symptom one may need to check for the other also.

  5. Both of these jokers, Chris Constant and Felix Rivera should be removed from the assembly immediately as they do not represent the majority voices of Alaskan’s.

    • They why are the consistently re-elected? Why are the other progressives re-elected?

      They are, exactly, what Anchorage wants and deserves.

      Elections have consequences, and you’re living them.

      • Corruption via mail-in voting most likely answers your question, TMA.
        But oh yeah, you consistently and blindly refuse to acknowledge that development and that fact. Which makes your denial of reality as bad as that of all the radical leftists.

        • Nope. I’m in touch with reality. You are in some demented cloud (willingly) to avoid uncomfortable reality

          alleged right in Alaska isn’t all that right, motivated, are bone lazy, and would rather bitch and create fan fiction than accept reality.

          The reason you get middle school mean girl pissy when I point it out is you know I’m right.

          And that stings you worst of all.

          • Great to see you take it to touchitville with ‘reality’. Again.

            Just what is it you are here to avenge? Will we always be so blessed by your omniscience?

  6. I would encourage all who care about this to go to the Alaska Family Action website and at least sign the petition. As of today there were only 1200 signatures.

    I don’t think we can post links here in comments but pretty easy to find. Do search for Alaska Family Action, at the top of the page click on ‘blog’ and the first post will be the ASAA meeting today – the petition banner is at the bottom of that. Easy to forward also and to post on social media sites.

  7. I beg of you: please avoid traipsing down the dominatrix’ path on the publics’ dime. Thanks ever so, ?…

  8. The freaks should pay attention to the rest of the country. Athletes are bound to play in the area of what their original birth certificate states.

  9. I cannot believe all natural women are not better organized and outraged. Stand up and speak out. So much for the progress to make women more equal to men.

  10. Both of these mysoginists are GAY MEN, of course they hate us women, they want to be us.
    That is why they are cancelling and erasing us, jealousy us an ugly thing to carry around “fellas”.

    • I hate to add to your burdens, Molly, but this stuff is going to continue and metastasize until women put an end to it. Women are going to have to rise up and defend real women. Rivera and Constant are not brave enough to stand up to a group of truly angry women.

      • Dead-on correct. Women were, as a whole, sympathetic to gays and trannies. Now they have reaped the whirlwind and been eclipsed by them. If women do not stand up for women they will again be relegated to a lower level of society.

  11. Two radical gay men have a hatred for women. It’s as predictable as snowfall in winter.

  12. Ballots in Anchorage are disperse like confetti in the big apple on new year’s.
    Mail in voting forced upon the lemmings was the beginning of the end.

  13. I wonder if Constant and Rivera support …

    Able bodied athletes competing in Paralympics?
    Young adults competing in the Senior games?
    Mentally healthy athletes competing in Special Olympics?
    The Kansas City Chiefs competing in Kansas high school football games?
    Heavy weight boxers fighting Fly weight boxers?

    There’s a reason separate categories are established for separate abilities.

    Keep identity politics out of sports.

  14. Why isn’t there a separate category of competitors that are trans women ( men physically) ? That way it will be REAL competition and fair.

    I wonder why trans men ( actually women physically) don’t compete in men’s sports? Answer: because they know they physically could not beat them.

    This is totally unfair and violates women’s rights to fairly compete. It cancels women.

    They are not women they are TRANS women. They need their own category.

    • I agree – there should be a third category for Trans-athletes. But then the fight on who and how to fund it becomes another argument.

  15. Sports teams should be renamed. The Almond Joys and the Mounds. 1 team with nuts 1 team without.

    • That would still allow these mentally ill males to play with the girls after their genital mutilation is complete. The standard should be chromosomes. XY and you play with the guys, XX and you play with the girls. If you want to play dress up and can’t handle playing with the guys, start your own league.

      • That’s fine. Very few actually go to that extreme. Having a ‘penis’ and a ‘vagina’ category would solve 99.7% of the conflicts.

  16. I musta missed “gender identity” in the Constitution. Is that a creed?
    The first time someone exposes themself in the girls locker room, arrest them.

  17. Makes perfect sense that two men who haven’t figured out why God gave them the parts they have would be equally clueless about the girls and women they already hate. And here I thought “Hate has no home here.” Huh.

  18. Vivek Ramaswamy:

    Gay movement: The sex you’re attracted to is hardwired at birth, even though there’s no gay gene.

    Trans movement: Your sex is entirely fluid, even though there is a definitive sex chromosome.

    LGBT movement: You must believe both of those things at once, or else you’re a bigot.

  19. “As an aside. we respectfully encourage ASAA to work towards a diversification of its board and staff in order to ensure adequate gender and viewpoint representation, which would assist you in making decisions that work for the entire community,” they closed.


    Because the Anchorage Assembly is a great example of “diversity”?

    Because you guys are adept at making decisions that work for the entire community?

    Because you guys actually care what the citizens of Anchorage think about anything, which is why you continue to welcome public comment at your Assembly meetings by making it easier for residents to attend meetings, give them enough time to share their viewpoints, and do not, under any circumstances whatsoever, seek to discriminate against anyone?

    Your moral high horses are some mightily limping, fat, incompetent beasts!

  20. This could actually turn out fine if someone wants to take legal action based on a “violation” of the irrational municipal law. A leftist judge would have to step into the nonsense and ultimately pay the price when it comes time for retention of the judge. The Alaska Supreme Court would also have to worry about the wrath of the voters. Time to stand up to the thugs.

  21. There is a reason Chris adorned election clerk Barb Jones with a fine boquet of flowers during the Election proving he doesnt hate ALL women. At least he cares about the one who counts his votes. He is smarter than we give him credit for.

  22. Just because these two have declared they’re girls doesn’t mean real girls hust have to put up with this nonsense.

  23. Perhaps it’s time for women to start a newly defined category of sports that will eliminate these cheaters and losers who can’t make it in men’s sports.

    Could be called: Women’s sports for XX chromosomes only; women without p*nises; etc. It’s gross, but come on! Time to dump these weak men who are spoiling women’s sports!

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