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Dunleavy to dismayed Washingtonians: If you love the Second Amendment, move to Alaska

After the Washington Legislature passed a a ban on dozens of types of rifles on Wednesday, Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy had an immediate message to residents in the Evergreen State: Move on up to the Last Frontier.

“For all those great citizens of the State of Washington who value the 2nd amendment (actually all of the Constitution) think about moving to the great state of Alaska,” Dunleavy wrote on Twitter.

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The Washington gun ban includes more than 50 gun models, including AR-15s, AK-47s, and others that reload automatically after each bullet is fired. It prohibits their future sale, distribution, manufacture, and importation, with rare exemptions that are limited to sales to law enforcement and the military in Washington.

Once signed by Gov. Inslee, the law will go into effect immediately. Inslee, a long-time advocate for such a ban, expressed his support for the bill when the measure passed the state House in March. In 1994, when he was in the U.S. House, he voted for a similar federal ban.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


        • Keep in mind, Washingtonians’ votes don’t count due to the voting machines and now illegal policies being put in place by the corrupt gubner and his minions who legislate at his every whim. I have a lot of friends stuck in the mostly conservative state who outnumber the insane bureaucrats in Olympia.

      • Indeed. Alaskans need to stop sucking from the feds teat. Nothing will change until we are no longer being bought off like cheap whores.

      • Lorenandrews – The same Washington that sends its factory trawlers to Alaska to rape our waters with outrageous amounts of bycatch, but that is ok because they claim to be “conservationists” and social justice warriors, when what they really are is hypocrites!

        • What’s wrong with factory trawlers? The little guy that spends the fishing season in Alaska does the same thing just in a smaller scale. Times the little guy by ten thousand little guys and they are doing the same thing as a trawler.

  1. dunleavy instead of flappin your gums why not figure out a way not to tax the working class to death to pay for welfare boats, politicians raises and sweetheart deals to “public servants” to buy votes.
    we arent gonna have any money left for firearms after dunleavy and his fellow progressives pick our bones for their gain.

  2. And to add to our governator’s comments inviting Washingtonians to move to Alaska, if you spouse any left wing/progressive points of view, don’t bother. We don’t need any more of that in our state.

  3. Smooth. Invite people from one of the most progressive states in the Union to migrate here.

    We’ve got enough problems. Focus on us for a change.

    • Don’t try to blame this on a few yuppies that have moved up here in the last few years. Alaska is having drag shows and sucking federal money up like nobody’s business. It’s not the newcomers fault. This happened on your watch. Quit pointing fingers pussies.

  4. This photo of the Governor has been seen before. Love it. Remington 700 SPS. Someone reported it as a .243 or a .270. Good to have an American as Governor.

    • JMARK, I too have an affection for Model 700’s, especially those made in the ’60’s through the early ’80’s. Accurate, durable and light to carry, I own it in Calibers from 222 Mag up to the ” Queen of Calibers” ( so said Jack O’ Connor) the veritable. 375 H&H. I’m happy that the Gov posed with an American Classic!

  5. Hopefully this law will be struck down by a lawsuit asserting 2nd Amendment rights. If Washington State wants to regulate something, it should be gun users; not guns. Law-abiding people should be able to buy semi-auto rifles while people of questionable sanity, or with records of instability, should be filtered for possible restriction.

    • Wayne Douglas, didn’t you graduate from the U of W? Wasn’t that when you voted for Jimmy Carter, ( 1976)? Could it be that your time in Washington State affected your power to reason? Or perhaps influence you to question the difference between Male and Biological Male? And what of Chain Mail?

      Inquiring minds want to know… ??

      • Wow, Robert. You’ve really gone off the boil now. Since we are now dredging up the indiscretions of our youth, perhaps you may want to recite the story Sgt Windred hauling you and a few compatriots of ours down to the Juneau Police Station to administer reprimands for wayward behavior. As I recall, it was quite an experience for you rascals (especially the part about billy-clubs flying).

        • WDC, it was during the time of Nixon’s War on Drugs. Officer Windred , a recent recruit from the LAPD was skilled at his trade as was the choreography of his fellow officers, who flawlessly beat out their tune of Justice!

          Of course that was before Rodney King and BLM and nobody cares anyway since we were all pretty much White and Privileged.
          For what it’s worth, I remain these many decades later a big supporter of the Alaska State Troopers and all Local Law enforcement Officers. You could say that Officier Windred knocked some sense into me. Evidenced by the fact that unlike you, I never voted for Jimmy Carter.

  6. Here is another engagement option with Washington: Alaska buy Washington farm land under a not-for-profit Alaska food security organization. This way Alaska can increase its own food security from its own assets and Washington cannot tax Alaska assets as it is a not-for-profit.

