Girls get the shaft: Federal court rules that boys can compete as girls in high school athletics


A federal appeals court in Connecticut ruled Friday that boys may compete as girls in high school sports and compete on female teams.

The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference, which allows boys to compete in girls sports, saying that not allowing transgender youth to compete on female teams was discrimination and a violation of the federal law known as Title IX.

Title IX prohibits gender-based discrimination in any school or any other education program that receives federal funding. Across Alaska, boys are now competing with girls on track teams and in other sporting competitions. In the NCAA, male-to-female swimmer Lia Thomas captured the title for fastest 500-yard at the Women’s Swimming and Diving Championships, although he had competed as a male just two years earlier.

Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Christiana Kiefer said, “The 2nd Circuit got it wrong, and we’re evaluating all legal options, including appeal. Our clients—like all female athletes—deserve access to fair competition. Thankfully, a growing number of states are stepping up to protect women’s athletics. Right now, 18 states have enacted laws that protect women and girls from having to compete against males, and polls show that a majority of Americans agree that the competition is no longer fair when males are permitted to compete in women’s sports. Every woman deserves the respect and dignity that comes with having an equal opportunity to excel and win in athletics, and ADF remains committed to protecting the future of women’s sports.”

The Alliance Defending Freedom filed the lawsuit on behalf of four female athletes who were deprived of honors and opportunities to compete at elite levels because the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference adopted a policy that allows males who identify as female to compete in girls’ athletic events:

Starting in 2017, two male athletes began competing in Connecticut girls’ high school track. In just three years, those two males broke 17 girls’ track meet records, deprived girls of more than 85 opportunities to advance to the next level of competition and took 15 women’s state track championship titles. Four of those championship titles were earned by ADF’s client, Chelsea Mitchell.

Four times she was the fastest female in a women’s state championship race, and four times she watched that title, honor, and recognition go to a male athlete instead. Over the course of her high school career, Mitchell lost to these males more than 20 times, the Alliance said.

The other female athletes represented in this case, Selina Soule, Alanna Smith, and Ashley Nicoletti, all likewise have been denied medals, placements, or advancement opportunities because of the male athletes competing on their team.

The ruling for the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference is a victory for males who identify as females and play in female’s sports, and use their unfair biological advantage to deny females a fair field of competition.

Across Alaska, school districts are allowing boys to compete against girls in athletics. The Mat-Su Borough School District is an exception, and appears to be willing to forgo federal funds in order to protect female athletes.

Read more at Alliance Defending Freedom.


  1. What happened to the ills of “war on women?” What happened to the #MeToo movement? Guess that’s all out the window and now they’re just “birthing people.”

  2. It has become a “cult”.
    Disregard logic, science and biology at any cost to force all to participate in your lifestyle choices as sanctioned by the courts.
    The chauvinists have won, relegating women again to their “proper” place in this society.

    • The issue is that after a certain age, women cannot physically compete with most males. What happens is that it’s driving away women from participating because they cannot beat a man and have a competitive chance. This really comes to light when say, college scholarships are on the line.

      • It depends on the woman. I played college football and I can tell you there’s some really Derby chicks that I wouldn’t want to go up against. They’re just downright me an. Remember that girl field goal kicker that played in college? Some girls play on high school football teams. I remember reading about a girl that played on the offensive line and she was a big ole corn fed chick and could easily kick ass.

    • Do you really think allowing a girl to play hockey on a boys team if there is not a girls hockey team, is the same as a biological male competing against biological females?

      • Thank you for your opinion. Look at it this way, if there’s only one volleyball team, who gets to play? The answer is both sexes get to play. If there’s only one cross country team, who gets to run? You know the answer to that. If there’s only one wrestling team, who gets to wrestle? The answer is they both get to wrestle and they wrestle each other by weight class. I really can’t see the problem.

        • i disagree, if the girl wants to “HONESTLY” compete for a position an a male team, OK. But, if the rule is that because someone applies, we change the requirements so that they get a seat. Well then, don’t fuss when they fail to win any games/matches. A 15 year old male athlete will dominate most women, facts are facts. women do not have the same physiology and cannot compete in the same class.

    • Perhaps you do not understand the difference between team sports, and individual competitions like swimming and track?

      • I completely understand. In the bush, if a team doesn’t have enough players, they can substitute girls on a boys team and vice versa. I’m thinking you’re the one that doesn’t understand.

