Mat-Su School Board passes clear gender-in-sports policy


A first in the state, the Mat-Su Borough School District has passed a policy that confirms that biological genders will be able to compete with their own genders in most school sports. The gender of the student is to be determined by what is on the birth certificate that is on record with the school, not what has been chemically or surgically altered on the child’s body.

The policy, which passed 6-1, is in response to a current national trend of males competing as females in competitions such as swimming, track and field, and other sports.

Some teams in lower-age categories are already co-educational, meaning that boys and girls compete together. But as children grow and their bodies change, they typically compete in their own gender category in competitions that involve strength and endurance, such as long-distance running.

The testimony from parents and community members during the Wednesday night school board meeting was mixed. About half were in favor of the policy, and half against it. But the written testimony received by the board was overwhelmingly in favor of the policy.

On a national level, swimmer Lia Thomas, who had competed as a male just a few months earlier, captured an NCAA swimming title in the women’s category.

Throughout the country, there is a trend developing where boys take medications and have surgeries to prevent them from developing their male bodies, so they can pass as females. Some are competing in high school sports against biological girls, and along with that has come the controversy over locker rooms, where boys with male genitalia are being allowed to undress in the same room as girls. Transgenderism is a growing trend in schools across the country. In the past, this condition has been called gender dysphoria, but it is rapidly gaining acceptance as simply a nonconforming form of expression.

The Mat-Su policy mirrors similar legislation being passed in other states, laws that have survived court challenges. But that is not to say that Alaska courts would uphold the policy, if it was challenged.

The new rule is also similar to a Senate bill offered by Sen. Shelley Hughes, which did not make it through the Alaska Legislature this year.

The main purpose of the school policy is to protect the rights of girls and young women to be able to compete on a level playing field, with others who share their gender characteristics.

Former Wasilla High School principal Dwight Probasco was the only dissenting member of the school board; his concerns seemed focused on the procedure the board took, moving the policy through the policy committee, which introduced it in early June. He said it was a policy for a problem that doesn’t exist.


  1. Once again, Dunleavy leads from behind.

    Thank you Mat-Su, for having the balls to state out loud what every sane person knows.

  2. Excellent! Now lets go further and abolish the Drag Queen Story time, our officials need to understand exposing children to the drag queen shows is unnatural, bordering on paraphilia. Children should not be exposed to Drag Queens, there needs to be a law against it and all of our elected officials need to step up to the plate and abolish it, make a law against subjecting children to it.

    • Andy, actually this issue is up to parents.
      However what we as a society can do, is mandate that no public funds will be used to present this. IF some group wishes to put on a story hour of this nature for kids, they should be required, like any other group, to rent a space at the library. Due to the nature of the presentation you can stipulate that it be a separate space from the main floor.
      More concerning are reports of school districts in the lower 48 paying to have drag queens come into the schools. Parents have much less control or knowledge about the time their children spend in the classroom and the subjects they are exposed to. Our lawmakers should work to keep sexual content out of the classroom until 4th grade and make the parent the ultimate decider whether or not their children will participate in certain classes, by posting all materials on line, so parents can view content and requiring written parental consent for class participation.

  3. The article says, “the Mat-Su Borough School District has passed a policy that confirms that biological genders will be able to compete with their own genders…”

    I ask of anyone, kindly explain what, precisely, is the difference between the terms “biological gender,” “their own gender” and just plain “gender?”

    • Cannot use the term “gender” by itself. The leftists have already made it clear that, in their universe, gender is a construct of language, nothing more. That’s how a lot of this crap started. The claim is gender is just a word, not linked to physical attributes, but instead a part of how you feel. Gender is not what you are, but what you think you are.
      So, in order to stop that argument before it starts, one is forced to include biological, birth, or another descriptor that clearly makes it about physical traits.

  4. However, the Anchorage School District has specific guidelines for working with transgender and gender nonconforming students and employees. ‘

    STUDENT INTRAMURAL AND INTERSCHOLASTIC ATHLETICS: All students will be permitted to participate in intramural sports in a manner consistent with their GENDER IDENTITY consistently expressed at school. Furthermore, all students will be permitted to participate in District-sponsored interscholastic athletics in a manner consistent with their GENDER IDENTITY. ASAA determines its own rules for interscholastic competitions.

  5. Probation said “a problem that doesn’t exist” but he left out the word YET.
    Thank you Matsu School Board for forward thinking this issue.

  6. Kudos to Matsu!!! This should be a no-brainer and statewide. There are two genders, not 157, thank you very much.

  7. I expect this to last about 12 minutes before one of our betters in a black robe reminds us that only they are allowed to make laws.

  8. Congratulations to the MatSu School District for their ability to deal with this issue in a logical and common sense manner. They saw that women sports was being destroyed by lunatic leftist doctrines. So where does the Alaska legislature on gender-in-sports? Very simple: hopelessly mired in the tarpit of political correctness. What a world we live in when a Supreme Court nominee cannot even define what a woman is.

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