    • Brilliant, Ken. When USSR nationalized food production 1919 it resulted in widespread famine in 1921-22 with only a 5-million souls starving to death. Your suggestion that Alaska follow that model is a stroke of genius.
      By the way, apparently you haven’t seen the memo that’s been circulating around the world since before Socrates (2500-yrs). Its only 3-words long: “Socialism doesn’t work.”

      • Limbaugh’s dead, boomer.
        And thankfully this tired terminology and related orthodoxies are dying.

      • That was intentional genocide, called the Holodomor. There’s nothing wrong with the Permanent Fund investing in agriculture. In fact, that was a great suggestion.

        • The Alaska State Ferry System is an example of a government foray into business similar to that described by the above farmland suggestion–which would be another subsidized failure. The permanent fund invests in stocks, bonds and tradeable equities of private enterprise; it does not run businesses as suggested above. Do your homework natural; the farmland suggestion is ill-informed.

  7. I’m sorry I do not want any more of Washington in our great state! Please don’t move here. They only bring their bull crap with them to ruin the new place.
    Sorry Dunleavy. Alaska does not need anymore “implants”.

    • Daisy, think. Washington, like Alaska, is populated by people of various ideologies. It would seem those with a conservative nature would the most likely to move in order to preserve their 2nd Amendment rights. Alaska actually needs more of that type to offset it’s growing percentage of leftist/Marxists.

  8. Governor, with all due respect: SHUT UP!!!
    The last thing we need are more cultural refugees. Texas is already regretting Governor Perry inviting Californians to Texas. Please don’t repeat that horrible mistake here.
    And oh, BTW, I went to a political event here in Mat-Su last night and was terrified to find not one, but two rather well known political figures formerly from Anchorage who are now living in Mat Su and still politically involved. They’re good, solid conservatives, but it’s more than distressing to see the civil war coming out here.

      • “…….Anywhere there are two or more people there is political conflict……..”
        Here’s the clue, Socrates; the “more” (as your prose mentions) people, the “more” political conflict. It’s bad enough that Anchorage is pushing them our way, but pulling them from Washington just adds insult to injury. Sing the praises of Idaho. Let them move in there with all the relocated Californians.

  9. What the hell, is he crazy? Those people in Washington state created the problem, DEMOCRATS!

    • Washington and Oregon and California for that matter get a bum rap. If you look at their total redness by county, most of the state is conservative. It’s just like most liberal cesspools, the liberals live in the big cities and drive the rest of the state. But if you visit there, most of the state is red if you get outside the slums.

  10. Yep. Like most opinions here, move on up. Just as long as you’re willing to work for a wage and will support the Constitution. Otherwise the Seattle area might be a better fit.

  11. Americans are running out of places for safe haven. I think ex-washington neighbors would rather head east ( as
    idaho, montana, wyoming). Hey! If any gun owning- red voting, red neck, bible preaching american don’t mind the
    high taxes coming alaska’s way and an obese state/local
    govements and non profits who can’t live w/o appropriations, then alaska’s future can use their work and votes for the purpose to continue alaska’s freedom until our Lord returns.

    You know that marriages takes work for continuing 50+ years. Sometimes a spous must
    stay focused on what really matters and learn when to look away and “ignore” what is a trival issue.
    A state and community is the same, it takes work to make it “perfect”.. I say for all the leftist talk, they are hoping conservatives stay strong and hold the line not to fall back.

  12. Hopefully the Sheriffs can review for Constitutionality because they do have Sheriffs who WILL defend our foundational law of creation the US Constitution.

    • The Mat-Su Borough needs a Sheriff’s Dept………elected by the residents, not appointed by the mayor or assembly.

  13. Isn’t Washington the same state where a “trans” person knifed a cab driver to death?

    Maybe they should outlaw knives.

    Good luck “changing” your sex without any knives…??

    • Don’t try to blame this on a few yuppies that have moved up here in the last few years. Alaska is having drag shows and sucking federal money up like nobody’s business. It’s not the newcomers fault. This happened on your watch. Quit pointing fingers pussies.

      • Quality you can count on.
        UniSea has a long legacy of producing some of the best sustainable, wild-caught seafood products in the world.
        Our primary processing facility is located in Dutch Harbor in Unalaska, Alaska, where we partner with independent vessels and fleets that harvest seafood for delivery straight to our docks. As one of the largest seafood producers in the world, we take pride in knowing that our products are consistently healthy and fresh for the millions of people who enjoy seafood each day.

        UniSea’s corporate headquarters, Cold Storage, and Custom Processing Plant are located in Redmond, Washington and we are one of the largest subsidiaries of Nippon Suisan Kaisha (NISSUI), our parent company located in Japan.

