House passes bill to protect females from transgenders in sports – but Peltola aligns with Dems as a no vote


Rep. Mary Peltola voted in lockstep with House Democrats against a House Resolution that passed Thursday to amend Title IX legislation and ban males who playact at being female athletes from female competition categories in K-12 schools and colleges that receive federal funding.

Not a single Democrat voted to defend women’s sports, but the bill passed the Republican-led House, 219 to 203.

It now goes to the Senate, where the Washington Post has declared it “dead on arrival” due to the Senate being controlled by Democrats.

The House bill, sponsored by Rep. Greg Steub of Florida, is simple: It clarifies that when it comes to the 1972 Title IX legislation, “sex shall be recognized based solely on a person’s reproductive biology and genetics at birth.”

It allows chemically or surgically neo-gendered men to train in or practice with a female athletic program, “so long as no female is deprived of a roster spot on a team or sport, opportunity to participate in a practice or competition, scholarship, admission to an educational institution, or any other benefit that accompanies participating in the athletic program or activity.’’

Rep. Nancy Mace of South Carolina said, “As a woman who is pro-LGBTQ, I don’t care how you dress. I don’t care what pronoun you take. I don’t care if you change your gender. But we ought to protect biological women and girls in their athletics.”

But Rep. Peltola of Alaska, who is a member of the “Equality Caucus,” posted immediately on Twitter that her vote was to prevent bullying.

“I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: I don’t believe in bullying. That’s exactly what H.R. 734 amounts to, and I remain firmly opposed to it,” Peltola wrote.

The Equality Caucus, which represents the interests of LGBTQ+ Americans, wrote nothing about bullying but instead explained, “LGBTQI+ kids deserve access to the same opportunities—including participating in school sports—as their peers. H.R. 734 would deprive trans & intersex kids of opportunities to be part of their school community, learn sportsmanship & challenge themselves.”

Title IX (pronounced Title Nine), which was championed by the late Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens, brought a more level playing field to girls and women in school sports. Under this new House clarification, any school hosting female athletic programs and who receive federal funding must not allow males to complete in the female categories, or they will risk their federal funding.

H.R. 734, The Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act, awaits a vote in the U.S. Senate, where U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) introduced the companion legislation, Senate Bill 613, with 26 cosponsors: Sen. Mike Lee of Utah, James Lankford of Oklahoma, Tom Cotton of Arkansas, Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, Roger Marshall of Kansas, Tedd Budd of North Carolina, Kevin Cramer of North Dakota, Cindy Hyde-Smith of Mississippi,  Mike Braun of Indiana, Rick Scott of Florida, James Risch of Idaho, Mike Crapo of Idaho, Bill Hagerty of Tennessee, Marco Rubio of Florida, Joni Ernst of Iowa, Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming, Steve Daines of Montana, Josh Hawley of Missouri, Mark Waye Mullin of Oklahoma, Lindey Graham of South Carolina, Katie Boyd Britt of Alabama, Roger Wicker of Mississippi, Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia, J.D. Vance of Ohio, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, and Pete Ricketts of Nebraska.

The president has vowed to veto protection of female athletics should either of these bills make it to his desk.


  1. Thanks again, Sarah Palin, for giving us this fake, family values radical Democrat. By the way, Sarah, how are your family values working out for you?

    • Chrissy, don’t blame Sarah. If you need a scapegoat, scapegoat the “highly educated” electorate! Imagine wanting to rouse more people to vote!

  2. The globalists are using transgenderism to usher in transhumanism, their new religion that uses technology to replace human sex differences. Yes, they are insane, but that is their goal.

  3. Correction needed: The law in question is Title IX, not Title IV as erroneously claimed in the first part of the article.

  4. So as the sole congress representative for our state, let’s do a survey and determine how she is representing our values on the whole. Maybe that will open her eyes. If not, then there’s a legal option to remove her from office. As much as I wanted a native Alaskan to represent our state, as many did, I now think it was the wrong person.

  5. Both Lisa and Dan (father to several daughters) have chosen not to cosponsor the companion legislation in the Senate?


  6. We as a country have allowed our society to reach this point. Personally, I couldn’t care less about wanna-be girls playing in girls sports so with that, I believe they should. This transgenderism has been forced down our throats – the bed is made, now sleep in it.

  7. I wish Alaska’s delegation would grow a pair but as a conservative I know that’s not scientifically possible.

  8. How disgusting that we have such an ignoramus in congress. Is this challenging to figure out, or does she want to join the ‘squad’ along with the associated ideas to numb your brain. This stuff makes real americans sick. What about our girls, mary? What about the bullying they get from these wackos? I hope you get impeached and sent back to some country where real bullying goes on. What an embarassing day for our state.

  9. I always find it interesting when reading the comments regarding what the Libs are doing TO us instead of FOR us. And I imagine the results from the next election that Peltola will be elected to return to DC so she can turn Alaska a bit more Blue. Like the Anchorage Assembly, the same group keeps getting elected to do more of their damage.

  10. She’s building quite the track record. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that it’s emblematic of true representation of Alaskans. In a way, a good way, this will and should play well for Conservatives running against her in 2024.

  11. “I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: I dont believe in bullying”….Unless of course a male is posing as a female on the field to BULLY his way into the girls locker room! Which I have taken an oath to defend “so help me GOD” with the help of all the extremely generous people who are complete strangers from the lower 48 who poured thousands into MY campaign fund! To hell with Alaskans! I will not let down my true supporters. Their money means more to me and my husband than any of you folks that have concerns about who is showering with your daughter.
    Not only do I have full support of ALL the native communities AND the rest of the people who support me just because I AM a Native as well. I am the perfect fit for all of Alaska just as Obama was elected President twice because he was black and everyone wanted “CHANGE”. So guess what folks… I am not going anywhere soon and NO ONE will be removing ME from MY office anytime soon. So sit back shut the hell up and take it like a man!

  12. Hey wait just a minute! Wasn’t the mastermind Scott Kendall who created ballot measure 2 that we all voted and passed supposed to stop outside dark money??? Either we are all fools or we just don’t bother with the pesky details of irrelevant legislation. Hmmm

  13. Perhaps we should just do away with sex/gender based teams.

    For instance, UAA could just field one basketball team and one hockey team …. each team would comprise the best basketball or hockey players without regard to their extant sex organs or their rainbow shaded alphabet status ….

    That would be both “fair” and, I suppose, “equitable.”

    How will that work for you?

  14. Peltola claims that she is against bullying. Yet she is fine with mandates by a Bully Government to force women to accept men in their sporting leagues and locker rooms. ?

    This Chick is either stupid or evil, oh, wait Peltola is a Democrat!

  15. Rep. Peltola has hit the ground voting in lock-step with the radical leftists. Marketing her as anything close to “independent” was a ruse. Thus far, she’s supported billions more to the Ukrainian money-laundering operation (along with Lisa and Dan). Ask yourself: When WWIII goes hot, how will Alaska fare? or Might those billions have been better spent at home? Evidently, she’s fine with biological males invading women’s locker rooms and uprooting women’s sports. Likely, she has little understanding/respect for the U.S. Constitution. She’s joined Marxists eviscerating the First and Second Amendments as they continue weaponizing alphabet agencies against any dissent.

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