    • What you just described is NOT the same. I have a sister who participated in wrestling because the high school did not have a womens wrestling team. However, most of the examples of boys playing on girls’ teams are in sports that already have both. And it is NOT the same thing at all. The motive for these boys is to move from a competitive arena where they are mediocre performers, and into one that has lower competition so they can become the star and win all the awards. It’s cheating—on the same level as beating your 5 year old and chess. It’s not a fair game.

  3. Boys may have been able to compete on girls teams and Girls on boys teams but they didn’t share locker rooms!!!!

  4. And this is going to wind up in the Supreme Court where Ketanji Brown Jackson can’t even tell you what a woman is? Good grief!

    • You are Sooooooo right!!!! I’ve tried to think of some sarcastic remark but what you said is an absolute jaw dropper.

  5. No more female sports. Or bathrooms. Gender is interpretive. Sounds like a good idea, right? God help us all. But when your young daughter gets knocked up by another female, she can still have an abortion without you even knowing it. And after, if she decides that she doesn’t want to be a female anymore, the school can help her to transition again without your knowledge. After, you can scratch your head and wonder where you went wrong. Well, you trusted the institutions that that we have have been trusting for many generations.

  6. These judges are more mixed-up in the head than the LBGTQ kids. There’s only one rational solution to this plague on society……
    Transgendered sports teams, transgendered bathrooms, transgendered locker rooms….etc.
    Otherwise, our country is just getting more screwed-up than ever. It’s got to end at some point.

  7. Well then first place trophy should be a key chain and second the trophy should be the big one. Or everybody is a winner no first place.

  8. Que sorpresa!
    Good news is parents’ choice is clear.
    Sacrifice your daughters to the human trash of boys “competing” as girls.
    Start your own private athletic associations in which traditional values like girls competing against girls, boys competing against boys, starting events with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance are inseparable parts.
    OMG, what an inconvenience, what an expense, what a distraction from more Important Things.
    People acting under color of law who willingly sacrifice our girl children for their special perversions arguably have a place reserved in Hell.
    So it’s up to parents, as it always has been..
    American parents will submit to law, lawyers, men with guns, social media, and sacrifice their girl children to satisfy hideously twisted perversions of others.
    Or they will not.

      • The same? What an insult… thought we were much worse.
        With respect, Greg, the issue isn’t about throwing everybody in hell who disagrees with us.
        Hell ain’t big enough for that.
        It’s not even about subbing girls on boys teams and vice versa if the roster’s short.
        It’s about the education industry forcing its perversions onto children and parents who want no part of (a) boys who can’t win by competing against boys now competing against girls, (b) mutilated, drug-befuddled, hormonal boys invading their daughters’ locker rooms, and (c) having to fight such filth, and pay for it, instead of trusting their education system to, well, educate their children into productive, literate, patriotic members of American society.
        Might be fun to watch what happens when the education industry tries to enforce its newfound authority in ethnocentric neighborhoods where highly valued local culture is far less likely to be subverted by education-industry perversions.
        Might even get scary, no?

        • No doubt. Title nine was written before all of the things that you suggest came about. Title nine is always been about fairness. It’s taking the courts a little bit of time to catch up with this but I believe they will get there

  9. This country has gone acid dropping bonkers and has little hope surviving till its 300th anniversary at this rate.

  10. I guess the liberal federal judges believe that the mentally insane rights come first. Boy O’ boy have women come a long way supporting the democrats.

  11. I would like to announce my identification.
    I identify as everyone’s landlord.
    I would like you all to please pay your rent to me in cash please.

  12. Progressive feminists helped this happen, they pushed and pushed and pushed for girls to be let into boys sports teams, Boy Scouts ,etc.. they wouldn’t want to look like hypocrites that progressive feminists are,if they didn’t let boys into girls sports teams.
    Such short sighted people- now they are encouraging our youth to butcher themselves under the banner of equality. What could possibly go wrong?
    Chaos and mental instability run amok in our youth.

  13. The speed at which our country is falling is unreal. 25 months to destroy the economy, race bating at full speed, LBGQ at full speed. The problem with all of this is the people supporting this stuff will not like the end result. Communism is brutal.

  14. The conservative leadership in the U.S. House has to move to amend Title IX to take the kinks out of the public education system. They have control of the House: let’s see some progress and hear less bull shit!