  14. Is the rationale behind this gun ban: keep the kids in schools safe from shooters so we can keep live targets for groomers and mutilators?

    • Not singling you out Maureen but you stated a common description of us gun people. I found a meme once that summed up a good counterpoint. It said ‘Legal gun owners have over 200 million guns and over 12 trillion rounds of ammo . . . . Seriously, if we were the problem, you’d know it’.

      The firearm is just a tool. Even if they make you uncomfortable, you have to admit that they are the most effective tool for personal defense. I own several myself. I find the mechanisms fascinating and the precision of placing a tiny bullet on target at distance still amazes me. Does that make me a fetishist? According to dog and Forkner, my friends and I are scumbags and in dire need of government control. Just remember that if you find yourself the victim of a violent crime, people like myself will be the first ones to come and protect you. How much less effective will our help be if we were all disarmed.

      • Scumbag personally, not as a gun owner. Stop putting words in my mouth. There’s nothing wrong with owning a gun. I have a bunch of them. I’m also trained at Target acquisition and handling of loaded firearms. I don’t know what your lack of talents are involving guns. I don’t really care this is just the interweb dummy.

      • Paul-no offense taken.

        I wrote a reply but after a couple of trys I kept landing on an errot page.

        • Thanks Maureen. Keep it in mind. I’d still like to hear your views on this. The general subject is near and dear to my heart, lol.

      • Paul in the Mat- Su or Bi- Valley, great point made sir!

        Leftist Gun Grabbers attempt to” Big Deal “Gun Deaths in these Gun Rich United States. Turns out the vast majority of Gun Deaths in the US are suicides. Japan has few guns but sadly suffers a higher rate of suicides per capita then does the US. Turns out that most successful Suicidal Japanese kill themselves by use a Train, ( bullet train? ).
        I’ve not heard of calls to limit trains and or banning trains coming from Japan.

    • what does being a “gun fetishist” mean? sound like another made up term to insult independent thinkers.

  15. So how many of the firearms manufacturers who’ll be put out of business in Washington are you trying to lure up here to employ Alaskans, Mike?

  16. Assuming this makes it through the courts (it shouldn’t), if importation and distribution are illegal within Washington state borders, then how is AK going to get guns that are on that banned list shipped up here? Marine and air travel routes that don’t stop off in somewhere on the west coast are few and I don’t know if interstate commerce gets to side-step WA law.

    • It’s part of my reason for not wanting to move to Alaska. If I can’t get cheap parts here in WA because of bans I can’t get them in Alaska because of logistics. WA law just means you have to travel to get new parts or mags, really. It’s import but not possession. So it’s a cost burden but so is Alaska in general.

    • “Assuming this makes it through the courts (it shouldn’t), if importation and distribution are illegal within Washington state borders, then how is AK going to get guns that are on that banned list shipped up here?……..”
      There’s yet another legal reason why it won’t survive court challenge; interstate commerce.

  17. Lets talk about a resident exchange program. One of your conservative gun toting white christian males for 5 liberal gun hating residents of any race color or religion.

  18. If you haven’t already seen it in Anchorage, the Left is already here and have been for quite some time.
    The Anchorage Assembly is the dead giveaway…
    Hopefully, we can keep the Matsu Valley Conservative….the Karens can stay in Anchorage.
    Dunbar and Galvin actually made it to the Legislature……NEVER WOULD HAVE HAD A CHANCE THIRTY YEARS AGO!

  19. It was kind of a stupid thing for Mike to say. There are many and probably most liberals that are closet gun owners. I know a lot of liberals that go hunting for deer and pheasant and turkey. Does he really want liberals moving to Alaska? Maybe he does.

  20. The problem with inviting people from blue states to move here is that you don’t get to pick and choose which ones actually do.

    • Why on earth is our governor wasting time with photo ops, inviting people to move up here? Shouldn’t he perhaps be spending his time fighting against human trafficking and for our state rights?

  21. I never owned an “assault rifle” until I realized the democrats were serious about disarming me. GOD has told us, If a Man comes to kill you arise quickly, and kill Him. That is not murder, it is self defense. Man’s law is being turned against us, GODs law is eternal. Choose wisely.

  22. 55,000 Californians have already voted with their feet/cars to move out of the state. More would move out if they had the money to do so. Sorry I don’t have the statistics for Oregon and my native state of Washington. But I rather suspect that many have also moved out, or are just in the countryside. Blanket bans like what Inslee is proposing will only add fuel to the fire. The dems will not rule in DC forever and I look forward to sanity returning. As for blue states, sooner or later the voters must see what they have wrought and reverse course.

  23. 2020 state gun death rates per 100,000 people:
    Alaska 23.93
    Washington 11.23
    Mike’s logic math/numerical skills have never been his forte.

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