    Will it be necessary to slip some of these fine servants of people a fiver to two under the table to get them moving?

  15. Opinions as to whether this is right or wrong will vary, but I think most people will agree that it’s not fair.

  16. I would guess none of the trolls posting have school age children, this issue should be up to local school boards and parents.

    • Title nine is about offering equal opportunity for a child to play on team sports or individual. If a school has five girl teams, then there will be five boy teams. If there aren’t enough students to field a girl team or a boy team then girls get to play. It’s not fair if you’re just looking for a gold medal, but what is fair is the chance to participate.

  17. Given that the judge lives in CT, a very blue part of the nation, opinion is not real surprising.

    Solution? What if we take the approach that it is sport that is broken rather than sex id? Divide sport into levels of competition, equivalent today to pro, college, club / intramurals, recreational (there are others, but you get the idea). No distinction for participation based on sex. Once the sort takes place, most (if not all) of the pro level would be men. The college level would be mostly men, club / intramurals and recreational would be mixed to mostly women. Only hard and fast rule would be for anyone dominating on one level is automatically bumped up to the next level by their league, which would stop the men competing in women’s sports foolishness we see today.

    Start looking at sport differently and this lunacy goes away completely. Cheers –

    Note that this is not an original idea. It has been suggested and discussed by Scott Adams (Dilbert) for a few years.

  18. Why aren’t feminists up in arms over this? Why are they being good little Democrats and toeing the party line?

  19. This is just another step on the left’s agenda to destroy society. Next on their list is decriminalizing pedophilia and bestiality. Then, China steps in.

  20. Take. Your. Kids. Home.

    They should NOT be in situations where adult authorities are telling them that fundamentally unsafe practices are now the new norm.

    This is the government taking away what are the individual, unique qualities of any young lady or woman and telling them they do not matter. Women’s voting is next to go.

    Is nothing sacred anymore?!

  21. So much for protecting girls this is complete absurdity and at some point, these judges who are disregarding the biological sex will have to deal with a girl being seriously injured. Title IX is not dead. Where are the Feminist who usually scream at the top of their lungs.

  22. “Those who can make you believe aburdities (e.g., that biological gender does not exist) can make you commit atrocities (e.g., the organized sexual mutilation and gender disorientation of children)”.

  23. All women competing in sports whether in high school or college, need to stand UP and squash this mess!! Whether in the school board, Pta, or, stop sending your children to schools who practice this garbage.
    It needs to go away. Men never will be women. Women will never be men no matter how delusional they are.
    This has nothing to do with being “co-ed” as I saw someone say. No. It’s a freak boy with a mental condition that needs to go use a family bathroom away from the girls. Same with the girls trying to be boys. Yeah good luck with that.
    It’s the downfall of man when president, a court and less than 3% of the population call the shots on morals and what is right. None of this is right.
    Take your children out of schools and do not send them to liberal colleges that push this.
    It starts at home!

  24. Since when is gender determined by what you think as opposed to what your chromosomes say? Just because a few college professors sit around and come up with this stuff only to warp the brains of their students the vast majority of the country still have traditional values and want to maintain women’s rights in sports as elsewhere.

  25. Well, why did schools have to get involved in sports in the first place? if students want to play games, let them do it on their own time with their own rules.

  26. Sad to me that the vast majority of the responses here are dominated by males. Have the women in your life had time to blink let alone react to how this crud affects society or them individually? Or are they too busy doing all of the household chores, working, raising the kids, making meals, and empowering/supporting the men in their lives?

      • How can a fact be bigoted or sexist? It is a FACT that a heavy percentage of the lady population has not had the time and will not find the time to defend their fundamental rights due to the FACT that they are over-burdened by more than a “fair share” of home-based and family centered duties. Most conservative mothers put their children and families first, even at the cost of their own selves. Conservative, sacrificing, responsible moms are highly qualified to speak for themselves, and for their kiddos but rarely have the time to do so in the reality of what is motherhood- not to mention everything else a woman does in a 24 hour period. It is not bigoted nor is it sexist to point out the facts of this kind of lifestyle. My whole point was that maybe some of the men commenting on this particular news bit could put down their phones for a moment, come out from hiding in the bathroom or garage, give their wife a hand so SHE can have the time to comment or fight for the rights of other WOMEN.

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